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 [2ne1] 2NE1′s CL to guest on Korea’s Project Runway

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PostSubject: [2ne1] 2NE1′s CL to guest on Korea’s Project Runway   Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:31 am

2NE1′s baddest female CL will appear in season three of Korea’s Project Runway as a special guest. She will be accompanied with the famous American designer and personal good friend, Jeremy Scott.

A fan tweeted Evana Kim, a style marketer at On Style, “Hello there XD yeah I saw a teaser on the website, I thought I saw CL’s name. Something about being a guest judge? ^^;”

Kim answered mysteriously, “No comment! But don’t miss it! :D ”

The fan quickly replied, “XD you’re making me excited for it kekeke I definitely I won’t miss it ^^; thanks!” The marketer responded, “my pleasure! ^^”

Kim later revealed, “That’s right, Project Runway Korea season 3′s new judge is Bazaar’s Jeon Mikyung. Bazaar’s editor Jeon Mikyung will be a new judge, and big celebs such as Kim Tahee, Jeremy Scott and 2NE1′s CL will be special guests!!! Project Runway Korea season 3, it is finally airing!!!”

The same fan from before sent her another tweet, “hello! ^^ thanks for the reply. I saw a small pic of Jeremy and CL a while back so it’s from BAZAAR and they’re special guests?”

Evana Kim tweeted, “That’s right! ^ ^ Don’t miss them ~ ~!!”

The third season of Project Runway Korea is set to air on January 29th. Are you excited?

Sources: clbaddestfemale, @evanasays and @Sieljjang
Credits: koreaboo

OMG!! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa 3rd season with CL!! ΤρελενομαΙ!! αν και πρεπει να τελειώσω πρωτα την πρώτη!!

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PostSubject: Re: [2ne1] 2NE1′s CL to guest on Korea’s Project Runway   Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:38 am

πλάκα πλάκα θέλω να δω όλες τις σαιζόν
και μετά απο αυτό σίγουρα θέλω να το δω αυτό το επεισόδιο.
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[2ne1] 2NE1′s CL to guest on Korea’s Project Runway
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