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 Dara teases with photos from Taeyang’s I Need a Girl MV set

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Proud mother of the forum

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PostSubject: Dara teases with photos from Taeyang’s I Need a Girl MV set   Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:02 pm

The fangirl that resides in all of us (that includes you male fans,
don’t deny it) loves seeing idols get paired up to make ultra-hot power
couples, and I’m sure 2NEBANG fans are ecstatic over
the recent collaboration between Big Bang’s Taeyang
and 2NE1’s 4D dork Dara. Although we
don’t know the details behind the duo’s relationship in Taeyang’s
upcoming MV for I Need a Girl, many are hoping to see a
romantic storyline between these two, and who knows – we might get just
As allkpop reported yesterday, Dara posted a mysterious
on her me2DAY account recently that revealed
a new look and ignited curiosity amongst both Blackjacks and VIPs who
speculated that this photo was from Taeyang’s music video set. Soon
afterwards, she uploaded a second photo:

Taking a photo with some cool guy’s jacket… doing a pose
he often does! However, my facial expression is still the same k k You
think the silliness would have gone somewhere? However, in the movie, I
put the silliness in my pocket ^^ Curious? Hee~!! You are going to wait
for it right?! ^_^
Talk about teasing the audience – fans immediately picked out
peculiar details of this photo, noting the two suns and comparing the
jacket and pose to that of Taeyang’s first
official concept photo
that was uncovered last week.
After getting everyone buzzing for a day, Dara finally ended her game
and posted an official photo of her with Taeyang. The wait might have
been excruciating for some, but this makes it worth it, don’t you think?
I’m definitely loving both idols’ looks – Dara’s looking great with
those side-swept bangs.

Taeyang may need a girl, but we definitely need to see this music
video ASAP… Stay tuned for more as Taeyang makes his big return,
uncovering one teaser after another!
Credits: Allkpop

★ X-FIVE~ -S Z T H G- ★

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PostSubject: Re: Dara teases with photos from Taeyang’s I Need a Girl MV set   Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:29 pm

ti wraio malli!!! ena parapono exw me tn Dara(i mallon me tn stulistria ts): oti dn ts ftiaxnoun to malli kala~

back to the topic: maresoun polu ta collaborations 2ne1 kai big bang~ elpizw kai auti tn fora na einai to idio, giati exw miaaaa antipa8eia na to pw gia ton Taeyang...


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Dara teases with photos from Taeyang’s I Need a Girl MV set
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