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 [SISTAR] SISTAR on winning a rookie award, pole dancing, and their Christmas plans

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PostSubject: [SISTAR] SISTAR on winning a rookie award, pole dancing, and their Christmas plans   Tue Dec 21, 2010 5:40 am

Despite the four girls of SISTAR preparing for a busy end to their even busier year, the group managed to sit down for an interview with Joong Ang Daily in order to reveal some of their thoughts as the year comes to a close.

▲ “You received the rookie award at the ‘Golden Disk Awards.’ Has anything changed after winning an award?”

Soyu: “My parents watched the broadcast and said they were proud of me. I think it was the happiest moment since joining a girl group. A lot of the artists that won rookie awards at the ‘Golden Disk’ all advanced to become great singers, so it gives us some hope. We were fighting over who got to take home the trophy (laughter). We agreed to take turns sleeping with the trophy until putting it on display at the company.”

“Your new track, ‘How Dare You,’ has been earning a hot response. How do you feel about the style change as compared to ‘Shady Girl‘?”

Hyorin: “Our personalities match a lot better with ‘How Dare You,’ since we’re all very tomboyish and outgoing. We’re not at all shady like the lyrics of ‘Shady Girl’ states, so we had to act a lot on stage. I feel so much more refreshed after completing a powerful stage for ‘How Dare You.‘”

“Your pole dance in your music video became a problem.”

Bora: “All three of the major broadcast companies said that the scene couldn’t be broadcast. Is a pole sexy? It’s an opinion that’s hard to understand. When you see a real professional dancing on a pole, you immediately begin exclaiming, ‘That’s beautiful.’ It’s frustrating since people don’t look at the dance and only the pole.”

“They say that the pole dance diet actually works.”

Hyorin: “There’s a lot of exercise involved since it’s a dance that uses your entire body. It helps a lot in shaping your body since you need flexibility as well. I attended a class for it for two weeks and it was so difficult that I lost about 3 kg. I have calluses on my hands and I’ve developed biceps from having to carry my weight with my arms. It’s so upsetting not being able to show it on broadcast. We’ll show it at our own concert later.”

“There’s a lot of opportunities for you to meet male celebrities. Honestly, have any hit on you?”

Bora: “We meet a lot for recordings, but none that we know privately. We’ve never been hit on as well. Since we don’t have cellphones, there’s no chance for a ‘problem’ to occur. The agency suggested that it’d be better for us to concentrate on our rehearsals without cell phones, which we all agreed to. And even so, when girls hang around in groups, guys don’t like approaching you because it’s intimidating. Wouldn’t it be easier for solo singers?”

“You must have a lot of hardcore fans by now. Any stalkers?”

Soyu: “A lot of people support us. I was once surprised after seeing a male fan in his late 20s that came to all of our events in Daegu, Busan, and others, all in one day. He always shouts, ‘Soyu’s husband is here!’ Another college student fan bought me shoes and moved me with her story of working hard to pay for her own tuition.”

“It’s Christmas soon. You must all want to go out and have fun. Any special plans?”

Hyorin: “We have to appear on a live broadcast for ‘Music Bank‘ on [December] 24th and must rush to K. Will’s concert right afterward. It’s such a busy Christmas, we don’t have time to dream of any fantasies. Still, being able to survive the scary girl group competition has been a big enough gift for us. We’re glad to be able to enjoy such a happy Christmas, despite being busy.”

Credits: http://www.allkpop.com & http://4hipstar.com


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[SISTAR] SISTAR on winning a rookie award, pole dancing, and their Christmas plans
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