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 [Fx] Amber returns to f(x) through ‘Paradise Ranch’ OST

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PostSubject: [Fx] Amber returns to f(x) through ‘Paradise Ranch’ OST   Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:20 am

Amber of f(x) has officially made her comeback through the OST (soundtrack) ‘Can I Like You’ for the new SBS Monday & Tuesday drama ‘Paradise Ranch’ which was released earlier today.

‘Can I Like You’ is a song of one who has hid their true feelings for a crush. The loving lyrics and a refreshing melody mix well together as the ensemble between strings and brass make f(x)’s sweet voices stand out even more.

Last June, Amber was nowhere to be seen after injuring her ankle as she left for America. For a long while, she was swept in rumors of having left the group but was spotted in SHINee’s first concert, ‘The First Concert SHINee World,’ dismissing all rumors of withdrawals. However, it has been confirmed that Amber did not attend SM Town’s Japan concert.

Meanwhile, f(x) will be releasing their official 1st album and come back as 5 members within the first half of the year. You can check out the track on this post and support by purchasing the music

KYAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! teleiaaaa!!

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[Fx] Amber returns to f(x) through ‘Paradise Ranch’ OST
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