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 [KARA] returns to Korea amidst airport chaos

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[KARA] returns to Korea amidst airport chaos Empty
PostSubject: [KARA] returns to Korea amidst airport chaos   [KARA] returns to Korea amidst airport chaos EmptySun Feb 13, 2011 12:45 pm

[KARA] returns to Korea amidst airport chaos 20110213_kara_airport_1
On the evening of February 13th, all five KARA members returned to Korea via Kimpo Airport after filming in Japan for their new drama, “URAKARA“.

Their schedule had eased up for a little while, so they decided to come back to Korea for 2-3 days before heading back to Japan. Unfortunately, the girls were immediately ambushed by the media as soon as they appeared in the arrival hall; it’s said that there was much pushing and shoving before the girls safely reached their vehicle.
Because of the high media interest revolving around the girls’ unresolved controversy, it seems that their agency, DSP Media, opted to keep KARA’s activities low-key for now. According to the agency’s representative, KARA’s domestic schedules for the next 2-3 days are still being coordinated.

The representative revealed, “No schedule has been confirmed as of yet, but I am not sure how the domestic schedules will be organized.”

Member Park Gyuri had previously returned to Korea on the 10th for a press conference of her upcoming animated movie, “Alpha & Omega“. During the conference, she addressed the rumors of her being a ‘loner’. “It’s not true. We are all getting along well – to the point that the fact that I need to even explain is funny.” It was revealed that she returned to Japan that night after finishing all her schedules.

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[KARA] returns to Korea amidst airport chaos
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