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 ‘Awake’ mini-album Thanks To

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PostSubject: ‘Awake’ mini-album Thanks To   Tue Jun 22, 2010 6:56 am

100622 ‘Awake’ mini-album Thanks To

Thanks to my father, mother, grand-mother, and younger brother
who are always supporting from behind without any words.
To fans, who give us unmeasured love
I will return the favor with hard-work
We will be a hard-working D-NA

D-NA’s first mini album..
Because it’s an album that’s full of hard-work
Please give us much love
To someone who’s making me walk this way [as a singer]
I respect senior Jung Yunho (aaaa...bunny!!!^^)
I’m a little boy for my father and mother
But I will work harder to be a great kid
Please stay tuned. I love you

To those who took care of me even when it’s so difficult
To my 15-years appreciative friends, who are making me able to stand
I always love you.
Our members!! We made a promise, right? Let’s go together!! I love you♥
Thanks for giving birth to me.
Father, mother, and my family members…I love you.
All the deep love that you gave to me become my power.

While preparing this mini album
I felt so many things.
My body and heart is tired
But this album contained all the efforts.
So my lovely mom, dad, and my little sister Chae Yeon…
D-NA, being always the five of us. Our efforts, tears, and laughs
It’s the time to show it!! D-NA fighting!

Finally we made our mini album!
Our lovely parents! I’m going to do well!
This mini-album!! Big Hit!! D-NA big hit!!
And to our fans who have been waiting!
In the future too, let’s be together ♥


Credit: Yaejin@enchanteDNA.com (source) + dianapetrina@enchanteDNA.com (trans)


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‘Awake’ mini-album Thanks To
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