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 [YG FAMILY] YG is 100% satisfied with G-Dragon and T.O.P’s performance

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PostSubject: [YG FAMILY] YG is 100% satisfied with G-Dragon and T.O.P’s performance   Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:44 am

G-Dragon and Top of the top Korean group, Big Bang completed their colorful and addictive stage on 19th(today). Yang Hyun Seok, the YG entertainment president said, ‘he was 100% satisfied’ with their performance. Since it is the end of 2010, every artist try to do his/her best to the fans and such kinds of unique units seem to add more colour to the showbiz.

The premiere of the two songs were released on Wednesday afternoon. When Yang Hyun Seok was watching SBS the two boys’ comeback stage of ‘High HIgh’ and Oh Yeah’ in SBS Inkigayo, he looked tense but once they had finished,he gave them a very huge applause and wore a big smile on his face. The following is the Q and A session with him.

-Congratulations! We want to know your opinion about their comeback stage of today.
- I am very satisfied. They are very nervous for their first stage of their comeback but they ended up with very good performance. They are pleased too.

-Have you ever thought that they will be successful ?
- I was not quite sure because it is different from the union of the whole group. The success of Bigbang in their early stage gave them pressure but I think it is good. We prepare a good song and then more good songs are expected to be worked on.

-How was the response of the fans?
They were very pleased too. Thanks. They are going to use ‘knock out’, ‘High High’ and ‘Oh yeah’ as their three title songs. Just like 2ne1, they will have three title songs too. The last song of the three title songs is ‘Oh yeah’ since people like Park bom to join their production which can give out another feeling. Park Bom also performed with them together on the stage today which made it even more brilliant. Thank you very much.

- Can you introduce the songs?
-High High is the song of House electronica and hip hop and the melody is impressive which let them to enjoy a powerful stage. GD and TOP are particularly charming when they are performing the intense music . Their music coupled with their special fashion sense will definitely give a shock to us. Oh Yeah is an impressive song with the lyrics sung by Park Bom of 2ne1 which certainly enhanced the stage performance.

-What activities will the united group do?
-We were too tired today already so we went back early. Tomorrow we will have a discussion with the director of the ‘High High’ MV, then we will do the shooting. It might be the music video which carries the strongest power so far. ‘They are scheduled to appear at different events and TV programmes at the end of the year.

‘Knock out’, ‘High high’ and ‘Oh yeah’ will serve as the three title songs of their album. All the three songs were composed by G Dragon and TOP also participated in the production. The united group has already gained the attention of the fans in the music industry.

Source: Asiae via teambigbang
Translated + shared by Rice@BigbangWorld

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[YG FAMILY] YG is 100% satisfied with G-Dragon and T.O.P’s performance
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