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 [Wonder Girls] This is a Wonderful Post - WG's HK Concert

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PostSubject: [Wonder Girls] This is a Wonderful Post - WG's HK Concert   Sat Dec 18, 2010 9:01 am

WG's maiden Hong Kong concert: 'So Hot' & banishing the cold

Korean girlgroup WONDERIRLS (WG) held their 1st Hong Kong concert last night. It played to a full house. WONDERGIRLS sang & danced, swung their hips & S-lines to win over the fans, instantly raising temperatures amid the cold weather.

Korean girlgroup WONDERGIRLS (WG) held their 1st Hong Kong concert last night at the AsiaWorld Arena. It played to a full house. During the opening segment, WG appeared dressed in black, with Yeeun, Yoobin, Sunye, Sohee & LIM showing off a little cleavage. LIM was also the only one to wear shorts, showing plenty of leg without fearing the cold. The quintet kicked off with their classic 'So Hot' & 'I Wanna' as a warm-up, singing & dancing, swinging their hips & S-lines to instantly raise temperatures & causing the fans to screech nonstop. The girls then greeted with "Hello everybody" in Cantonese, prompting deafening cheers from the whole audience.

Interested in breaking into moviedom

In a recent interview, WG had mentioned an album release for next year. It will have English, Mandarin & Korean songs, so what about singing in Cantonese? Group member Yeeun said: "We do not have any plans for Cantonese songs yet. But if the fans are enthusiastic & want me to sing it, I will satisfy them."

WG also has a cameo role in the new film 'Last Godfather' which will be released in Korea at month's end. Asked about acting in movies & TV dramas, the quintet unanimously expressed their interest. Sohee & Yeeun even suggested action films, while Yoobin went for romances.

LIM took advantage to visit family

Christmas is around the corner. Yeeun said that after completing their company's Christmas gig, she & her fellow disciples from 2PM & missA are having a party. WG's management is in town for a talent search. Do the girls have any audition tips to share with the participants? Group leader Sunye said: "Most important is to show enthusiasm while performing. (Is a multilinguist like LIM an advantage?) But of course. It will come useful someday while releasing English & Mandarin songs." The Hong Kong-born LIM also took advantage of the concert date to spend time with her family.

"WONDERGIRLS held a concert at the AsiaWorld Arena, their signature dance moves leaving the whole audience at an explosive HIGH."

"LIM showed off her legs while her teammates sang & danced to win over the fans."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translation: Qoxie @ Soompi's WG Thread
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[Wonder Girls] This is a Wonderful Post - WG's HK Concert
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