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 [BEAST] B2ST’s Kikwang releases encore concert teaser

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PostSubject: [BEAST] B2ST’s Kikwang releases encore concert teaser   Wed Jan 26, 2011 1:29 am

B2ST’s Kikwang releases encore concert teaser

B2ST has revealed the final teaser for their upcoming encore concert, “Welcome BACK to B2ST Airline.”
In the teaser, member Kikwang expresses his anticipation for their encore concert by stating, “I wasn’t who I am. I woke up and realized.. what in the world!”
He then reflects back to a statement he made back at their first concert, in which he promised, “If you guys come back in February, we will do an ab wave!! Promise!
Kikwang continued, “I got in trouble… They told me to take
responsibility for what I said. But.. a promise is a promise. The
members have gone into ab training. An unprecedented event of B2ST’s ab
wave! Ah~ I want to show it to you
Their encore concert will be held for two days, February 18th and 19th, at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.
Check it out below!


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[BEAST] B2ST’s Kikwang releases encore concert teaser
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