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 [2ne1] 2NE1 Reaches 2nd Place on Recochoku's Chaku-Motion Daily Chart

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PostSubject: [2ne1] 2NE1 Reaches 2nd Place on Recochoku's Chaku-Motion Daily Chart   Fri Jan 21, 2011 1:06 am

2NE1 Reaches 2nd Place Ranking on Recochoku's Chaku Uta Daily Chart

Despite being released for less than 24 hours, 2NE1's Can't Nobody (ENG Ver.) has leapt to 2nd Place on the Chaku-Motion Daily Chart at mobile music site Recochoku. A Chaku-Motion is a video clip that can be used as Ringtone.

Recall from our report yesterday that Recochoku is a mobile phone music download site. "レコチョク (Recochoku) is the most popular mobile service for music downloads. Recochoku is basically an Oricon for Cellphones, and is now referred with as much importance as the actual Oricon due to how big Mobile Downloads has become in Japan."

Despite the strong competition (1st place is held firmly by Itano Tomomi a member of the massivley popular AKB48 Japanese girl group) 2NE1 managed to reach 2nd place on the daily chart, evidencing the eagerness with which Japanese fans have been anticipating this release. 2NE1 is also #12 on the Chaku-Uta (Standard Ringtone) Daily Chart and #23 on the Daily Ringbacktone Chart. This despite having only been released late on January 19th.

Source: http://recochoku.jp/ and stage-48.net
Translated by Aleena @ygladies.com
Article by tazanya @ygladies.com

Yey!! Tha's my girls!! Jjang 2NE1

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[2ne1] 2NE1 Reaches 2nd Place on Recochoku's Chaku-Motion Daily Chart
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