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 [Wonder Girls ]Wonder Girls hang out with “best buddy” Claude Kelly

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PostSubject: [Wonder Girls ]Wonder Girls hang out with “best buddy” Claude Kelly   Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:05 am

As readers know, the Wonder Girls have been in the studio for the past week gearing up for their US debut album set to drop this March.

On top of recording with Claude Kelly last Friday, the Wonder Girls closely bonded with the acclaimed producer. “Claude came to shoot cute videos with the girls for cambio.com,” a representative told allkpop today. “They had a great time shooting the videos together, since they are already “best buddies” … The girls taught him some Korean words, plus! It was snowing outside so they were excited!”

It looks like Claude Kelly’s really giving his full attention to these girls; we can expect nothing but great things from this upcoming album! What kind of music do you think the Wonder Girls will be delivering this year? Leave your guesses below!


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[Wonder Girls ]Wonder Girls hang out with “best buddy” Claude Kelly
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