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 Random quotes or facts~

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PostSubject: Random quotes or facts~   Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:54 am

--->Injun said: "To me, DBSK is the best idol. They always improved themselves in front of the media and grabbed their attention. I feel that singers should have a certain charm and always improve themselves. I want to improve and be like DBSK but... I always see their cool performances...Seriously...I still have a lot to learn from them!"

--->Who's the fashionist and fashion terrorist?

Jay: The fashionist is Mika hyung, he has a lot of interest on clothes. Also his personality is very strong.
Mika, Karam, Hyunmin: The fashion terrorist is Injun, at the point that our manager hyung always tell him not to buy clothes at internet.
Injun: What are you talking about! I'm the fashionist here!

--->Radiating his rather feminine beauty, Garam admitted that due to his girly features, many older men had approached him to grope him sexually.

Karam: “This is why I don’t like older guys coming close to me to make even a slight body contact. Not to the level where I push them away, but I don’t feel comfortable. There have been many other unbelievable things I had to go through. I have tons of stories to unload if I ever appear on Strong Heart as a guest.”

---> Who's the cleanest member?

Jay: Karam hyung is! He's like a mom for us. All days at morning he's the first to wake up, then he wakes up the other members and makes us breakfast.
Karam: Since i was a kid my parents were always working so i was the one who took care of my little brothers. That's why i know how to cook some food. I think i can do well with the kimchi stuff and all of that.
Injun: The food is sometimes too seasoned but it still delicious.


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Random quotes or facts~
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