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 [BEAST] BEAST, "Being on top of the Oricon chart is our goal"

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PostSubject: [BEAST] BEAST, "Being on top of the Oricon chart is our goal"   Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:36 am

[Tokyo (Japan) = Newsen Lee Uhnhyuk Reporter]

"Our goal is definitely reaching the top of the Oricon Charts."

BEAST, who had passed a year since debut, is starting a new bigger adventure.

BEAST(Yoon Doojoon Yong Junhyung Jang Hyunseung Yang Yoseob Lee Kikwang SongDongwoon) opened their showcase on the 27th at the Toyko Big Sightlocated in Ohdaiba Tokyo with 10,000 people. It was a time for them tomeet the fans before their official debut in Japan. With 40 differentJapanese media attending the event, it was able to capture attentionfrom the public.

Hong Seungsung President of BEAST’smanagement Cube Entertainment stated, “This year, Korean female groupsmade their stance in Asia. Now I believe that an Asia star will soon belike a world star. Along with the start of this showcase, I will makean effort to have BEAST and 4minute catch up in the Asia market aswell.”

Suzuki Ahchusi, FET CEO of Universal Music, who ischarge of BEAST and 4minute activities in Japan commented, “I believethat Korean female groups play a big role in starting the KPOP craze inJapan. I still remember first meeting with Lee Kikwang who was underthe stage name AJ during the June of 2009. I will make it so thatKorean stars can now not only debut in Japan, but make it so that theycan fully accustom in Japan.”

BEAST revealed their thoughtsregarding the “human letter” event at the press conference. Earlierthat day BEAST arrived in the helicopter to the performing stage, theywere greeted by 4,800 fans holding up a red sign in the formation ofthe word ‘B2ST’. Yang Yoseob stated, “I am touched. My heart wasoverflowing. Japanese fans are the best.” He added, “I saw one fan in awheel chair participating in the human letter. If I get the chance, Ireally want to meet this person.”

BEAST had proudly placed theirname on the Oricon chart as 6th place in the Japan Prenium Edition CDthat was released on the 24th. BEAST commented, “We had no idea that wewould receive so much love from an album in Korean instead of Japanese,we wonder what it would be like if our official album comes out. Ourgoal is definitely reaching the top of the Oricon Charts.”

Currentlypromoting their 4th mini album ‘Beautiful’, BEAST will be releasingtheir album in Japan and will be officially making their debut inFebruary of next year. Before, they will be having their first soloconcert in Jamsil Indoor Stadium on December 12th.

Next is the Q&A portion.



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[BEAST] BEAST, "Being on top of the Oricon chart is our goal"
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