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 [Lee Hyori] Lee Hyori renews contract with soju brand, “Chum Churum”

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PostSubject: [Lee Hyori] Lee Hyori renews contract with soju brand, “Chum Churum”   Wed Feb 09, 2011 8:10 am

Lee Hyori has signed on for another contract with Lotte’s soju brand, “Chum Churum“.

She first began her modelling stint with ‘Chum Churum’ in 2008, and has re-signed seven times thus far. The singer unveiled her latest CF for the brand on February 8th, which will officially kick off another six months of soju-related activities for the singer.

Representatives of Lotte commented, “Thanks to Lee Hyori, the brand has become popular for the shaking or ‘whirlwind’ style of drinking. We’ve decided to re-contract her because she synchronized well with the brand. We’ll be setting up a new marketing campaign with Lee Hyori as our model, and we are looking forward to the effects she will bring.”

If you’re wondering what the representative meant by ‘whirlwind style of drinking’, you can spot in the CF below!

Source: My Daily via Nate

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[Lee Hyori] Lee Hyori renews contract with soju brand, “Chum Churum”
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