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 2NE1 is in the States?

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PostSubject: 2NE1 is in the States?   Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:49 am

Girl group 2NE1 is officially commencing their
activities this summer, but wait, they are in the States? Recently
they’ve traveled to the U.S, Britain, Japan and they’ve just left for
the U.S again last weekend.
2NE1’s visit to the States was made known via Park Bom’s
as she wrote, “Where am I?” along with a photo.
These words and photo alone have served as a notification for the
general audience. However, since Sandara has to film
for Taeyang’s upcoming MV for I Need a Girl,
she will leave Korea in 2~3 days time.

YG Entertainment spoke up and stated, “With a
comeback just ahead, 2NE1 is at the climax of preparing for their new
song and practicing…”
but kept their mouths shut about 2NE1’s stay
in the States. YGE is being secretive about this situation, but hinted
that 2NE1 is either in New York or LA.
With just limited information, netizens have started speculating that
2NE1 are planning to follow the footsteps of the Wonder Girls
and are planning to advance overseas. It is also known that a lot of
management companies in Asia and the U.S are showing their interests
towards 2NE1.
However, in response to these assertions, YG stated, “2NE1 isn’t
ready yet. For singers, content is an important factor. With the
reopening of their activities, it’s important for them to increase the
quality of their contents by having a reasonable amount of time for

So, is 2NE1 weighing the chances for a possible advancement overseas?
Or are they participating in a secretive training in the States as a
preparation for a comeback in Korea? As of now, all of this remains a

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2NE1 is in the States?
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