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 [SISTAR] SISTAR on their vocal talent and concept change

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PostSubject: [SISTAR] SISTAR on their vocal talent and concept change   Fri Dec 10, 2010 3:49 am

Rookie group SISTAR, consisting of Bora, Hyorin, Soyou, and Dasom, has been showing off speedy improvements since their debut five months ago.

Their debut in June with “Push Push” left them at the door to the top of the music world, while their comeback in August with “Gossip Girl” finally ranked them in at the top of the charts. Their second comeback, “How Dare You,” has finally secured the group in the market, recording an ‘all-kill’ on the charts.

Although the girls are glad about being met with gradual success through their music, they claim that it’s their music and vocal capability that makes them the most proud.

SISTAR stated, “Our goal was to receive acknowledgment for our music, not our faces. We centered our activities around music programs as opposed to variety programs, and after a while, ‘mr-removed’ videos began circulating amongst netizens. Thankfully, we earned a great response and received acknowledgment for being able to sing live while dancing.”

“Ever since our debut, we agreed on focusing on music until we were recognized for it before moving on to other activities,” Hyorin explained. “We were able to avoid any ‘MR-removed’ controversies and it feels great being known for our musical talents. Through such motivation, we feel that we’ll be able to show off more amazing stages in the future.”

When asked what they considered their group’s charms, they answered, “Being able to enjoy ourselves on stage.”

“We go on stage thinking about having fun. There’s really no difference between our rehearsals and our performances on stage. Ever since our debut, we had a lot of experience going on stage so we were able to learn how to let loose and have fun,” Hyorin expressed.

“It was easier to find room to breathe after getting a bit of experience,” Bora said, “and now we’re just focusing on showing more sides of ourselves. We’ll make sure to truly show that we’re having fun.”

Unlike other girl groups, SISTAR doesn’t make frequent appearances on variety programs. Surprisingly, what got SISTAR’s name known was a video of member Bora falling on stage.

Bora admitted, “I didn’t even have a chance to feel any embarrassment because of how much it hurt. But still, it helped get our name known so it’s a fond memory.”

Regarding their conept change for “How Dare You,” SISTAR revealed that it was closest to their actual image.

Hyorin added, “‘Push Push’ and ‘Gossip Girl’ made us force ourselves to act cute and make cute expressions, which was really very hard. ‘How Dare You’ is a lot closer to who we actually are so it’s easier to enjoy it on stage.”

Unfortunately, the group is being put through obstacles with all three of the major music programs, forcing them to create three different versions of the same song.

SISTAR marked their official comeback on the week of December 3rd with “Music Bank,” “Show! Music Core,” and “Inkigayo.” However, fans may have noticed that there was something different in each of the performances. For KBS, a portion of the lyrics were changed, while in MBC, the choreography was edited. All three of the music programs have different standards on what is allowed.

KBS, deeming ‘How Dare You’ to be too belittling to others, forced the lyrics to change from ‘Who do you think you are‘ to ‘Your love isn’t worth anything‘ while ‘You’re a player‘ was changed to ‘Nonsense.’

MBC decided that their butt rub (nicknamed the DJ dance) was too sexually suggestive, forcing them to take out the part from the choreography altogether.

It is only in SBS’s “Inkigayo” that SISTAR dances and sings to the song was it was made. Unfortunately, their outfits were deemed inappropriate from all three, but despite such obstacles, the group is managing to rank in at #1 on various charts such as MelOn and Dosirak.

Credits: http://www.allkpop.com


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[SISTAR] SISTAR on their vocal talent and concept change
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