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 [SHINHWA] Shinhwa, Once a group, forever a group

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PostSubject: [SHINHWA] Shinhwa, Once a group, forever a group   [SHINHWA] Shinhwa, Once a group, forever a group EmptyThu Jan 13, 2011 11:32 am

[SHINHWA] Shinhwa, Once a group, forever a group 00003d4b

Quote :

days group Shinhwa has re-emerged in the music industry once again. In
fact the idol group has been in hiatus for a long time, their
relationship is shown once again. Why, because of their timeless
friendship and loyalty.

In particular, many idol groups members
have desagreements at a early stage blaming each other which concludes
in disbanding or just breaking up. However, Shinhwa's extraordinary
loyalty has always attracted attention.

In 1998 6 people, Shin
Hye Sung, Eric, Kim Dong Wan, Lee Min Woo, Jun Jin and Andy became
Shinhwa with their first album titled "Solver" which fame emerged like a
comet. 10 years later in the music industry they have done it all
making them Hallyu stars becoming above comparison not only in South
Korea but also in Japan.

In the 2000's Shinhwa members began
their individual activities. Eric became an actor of great success,
opening the road to a 2nd road of success with each one achieved. This
time, each member is self-standing even with their own companies, wether
is Shinhwa group activities or just individual they are always
supporting each other whenever they are having a hard time, they have
never let that string break.

Recently, Shinhwa members Eric and
Kim Dong Wan were released from military service. First, Kim Dong Wan
and Shin Hye Sung are currently under the same management company.

Eric has also appeared on the junior group Teen Top MV in honor to
fellow member Andy's friendship. Because of the 13 years of beautiful
frienship he helped fellow member Andy.

Eric who has been in the
industry for over 10 years in comparison with younger Teen Top members
worked together for their upcoming MV. On the teaser, Eric black suit
looking sophisticated and with a lot charisma has attracted a lot of
attention. This MV is the way for Eric to protect his friendship with
Andy. Andy is also under the same management as junior group Teen Top,
Eric and Andy were both willing to help Teen Top.

Teen Top
officials stated, " Eric, during the music video shooting gave directly
to the member a lot of engouragement, despite the long hours and late
shooting he trated them with a an extraordinary affection".

Teen Top MV is expected to be released on January 13 on their official
site, GOM TV, You Tube Channel, including Mellon, and other music sites,
followed by their second single titled "TRANSFORM" and a full set of

Source: Osen
Credit: Rubylovefaith@shinhwa.biz

Σοβαρα, πρεπει ΟΛΟΙ να παρουν παραδειγμα απο τους Shinhwa!!! Θυμαμαι ποσο πολυ χαρηκα οταν γιορτασαν τη 10η επετειο τους!
Ειναι τοσο υπεροχο να βλεπεις ενα γκρουπ να ειναι οικογενεια και να ειναι η σχεση τους τοσο καλη για τοσα πολλα χρονια!
Τους ζηλευω... αλλα ειμαι χαρουμενη!

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[SHINHWA] Shinhwa, Once a group, forever a group
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