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 [2NE1] Dara & CL’s Q&A from K-Star Lovers magazine

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PostSubject: [2NE1] Dara & CL’s Q&A from K-Star Lovers magazine   Sat Dec 25, 2010 4:51 am

With actual strength and appearance!

Q: What kind of make-up do you like?
A: I think bringing my eyes out is suitable for me. Compare to make-up, hair style acquires more attention. At first, my hair looks like topknot with all my hair tied. Though our president was too excited to say “No” I like this.

Q: Among the Big Bang members, who are you close with?
A: No one. (laugh) I’m still awkward with them even though I have known them for 5 to 6 years. I receive messages from them like on my birthday or encouragement when I go on TV and I meet with them whenever I have the chance.

Q: Please recommend some stores you always go to.
A: I like fast-food restaurants like, School Food.

Q: What kind of fashion do you like?
A: I like T-shirts and denim. I don’t like feminine style. I refused immediately when my stylist gave me a skirt. (laugh)

Q: You always carry a big bag around. What’s in it?
A: My mobile phone, of course my purse, tissues, without them, I will feel uneasy. Lip balm and hand cream.

Q: At last, say something to your Japanese fans.
A: I’m working hard to learn Japanese. I’m learning so that I can communicate with you guys. Please wait a moment. Support us please.

More charismatic than a man

Q: What’s the difference between 2NE1 and other groups?
A: We set a neutral mood rather than a girly style.

Q: What kind of clothes does CL usually wear?
A: I wear the same style in my daily life. Plenty of clothes I wear on stage are mine.

Q: No matter how bad the situation is, CL won’t lip-synch. This is famous and always been praised.
A: No. When something comes up unexpectedly (T/N: being sick or having a sore throat), we have no choice but to lip-synch. I rather dance instead. We enjoy our music with our fans, so if we do lip-synch, 2NE1’s stage will become insignificant.

Q: Why is CL the leader?
A: Since Bom and Dara are 10 years older than Minzy, we need someone to adjust. So I was appointed to be the leader.

Q: Seems there is a decree by destiny between you and Japan.
A: Yes, I lived in Japan for 2 to 3 years and went to grade five in primary school. I really love Japanese food.

Q: At last, please say something to your Japanese fans.
A: I want to meet everyone there soon and let you guys listen to our music and hold live stages.

Scans by: bomico:) @ DC2NE1
Translated by: Didikuro @ 21bangs.com

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[2NE1] Dara & CL’s Q&A from K-Star Lovers magazine
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