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 [2AM] JoKwon reveals his painful past on Strong Heart

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PostSubject: [2AM] JoKwon reveals his painful past on Strong Heart   Thu Feb 03, 2011 12:06 am

JoKwon reveals his painful past on Strong Heart

2AM's Jokwon has revealed the story about him buying his parents a new
house after 10 years. On February 1st, Jokwon was on SBS's Strong Heart
and said, "For 10 years, the three of us lived in a one roomed house
and I was able to gift them with a new house."

He continued on by saying, "Up
to 3rd and 4th grade, we lived in an 11 story apartment, but we kept on
moving to a smaller and smaller place. When I was young, I liked the
fact that we were moving."

"After 8 years, I got paid
200,000 won and when I went home, I saw my mother washing her hair with
cold water. We had to move but we couldn't and that really got me
feeling sorry for my parents. With the thought that I couldn't do
anything for my parents, I told the company to schedule me every variety
show, concerts available."

The fans protested because of the hectic schedule. But Jokwon had a reason for it. Jokwon explained.

heard the story about being Kkap-like from a variety show. I even
heard that that character was made on purpose to become popular.
Truthfully, when we were living underground in a one room apartment, I
was a bright child who would often entertain my parents. That was my
way of getting through life."

He also said,

"When I
was young, the debt collectors would chase us down and even when my
mother was hurt, there was nothing that I could do. I was young and
scared. At that time, I lived with my grandmother and I would often
rely on Sunye who also had family problems. Sunye was the first to buy
her parents a new house and after seeing that, I got encouraged by it."

continued as tears were sliding down his face and said, "The company
called and said a CF came in and from my trainee days till now, it's
been 10 years since I've bought my parents a new house. Coincidentally,
the apartment that we moved to is on the 11st floor."

Many applauded for him at the studio by his touching story.

On the other hand, Jokwon also confessed the 8 hard years he went through as a trainee.


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[2AM] JoKwon reveals his painful past on Strong Heart
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