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 [Brown Eyed Girls] High school student confesses to Narsha

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PostSubject: [Brown Eyed Girls] High school student confesses to Narsha   Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:31 am

Brown Eyed Girls‘ Narsha received a confession from a high school student.

On the December 26th episode of the SBS variety show ‘Heroes‘, the members prepared a special class for the high school seniors who will become adults soon. The members were counseling the students when a male student picked out Narsha as his counsellor.

The student used some corny pick up lines, saying, “I have a woman I like. She is like an oasis in a desert“. He then called out Narsha’s real name, saying, “Hyo Jin noona“, and turned his counseling session into a love confession to Narsha.

The student continued, “I’ll return from the army, so please wait for me“. Narsha asked when exactly he would return from the military. The student answered he would come back around 2013, to which Narsha replied, “Then should I make a decision?”

Narsha warmly replied, “Let’s meet in 2013!“, and the student could not hide the joy in his expression.

Source: Newsen
Photo: SBS ‘Heroes’ capture


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[Brown Eyed Girls] High school student confesses to Narsha
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