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 [BEAST]'s Fans Are Increasing Rapidly

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PostSubject: [BEAST]'s Fans Are Increasing Rapidly   Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:54 pm

Korean boy band BEAST's fans are increasing rapidly on their fan club. It has been said that BEAST is one of the most popular male idol group these days.

Recently, BEAST's reached 160,000 fans on their official fan club. It is also assumed that early this year, they will reach 200,000.

BEAST's fan club exceeds the size of SHINee's (73,000), MBLAQ's (80,000) and 2AM’s (60,000) fan clubs. The size of Beast’s fan club is increasing while the number of other fan club members is stagnant or decreasing.

Beast’s fan club is even threatening the most popular male idol groups like Super Junior, 2PM and Big Bang.

Someone in the pop industry said, "Generally, 10% of the number of fan club members buy albums and attend concerts." The number of fan club members is a good way of measuring idol group’s popularity.

Meanwhile Beast is scheduled to hold another concert at the Seoul Olympics Gymnasium Stadium on February 18 and 19.


Σούπερ έτσι?Είμαστε πολλοί κι ας είμαστε σκόρπιοι!!
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PostSubject: Re: [BEAST]'s Fans Are Increasing Rapidly   Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:40 am

OMG.οι SHINee fans είναι μόνο τόσοι?? :|
ΙΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑ ΜΠΡΑΒΟ ΓΛΥΚΟΥΛΙΑ ΜΟΥ!!!θα υπάρχει και μεγαλύτερος ανταγωνισμός για τν Hyun Seung αλλά θα το αντέξω

'....they don't even throw fits when antis come their way and try to diss their OTP.They handle it in a very mature way and realize not everyone will agree with them.It annoes me that people have to be so mean towards them about something they just DON'T agree with.'
~Love my soulmates, support Yunjae

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[BEAST]'s Fans Are Increasing Rapidly
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