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 [SISTAR] SISTAR’s Hyorin talks about her slip on ‘Music Bank’

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PostSubject: [SISTAR] SISTAR’s Hyorin talks about her slip on ‘Music Bank’   Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:29 am

SISTAR’s Hyorin spoke out about her feelings on earning the nickname ‘splits girl‘ after a recent mishap during a “Music Bank” performance.

The dry ice that was used for their “How Dare You” stage had melted under the strong stage lights, causing her to slip in such a way that it looked as if she had done the splits.

At the time, netizens expressed their concern by leaving comments such as, “I wonder if she was hurt,” and “Before it was Bora, now it’s Hyorin. Sorry we couldn’t protect you.”

Hyorin reflected, “At first, I was really upset. I almost cried after we finished performing. Bora tried to console me by saying that she fell too and that it wasn’t a big deal. I was still upset about having made a mistake on our comeback performance, but decided I’d do even better next time.”

Bora added, “Hyorin is a perfectionist when we’re rehearsing. What we think is great, she isn’t satisfied with.” Hyorin continued, “Honestly, I’ve never once been satisfied with any of our stages because I don’t feel that we have done a proper job at showing a complete stage. We’ll be working harder in the future.”

Regardless of these various speed bumps, the girls are steadily climbing up the ladder of success, as netizens have been praising their vocal talents right and left since their comeback.

Credits: http://www.allkpop.com


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[SISTAR] SISTAR’s Hyorin talks about her slip on ‘Music Bank’
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