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 [2NE1] 2NE1 ranked #25 on 2010′s Best Cultural Leaders

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PostSubject: [2NE1] 2NE1 ranked #25 on 2010′s Best Cultural Leaders   Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:08 am

Important Selection Standards

On the Herald Tribune, they not only cover problems in culture but also in today’s society and they picked 30 people that are considered as 2010′s big leaders in today’s society and culture. During this selection, the amount of activities was important but the most important thing was how much they’re affecting the Korean culture and society and how much change they’re making as representatives.

According to some research, they looked over how much they spent their time on air through different shows and how much time they’ve spent on stage, performing. They also picked different representatives for different categories, such as film, music, singers, and the music entertainment in general.

The representatives have been ranked according to the total points they’ve earned and they have earned the title of 2010′s Best Cultural Leader.

Source: DC2NE1
Translated By: solshin3 @ 21BANGS.com

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[2NE1] 2NE1 ranked #25 on 2010′s Best Cultural Leaders
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