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 [BEAST] "The reason why Yang Yoseob can't go to sleep"

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PostSubject: [BEAST] "The reason why Yang Yoseob can't go to sleep"   Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:20 am

"The reason why Yang Yoseob can't go to sleep"

BEAST’s Yang Yoseob can’t go to sleep?

After debuting last year with the song ‘Bad Girl’, BEAST had released 4 albums and had been continually fulfilling activities with barely any time to rest. They are currently active with the title song ‘Beautiful’ promotions, Lee Kikwang is busy with MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night – Hot Brothers’, Yoon Doojoon is busy with the MBC sitcom ‘All My Love’, and despite all these personal schedules, they are also preparing very hard for the solo concert that will be opening on the 12th.

Since they only have about 2 hours of break time, many of the members fall asleep in the times between their schedules; however Yang Yoseob is attracting attention as he is the only one not sleeping during these times. Lee Kikwang commented, “Since Yoseob is the vocal, he tends to have the higher parts. So whenever we travel, when others are all sleeping he is the only who doesn’t. Since he worries that his throat will close when he wakes up from a nap, so he purposely doesn’t sleep because of this fact.”

Yang Yoseob stated, “I can’t do anything about me worrying. Even in practices, I am the type that works towards perfection. That is probably why I lost so much weight.” In addition he added, “I had no idea that we was able to release so many albums this fast in such a short time. I am happy that the songs came out good as much as I work hard for it. Since there is still a long way to go, I will show better sides of myself through my effort.”

Recently, BEAST had successfully completed their Japanese showcase and will be opening their first solo concert ‘Welcome To Beast Airlines’ on the 12th.


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[BEAST] "The reason why Yang Yoseob can't go to sleep"
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