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 [YG FAMILY] 15 of YG Aritsts Songs Enter The Top Songs of The Year

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PostSubject: [YG FAMILY] 15 of YG Aritsts Songs Enter The Top Songs of The Year   Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:18 am

G Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk, had substantially the best music production this year as 15 of their songs entered the top 141 songs of the year.

Music site Melon, announced their ‘monthly top 20 songs from January to November’ which came out to 220 songs but excluding the duplicates, there were 141 songs, 15 of which belonged to YG’s artists.

YG Ent’s toughest 4 people, warrior idol 2NE1 was a huge success. 4 songs from their studio album ‘To Anyone’ all made it into the 141 list. “Go Away”, “Can’t Nobody”, “Clap Your Hands”, and “It Hurts”which ranked at #17.

Other 2NE1 songs also made the list. “Follow Me” was ranked at 13 in the February chart, in addition to Park Bom’s “You & I” which ranked at 14 in the January chart and CL and Minzy’s solo “Please Don’t Go” topped the charts at number 10 in January. Thus, a total of 7 songs coming from 2NE1 made the 141 top songs of the year list, demonstrating their strength.

In addition to 2NE1 other YG artists such as Gummy ranked on the list. Gummy with “A Guy Thing”, “Even if I die I love you”, and, “There is no love”. While Se7en’s “Better Together” also made it as well as Big Bang’s “Lollipop Part 2″, TOP’s “Turn it up”, Taeyang’s “I Need A Girl” and lastly PSY’s “Right Now”. Making it a total of 15 songs.


S: daum , Translated: alee @ ibigbang.wordpress.com)

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[YG FAMILY] 15 of YG Aritsts Songs Enter The Top Songs of The Year
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