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 [F.CUZ] F.CUZ says they “Wanna Be Your Love” on “M. Countdown”

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PostSubject: [F.CUZ] F.CUZ says they “Wanna Be Your Love” on “M. Countdown”   Wed Jan 05, 2011 11:39 pm

F.CUZ says they “Wanna Be Your Love” on “M. Countdown”

After a shocking comeback with “Midnight Sun” late last year, the boys of F.CUZ are finally kicking off their follow-up promotions for “Wanna Be Your Love” through this week’s “M. Countdown.”
Created by hit composer ‘Assbrass‘ and written by Rhymer and BIZNIZ, the song is about a man’s shy confession of wanting to be more than friends.
The colorful outfits and their unique accessories were all
hand-picked by their stylists from European shops to add a friendly look
to their image.
Check it out below!Credits:allkpop.com

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[F.CUZ] F.CUZ says they “Wanna Be Your Love” on “M. Countdown”
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