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 [Girl’s Day] reflects on their year and reveals February comeback

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PostSubject: [Girl’s Day] reflects on their year and reveals February comeback   Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:04 am

Since their debut last July with “Tilt My Head,” Girl’s Day has been through a few changes in not only their members, but in their concept style as well. Their talents were finally recognized by their comeback with “Nothing Lasts Forever” and earned the nickname of ‘reversal idols’ for their vast transformation since their debut.

In an interview with Sports Today, the girls left behind their sexy leather comeback outfits for the beautiful hanbok in order to reflect on their year.

Sojin started, “I always wondered whether we would have been known to more people if only we didn’t get caught up in a controversy for our vocals. We’re so very thankful that our fans gave us the nickname ‘reversal idols,’ though.”

Minah said, “I am disappointed as well in not being able to show our fans a better image, but there’s still a lot of time left so please look forward to us.”

Jihae added, “During our member change, it was really hard for me mentally. If only it didn’t happen, I sometimes think maybe we would’ve been off to a better start. I’m thankful that their shoes were filled, though.”

Yura said, “As a new member, I should have been able to fill the shoes of the former members, but I’m upset in not being able to show 100% of my skils. In the new year, I’ll work hard to show a better image of myself.”

Hyeri said, “I, too, have not lived up to the expectations of a new member, but I’ll work hard for the next album.”
When asked about their goals for the year, Minah started, “I want to win #1 on a music program at least once this year.”

The girls also received a two day break in recognition of having led a busy year. When asked about their vacation pans, Sojin stated, “I’ll be going skiing with my friends, and spend the remaining day with my family.”

Minah replied, “I’ll be spending both days with my family.”

Jihae replied, “I’ll be going to China with my cousin. We were originally meant to go to Macau, but it didn’t work out.”

Hyeri and Yura both replied, “We’ll be spending it with our families as well.”

The group concluded, “We’ll be releasing a new album in February, so please buy it and love each of us!”


Kala e, einai kouklitses!!<33
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[Girl’s Day] reflects on their year and reveals February comeback
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