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 Top album sales for the first half of 2010

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PostSubject: Top album sales for the first half of 2010   Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:57 pm

With idols having taken over the music market today, it seems as if boy groups reign over the girl groups. Although girl groups have been appearing more on broadcasts, the results have been attracting interest over whether it would be reflected in the rankings.

With a week left in the first half of the year, major album sales research site Hanteo Charts revealed that there were nine idol groups that were included in the top 10 chart.

Although there are five male idol groups, there are only two female idol groups, showing that male idol groups have better album sales than the females.

The only two girl groups in the top 10 are SNSD and Kara.

TN: Information will be translated in list style (as opposed to paragraph style in Korean) with relevant information included per rank.

Top 10 album sales for the first half of 2010 as of June 24th compiled by Hanteo Charts (hanteo.com).

1. Super Junior
Bonamana: 119, 167

Oh!: 117,633

2nd album repackage: 48,827

4. Super Junior
4th album repackage: 45,733

5. 2AM
Can't Send You Even If I Die: 34,474

6. Rain
Back to the Basic: 33,764

7. 2PM
Don't Stop Can't Stop: 29,381

8. Beast
Shock of the New Era: 24,236

9. Kara
Lupin: 23,276

10. SS501
Destination: 19,790

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Top album sales for the first half of 2010
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