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 [U-KISS] K-Pop New Star Special Interview in Haru * Hana Vol.002

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PostSubject: [U-KISS] K-Pop New Star Special Interview in Haru * Hana Vol.002   Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:04 am

We want to show our charms more!


A multinational idol group that gathered members who are born in Korea, America, China(Hong Kong). Debuted with [Not Young] in 2008. Become a 7 people group with Kiseop joining in since Nov 2009. Release of mini album [BREAK TIME] in Oct 2010. Serving as Wednesday special MC in information program [MADE IN BS JAPAN] since Oct 2010. Starting at the back from the left in the photo: Eli (born on 13th March 1991), Kevin (born on 25th Nov 1991), Kiseop (born on 17th Jan 1991), Soohyun (born on 11th Mar 1989), in front from the left: Dongho (born on 29th June 1994), Kibum (born on 29th Dec 1990), Alexander (born on 29th July 1988).

The members of U-KISS, every week, come to Japan!

U-KISS, whose 4th mini album [Break Time] was released in October, has a record of no.1 in Korea album sales ranking and their title track [Shut Up!!] is also of great popularity. They, who are in top form, are appearing in [MADE IN BS JAPAN] every Wednesday. We heard from the 7 people who are casted as regular for the first time in Japan.

Alexander: As regular for the first time in Japan, moreover, because it is live broadcasting, I was really nervous at first. Although I also appear in Korea’s variety program, most are recorded broadcasts.

Dongho: I was worried too. Every week, I go Japan for live broadcast, I wonder what will happen. What if it’s not interesting? What if it fails? I felt very uneasy. But, it’s really fun after I tried (laugh). I have come to think it will be good if I could enjoy work in Japan more in the future.

Kibum: When it was only me and Kiseop just 2 people in the 1st round; really, I was worried (laugh). Because there is many times where I am entrusted with Japanese, it is a terrible pressure. When we appear as 7 people, because we can combine power altogether, I’m very glad.

The program is being broadcasted in a glass set-up studio in TV Tokyo’s 1st level. It is in a state loaded with fans outside every week, even to see a glance of the figures of U-KISS’s members.

Kiseop: I wish to express my gratitude to lots of fans coming forth outside. Although we cannot appear altogether every week, we want to show more of our charms of us 7 people.

Soohyun: The presence of the fans is really gratefully reassuring. However, due to glass reflection from our side, it cannot be seen well. Therefore, we want to go outside more and get closer to the fans. (laugh).

The state of the 7 people, who are feeling the response from the activities in Japan. The things you want to try in Japan from now on?

Soohyun: Because it has been 2 years since we debuted in Korea, we are also close to KARA and 4Minute who are advancing into Japan. However, because there is not yet a chance to get to know the Japanese entertainers…

Kibum: I want to co-star with Japan’s girl groups. I want to be friend with AKB48 (laugh).

Alexander: Wawawa, I want to study Japanese more and talk without an interpreter. And, I want to further show our charms.

Kiseop: I want to do a game together with the fans and play together. Travelling with fans is also good.

Dongho: I want to eat delicious things! There should be a lot of delicious things in Japan, and I want to visit through the program.

As for them who are going back and forth between Korea and Japan, their schedules in Japan are also fully packed. Individual concerts are held on 6th Dec in Osaka and 10th Dec in Tokyo. Japan’s first album [First Kiss] is to be released on the same day as their Tokyo’s performance.

Kevin: If our Japan album enters the top ranking of Oricon chart, we will be very happy. And we want to show our charms fully in the concerts.

Eli: That’s right. I want to faster reveal the performance of [Shut Up!!] on the stage. I hope everyone see the power of us which our manliness has increased.

Kibum: Because there are many songs I want you guys to listen, I want to prepare well. Even though I think I will surely be nervous, but because I want to show the figure of gangnam (= strong guy) in the concert, please look forward to it by all means!

Special Gross Talk

U-KISS’s members have deep feelings and are reliable.
Funny Kibum and relaxing Kiseop

Have visited Japan many times, but your favorite place is?

Kiseop(Photo above.Right): Anywhere in Japan is fun to go. The food is also delicious. And, Don Quixote is interesting. Because it is a type of shop which Korea doesn’t have.

Kibum(Photo above.Left): Because there was free time this time round, I strolled around the streets of Yokoyama. There were many pretty noonas.

What kind of woman is your ideal type?

Kiseop: For me, a cute person will be good.

Kibum: For me, will be gentle and stylist woman. Rather than casual, I prefer people of tight style.

U-KISS’s members seem always to get along well, what kind of people are the members?

Of deep feelings, who care for the members at their side without any selfishness…are warm friends always and are reliable older brothers for me!

Because our characters are all so different, when the members are gathered together, it is pretty interesting. When someone does something interesting, other members will promptly look into it(laugh).

If likening the members to animals, what will it be?

Kiseop: As for Alexander hyung…because he is of fine character, umm, ahhh, difficult.

Kibum: As for Kiseop, I say monkey (laugh).

Kiseop: No, well, umm… (bitter smile)

Kibum: Dongho will be dog. Because he is our pet. And Kevin will be a cuter puppy. Soohyun will be elephant! (laugh)

Kiseop: Because Eli is good at pigeon’s imitation, it will be pigeon? Kibum hyung will be a tortoise. Because you can see, a little slow. Can’t wake up readily in the morning too. Because it’s too troublesome.

Kibum: Speaking about you, you look like an anteater!

Happy that [Shut Up!!] is popular. The concept is “Bad guy”
The appearance of U-KISS’s bad guy and pure in-charge!

The response of the new song [Shut Up!!] in Korea is good.

Kevin(Photo left): Very happy. Although the concept is “bad guy”, it is very popular.

Who do you think suit the “bad guy”?

Eli(Photo right): Me…fufufu. And the good guy is Kevin. Today’s clothes also convey that too I think?

Each member is unique. If to use a word to describe their character.

Kevin: Alexander is like the team’s mother. Because he is the oldest, he is a good big brother who takes care of the members frequently. Eli, as you can see, his appearance and his personality also are manly and he is of charismatic presence in the team.

Eli: Kibum hyung is a quick witted raconteur. He is the brain of U-KISS. Soohyun hyung is really great at singing. He also gives guidance to other members during practices. Kevin is a person who has the innocence like a boy. Kevin alone is in-charge of our pure part. In fact Dongho is the youngest but he is also more boyish than Dongho (laugh).

Because Dongho has the experience of studying abroad in China alone, he is doing surprisingly well. But his charms are of perfect score and he is of cuteness presence. And as for Kiseop…though he has a cool image, he is our mood maker.

Eli: Though Kiseop speaks little, he is an incredible funny guy when unexpected (laugh).

Is there any place you want to go after you visited Japan?

Eli: Roppongi’s udon shop! Though it is served in big bowl, it was remarkably delicious.

Kevin: For today’s dinner, we are going there together since I have promised Eli. I’m looking forward to it very much (laugh).



[MADE IN BS JAPAN] started in Oct 2010. Every Wednesday, U-KISS who serves as special MC, main caster, announcer Maeda Mariko and commenter Furuya Masayuki will bring us a good time together. Let’s look back at October where there were songs and dances which one could not take one's eyes off.

10/6 Kibum & Kiseop

Kibum and Kiseop, who appeared in commemorable 1st round of broadcast.
Backward activities of U-KISS since debut and PV scenes were shown. Even announcer Maeda was surprised by Kibum’s foreign Japanese. Kiseop also openly displayed all his playfulness.

10/13 Live Broadcast as 7 people together!

Appeared as 7 people together. Kevin’s dance, Eli’s Taekwondo and Dongho’s knitting(!!) and such, the disclosure of each special talent. The figures of open performance of [Man Man Ha Ni (Don’t Underestimate Me)] and other hit songs, the fans outside the studio are also of enthusiasm.

10/20 Alexander & Soohyun

Fans in rows and when they appeared from the outside of the studio, the 2 people made the fans greatly excited. In response to Alexander’s request, the challenge of soy sauce and miso flavor ice-cream and unexpectedly good response [declicious] to natto ice-cream. And in previous round, Soohyun who failed in singing, sang EXILE’s song beautifully this time round and won applause with his beautiful voice. He himself also showed a great satisfying smile. Alexander also cutely performed [Spring has come] which he learnt in university.

10/27 Eli & Kevin
The reveal of Eli who is enthusiastic about mobile mahjong game and Kevin who is enthusiastic about Twitter. Also the presentation of their bag content from both of them. And, Kevin played the guitar for us and Eli who showed us a range of changing imitations which the studio was full of laughter.


Under the theme of [Fresh Asia], the dispatch of latest information such as gourmet, fashion, entertainment and so on from every area of Asia by studio live broadcast. U-KISS is the special MC of Wednesday’s Korean entertainment theme while DGNA is in-charge of Monday’s Korea theme. Tuesday is Hong Kong, Thursday is Taiwan, and Friday is weekend entertainment information, introducing information from different area each day. Since the guests are substantial, it is a must watch if one likes Asia.

Credits: mamegree(Source) + maral@Rocketboxx.net(source) + micsummer@Rocketboxx.net(Eng)
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[U-KISS] K-Pop New Star Special Interview in Haru * Hana Vol.002
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