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 [TRANS] U-KISS's Elle Girl Interview (May Issue, 2010)

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PostSubject: [TRANS] U-KISS's Elle Girl Interview (May Issue, 2010)   Mon Jun 21, 2010 4:25 am

To 3erw oti exei perasei enas mhnas, alla einai pl cute interview kai shmera vrhka thn metafrash ^^

U-KISS was in Philippines when we gave them a call, and they was in Thailand when we scored a photoshoot deal with them, and finally arrived at the studio 36 hours after returning to Korea. U-KISS is soaring high to be the group that reached out to all over Asia.:::

1 (From left)

Soohyun is wearing a Codes Combine top. Jacket by Kai-aakmann. Pants by TNGT. Bracelet by HR. Watch from Adidas Watch, by Fossil Korea. Shoes by Namuhana.
Alexander is wearing a shirt and jacket by Armani Jeans. Pants by Black Denim. Bow tie from the stylist collection. Hat by Kangol. Shoes by Generic Surplus.
Kibum is wearing a shirt from Kai-aakmann. Jacket by L'Uomo. Shoes by System Homme. Sneakers by Gourmet. Bracelet by Mzuu.
Dongho is wearing a shirt by Fred Perry. Bow tie by T.I For Men. Suspender by Belgravia. Pants by Calvin Klein Jeans. Watch from Kenneth Cole by GALLERY O'CLOCK.
Kevin is wearing a top by Evisu. Jacket by Sieg. Pants by Dr Denim. Hat by UNIQLO, Bracelet by HR. Shoes by Repetto.
Eli is wearing a shirt from Basic+, by Codes Combine. Cardigan by Hazzys. Pants by Bean Pole Homme. Necktie by Belgravia. Ring by HR. Sneakers by Converse.
Kiseob is wearing shirts from Basic+, by Codes Combine. Jacket by Codes Combine For Men. Shorts by General Idea by Bumsuk. Bracelet and ring by Macos Adamas. Necklace by ALIVE TOKYO. Sneakers by Gourmet.

2) (From left)
Eli is wearing a shirt by Kai-aakmann. Jacket by Kinloch. Pants by Bean Pole Homme. Shoes by General Surplus.
Kevin is wearing a shirt and pants by Codes Combine. Necktie and suspender by Belgravia. Shoes by Lacoste.
Alexander is wearing a shirt by System Homme. Shorts from CHEAP MONDAY. Belt by Bean Pole Homme. Bow tie from T.I For Men.
Soohyun is wearing a top by FRED PERRY KOREA. Jacket by General Idea by Bumsuk. Shorts by H&M, Shoes by Gourmet.

3 (From left)

Dongho is wearing Denim shirt by H&M. Blue pants by System Homme. Beige shoes by Lacoste. Hunting caps by UNIQLO.
Kiseop is wearing a plaid shirt and denim pants by H&M. Suspender by Jeep. Camper and hunting cap by UNIQLO.
Kibum is wearing a plaid shirt and denim pants by Calvin Klein Jeans. Necktie by stylist collection.

4 (From left)
Soohyun is wearing a top from System Homme. Pants by Hazzys. Belt by Bean Pole Homme. Watch from Adidas Watch, by Fossil Korea. Sneakers by Converse.
Alexander is wearing a shirt and a scarf by Customellow. Knit vest by Bean Pole Jeans. White shorts by Lacoste. Silver bracelet by HR. Ring by Macos Adamas. Shoes by FRED PERRY.
Kibum is wearing a top by System Homme. Belt by Bean Pole Homme. Pants by Mvio. Watch from Alessi, by GALLERY O'CLOCK. Scarf by CHEAP MONDAY. Shoes by 바니번.
Kevin is wearing a knit top by Club Monaco. Shorts by Bean Pole Jeans. Belt by System Homme. Hat by UNIQLO. Shoes by TOMS.
Kiseop is wearing pique shirt by Hazzys. Belt and pants by MVIO. Suspender by Belgravia. Necktie by T.I For Men. Sneakers by FRED PERRY.
Eli is wearing a shirt, caps and pants by TNGT. Necktie by TMCHOMME. Watch by ALIVE TOKYO. Shoes by FRED PERRY.
Dongho is wearing a shirt, jacket by Tommy Hilfiger. Shorts by Bean Pole Homme. Watch from Noon Copenhagen, by GALLERY O'CLOCK. Shoes by FRED PERRY.

Soo hyun

You performed with some artists in Bangkok, and just came back yesterday. I heard that U-KISS received great cheers.

Based from what I saw from the audience’s response, we're among the top 3 out of the 18 teams? As you know, Alexander hyung and Kevin are part of Arirang TV 'Pops In Seoul', which is broadcasted in 188 countries around the world. I guess that is the reason why U-Kiss is well known.

I heard that you spent about 3 years as a trainee, (during that time) have you ever wavered a bit about your dream as a singer?

Not at all. But I've had lots of up and down moments such as moving to other company or my contract might be terminated. In fact, I almost didn't make it as U-KISS member too. U-KISS's original concept was a pretty boy idol group, but honestly, I'm not that good looking. Because of this, during audition, it was really hard for me to convince the president even though I gave all my best.

These days, I could see you showing your sense of humor through variety shows like 'Star Golden Bell' and 'God Of Cookery Expedition'. Did you get recognition because of it?

I talked a lot during my school days and my friends would laugh at it. My middle school friends thought that I will become a comedian. Because of that, I didn't feel nervous and had lots of fun while recording. I know what I'm supposed to say when it was the time for me to speak up. I feel really good when I can burst out the 'bbang' feeling to people. This is what people will look at when they watch variety shows. I feel very comfortable and enjoy it a lot because this is my personality.

In one's cable channel TV, I saw you on a date with a girl, and witnessed that you treated your partner really well. Is that the real you? Or it's just for broadcasting purposes?

It's 50-50. Because we were a couple for one day, I wanted to give the best that I can during that time. Actually, girls would feel bored if they were treated nicely everyday. I know that for sure. Haha.

Among the 7 U-KISS's members, you are one of them that can legally drink alcohol. What is your alcohol tolerance?

I can drink really well. I don't really know my level of tolerance. Until I feel dizzy? I feel like dying whenever I drink until dizzy.

U-KISS is growing as the time passes by. What is your goal?

Since we are the multinational group, our goal is to become the world star. I hope that there will be an opportunity to personally work and release a special album with my friends. At the moment, our music has the 'idol feelings' in it, but I hope that one day, we would be recognized as musician.


What were you doing before today's shooting?

I was exercising at the gym. When debuting, I was given the cheerful concept but it didn't really match with me. Because of that, I started exercising during the preparation period of 'Man Man Ha Ni'. I had a slim appearance back then, but now, I have some muscles and a build body. But when I saw Rain sunbae, who is recently making a comeback, my muscles got shocked. (Laugh)

I saw you guys during the photoshoot session, and witnessed that there are so much hype and you guys laughed a lot too.

We do not hide anything and everything, no matter where we go. It's really hard for us to force a smile. Usually, the photographer will say 'Give me a smile' and then, one of the member will give a big 'Ha ha ha' laugh. Then, the rest of the members will follow the laugh too, because it's funny.

You are one of MBC Every1 'Bokbulbok 2' cast, is it hard to fit in with the seniors who are a lot older than you?

There were lots of worries at first. I heard lots of scary rumor for several times. But when we met, everyone treated the maknae really well. The hyungs will come to me first and called me 'Kibum-ah~' and asked for my number.

Usually, how do you spend your leisure time? Perhaps, playing computer game with your hyung (SS501's Kim Hyungjun)?

Both of us really like gaming. If we came home late after all the schedules ends, we could play games until 5 am and then, go back to work at 7am. Maybe it's an addiction.

Kim Hyungjun and Kim Kibum, do you guys have a good brotherhood since young?

Lots of people ask about that. We do not lie about the closeness of our brotherhood for the sake of broadcasting. When you were young, of course you would fight. However, at home, the two of us would never fight because we're busy with our computer. Due to our busy schedules, we could only meet for a short time to have fun. I don't see the point of fighting between brothers.

The competition between idol groups are very fierce nowadays. What is U-KISS strategy?

As you've heard, we're the 'international band' because our members come from different nationalities and speak different languages. Another thing, the relationships between our members are very good. Even during broadcasting, we're very comfortable and frank with each other, and maybe that's what make us appeal to the public. The friendly feeling, that's what U-KISS is.


You were born and raised in America, who inspired you to have a dream as a singer?

I was exposed to music at the very young age because there are lots of people in my house that like music. I even joined the School and Church choir. When I saw Rain sunbaenim performed in America, that's when I started to dream that 'I should be a singer'.

Because of this dream, you’ve had to leave your family in America.

I came to audition in Korea with my mother in 2006. My mother won't leave me alone since she was really worried about me, so she's living with me. My father and older sister live in America though.

I heard that the members often said that they are jealous of Kevin’s singing skills. Mind sharing you secret in singing well?

I'm still lacking a lot. I think that the best and faster way to improve is to sing your favorite songs a lot of time rather than just forcing yourself to practice.

You became a hot topic recently, thanks to your pretty appearance as a woman in 'Star King'.

I was really embarrassed at that time. I have to wear wigs and makeup, girl's inner clothes and stocking. It made me think that it's really hard being a woman. But thanks to that, my name reached the #1 spot in search ranking for the first time.

I observed you today, and I think that you are really sweet and polite. When on stage, isn't it hard to be yourself and then transform to someone else?

I don't show my sweet look while singing intense songs. It was really awkward during practice, but I'm glad that people noticed the differences. I feel really good when hearing people said that "I have charisma (on stage)". I want to be a singer that does well in any genres, including sad songs and lively songs.

Among the 7 members, who is the member that fits your laugh's code?

The members that have the experience living in foreign country, Alexander hyung and Eli? The three of us will just laugh whenever we're watching movies or drama, but the other members will ask why were we laughing when it wasn't even funny.

What kind of image do you want to show more to the public?

I want to appeal to various ages. Whether I'm singing or acting, I want to hear people say "Ah, Kevin looks totally different". I need to gain more weight and exercise too.

Exactly. You’re too thin.

I'm so busy until the point where I can't gain weight. However, I'm happier that we're busier. I just want to work even if it's our rest day.


You were born in Hong Kong, Korean is still hard for you right?

I still can't express my feelings well, especially when I'm angry. I can only say "I'm so frustrated", "I'm so disappointed". There are times where I feel like choking.

You're still lacking in Korean and you're the eldest too, but you possess the young and cute images.

There are people who deliberately say that I'm cool and cute too. I'm fine with this kind of images, but sometimes, the younger ones will look at me more like a friend. I'm just worried that they will take me lightly and see me as childish.

But it seems the opposite whenever you guys go abroad to perform.

I know, right. It feels like when you're just finishing your business in the toilet. It's so refreshing.

Is it true that you know 7 languages?

It's not that I'm good at all of them. I'm fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Portuguese. The rest are Korean, Japanese, Spanish and French, but I've forgotten. I was really good in study during my school days. I got As in College. My major is Communication.

Then, I guess that your original dream was not a singer.

Even back then, I was interested in broadcasting. I wanted to try Mcing and advertising too. Then, an unexpected opportunity came to me. It wasn't an easy decision to become a singer in Korea, even though it's my mother's country. My mother thinks the same too. It won't be easy. I was contemplating too, "Will I regret this?", but I'm really excited for this. So I thought "Do what you're really want to do, you can continue your study in the future."

Who do you talk to when you’re feeling tired and worry?

I'll pray. And I'll talk to the company's hyungs and noonas too. Fortunately, I don't really face lots of tough issues. I'm just busy and don't have enough sleep. Because I can't sleep much, I feel weak and homesick too. But it's okay since I have the members here.

You really get well with the members.

Yes. But don't you think that we are loosely? We're the 'loosely idol'.

Honestly, do the members talk about girls? Who is the most popular girl group in U-KISS?

It changes everyday. If F(x) comes out, then we'll like F(x), if After School comes out, we'll like After School, if KARA comes out, then we'll like KARA...

Is it really fun to dance and sing on stage?

Of course! I only trained for a short period of time and I don't have many skills if to be compared with the other members. But since I'm committed, I'm really happy to be able to stand on the stage. But still, when the new choreography comes out, I'll be the last to learn everything right. (Laugh)

Ki sub

You shows the most enthusiasm for today's photoshoot. Seems like you really interested in fashion.

Yes. During high school, my body fits well in the school uniform. I always think of what style to wear, and how to overcome the shortage (money) in order to buy things. My favorite brand is Vivienne Westwood. I like the school-look and dandy-look. But I'm so busy recently, so I just wear simple and comfortable clothes.

I heard that you were an uljjang.

I was very popular during my school days. Right now, I've lost so much weight, and even though I'm not skinny, I like the way I look more back then. A lot of people will follow me when I was coming back from school, and asking for my number. Then, netizens starts bombarding my minihompy and spreading my photos all over the internet. That was how my name came out on search engine.

Seems like you’re putting lots of cool pictures in your minihompy.

I love taking pictures. Someday, I want to be a photographer.

How come you take down the road as a singer when you're into taking pictures?

My mother always said this to me. "I hope that you can live your life differently. Don't just live a normal life, get married and go to work. Do something special in your life." It looks fun, a lot of people live based on other people's love. Because of that, I dream to be a singer.

But you joined U-KISS a bit late, you must feel burden about it.

Finally, my dream has come true, but I was so surprised with the sudden rising article about it. Each corner of my life wes dig out. At first, I was hurt a bit when fans said "I will only support the 6 people." But now, they have supported me unconditionally.

What is your most memorable memory during U-KISS's activities?

During my first debut stage, and recently where we performed in front of 20,000 fans who came to see us during our Philippines showcase.

What is your biggest concern lately?

I want to be dutiful to my parents. Because of that, I'm saving money for my University's fees.

What do you want to study in college?

Either acting or photography. I want to try one of these two fields.


You have the manliest appearance in U-KISS. I think that you'll treat your girlfriend toughly too.

No. I'm the 'nice style' guy who treats girl nicely. I'm a gentleman.

I heard that you were born in America, and during high school, you went to study abroad in China.

Yes. I learned Taekwondo starting from the age of 5, and my martial arts instructor asked me to try out as an action star actor in China. For 3 years, I lived in China alone. It was the hardest time of my life.

How did you become South Korea’s idol singer then?

Kibum hyung's noona cousin and my father know each other, and has seen my picture and profile (in Korea). Truthfully, I hate it at first. I have never imagined to be a singer. I have no confidence in dancing and singing. Seeing my performance lately, I've begun to see "I've gained this skill" and proud of myself.

Even until now, you're still thinking of your dream to become an actor?

Yes. I hope that I can be a global actor someday. Not too long ago, Kibum hyung and I acted in Thai drama called 'Autumn Destiny'. It involves around the first crush and love. Can you even give your heart to the person that you love? Of course!

You've become a fixed member in a cable variety program. You were crowned as the new 'gag idol', did you get any attention from the media?

I really like it at first because I made lots of people laughed, but it looked forced. So, I usually practiced on laughing. Han Min Gwan hyung helped me a lot, so I think that I can make (the program) it more fun now.

Your house is in America, and you have lots of international performances. I guess that you do fly a lot.

My passport is about to rip. (Laughs) But I like taking flight. I always sit at the window seat. Even when it takes lots of hours to fly to America, I won't go to toilet and hold everything in.

What do you want people to remember U-KISS's Eli as?

As a person who looks cool when I'm cool, and a funny person when I made people laughed. And a hardworking person in everything that I do.

Dong ho

We meet again. Did you read the Elle Girl's March issues' interview?

Yes! My mom really liked it.

Tell me about your experience when you went to Philippines and Thailand.

Because of the protests that happened in Thailand recently, I didn't dare to go out from hotel. But it's nice since the weather was very warm. It seems like the Southeast Asia's weather fits me well. I didn't expect much since that was the first time we went to Philippines, but I was really surprised to see lots of fans. We'll be having a concert there in this coming May.

I saw the blind date episode in MBC Every1 "U-KISS's Vampire". You didn't pretend if you don't like your partner, so it made me curious on how you made your final couple's selection. You're the real B-type?

Aha. I don't see the point of trying to look weak. I don't like it when men take things lightly. I don't know about how I behave usually, but it seems like in the situation like this, my B-type behavior came out.

On today’s photoshoot, I noticed that you were sitting quietly and play games alone while your hyungs were fooling around.

I'm usually like that. There’s no particular reason for it. It's just that I like being alone and quiet. So, it's my dream to have my own space. I want to buy lots of house, but I wish to have a car first. But in order to do that, I have to get my driving license first. I'm going for it starting from June 29th, 2012.

I'm surprised. You have the 'lively maknae' image in broadcasting.

Because of that, my close friends will ask me about why I'm being a 'faker' when they saw the broadcast. I'm not being a faker, I'm just working hard and do my best (in broadcasting). It's my job.

How much is you monthly allowance that you get from your parents?

I don't receive any allowance. I have and manage my own money. I'm also saving my money for my stocks investment. My handphone wallpaper is already floats with full of stocks information.

What do you want to do when you earn lots of money?

I want to buy a house. I want to have a house in a place like Kangwondo, where the air is nice so that I can go there and rest sometimes. You can't look at Dongho 'easily'.

What kind of man do you want to be in your life?

A good daddy. Living in a big house with my wife and beautiful children.

Today, U-KISS members did the photoshoot together, the pictures will come out nicely too right (like in the last issue)?

Yes. But I prefer to have solo pictures. Haha ❤️

Credits: Elle Korea (Source) + canityoADORES (link) + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng Trans) + micsummer@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng Trans) + miru@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng Trans)

Lol g auto pou eipe o alexander g thn toualeta xD ayto to paidi panta me kanei na gelaw xD
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[TRANS] U-KISS's Elle Girl Interview (May Issue, 2010)
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