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 [Lee Hyori] Lee Hyori was jealous of Kim Jae Dong’s first love

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PostSubject: [Lee Hyori] Lee Hyori was jealous of Kim Jae Dong’s first love   Thu Dec 23, 2010 4:45 am

Recently, singer Lee Hyori showed her support for her friend, MC Kim Jae Dong, by appearing as a special guest for his talk show concert, “No Break, Season 2.”

While there, she told a story of how she took revenge against Kim Jae Dong’s first love by visiting her and purposely causing problems. Lee Hyori confessed, “I went to his first love’s store and nit-picked over everything as an act of revenge.”

“Kim Jaedong is my ideal man. He’s humorous, and I enjoy climbing mountains with him. But my heart doesn’t flutter at any of his body contacts,” she added.

Lee Hyori also brought out a guitar and performed an acoustic version of “Umbrella” for the audience.

Netizens swooned over her ‘natural’ image, as fanshots from the concert were uploaded onto the web. Lee Hyori is seen in comfortable attire with her hair pulled back loosely. Positive comments were left, such as, “I hope she promotes her album with natural concepts like this,” “I like being able to see her face,” and “Kim Jae Dong and Lee Hyori match better than I thought.”

Source: Seoul NTN via Nate

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[Lee Hyori] Lee Hyori was jealous of Kim Jae Dong’s first love
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