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 [F.CUZ] F.Cuz shows 'strong charisma + flawless dance' on 'Music Bank' stage

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PostSubject: [F.CUZ] F.Cuz shows 'strong charisma + flawless dance' on 'Music Bank' stage   Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:03 am

F.Cuz shows 'strong charisma + flawless dance' on 'Music Bank' stage

QuoteGroup F.Cuz, dominated the stage with a strong dance and intense performance.

F.Cuz performed the title song 'Midnight Sun' from their second mini-album 'Gorgeous' for the third time on KBS2 'Music Bank', which was open to public, broadcasted live on Friday evening.

F.Cuz's more mature stage showing growth and improvement captured attention. In particular the ability of the members with their perfect breathing techniques wowed the the fans.

The title song 'Midnight Sun' incorporates current electronic beats mixed with exquisite house music arrangement, an impressive luxury ballad piece by Kim Hyungseok depicting a deeply memorable scene.

A dramatic piece that is a reminiscent of a musical with dramatic melody and grand orchestral sound creating a build up of intense emotions.

In addition, 'Why(Y)', 'Address Unknown', 'And after' are among the numerous hit songs of Freestyle written by Mino, about men being in terrible sorrow and going crazy in love expressing dramatic confessions.

Also, Jin On's delivery of a seemingly angry rap in the second half of song narrates the sorrow in the heart of the protagonist in an attempt to distinguish themselves.

Credit: Fcuzed

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[F.CUZ] F.Cuz shows 'strong charisma + flawless dance' on 'Music Bank' stage
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