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 [U-KISS] Eli-Kiseop-Dongho Casted for Sitcom, "Real School"

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PostSubject: [U-KISS] Eli-Kiseop-Dongho Casted for Sitcom, "Real School"   Fri Dec 03, 2010 2:31 am

Kiseop (@KiSSeop91), Eli (@u_kisseli), Dongho (@Dongho94) have been casted in the MBC Every1 Sitcom which is scheduled to broadcast in January next year. >0< Please show them lots of support~~~^-^

Credits: ukisskorea's twitter + ROCKETBOXX.NET


U-Kiss Members Eli, Dongho, and Kiseop casted in new sitcom!

For MBC every1's new winter special sitcom, members of U-Kiss, Dongho, Eli, and Kiseop will be members of a 2011 cast.

For the three members of U-Kiss, they will be casting in 'Real School.' The plot features high schoolers that don't even know the word 'Re-al' is the same thing as the English word 'Real,' and that are suffering in the subject of English. It will show the lifestyles of how harsh their lack of English knowledge is. A sweet sitcom, said to be broadcasted 40 times.

During winter break it targets young adults in the 10s. Directly casting U-Kiss' Dongho, Kiseop, and Eli with Park Seulgi, Do JiHan, Joo Dayoung.

Already with Kim Hyesu, Han Sukgyu's movie '2nd Story House' (or Villian on the 2nd Floor) features Dongho who shows his debuting acting skills. It will be his first time casting in a TVdrama and reports his nervous and excitement, "Other than the movie, I'm excited for something different." He says "I will work hard."

Before Dongho, in a Thailand Drama, member Eli has already experienced the feel of being in a drama, and this will be his second. Because of already being casted in a former drama, there is a heavy burden of showing his following members his skills, but he states he is prepared.

Another member, Kiseop will be casted for the first time and will work harder than any other, as said.

Meeting winter break, it will greet teens and young adults in the 10s. Full of sweet and innocent teens, 'Real School' broadcasts January 3rd, 2011. Every week Monday through Friday for 8 weeks, it will please the viewers.

Credits: bntnews, Rocketboxx
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[U-KISS] Eli-Kiseop-Dongho Casted for Sitcom, "Real School"
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