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 [2ne1] Bobby Kim and Yiruma wants to invite 2NE1 to their ‘Wednesday Art Stage’

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PostSubject: [2ne1] Bobby Kim and Yiruma wants to invite 2NE1 to their ‘Wednesday Art Stage’   Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:12 am

“We want to invite 2NE1 to the ‘Wednesday Art Stage’,” was what MC’s Bobby Kim and Yiruma stated for their MBC LIFE show ‘Wednesday Art Stage’. The two stated this in their meeting with the press before the recording of ‘Wednesday Art Stage’ which was held in honor of the tenth anniversary after the founding of the channel (MBC LIFE) in Jeju’s Shinra Hotel on the 24th.

Bobby Kim proclaimed, “Idol groups’ abilities during live performances have increased much more than before. If I were to invite someone, I want to invite 2NE1 first.”

Also, famous pianist Yiruma praised 2NE1, saying, “I also want to invite 2NE1 out of all the idol groups. They excel in various fields like singing ability, I think they’re idols that aren’t like idols.”

Bobby Kim chose Kim Bum Soo as the musician he would like to invite out of the singers. Yiruma also laughed, “I want to invite house band Astronomical Telescope. From the foreign musicians, I want to invite Ennio Morricone or maybe a movie musician.”

The talented duo also shared their thoughts on the difficulties of being the MCs for the first time. Yiruma said with laughter, “When I received the offer I was the MC of a radio show, and I thought it wouldn’t be that hard so I accepted, but it turned out to be hard.”

Bobby Kim also said, “I thought it would be fun to be try something that I’ve never done as a musician. However, since you have to talk with substance and quality, it was hard when I tried it. I host as only a musician, and I’m not trying to act stylish or chic at all.”

Continuing on this, Yiruma joked, “The most memorable moment was when Patricia Kaas appeared. We were shaking in the waiting room because of Kaas’ force. Her force was no joke.”

He finally added, “We aren’t the masters of ‘Wednesday Art Stage’. The guests who come out in this show are the stars that light the stage, and we have to try to bring them into relief. I think we have to play the roles of picking out their thoughts and feelings. Also, I think that Bobby Kim being able to showcase his singing, and me my playing, is a great part of ‘Wednesday Art Stage’.”

Source: Asia Economy, allkpop

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[2ne1] Bobby Kim and Yiruma wants to invite 2NE1 to their ‘Wednesday Art Stage’
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