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 [F(x)]Amber to Rejoin f(x) for Comeback Album!!

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PostSubject: [F(x)]Amber to Rejoin f(x) for Comeback Album!!   Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:37 pm

Through Twitter, a representative of f(x) confirmed Amber's participation in the group's upcoming comeback album, scheduled for release in February.

Earlier it was reported that Amber of f(x) had made her return to Korea at long last, much to fans' collective relief. After an ankle injury caused her to temporarily leave the group, many were concerned that Amber's six-month recooperative stay in America would turn into a permanent vacation.

Fortunately, Amber was spotted last month at SHINee's first solo concert in Japan, prompting SM Entertainment to make an official statement revealing Amber's return to the group as well as f(x)'s general comeback.

Recently, a representative confirmed Amber's return to f(x) through his Twitter account. He wrote, "You all have been asking me about f(x) Amber's comeback, right? She has returned, and will be participating in f(x)'s upcoming album, which is scheduled for release in February. By next month she will be participating in promotional activites."

There you have it, f(x) fans, the "Amber Alert" is no longer in effect. Amber has indeed returned to the group and is reportedly in good health, ready to make a comeback in February.

Επιτέλους!!!!Amberaki welcome back!!
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[F(x)]Amber to Rejoin f(x) for Comeback Album!!
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