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 [4MINUTE] (10.12.16) 4Minute to attack Japan islands with new unconventional works

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PostSubject: [4MINUTE] (10.12.16) 4Minute to attack Japan islands with new unconventional works   Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:25 am

4Minute's first full album was released on the 15th, setting the start for another round of promotion in Japan. 4Minute's different from other girl groups that also enter the Japanese market such as Kara and SNSD in the sense that they used more unconventional and original Japanese songs in their promotions to attract the attention of Japanese public.

Before the release of 'DIAMOND' on the 15th, promotions have already begun on the 4th and 5th as 4Minute had their '4Minute LIVE Energery Vol.2 DIAMOND' in Tokyo and Osaka. 4000 seats in the concert was sold clean, hence expectation for the first full album was high.

In this album, other than Japanese versions of Muzik and I My Me Mine, as well as other popular tracks, there are also 4 new songs, Hide & Seek, Can't Make Up My Mind, Already Gone and December. The new songs have separately shown the different styles of 4Minute, amalgamating the charisma of 4Minute.

Shinsadong Tiger, who have worked with 4Minute all along, and other professional Japanese composers have contributed in producing this full album. 4Minute will release a new album in Korea early next year.

Sources: Yahoo Korea + yingyuetai
Translation + Reporting: kueensora@4-minute.com


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[4MINUTE] (10.12.16) 4Minute to attack Japan islands with new unconventional works
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