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 [SHINee]Too many News please Read ^^

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PostSubject: [SHINee]Too many News please Read ^^   [SHINee]Too many News please Read ^^ EmptyFri Dec 31, 2010 4:31 am

“Japan Will Become SHINee World In 2011″

Quote :
Japanese columnist Ishii Hiromi praised SHINee highly, saying that he is assured of their success in Japan.
Ishii Hiromi said in his column for Nikkan Sports on Dec. 29 that in SHINee’s first solo concert in the National Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo, SHINee enthralled the audience with powerful masculine energy in their performance of Lucifer while captivating the heart of fans with the sweet harmony of Hello.
Ishii described SHINee as a “group both charismatic and friendly” and anticipated that Japan will become “SHINee World” in 2011.
[from Maeil Business Newspaper Star Today]
Trans by jujugal

“SHINee Become New Faces For Maypole In 2011″

Quote :
It was announced on Dec. 31 that SHINee, an idol group that has led this year’s Korean Wave, will become new faces for Maypole in 2011. Maypole, a casual wear brand for European Neo-preppy looks, is one of the fashion brands led by IN THE F, a leading total fashion company in Korea.
A source in the company said that they chose SHINee, Korea’s top idol group, as new models with name value, star quality, and fashion sense to appeal the brand’s neo-preppy image to the public as well as to increase sales and expand the business.
Maypole also selected Yi Som, a model called “2nd Jang Yoonjoo” as a new face in addition to SHINee. They plan to maintain the existing customer base by continuing the brand’s comfortable everyday wear style with Yi Som, while securing new teen customers through an aggressive star marketing using SHINee.
[based on Joy News]
Trans by jujugal


[SHINee]Too many News please Read ^^ JkNtk

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[SHINee]Too many News please Read ^^
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