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 [SISTAR] SISTAR wants to win a rookie award

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PostSubject: [SISTAR] SISTAR wants to win a rookie award   Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:50 am

SISTAR, who is currently preparing for their third single comeback on December 3rd, was interviewed by Star News about their comeback and hopes for the future.

It’s been six months since their debut with “Push Push“, and SISTAR has been one of the few girl groups that managed to survive the ‘girl group rush’ this year. “We’re still far from being successful, but we’re glad that a lot more people are starting to recognize us. It feels good knowing that our efforts are paying off. At first, all we felt was excitement, but we’re now learning to enjoy performing as we’re learning new things.”

Dasom added, “For some reason, we weren’t nervous on our debut stage. The period of preparation is really agonizing, but just being able to go on stage is pure joy for us. I hope that we’re able to perform on stage every day.”

The girls also revealed their goals for the year by stating, “You can only receive the rookie award just once in your career. Do you think it’s possible for us? (laughter).”

Hyorin and Bora continued, “We were able to get this far after showing our industrious side on a variety program.”

SISTAR participated in this year’s Chuseok program, “Idol Athletics Championship,” and earned the nickname ‘exercise idols’ after they swept all of the matches on the show.

The group earned even more popularity after MR-removed videos showcasing the members’ powerful live skills surfaced on internet community sites.

“It’s hard being idols. You have to sing well, be pretty, be skinny… We’re still lacking so much. But, but! We’re working hard and enjoying every step of the way. You will give us your love, right?”

The group recently revealed the teaser video for their comeback, titled “How Dare You,” which immediately began ranking on top portal sites moments after its release. The ‘pole dance’ concept certainly captured the attention of many despite their agency claiming that it wouldn’t be provocative at all.

Due to various other obstacles standing in the way of the group and their fans, SISTAR revealed their hopes for the future: “We want to reach the top with this song. There’s a lot of upsetting aspects like not being able to show off our pole dance, but we worked really, really hard on this.”

They continued, “The pole dance wasn’t our main point anyway. There’s a lot of points in our choreography.”

Maknae Dasom concluded the interview by whispering, “We’re going to let out all of our worries about winning first place, being good for our CEO, and not being able to meet our friends on stage.

Credits: http://www.allkpop.com


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[SISTAR] SISTAR wants to win a rookie award
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