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 [4minutes][NEWS] 4Minute attended the DVD Launching of the "Dragon Zakura" (Korean Ver.) with Nishikawa Ayako

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PostSubject: [4minutes][NEWS] 4Minute attended the DVD Launching of the "Dragon Zakura" (Korean Ver.) with Nishikawa Ayako   Thu Dec 02, 2010 7:26 am

This week will definitely be a busy week for the girls of 4Minute as they will start working and promoting again in Japan for the upcoming release of their Japanese Debut Album entitled: "DIAMOND."

To start their Japanese activities, 4Minute attended the DVD Launching of the Korean Version of the popular Japanese Manga: "Dragon Zakura" which is now famously known as "God of Study" in South Korea. The event was held at Laforet Museum in Harajuku, this December 1, 2010. 4Minute is one of the singers of the Korean drama's OSTs. They sang the song "Dreams Come True" which eventually had a Japanese Ver. and was released together with their recent single: "FIRST."

Together with the girls, Japanese actress Nishikawa Ayako, also attended the said event. She was reportedly chosen to play the role of the female doctor for the Japanese version of the drama.

Members of 4Minute personally think that they can relate to the very theme of the drama, as it talks about the difficulties that students encounter for their studies. This year, Kim HyunA has just been accepted to College after passing the Test for Recommendation provided by the school.

"I prepared for the exam and yet when I entered the room, I got so nervous," HyunA revealed during her interview.

Jihyun said, "The spirit in the drama is different. Studying for a test should not be something to cram about just the night before taking it."

HyunA interrupted and said, "My concentration falls rapidly after 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, I think of dancing on the stage," which eventually caused laughter among the members.

The venue was filled with screaming fans most especially when one of the members said that she's learning Japanese in their school as her second language.

Gayoon was then asked about the source of her confidence and she answered, "I am full of confidence from head to toe. When you're full of confidence, you'll look cool during stage performances."

Source: News-Gate and Yahoo Japan


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[4minutes][NEWS] 4Minute attended the DVD Launching of the "Dragon Zakura" (Korean Ver.) with Nishikawa Ayako
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