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 [U-KISS]Uncle A's views regarding UKISS' debut in USA

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PostSubject: [U-KISS]Uncle A's views regarding UKISS' debut in USA   Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:26 am

Just a couple days ago KISSMEs around the world were given news about U-KISS debuting in the USA this year through their company, NH Media. After hearing about this news a lot of us KISSMEs were filled with excitement, but also worry and anxiety about how U-KISS will be received by the American public. Some of us don’t think they’re ready and they should stay in Asia for a bit longer before venturing off to other continents. Feeling this same nervousness I e-mailed Uncle A (Alexander’s father) about our concerns and asked what his opinions were about this debut. His reply to me made me feel at ease as well as touched. He asked for me to share this with the other KISSMEs so we will all feel more comfortable about this big news. Here is an excerpt from his e-mail reply:

“First of all I wanted to let you know that Alexander joined the showbiz as a mission to serve God to bring more people to know Him more & love Him better especially within the entertainers/artisans field. To be the light in the darkness, as you know that Korea had the highest rate of entertainers' suicides in the world. Kevin have the same vision & mission. Together with the other Boys, they know very well that they are not only a Kpop Boys Group but more importantly as a mission to spread God's love to more people. Many Kissmes knew that too.

Now, whether or not U-KISS will be successful in USA or not is not the issue, more importantly is that they are there to meet the US KissMes, their mission is to go where God is leading them, therefore if God is willing, this is be God's business.
In the past there had been many negative comments on the Boys in reaching out other places or their concepts or their songs etc etc but they had survived till this date. To cut the story short, let leave this to God, whether the plan is to USA or USSR or Latin America this year, myself & Jaeson Ma & our prayer teams will support the Boys in prayers & encouragements. We trust God!” – Uncle A

This comes from another response e-mail I just received a few minutes ago:

"Yes, U-KISS is indeed an unique group, they are not afraid to go into trials because they have strong beliefs, they knew what is in front of them are obstacles & trials, and it's not surprises for them, for they know this is how they can improve them self ~ "if we fall, we will get up again on our feet & continue to be stronger!" this was their statements when they'd shared with one & another during 1 documentary when they cried & shared their works, families & lives. Finally, they believe that God is with them wherever they go & do, with God with them all is well!
Do you know that this group was formed in late 2007/ early2008 & then debut in the same year without having been trained/worked out for 5 to 6 years like other groups did? NH Kim asked them: "Are you ready to take the risk for this job becuz you guys are rookies & did not train for 5 to 6 years? becuz by then you guys gonna be too old for a idol group!" "However, if you are willing to risk, I will be crazy enough to go through with you guys, even though we know as comparing with other companies & groups we are weaker in many ways!" Finally, the Boys agreed and signed theirs contacts! Of course, for us, we had prayed about it, and with God's encouragement, we trust Him and let Xander to go ahead.
What I am trying to say is that, YES, they know it NOT gonna be easy. They were humiliated, failed, hurted, bashed , criticised, tortured, betrayed etc.... but because of the strong supports of KissMes, they became stronger & stronger after every trials, they learnt form all the mistakes & criticism, they prayed and continue, that's why we had an album called ContiUKISS!!!" - Uncle A

Uncle A would also like for me to share these words with fellow KISSMEs and to ask to please join if they are interested.

"There is a site that I also wish that you can visit when you have time www.jaesonma.com you may find out more about faith in God especially about God's Love. Pastor Jaeson Ma is like a family to us, and he is the one who had encouraged us to be the light in the darkness in the entertainers/artisans field, to spread God's Love & bring more people to know God. Share this with your friends. Join us!" - Uncle A

I hope that by sharing this message with you that no matter what you hear from haters and bashers on kpop news or any other websites that you will know in your heart as a KISSME the mission of U-KISS is not to be the biggest name in any music industry. Instead it’s to meet us KISSMEs from all around the world and share our love of U-KISS. I hope that all who reads this feel more at ease, as I do, and now put your hearts and feelings into the excitement of their upcoming arrival.

If you can I would like for everyone to give thanks to Uncle A in any way possible (probably best through twitter @AnthonyEusebio) in sharing with us his message and putting our anxieties to rest. Thanks Uncle A you are a very beloved person and special to all of us KISSMEs all over the world. We love you Uncle A!

Credits: Anthony Eusebio (Uncle A) & Rocketboxx.net
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[U-KISS]Uncle A's views regarding UKISS' debut in USA
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