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 Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang

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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:59 pm

Taeyang Interview at Lee Sora’s Seccond Proposal

The interview section which included Lee So Ra, Tablo and Taeyang on the November 16 broadcast of cable music show Second Proposal was edited down from the original 18 minute recording. Saying of urthesun and Juckdo of sol-mate were kind enough to share with us the audio of the full 18 minute interview to translate and share with international fans

SR= Lee So Ra
TY = Taeyang
TB = Tablo
*Parts in bold were included in the broadcast version of the interview

Quote :
SR: That was great.
Please sit. I’ll sit over on that end. And then Taeyang could sit here in the middle.

TY: Hello.
SR: Thank you.
TY: Thank you so much for inviting me.
SR: Thank you so much.
First of all, the song you sang before this was…
TB: “Bad.”
SR: And the featured singer was…
TB: Mad Soulchild’s Jinsil-ssi.
SR: We couldn’t interview her, but we really enjoyed the performance.
And now, this song was…
TB: It was “Tomorrow,” featuring the truly megatonic guest, Taeyang-ssi.
TY: That was “Tomorrow,” everyone.
SR: Actually… [to TY] You just got back from Ireland yesterday, right?
TY: Yes, I got in yesterday.
SR: In fact, you wanted to perform “Tomorrow” with our live band, but Tablo stopped you because
there wasn’t enough time to rehearse.

TB: Yes, he had to prepare and come pretty much straight off the plane, so I thought it would be too much. And besides, it was probably hectic in Ireland, too. I was trying to be considerate.
SR: So how was it?
TY: It could have been better, but I’m just grateful to get to perform together with Tablo-hyung again because we haven’t really had a chance to do so since the debut stage. So just the fact that we’re able to share a stage like this makes me happy.
SR: [to audience] They go well together, don’t they?

Why were you in Ireland?

TY: We were invited to the European Music Awards, the EMA. We were happy just to be invited, but we won –
SR: [interrupting] You won an award.
TY: [joking] Please applaud harder.
TB: It’s a huge award.
SR: It’s a new award that was introduced this year. There’s so much music in the world and so many musicians, but only a small portion is actually heard, especially on a big stage like that. There’s only so much music that gets recognized for awards like this. What category did you receive an award in?
TY: We won in the World Wide Act category, which looks at artists, not just in Europe, but throughout the world, and we were awarded based on the result of a vote.
SR: Big Bang, that is. That’s amazing.
TY: Thank you.
SR: I heard you even beat Britney Spears.
TY: Yes, Yes. [joking] I really wanted to say this – Everyone, we beat Britney Spears.
TB: Didn’t you beat Justin Bieber, too?
TY: Yes, well, there was this one other “category” [Twitter Tracker] where we placed on top, and we beat Justin Bieber for that.
TB: I’m jealous.
SR: I hear there were a lot of amazing musicians there.
TY: Yes, there were so many.
SR: Queen… And… and… and… Who else?
TY: Lady Gaga… Bruno Mars… Jessie J… There were a lot of famous artists.
SR: We… Well, I shouldn’t say “we.”
TB: I was at home watching my kid. I felt so proud though.
SR: Yes. And you made us proud, too, Tablo. You said you were just watching your child, but meanwhile your album was the #1 downloaded album on the U.S. and Canadian iTunes charts.
TB: It wasn’t for very long, maybe two or three days.
SR: That’s still amazing.
TB: I think it was partly because Taeyang-ssi featured on it and because so many other great musicians helped out as well. It showed, however briefly, that there is an interest in Korean music.
TY: It’s not that [implying TB’s being overly modest] – it’s because it’s a great album. Had the international listeners been able to understand Tablo-hyung’s lyrics, I think he would have been #1 for longer.
TB: I wish we could add subtitles to music.
SR: Next time, you can release two versions of your album, one in English.
TB: But, you know… When I looked at the chart, the thing that made me feel really good was seeing my album title written in Korean hangul. Because it may raise the curiosity of non-Koreans. That made me feel good. I think it was a similar feeling when Big Bang won the award.
SR: Yes, it makes you very proud.
TY: Thank you.
But it’s really true. We were the only Asians [nominees] there, the five of us. It made us feel a sense of self-esteem.
SR: I think sincerity speaks universally. By that, I mean if you put yourself into your music when you sing or rap or dance, that is communicated no matter what the language, and that’s what moves people.
TB: I have to do better.
SR: The more you perform, the better you get. It’s true – it’s a matter of practice.
Right? Don’t you think so, too?
TB: Yes. I felt so small when I was rehearsing with Taeyang-ssi. I actually never had great stage manner. With Epik High, we would pretty much just fool around on stage.
SR: But that works for the three of you!

*Urthesun’s fancam for the part discussing their ages.


Translation and transcription by : Silly@ATY
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:13 am

Daesung’s 1st Japanese Pictorial Interview - Part 1

We heard that Daesung’s Japanese is really good. Why don’t we use Japanese for the entire interview today? (laughs)


You can speak Japanese now, is that right? You have a lot of schedules though so how did you learn Japanese?

When I have time, I go for Japanese lessons but since I’m always in Korea, I never have the chance to use it because I don’t need to speak Japanese there. I’ll forget it so when I’m in Japan, I always try to talk in Japanese.

Which member’s Japanese is the best? Is it Daesung?

No (laughs). It’s definitely not me. I think it should be Seungri.

When there’s live, the 2 MCs are usually Seungri and you?

But I can’t….Seungri usually leads the MC.

During MC, Seungri is quite reliable isn’t he?

Yes, but only during MC time (laughs).

It’s been a long time since you’ve come back to Japan. How do you feel?

I forgot a lot. Before going to Japan, I studied a lot in Korea so I feel okay. Honestly, after being in Japan for some time I realized I forgot most of my Japanese. I really need to study it again.

Memorizing, forgetting, memorizing…it’s a cycle, but if you set your heart on it and work hard, you will succeed.

Believe and work hard! I read the textbooks so when I come across Japanese words I don’t understand I write it down in my notebook. Seungri learns his Japanese by watching Japanese dramas and movies. The way we learn is different.

Since we’re on the topic already, what was the first Japanese word you remembered?

“Just right”

Why isn’t it “thanks for your hard work” but “just right”? (laughs)

When we were in class, the teacher suddenly shouted “just right!” That wasn’t the first phrase I learned but the one that left an impression on me.

Ah I see.

Actually….what’s the meaning of that word?

It means “just right” in English.

Oh…now I know!

When you encounter words you don’t understand, do you have a habit of asking people about them?

Yes, even if it’s not within the course. Whenever I don’t understand, I always phone my teacher and ask, “excuse me but what does this word mean?” It’s the same for Japanese songs. First I study the lyrics and try to figure out the meaning because if I don’t, I won’t have the passion to sing the song to its fullest.

Daesung has always been hardworking?

I always prepare and study.

So that means your grades must be very good….an A+ student?

Um…………..(shy smile). Let’s not go there (laughs)

What do you think?

Ah…but my mathematics is good! I really like answering questions that makes me think.

When it’s summer vacation, do you have plans to finish your school work?

No, not really because I like to play when it’s summer. I usually leave it till the last few days and finish them all at once.

What do you do during the summer?

Soccer! I’m good in sports..and I like to play with my friends.

Does that mean you can also run away really fast? (laughs)

Yes, as fast as the Olympic athletes…ah well that was just a slight exaggeration (laughs). I’m still like a kid because once I concentrate on 1 thing, I will forget the time so there’s been times where I went home really late. I always make my family worried..

(to be continued)

Translation: jwalkervip.tumblr.com
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:39 pm

Daesung’s 1st Japanese Pictorial Interview - Part 2

You’ve always been the one to create a friendly atmosphere since you were young?

I was a really naughty kid.

Does that mean you would tease the girl you like?

Yes….(eyes widen) You know?! (laughs)

The naughty type…the ones with a weird temper…quite a lot of people are like that.

Weird temper??

These people won’t directly say their feelings out…instead, they will tease.

Yes, I’m completely like that! (laughs)

When was your first love?

I liked a girl from Grade 3 to Grade 7, but I didn’t have the confidence to tell her so that was it…

You’ve liked her for a long time….why did you suddenly give up in Grade 7?

I found out she had a boyfriend..

Ah…what a sad love story. Did anything change for you after that experience? Do you have more confidence telling girls about your feeling now?

No….no way (laughs).

Ah..Daesung really doesn’t like to express his feelings. What about to your BIGBANG members? Can you express your thoughts to them?

I will definitely speak up if it’s about BIGBANG but I don’t like confrontation. I like being honest.

You are the peacemaker then.

Yes, I’m very shy in front of strangers and I usually won’t talk to them first. When I first started getting to know BIGBANG members, I rarely expressed my thoughts.

So when did you start to express your feelings to them?

Hm……since last year.

(laughs) After 5 years of being together…

But I still can’t fully express myself. Hm how should I say this? Our relationship with each other is at the point where we don’t need to talk to know what the others are feeling. It’s not that I’m holding in what I want to say, but this is my personality. There are times where I feel too worried but it’s not only for the members, but other people as well.

Don’t you think it’s tiring?

To be honest, yes…..but I’m used to it. (laughs)

Then have you complained to any of the members?


So, when the members’ feel down, what is something you will definitely do?

I usually don’t say anything directly to make them feel better. I will pretend nothing is wrong and tell some jokes or do something funny to make them laugh.

Have there been times where you suddenly wanted to cry?

I definitely won’t cry when I’m outside, but I will cry when I’m by myself at home. It’s not crying because I felt I was treated wrongly or because I felt sad, but it’s when I watch a movie and it makes me too emotional. I watched ‘Hachiko: A Dog’s Story’ a few days ago and cried…(laughs)

I agree that movie was very sad indeed, but I’m surprised that Daesung cried.

Ever since that accident (Editor’s note: A car accident happened in August, 2009 where Daesung injured his nose and arm. His activities were halted for 4 wks), all my thought process and everything has changed. I felt like I went through hell and back. Nothing is more horrifying than that, so when I encounter things I dislike and I can tell someone to ease my burden, that will make me happy. I changed after that accident…I want to treasure everything in life and I don’t want to waste a second of it.


Translation: jwalkervip.tumblr.com
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:03 am

Daesung’s 1st Japanese Pictorial Interview - Part 3

What role do you think you play in BIGBANG?
If BIGBANG was family, I think I would be the uncle…the relative..(laughs)

Why did you suddenly say you’re the uncle? Aren’t BIGBANG like a family?
To me, the uncle (relative) will go to the house to play once in awhile. The impression he gives off is that he can make everyone feel alive and happy. I’m not saying that BIGBANG aren’t like family but that we don’t invade each other’s privacy. The uncle does just that - gives them the right amount of space.

That is your ideal? What about the other members?
GD is the father, Taeyang is the mother. GD is a very strict person. As a leader, he always leads BIGBANG into the right direction and is someone you can rely on. Taeyang is a person….that if you stand behind him, nothing else will matter.

What about TOP?
TOP is a newborn baby (laughs). He jokes 80% of the time while 20% is real. He says this himself, that he can express himself clearly. Seungri is the pet (laughs); the miniature poodle. He is really like a puppy. He is never shy…he can get along with almost anyone.

I’ve heard that sometimes he’s too friendly?
That is very true (laughs). On the contrary, I control my emotions too much so I’m quite envious of him.

The 2 of you are complete opposites then. Daesung has a Dorae-Daesung nickname because you like Doraemon a lot? If Doraemon was real, which tool of his would you want? Could it be the time machine door?
Ah…..I really want that door so I can go anywhere (laughs). If I had that, I could go straight from Korea to Japan instantly. I could also go to the concert hall from my home by walking through the door.

Ah right. Since we’re on the topic of concerts, you sang “Cotton Candy” during Electric Love Tour and you thoroughly presented a dream-like world. There was even a video of when you woke up and it let us, the audience come closer to what Daesung is like in real life. It was a performance that only Daesung could do.
Ah…don’t say that…I’ll feel embarrassed (laughs). Even though during the recording, I didn’t feel that at all.

The way you woke up in the video was very well done. You always smile when you wake up?
Yes (laughs), so I am always the first to sleep. I will sleep at 12am if our schedule ends early and then I will naturally wake up at 8am, but as soon as I wake up I have to go on the net and listen to music. I really like using my computer - I’m on before I sleep and after I wake up, so in order to conveniently use my computer, my desk is next to my bed.

Ah so it’s like that…Also, don’t tell me that it was your idea during one of the performances to sing and give bento to audiences?
Yes, that was my idea. Different things in different performances. It’s usually things like chocolates and my handwritten notes….


Translation: jwalkervip.tumblr.com
Source: jwalkervip
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Mon Nov 28, 2011 2:02 am

Daesung’s 1st Japanese Pictorial Interview - Part 4

Wow it’s all handmade by you…I can really feel the warmth of Daesung. I also want to ask, how is it like backstage in concerts?
I especially like delivery food (laughs). Ramen, curry, salad, teriyaki…but I can only eat about half during concert time so when I wake up the next morning, I will eat a lot.

You have to run around the stage and use a lot of energy. Do you feel hungry during that time?
Ah…sometimes (laughs). There was once where I saw all the audience faces as food (laughs). I’m just kidding! Truth is, I want to have eye contact with the audience. Holding a concert is because we want to enjoy it with the audience. If one wants to watch a simple live performance then they can watch videos instead. It’s hard to see all the fans in 1 spot at the same time, so that’s why I try to be interactive with the audience.

Ah, when we think of Daesung we automatically think of an overwhelmingly powerful voice. We will remember it even after listening to it once and as a result, whenever we hear your voice, we automatically think of the stage.
Ah, thank you for the praise, it’s an honor. I always sing like I’m on stage.

When did you start to realize how charming your voice is?
No…I haven’t realized it yet…how should I say this…I don’t like my hoarse voice.

Why not? Don’t you get infatuated with your own voice when you sing?
No, no. My throat isn’t good so I’m don’t have confidence with my voice. We begin to practice early in the morning when we have a live performance and when we record new songs, we listen to it everyday. We think about the melody, the lyrics and the best way to combine the 2 together. Each BIGBANG member have their own parts in the song so we have to perform our best in each of our roles.

When we receive new songs, we listen to the other members’ parts once and then grasp the correct feeling. After that, we have to consider how to balance our voices out so that each of us can express our own individual colors. BIGBANG is a group so we can’t only let 1 person be conspicuous. We have to consider all the members. That’s what I think.

Who is Daesung’s idol?
Brian McKnight. It’s difficult to describe his charm…you have to feel it. Mm how should I explain it in words…

You need to think with your brain when you learn about reason and facts, but when it’s about music you can only use your feeling? There has to be a reason behind this.
Oh yes, I just realized there’s a difference between music and that (laughs). I feel warmth whenever I listen to his songs. Like my fans who feel warmth when they listen to my songs, so I will continue to sing with all my heart.

Finally as a very last question…what do you want the most right now?
To be more popular in Japan…as BIGBANG…also want to be number 1 in Japan. As for myself, all I want are my fans’ love…

Not enough, not enough….if you want the fans’ love, Daesung also has to love the fans.
I always fill my songs with love, so everyone…please come love me (laughs).

Translation: jwalkervip
Source: jwalkervip
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:30 pm

G-dragon’s 1st Japanese Pictorial Interview (1/4): His passion

G-dragon (GD), when was the first time you became interested in music?
When I was still in grade school. My friend’s father was a producer on a music show at the time, so when I went over to their house to play I saw a lot of foreign artists’ CDs. That was also the first time I listened to hip-hop and was moved by the music.

Do you believe there are other music in the world like that?
I only listened to music from Korean artists before that because I thought since I didn’t understand the lyrics nor the meaning, how good could it be? I had absolutely no understanding of the foreign music market so I had no interest in it. However, after I listened to a then famous American hip-hop group’s song called C.R.E.A.M, my opinion of music instantly expanded.

Language was no longer a problem then?
I still couldn’t understand the meaning of the lyrics nor how the words were pronounced in English, but I was completely mesmerized by the music. I listened to it repeatedly on the CDs and tapes and tried to imitate. I would sing along to the parts I learned. For the parts that I memorized, I wanted to show off to others so I joined something like a song competiton at school and sang it there. I originally thought people would praise me and say how good I was, but they said “What are you singing? We can’t even understand!” & was teased instead (bitter smile).

Ah, that must have been hard to deal, although you were probably the only boy in grade school to begin listening to foreign music.
Yes, but those friends that didn’t agree with my music back then phone me nowadays and say they wish they had listened with me (laughs).

So you must have been labeled as a weird person around that time too?
I’ve always liked to challenge myself with fresh things, the new things that people don’t know about yet. Actually the first thing I had interest in was dance. When I watched TV or listened to music when I was young, I always liked dancing along to the beat. When my mother saw me like that, she started helping me apply for all sorts of auditions and then I got through.

Which means that your mother was the first person to notice your talent.
I’m the type of person that can’t dance if there aren’t a lot of people around. At the same time, my mother realized that I liked bringing joy to others so she decided to let me try the entertainment industry. So…if you were to say that I’m awesome, you should say that my mother is awesome instead (laughs).

By the way, when was the first time you appeared on a TV show?
When I was 6. It was a show where they brought all the kids to play. Truthfully if you were to say that I participated in it myself, why not say my mother took me to the show instead. It’s not that I didn’t like appearing on TV but I wanted to play with my friends or go eat something (laughs). I was a shy child when I was young; I only knew to walk behind my mother but the only thing I could do with full confidence was to go on stage and dance. Ever since joining my current company (YGE) at the age of 12, I have become more extroverted.

You left your parents and started living by yourself at that age?
Ever since I decided to advance into the music industry, I’ve been doing things the way I want to. Even though at first my mother would tell me to prepare and study for high school exams, but when she saw my intense passion for music, she turned around and supported me instead!

But after that, it was a long time before you debuted.
I was a trainee for 6 years and I would participate in my senpai’s album or live performances. That was how my life was but now that I think about it, if it wasn’t for that time and to have those experiences, I wouldn’t be able to stand there and battle it out.


Source: jwalkervip
Translation: jwalkervip
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Tue Nov 29, 2011 10:50 pm

G-dragon’s 1st Japanese Pictorial Interview (2/4): Being the leader

Were you extremely excited when you performed for the first time on stage as part of BIGBANG?
Rather than being excited, I was extremely stressed out. Only a few people knew of the name ‘GD’ back then. A lot of people had great expectations of us as the first boy group under YGE and because of that, there were a lot of eyes on us. Instead, that pressure brought the 5 of us closer together. I said this to the members, “in order to not let people feel ashamed of the name BIGBANG, we have to do things that exceed their expectations”. Everyone worked hard day by day after that.

Do you have a lot more stress being the leader?
When the group first formed and because I’m in the middle (age), I wanted to make sure I had a good relationship with the youngest and the oldest. I worked very hard during that time but compared to other groups, being BIGBANG’s leader is not as hard work as the others.

It’s like that with 5 members with different personalities?
That is the best part. Everyone knows what they have to do so I only need to say a little bit and then everyone will immediately understand. Of course before building this harmony and trust, we all had our fair share of arguments…

Arguments….? Can you give an example?
Such as different eating habits or the way they fold their clothes (laughs). We all lived together in the dorm so if there was something off in my life, I would be dissatisfied. Now that I think about it, there were lots of arguments about petty things but nothing would be gained from it and it would only hurt each other’s relationships. We stopped arguing after that.

Have you ever argued due to differences with BIGBANG’s direction?
Absolutely not; the 5 of us have the same views about BIGBANG’s music and performances. Of course the way we grow up, the music we listened to before, the artists that we like are all different but our views all come together when it has to do with BIGBANG. Fortunately, we can present our own styles of music when we have our solos so there’s no “pressure” in being part of BIGBANG. In Korea, there’s a popular phrase that says the more you argue, the closer you will get. We are like that….we fought a lot to understand each other and the distance between us shortened. We are like family now.

That’s one way to communicate?
Actually we fight and argue due to mis-communications. BIGBANG members are all surprisingly very shy people and are very polite with people we meet for the first time. When we’re together however, we’ll play jokes on each other and have a lot of fun.

Most 20yr old guys are like that though.
Yes, but when I was in grade school I never had fun playing jokes on people or just joke around. A lot of people were scared of me…I even made some of them cry (bitter laugh). I simply wanted people to acknowledge me back then so I did some mean jokes on them. I transferred schools 4-5 times and I especially wanted to form friendships with my classmates. Every time I transferred, my number of friends would increase so I definitely had more friends than anyone. That’s something that I’m proud of.

No matter where you go, GD is always the most eye-catching one and the most popular, isn’t that right?
I don’t know if I’m popular but I always show off my leadership skills and bring everyone together.

You always like to place yourself in new surroundings and you never feel uneasy?
Never…in fact, I think it’s very fun. Now that we talk about this, I don’t like staying in 1 place for long. I’m still like that now…as long as I go to an unknown place, I will feel really excited. I’ve been like that when I was young and I’m still like that now. I don’t use my brain to think through things. Instead, I use my body to lead myself into the right direction.


Translation: jwalkervip
Source: jwalkervip
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:25 pm

G-dragon’s 1st Japanese Pictorial Interview (3/4): About BIGBANG

Ah I understand. Are the BIGBANG members scared of you then?
Not really….(laughs), but I was scared the first time I met Taeyang. Our personalities are complete opposites. I used to be more introverted when I was young but now he is the one that’s introverted. I was quite shy when I saw him for the first time but ever since we started training together and going through thick and thin, we know what the other is thinking now just by glancing at one another. We have no misunderstandings with each other. Like Taeyang, all the members are like family to me and I say this from the bottom of my heart. It’s a special kind of existence and we all respect each other.

By the way, if Taeyang was a color what color would he be?
Red….because he’s taeyang (sun). He gives off the impression that he’s a flame that is always burning. He looks cool on the outside but has a lot of passion on the inside.

That’s kind of like GD yourself. What about Daesung?
After getting to know Daesung, I realized how important one’s personality is. He is especially gentle and everything becomes brighter when he is around. If he was a color, it would be yellow. Like a lightbulb to shine everywhere. And then Seungri…I didn’t have a good first impression of him (laughs). Seungri became a member of BIGBANG by going through the BIGBANG auditions, and I also knew that he participated in a lot of other auditions while surfing on the Internet. That’s why I didn’t have a good impression of him. I even wanted to discipline him…

Can’t believe he left that impression on you (laughs).
Seungri is the type of person that’s very greedy…and has a lot of passion for a lot of things. Of course it would be good if he used it in the right place, but I’m very sorry to say that he presents himself very poorly (bitter laughs). He should find a particular thing and put all his focus on it, but his attention span is only 3 mins long and then he will shift on to another new thing. He always gives up after awhile. When I see that, I always have the feeling that “ah…he’s still so young”. If he was a color, he would be ivory - not yellow & not white…he’s still not at the phase where he can build his own distinct color yet and so I think he will have the biggest change when he grows up. But no matter what, I still think he’s a very tame and adorable kid.

As for TOP, I’ve known him since high school. He was a well known enemy of mine back then but 3-4yrs later by a random encounter, I saw him again and he greeted me first. After we talked through our misunderstandings, we began to open up to each other and could talk about anything.

So you invited him to be part of BIGBANG?
Ah….everyone must think TOP is an especially handsome and perfect guy with no faults right? Actually he has a lot of weaknesses (laughs) but I think that’s what makes him so charming. If I had to give him a color, it would be pink. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen or heard him once but he gives off a powerful impression that will make people remember him. Only TOP can do that!!

And then what color are you?
Transparent and no color. When a dye drops onto a cloth, that cloth will have color. I want to become a person like that, and I’m working hard in that area. You can say that I’m slowly transforming from a boy to a man.

During performances on stage, GD gives off the impression that he’s hard to get close to but when you MC, you seem much friendlier and you look innocent and childlike.
I’m different on stage and off stage. When I’m off stage, I change back into a normal person. I really dislike acting high and mighty just because I’m a celebrity. Anyhow, as long as I’m on stage I will try my best to finish my performance flawlessly. In order to give a best stage performance, it is important that I completely absorb myself into the center of the stage.


Translation: jwalkervip
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:05 pm

G-dragon’s 1st Japanese Pictorial Interview (4/4): His ambition, his future

Ah so your body is filled with music and rhythm. Tell me, how do you feel when you hear the loud support from the Japanese fans?
Truth be told, it’s unbelievable that so many people know of us. We sing in Korean but Japanese fans can actually sing along with us. I feel very, very happy but since there are a lot of restrictions, we can’t be in close contact with the fans like we do during concerts in Korea. It makes me worried during that time because I value the close distance between the fans - I’ve experienced the joyfulness of this first hand when I was young. I went to a concert of my favorite singer at the time and during one of his performances, that person shook my hands and I felt especially happy. I will never forget that feeling, and that’s why I want to spread that feeling to our fans.

Ah….what does GD want the most right now?

(laughs) Then….what do you think is the most important thing in life?
I think it’s still friends. I’m not afraid to do anything now since there’s BIGBANG, but even after I leave this group in the future I still want to have friends around wherever I go. Even when I start a new love relationship, I’m the type of person to date within my group of friends. I’m surrounded by people with distinct charm and I always feel they lead me forward.

What’s your ambition towards the future of BIGBANG and your own goal?
I don’t want to be a balloon that soars up to the sky and then immediately breaks apart. I want to grow with the fans; be it a few years or 10yrs. I want people to look back and remember how I was during my time in BIGBANG…I want them to remember our songs forever…just like how hip-hop touched my life. I want people to never forget our group. I’m not the type of person that aims to be number 1, but I don’t want to be number 2. If I knew I was going to be number 2 from the very beginning, I don’t think I would even think of becoming a singer.

My biggest mission or goal in life is to achieve something that I can accept - the highest form of achievement. Nevertheless, I want to keep experiencing new things and challenge myself by trying out different genres of music and I hope I can be able to find my own distinct color after 10 years. However, music isn’t something I should enjoy on my own. If fans can fulfill their dreams after listening to my songs or if it can soothe their soul when they feel sad, I will keep making music in different styles - as long as my music can stay with my fans forever.

Finally, what do you want to say to our readers?
If after reading this interview can make you understand more about BIGBANG and I, then I’m contented. But…you can only understand more if you come to our live shows. Hope to meet all of you during our next concert!

Translation: jwalkervip
Source: jwalkervip
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Mon Dec 26, 2011 9:54 pm

Bean Pole's "G-Dragon Style Book" Translation (1/3)

I can’t decide whether BIGBANG was here first or G-dragon was; the feeling is like whether there was chicken before egg? With BIGBANG came my solo, with the members came the group, BIGBANG. I never really thought about it in this aspect before.

Remember back in the days: GD SAYS……..MY MUSIC
I think an album is like a diary. You will be able to feel that when you listen to it again in a few years, ‘Ah…so I had that way of thinking and that energy when I was at that age..” With that being said, there are special meanings about all the albums to me. Even though lots of time and energy are taken to produce an album, but when I listen to it after awhile, it feels shy and immature. The feeling that I don’t understand anything but I keep spurting out energy? Producing albums need practice and I think I need more of that.

I also want to produce my music that I can consider my own. Hip-hop is what I started with but I’m always trying new styles, new genres and combining them together. I think superb music has already appeared and now I have to use that and create something that I can call my own. The funny thing is that it’s impossible to create a good song if I go along with what people consider a hit song or popular song. Rather, a good and popular song is created when we sip some wine or play some games. We get our inspiration through that and use our memories to create a popular song.

I usually don’t care what people say about me and so I need to work harder. Even though people say lots of things about BIGBANG, but if I were to care about each and every single opinion, then BIGBANG or I wouldn’t be where we are today. I want to have my own line of thought towards everything I do and stick with my beliefs. It is like that with style - even though the way BIGBANG dressed in the beginning became part of people’s jokes but because of our confidence and the way we pull off our styles, people started to accept it. That’s what I would like to continue to do in the future.

Source: as tagged, Beanpole x G-Dragon Style Book and bigbangfamily08
Translation: jwalkervip

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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Tue Dec 27, 2011 5:58 am

Bean Pole's "G-Dragon Style Book" Translation (2/3) and (3/3) [MISC]

As with other hip-hop artists, I also want to have my own brand but compared to that, there’s something I want even more and that is to open my own store; a store that is the most recommended place to go in Korea for fashionistas around the world when they come here to play. I want people to feel that the store has cool staff, trendy clothes, good music and it’s somewhere that combines both the fashion trend and culture - a store where they can learn a lot from.

I want to create a space and gather fashionistas there that will make up a special culture. Rather than luxury fashion, I am more compatible with street culture and quirky fashion brands. Designers for luxury brands also get their inspiration from street culture and do collaborations together. Affordable clothes are of course great, but I would rather recommend a street brand that has different aspects to offer - one that combines a certain culture or lifestyle.

I think now is a perfect time for the Hallyu wave to jump out of Asia and break into different parts of the world. We shouldn’t waste this opportunity if we want our country’s music and the pop industry to intercept with each other. We have to work hard to expand our music.

Japan is the 2nd biggest music market in the world but I think Korean music is also very outstanding too. I’m worried that we might just miss such a good opportunity. I hope we can fully grasp this chance and let the world understand our country’s music, and to educate the younger generation about it.

There are a lot of outstanding musicians in Korea so I also have to work hard in the future. I don’t mean 5-6 years down the road but I want to work hard for a long time. I also want to lead new music and create a new Hallyu wave.

I think now is a perfect time for not just Korean music to develop, but also a lot of different things. However, you can’t be lazy and not go to work just because it’s going smoothly; you have to work even harder to guide it into a new direction.

I hope everyone works hard together and make sure that the Hallyu wave is developed and promoted further. I also expect myself to be standing in the center of all of this.

Source: as tagged, Beanpole "G-Dragon Style Book" and bigbangfamily.com
Translation: jwalkervip @tumblr.com

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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:22 pm

Taeyang, “A closer Big Bang will make an amazing appearance in 2012”

Of the nation’s top male idol groups, there are not many K-Pop fans that hesitate to choose five member team Big Bang as the best. Since their summer of 2006 debut, in the last 5 years, Big Bang has had countless hit songs, including “Lies”, “Last Farewell”, “Haru Haru”, “Sunset Glow”, “Tonight”, and “Love Song”.

They are full of performance, fashion, and personality. Not a typical boy group, Big Bang is a group that has unconventionality. Though it is clearly rare for an idol group to have a producer among the team, Big Bang is a team that has producer G-Dragon among them.

However, as the good comes with the bad, Big Bang has definitely had hardships. 2011 has been a particularly difficult year for Big Bang. With its members caught in controversies, they were put in a situation to quit the plans they had previously made.

Regardless of this, Big Bang is currently dreaming of a proper ascension during 2012, year of the dragon, as they are filled with confidence. During their break, the five members Taeyang, G-Dragon, TOP, Daesung, and Seungri have come together and have been working on many songs.

Big Bang member and skilled solo artist Taeyang is welcoming 2012 with excitement because he wants to go at full speed with his Big Bang members in the new year. Taeyang is particularly welcoming 2012, as he is a 1988 zodiac dragon.

I met with Taeyang for the first time in a while to talk about his and Big Bang’s plans and aspirations for next year.

-It’s been a while. How have you spent this time?

-TY: We’re completely absorbed in our work. The five members of Big Bang gathered and have worked on a lot of songs. We’ve created so many new songs. Right now, we’re in the last stage of working on our new album. Personally, I’ve also been working on my solo album side by side. Big Bang still spends time at the dorms, and we’re spending meaningful time together.

-If you've made a lot of new songs, then will you have a new album soon?

-TY: During the beginning of every year, we’ve held a concert called Big Show. 2012 will be the same. Right now, the plan is to hold Big Show in March. Around that time, Big Bang will release a new album. Like I said before, we have a lot of good new songs to release, but it hasn’t been decided whether it will be a regular album or a mini-album.

-We can’t not talk about 2011. It brought Big Bang a lot of crises.

-TY: The truth is that in 2011, Big Bang was planning on doing a lot of promotions, but we couldn’t. All of the members were honestly very disappointed about that, but we gained a lot from it also. Going through various hardships, the members’ relationships have gotten more close. We felt how much more precious the other members, the fans, and being on stage are to us. This is Big Bang’s turning point. We feel that the people who still love Big Bang are our true fans, and we’re going to repay those people with the best music and performances we can give to them. We’re going to make amazing plans and many appearances. You’ll find out about our amazing plans soon.

-Even from that low, you beat out top stars at the November 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards (2011 EMA) and won the Worldwide Act Award. What are your feelings about that?

-TY: That’s one of the best memories of 2011. After we received the award, the feelings from being there at the ceremony left a lot of good memories. It was the first time in a while that Big Bang gathered together as five, and truthfully it was really interesting that we were the only Asians at the awards ceremony. Our desires to do promotions overseas and spread Big Bang’s music more have gotten a lot stronger from that experience.

-In early December 2011, Big Bang presented performances as five members through the 15th Anniversary YG Family Concert for the first time in a while.

-TY: It was very emotional. Before, being on stage together was something that went without saying, and I felt that we were on stage because we loved music and dancing. But after being on stage after Big Bang went through many things, I got the strong feeling again that we exist for the stage and for our fans. I had the same thought during the Japan tour we had earlier in the year. More than anything, I love Big Bang being together as five the most.

-The K-Pop craze is impressive. The Japanese Best Of album that Big Bang released in December 2011 topped the Oricon Charts at #1, and it seems thatBig Bang has a strong part in spreading the Hallyu wave.

TY: Rather than thinking about popularity or sales, we have a big heart for representing Korea and showing foreigners good music. So while working on Big Bang’s new album, the members exchanged a lot of good words and advice, and we tried very hard to make good music.

-In a recent survey, because of your lack of experience in love, you were picked as #1 male idol star most likely to spend Christmas solo.

-TY: To be honest, when I first saw that I read it as the star most likely to release a solo album during Christmas. (laughs) That’s actually correct—I spent Christmas alone watching a movie. But I’m not lonely right now because I’m sincerely completely immersed in my music. I’m really excited for Big Bang’s great plans for 2012.

-If you were to reveal your hopes and plans for 2012?

-TY: I want to properly show Big Bang’s potential again. We’re going to show that like our music, that nothing will bring us down no matter what happens. I’m going to work hard with the other Big Bang members in promoting here and abroad. I actually would like to do performances locally like we did in our debut days also. I’m planning on living a life absorbed in music.

-To end, please say a word to your fans welcoming 2012.

-TY: I have nothing to say to our fans except thank you. Thank you so much for standing by us. I have confidence that we can repay you with our music, so I’d like it if you can trust Big Bang one more time. I’m a zodiac dragon, and since the coming year is the year of the dragon, I hope that everything you do brings success to you. I sincerely hope you take care of your health and wish you a happy new year

Source: Star News

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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Tue Jan 03, 2012 3:08 am

80 Q&A of G-Dragon

Quote :
Q1. Name: Kwon Ji Yong

Q2. Day/Month/Year of Birth: 18/8//1988

Q.3 Address: Thungs (don’t quite know where it is)

Q.4 Blood type: A

Q.5 Mobile phones that used to use: Samsung

Q.6 Size of shoes : 255-260 mm

Q.7 Characters: Bad- tempered

Q.8 What you want to be in the future: A musician

Q.9 What are you good at: I am not sure.

Q.10 What are you interested in doing: Playing computer games, writing lyrics,drawing, listening to music

Q.11 The song that you love: It changes from time to time, now is ‘let me love you’

Q.12 What do you want to do: Watching movies, hanging out with my girlfriend, doing massages

Q.13 What flowers do you like: Not loving one specifically, maybe roses

Q.14 What food do you like: Ramen

Q.15 What girls do you like: lovely working women, lively and clever

Q.16 What hairstyle do you want to have now: The hairstyle that we have when we just wake up

Q.17 What kind of people do you despise: Those who are not frank, those who are not confident about themselves and those who think they are clever but actually they aren’t

Q.18 The most embarrassing thing that you have ever encountered: I cannot think of any at this moment

Q.19 Any worries at this moment: Have 2 right now.

Q.20 Any experiences of sleeping out of your home: loads, now is living in the dorm.

Q.21 Food that you are best at cooking: Ramen and curry

Q.22 The food that you think is the most delicious : Everything

Q.23 When do you want to get married: When the one I love appears in my life and if I am able to give her a stable life, I will get married with her

Q.24 What do you want to yell at an empty sportsground: It is very scary, Yongbae ah, come and rescue me

Q.25 What do you want to give to your loved one: What I want to have for myself, love

Q.26 What do you want to bring along with you most now: sony,psp, musical instrument

Q.27 Where do you want to go most now? Japan, New York

Q.28 What do you think about sharing the burden of looking after your family with your another half: I will look after the family and be the breadwinner, my wife, you can go to take a rest.

Q.29 The principle of your life: Be positive

Q.30 What do you want to do most now: Performance

Q.31 What sentence do you hate to hear most: Why are you like this?

Q.32 What sentence do you love to hear most: I love you, Bravo

Q.33 Your habits: Biting my nails (now I am working hard to correct this)

Q.34 Your most favourite TV programme: I have not watched any recently

Q.35 Your style: Not very special

Q.36 When do you want to die: ?????????

Q.37 When do you feel you are the most blissful: When I am on the stage

Q.38 When do you feel you are the unluckiest : I have never felt like this since everything is the grace of God so I am always thanksful.

Q.39 What do you feel if South Korea and North Korea unite? Nothing really special.

Q.40 When do you think that you are a big idiot: I cannot remember it

Q.41 The people you will think of when you are taking a bath: Mama (because I want to go home as soon as possible)

Q.42 The movie that impressed you most: ‘Old Boy’, ‘If You’

Q.43 What i the wildest movie that you have ever watched: Ahhhhh….

Q.44 When did you feel the sickest: When I had chest pain and sore throat

Q.45 Experience that others don’t believe you have actually had: I heard the sounds of ghost when I was practising in the practice room

Q.46 The most embarrassing moments in your life: When I am not happy

Q.47 Have you ever given out chocolates on Valentines’ Day: Yes

Q.48 When do you usually sleep: Very late. Usually I sleep at 3am. (insomnia)

Q.49 What subjects do you like best: English, History, Drama History

Q.50 What do you do when you are angry: My face will turn red

Q.51 Food that you do not eat: clams, carrots and dog meat

Q.52 Areas that you are not confident of: None

Q.53 What do you feel about Miss Korea contest: I am not interested in it

Q.54 How do you feel if you have dated your friends but they do not come: I will play on my own

Q.55 Do you prefer a partner with a double-eyelid or a single -eyelid? It does not matter

Q.56 Are you concerned about ‘money’ matter: No

Q.57 What if the one you love love another person: It is okay if he is better than me

Q.58 How long do you want to live: I don’t need to live a very long life. If my wife dies, I do want to die with her.

Q.59 Do you like sun or moon more? It depends

Q.60 What do you do the first thing after you wake up: Kissing Gaho

Q.61 What do you feel after receiving a letter: What do you mean?

Q.62 Your family: Very harmonious

Q.63 Which foreigner do you like most: What do you mean?

Q.64 Your friend which needs tidying the most: Yin YinShing

Q.65 How long can you wait if you have dated your friend: I will wait until he or she comes

Q.66 The most meaningless period in your life: I have not experienced any period like this

Q.67 How much fo you have as your pocket money for each month: It varies.

Q.68 What do you want to do now: I will persist on what I wanted to do in the past

Q.69 What season do you like most? All of the 4 seasons

Q.70 Your dream: I want to have my own wife and children so I can be the father of a harmonious family. I also want to share the music that I make with my family members.

Q.71 What part of a girl do you notice first when you first meet her: Face

Q.72 What idiom can you come up with now: PUAPUAPUAPUAPUA

Q.73 Your nickname: Kwon G Yong

Q.74 If you have a plastic surgery, which part do you want to have a change: Nose

Q.75 Which part of your own body do you like best: My voice which can attract girls’ attention

Q.76 Love is: Start a relationship with love and end it with love, too

Q.77 Your first kiss: It is a swift one

Q.78 Religion: Christianity

Q.79 What do you do when you are bored: Sleeping or playing computer games

Q.80 What do you usually hear from girls: It varies.

Source: tieba.baidu.com
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:19 am

Big Bang at YG Family Concert 2012 in Osaka, Japan Press Conference

Q. BIGBANG is back as five after a long time, what’s your thoughts?
BIGBANG (G-Dragon): We are very happy that we are back as five, and we are very happy to stand here at this place. Last year, we have a lot (of problems), now we have an opportunity for a new start. To all of you that have waited for us until now, we will show you (a) better (appearance)

Q. What is your enthusiasm for the concert?
BIGBANG (V.I): Kyocera Dome is the largest dome in Osaka, and I feel so nervous because of it
BIGBANG (T.O.P): I want everybody’s pure mind/heart to the concert

Q. What is the highlights of the concert?
BIGBANG (SOL): We can stand as five after a long time, we choose the songs that Japanese VIPs can sing along with. Let’s play together

Q. Memories in Japan?
BIGBANG (V.I): When I first come to Japan, I was surprised to see ramen vending machines

Q. What do you think of Japanese girl fans?
BIGBANG (V.I): They are beautiful~ (laugh)

Q. For the upcoming YG Family Concert?
BIGBANG (V.I): We will be at Kyocera Dome for today and tomorrow, on January 21 & 22, we will be at Saitama Super Arena. Then, BIGBANG will be on Music Station on January 20

Q. New things you want to try this year?
BIGBANG (SOL): This year, we are courage to be world’s no. 1
BIGBANG (V.I): I want a concert in Tokyo Dome

Q. BIGBANG D-LITE-san’s fans have been waiting for your return.
BIGBANG (D-LITE): There are a lot so far. Meanwhile, I feel I was taught how important things like our music and stage are. Today’s stage was very fun. We did a good work

Q. Message to Japanese Fans!
BIGBANG (SOL): We are from Korea, please support us since we will have variety of plans in Japan
BIGBANG (D-LITE): Please look forward for our various stages

Source: asian-hana.com
Translated by: @vVIP_6819
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Fri Feb 03, 2012 7:57 am

G-Dragon's Full Interview on High Cut Magazine

After 4 months of no activities, GD conducted an interview with High Cut. Although it was an interview that lasted for about 20 minutes only, when asked skeptical questions, he still answered them positively. His describes this "blank" period as "having deep contemplation" and "having a good time". And during this period, GD is growing up fast.

Q1: It has been a while. What are you busy with these days?
GD: I've been busy preparing for the new album so I don't have time for other things. I spend most of my time in the studio and seldom go out.

Q2: I see that you have new tattoos on your fingers. Did you get them during your rest period?
GD: No, these are actually not real tattoos. I just got them yesterday to prepare for the cover of the new album. In fact, I'm not sure whether I'll get real tattoos again in the future. I want to, but people asked me not, so I just got these.

Q3: Because of everything that happened, you suddenly had a "blank" period. Did you use this time for self-reflection?
GD: I haven't had a rest ever since I debuted. Although it isn't my original intention, I was able to look back during this rest period. I know it doesn't sound nice that I was only able to reflect because something bad happened. However, if you look at it from another perspective, it was a really meaningful period for me since I had a lot of time to reflect on myself. It was just like having some good time with myself.

Q4: During the shoot, Taeyang and Daesung came to visit you. Did you become closer with them during your rest period?
GD: I have a schedule with them after this shoot so they might get bored waiting for me, but they decided to come here. (Laugh) Although I am close to each member, we seldom spend time together. Since every member has to divide their time for other activities, we've been focusing on our album. The five of us always work together in the studio and we've been frankly discussing a lot. We exchange ideas and console each other too. I think it (the rest period) is really valuable for all of us.

Q5: Your reputation in the field of fashion is still as good as before. What is your own fashion philosophy?
GD: (Very shy) Ah... I don't have any reputation, neither do I have any fashion philosophy. Because I like fashion, I am sensitive to it. What you wear affects how you feel that day, so it is very important to wear the right clothes. Therefore, Iput an effort on my clothes and people like it.

Q6: You are called the "clothes hanger" because of your good body shape. Do you pay attention to keeping fit too?
GD: In the past, I did not, but now that I am growing older, if I don't, then I will get more and more chubby. (Burst into laughter) It is just like what Youngbae said, "we're really not young anymore." Last year, no matter how much I ate, I could not get fat but this year, I just hope that I can slim down as soon as possible but it's the same case with Youngbae. (All bursting into laughters) I think it is because I changed form living in the dorm to now living with my family so I have been eating so well. It's probably why I find it hard to slim down now. I don't just exercise to be fit but I am also preparing for the proposed world tour for this year. That's why I want to be fit since I have already been resting for a long period of time.

Q7: There are so many songs these days which have "...breaker" in their titles. As the original song writer of Heartbreaker, what do you feel about it?
GD: The songs are composed because of me? I don't really know them. That's really interesting. When I browse the internet these days, I feel that people are really talented since their lyrics are really well-written, but I don't think they are created those because of me.

Q8: Several days earlier, Jung Hyungdon said he doesn't know your contact number so he sent a love call to YG. The president even said he would be glad if Jung Hyungdon could enter YG.
GD: I read the news yesterday. I.... want to be his colleague for sure. (Laughing) He seems to have liked our company for a long time. We are too lucky. Haha

Q9: Do you watch "Kpop Star" in which your president is a part of?
GD: Of course.

Q10: Which participants do you think are good?
GD: I saw them practicing while walking in the company building the other day. There was this person who was dancing. His name is Lee Seung-joo and he lives a minute away from the YG building. There are many female participants who have outstanding performances too, but I think that friend is really brilliant.

Q11: It was announced that Big Bang will be active for the whole year?
GD: I think I should be really thankful for this year so I will work extra hard. In the past, to be frank, I felt a bit tired and fed up with my work rather than enjoying it. But now, after a period of adjusting I feel that it is really precious to have the chance to perform on the stage and I really long for it. I hope that I can keep such kind of passion forever.

Q12: You have expected that once you return, there will be criticism, right?
GD: I'm expecting that already. No matter what, I was at fault so I will accept them all. Ever since I was a kid, I am not a person who is timid. Those who blame me will fade out eventually but those who love me will know me more during the process.. Big Bang is not a short-lived group. If we can explore new things in music, we will just move forward and solve every problem that we face.

Q13: Do you have any plans of releasing solo album or participating in other fields of showbiz?
GD: (Shaking his head) Oh... Even if I don't have plans, the president always asks to take part in dramas. (Laughs) I am bad at acting and there are other people who are good at it. It is just like a world that I can never land my foot in. Now, I have enough things to keep me busy so I don't know about whether I will try it. If I really want to do it, I have to prepare myself well first. We decided that we will start my solo activities in summer and it is the same with Taeyang. We have very tight schedule this year and if fans wait, we will certainly come to them quickyly.

Q14 How do you feel shooting the photos with the teddy bears?
GD: I think it gives me a different feeling and it is really good. (Pretends to be a teddy bear).

Source: Baidu
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:52 pm

G-Dragon interview on Naver

Interviewer: It has been a long time. How have you been?
GD: I've been fine. I spent my time with my family. Prepared for this album and spent some time thinking this and that.

I: What is your thought about singers? I wonder, what do you think about your figure?
GD: Well, when I was a young boy, I thought singers are cool. That's why I wanted to be a singer in my early years. I think Bigbang is cool. Not being on the stage, but also in real life. I don't mean that they are handsome and tall. I mean they got swag. There are so many things that I have to learn as a friend, a young brother, and an older brother. It makes me a burden because I'm a leader but it also makes me try to push myself.

I: What is your biggest stress/pressure?
GD: Preparing for the next album. It is one of biggest pressure to me because the next album is more important than the last one. When I had to prepare for the last album, 'TONIGHT', I thought "This is the most important album!" When I prepared for this album, I thought "This album is the most important one!" Maybe I will think again the same when I prepare for a new album. It is also one of my pleasant worries. I was pulsating. Well, I don't know. Last year, 'TONIGHT' was my favorite album. And now it's 'BLUE'. My taste in music changes continuously and I share it to people. I wonder what they will say to me after they listen to it and what part they like the most. I'm going well.

I: Bigbang sings mainly about LOVE.
GD: I think many Korean think about love a lot and they want comfort. When you hear music, you think that "Oh this lyrics is what I have in mind." or when you are sad, you hear the music and cry. That's why music is powerful.

I: Tell me about BLUE.
GD: BLUE… Many people think that idol group just have younger fans. But I think more twenties and thirties age group will really like this song. They will sing more and sympathize with this song more than teenagers will.

I: Do you have assurance in this album?
GD: Uh…. Yes. I'm always confident with it. Not boasting. When we hear our music, we said "That's it!" haha. Because it is ours. I pour out my soul and try to be frank. And… it is for the season.

Source: DCBB
Translated by yeonpop @DCBB
Edited by jinhichole18 @DCBB
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T.O.P Interview from High Cut (Volume 71)

Quote :
Last year, a lot of things happened to BIGBANG. What did you do during these blank periods?
We went to Europe to participate in the 2011 EMAs. Since I had CF shooting schedules during the day so I didn’t have much rest time for myself. When there were no schedules planned, I was in the studio creating music overnight. I haven’t rested after I debuted so I don’t anticipate nor regret if I have holiday time or not (laughs).

What do you say to your members to encourage them?
I’m the eldest hyung so I always talk to my dongsaengs and we always dine together. Besides myself, I feel that they’ve all matured and become sensible. I should be more mature too..

After 8 months, all 5 members stood on stage again with activities in Japan as well…but was the feeling a bit different this time?
I’ve never felt sad while standing on stage before. Compared to the emotion of feeling sad, winning the award had a different feeling. How should I say this - it’s quite unusual but it was extremely emotional for me (This made him silent for a few seconds as if he was reliving that moment again). I could find myself on stage again.

Whilst working together with FUBU, did you also get any power from TOP and BIGBANG?
Soh CD: My aim was to not only give FUBU a fresh new look, but to also fully grasp the new theme. I wanted to transform the brand from a hip hop standard to one that fits in to the new era. During this process, BIGBANG was the most talked about. BIGBANG can show hip hop through their music and their culture and is favorable towards the general public. They are a good example.

Why did you choose TOP from a mass of idols?
Soh CD: Because G-dragon is the face for Beanpole, haha. I’m just kidding. From a designer’s perspective, Seunghyun (TOP) is very popular right now. I’ve seen him a few times outside of work. He likes clothes a lot. He enjoys fashion so all the clothes look good on him and I’m not saying this as a clothing sponsor. As a designer, I think that he is the musician in Korea that can choose a comfortable style in 2012.

What do you think is the reason why FUBU or designers like Soh CD and fashion brands want you?
TOP: How should I even answer this…haha
Soh CD: I think that it’s not only because TOP is good looking or has a good body, but it’s more about that TOP knows fashion well enough and that’s why I have so much confidence in him.
TOP: Like what Soh CD said, people are never perfect. One photo can last for a lifetime so you want to present the best. My personality is that I want to show my best impression in the photoshoots that other people the same age as me can’t.

Continuing from that, Soh CD…what is TOP’s charisma?
Soh CD: I’ve felt regret to TOP before because usually when TOP is invited to be the model, he is asked to show off his charisma and masculinity in his fashion photoshoots. I saw other charismatic features in TOP too - someone that is full of curiosity, and who who withstands challenges in a healthy manner. This FUBU photoshoot therefore presents his sunshine boy and casual look.

We’ve heard that TOP has a distinct fashion philosophy so you’re the hardest member to style. Is that true?
I’m a little bit picky (laughs), because my occupation is to present myself to the general public. I want to always show my best image, but I think my persistence is too much sometimes.

How does it feel wearing Soh CD’s exclusively designed FUBU clothes?
Actually I’ve liked hip-hop since I was young and I’ve asked my relatives and friends in the U.S. to help me buy clothes from FUBU before. I personally love the FUBU Platinum line the most, and I have a lot of clothes from that line in my closet. When the idea of being a model for FUBU began and hearing that Soh CD would be designing, I was anticipating it a lot. To wear his exclusively designed clothes…and I’m not saying this because he’s sitting next to me, but I’m really surprised. It feels like all the clothes have been upgraded.

Not long ago, TOP made a surprise appearance at Gummy’s ‘I am a Singer’ stage. How was it like being on the show?
I was on the show because I heard that Gummy noona didn’t get number 1 in the previous competition, so I had a “I must make her number 1” thought. In the end, she got a really good score (number 1) so I felt satisfied. Actually if ‘I’ am a Singer’ was my own stage, I would be very nervous but since I was there only to help so I told myself not to worry. After I finished the stage for ‘Rascal’, I really did end up becoming one.

Lee Mi-Suk sunbae-nim said on ‘Healing Camp’ that she would like to act with you. When will you make your comeback as an actor again?
It’s not like that, but the after I finished recording for ‘I am A Singer’, I randomly saw Lee Mi-Suk sunbae-nim on ‘Healing Camp’. As a matter of fact, I said on a variety show before that “it’s tiring having photoshoots with Lee Mi-Suk sunbae-nim” as a way to be funny, but it became too exaggerated and I regretted saying that. It will definitely be an honor to act with Lee Mi-Suk sunbae-nim. As for my acting, I have a few projects on hand but because BIGBANG’s album release has been pushed to an earlier date, so my entire focus is on the album right now. If there are any other good projects and if our timing is the same, then I definitely want to act together no matter what.

Do you have any intention of releasing a solo album?
There’s nothing much to say about my solo album. I will release it when I think I’m ready. To be honest, I have already created lots of songs but I think I should work on them a bit more. I’m working on my confidence too and it’s slowly increasing. If I can’t produce an album that will make people surprised, then I don’t think there’s a need to produce one. First of all, I want to worry less starting from January, 2012 (laughs).

What was the combined effect of meeting FUBU and TOP for the first time?
Soh CD: I’ve always worked on my own brand and have presented my collection before but there’s a lot of restrictions on a personal brand. There’s a limit on how many people you know and what kind of level they’re on. Since I wanted to know more people to exchange ideas, that’s why I was determined to work with FUBU. TOP is a very popular celebrity and because FUBU wanted to try something new so I wanted to work with TOP to create that image.

We’ve already heard that you’ll be working with Hello Kitty in May. It seems a bit surprising?
Soh CD: It’ll be my first time working with Hello Kitty in the clothing aspect. As of now, a lot of people still have a biased perception on what is hip-hop. In Korea, many people think that baggy pants represent hip-hop culture but nowadays, not a lot of hip-hop stars wear clothes like that anymore. I want to change this perception as soon as I can, so I think this collaboration will have a completely different meaning. Hopefully this will raise FUBU’s popularity in the spring time.
TOP: Collaborating with pop art is become a world trend and this will produce a lot of different elements. I wouldn’t have this thought if Soh CD wasn’t collaborating with Hello Kitty. CD & TOP will transform FUBU, haha.

I’ve wanted to ask this in the beginning already, but you two seem quite close?
Soh CD: I’ve met him once by chance and we said our greetings to each other. G-Dragon came to my fashion show before, and TOP’s good friends - Lee Hyuk soo and 2NE1’s stylist, Yang Seung Ho were models for my runway show too so we met like that.
TOP: Actually I’m not the type of person to watch runway shows. I only heard about (Soh CD). I met him in a surprising environment. The first time I said hi to him was 3 months ago at a wine bar that I always frequent (they both laugh). We kept talking and talking and that’s how we became so close. The problem is I don’t really remember what we talked about. Just now, hyung (Soh CD) looked at me and said “It’s a bit embarrassing seeing each other during the day”.

You always change hairstyles and the fans love it, but is your hair getting scarce? Doesn’t your hair and scalp get damaged?
This just proves that I’m still at a healthy age. I still have a lot of hair but surprisingly I can’t grow a mustache. It feels like I haven’t passed puberty yet (laughs). It’s only started to grow a bit these days….I usually shave my mustache once every 2 months.

Finally, say something about your plan for 2012.
TOP: BIG BANG will hold its world tour soon so the plans for the rest of the year have already been scheduled. It looks like we’ll be very busy. We’re now preparing some surprising and happy news that can’t be revealed yet, so please look forward to it.
Soh CD: FUBU and Hello Kitty is preparing their collaboration and my aim is to transform FUBU to a brand full of liveliness.

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Big Bang's Interview with Oricon Style Japan

BIGBANG Pressured!? Opening up about their mindset and thoughts on their new album!

A turning point album for BIGBANG

Q: Before this interview, you were on the Telephone Shocking corner of ‘Waratte Iitomo’ (Fuji TV). Weren’t you nervous?
V.I: We’ve been on the show ‘Waratte Iitomo!’ before, so we were not that nervous.

Q: Unfortunately, you guys didn’t get the phone strap.
V.I: Yeah. Since we are gyudon (beef bowl) maniacs, we expected the audience to love gyudon too. A little bit disappointing.

Q: Gyudon is everyone’s source of power?
D-LITE: I think if there’s no gyudon, I can’t do anything.
SOL: If there’s no gyudon, activities in Japan...
D-LITE: They will be meaningless. We come to Japan just to eat gyudon.
SOL: Just joking! (laugh)

Q: Let’s end the gyudon story here (laugh). This time, BIGBANG is releasing an album after a year. Please send a message to the fans who had been waiting.

G-DRAGON: A lot of things happened last year. After everything, we were finally able to complete the album. There was also pressure, but each member committed their time while getting ready for this, so I had this deep feeling when it was finally completed. For the fans who had been waiting for us, from now on, we will concentrate on our stage and we want to show all of you our cool images.

D-LITE: Like what G-Dragon said, we went through so many things last year. All the members got through it and we're back as one and completed the album. YG Family staffs also said that so far, this album is the best one. We made the album with confidence while having fun, so we hope that the fans will also enjoy it.

SOL: Releasing the album after everything that happened, it really means a lot for me personally and also for BIGBANG. I think it’s an album that has become our turning point. From now on, our color will become stronger. For fans in Japan, thank you for always waiting for us. We really appreciate it.

V.I: A new album after 1 year.. In a lot of aspects, I think that we've upgraded and grown up. For this album, I think that each member feels so much confident. So I think that this is really the best present to all fans. In the future, we hope to come to Japan more often to do promotions.

T.O.P: Same like the others, I think the album ALIVE shows a new shape of BIGBANG as one. Also, we usually record 1 or 2 Japanese songs per album, but this time we challenged ourselves and recorded many songs. And, we also tried hard to make Japanese lyrics. I hope everyone will have fun listening to the album.

SOL: This time, m-flo’s VERBAL did FANTASTIC BABY’s Japanese lyrics. I think the lyrics harmonize the rhythm of the songe very well.

“ALIVE” represents BIGBANG’s situation.

Q: The title ‘ALIVE’ has a lot of meanings, but this time, what’s the theme or concept that BIGBANG wants to convey?
D-LITE: The meaning of "ALIVE" is "to live" and up until now the frozen things slowly melted down. With that, I hope we’re be able to convey our passion to music and to the stage.

SOL: The first song, INTRO, is a short track but it represents BIGBANG’s situation. In the lyrics, there’s a part that shows how someone is falling down, but it’s simply not like that. It shows a sense of freedom and express the meaning of being "still alive=ALIVE".

Starting from "love at first sight" then becoming lovers…

Q: The album includes songs in various types/genres. Please describe them.

V.I: FANTASTIC BABY is the most energetic song in the album. You won't only see it in our outfits. We filmed the music video with a fantastic feeling too.

T.O.P: For this song’s PV (MV), we held a few meetings to come up with a fantastic and crazy atmosphere. The video that comes with the Japanese version of the album and the YouTube version are completely different. I think it would be fun comparing the two.

V.I: In the song BLUE, there’s a part in the lyrics that says, "the cold days have ended and now, the warm days are coming." This exactly portrays BIGBANG’s current situation.

D-LITE: Like any ordinary love story, it has a cheerful representation about hoping. It's a sad song but it also presents a lovely image.

SOL: BAD BOY is a song composed by our producers CHOICE 37 and G-DRAGON. This is the song that I love the most from the album. The feeling of the song is like, I’m a very bad boy, but my lover is a good girl, and rather than staying with me, I want her to walk away.

T.O.P: The lyrics show BIGBANG’s current state of mind. The song received very good response from Korean fans, so I’m really curious what the fans in Japan will say about it. Also, this doesn’t mean that BIGBANG [members] are bad boys. (laugh)

Q: The popular song Haru Haru’s Japanese version is also included in this album..

V.I: While recording, we thought of the song as a gift to the Japanese fans who have been waiting for us. We sang with feelings of gratitude and put a lot of emotions into it.

Q: The song EGO is about “love at first sight”.

D-LITE: Yes, it is. It’s like I’m trying really hard to make myself appealing to this girl.. I’ve fallen for her at first sight, but she’s not turning around to look at me. Because of that, my pride is wounded. The song is about that kind of love. I do fall in love at first sight too, but I always end up not becoming lovers with the girl.

V.I: That’s kind of lonely.

D-LITE: I always feel lonely because I can’t confess my true feelings.

V.I: With Korean men, when we love someone, we directly go and tell that person “I love you”.

SOL: But the other members are so shy...

V.I: Does that only apply to me? I’m sorry because if it’s me, I won't spend time worrying about what I should do and all. I'll just immediately say “I love you”. Isn’t that much better? Since the girl is also waiting.

D-LITE: I’m envious...

V.I: So, the man should just say “I love you, what should I do now?” instead.

D-LITE: What’s with “What should I do now”? (laugh)

V.I: If the answer is OK, you can say "yeay!" and be happy about it. If it’s not, you just can find another person. Isn’t that the right way? This is the "BAD BOY" kind of way!

T.O.P: But since you’re honest with your own feelings, I think it’s "GOOD BOY" instead.

If everyone could feel our passion and enthusiasm..

Q: You guys are always having so much fun even backstage.

SOL: Different from when we’re on stage, we love to joke and play with each other. Sometimes, we do the "hamburger" where V.I. will lie down and the other members will climb and lie on him, while making some noise.

V.I: Since I’m the youngest, I always get bullied, but I feel happy about it. How do I explain this.. I feel like “I’m loved” by the others. Am I the ‘masochist’ type? No, I’m not masochist, but the ‘very sadist’ type.

Q: (Laugh) Let’s go back to the album. G-DRAGON and D-LITE worked together for the lyrics of WINGS. How was it?

D-LITE: G-DRAGON created the framework for me and I just filled in the parts. The lyrics portray that even if the tiring days seem to never end, let’s have some fun, even just for today.

G-DRAGON: This is my first time working with D-LITE, but I already have a vision for our future. We had so much fun working together.

Q: To G-DRAGON, with your role as a producer, did you face any hardship while working?

G-DRAGON: Music is not made out of struggle. Without inspiration, you can’t create a good song, and you can’t come out with an idea for an album. This time, all the members were one, and while playing catch ball, I feel that we’ve created a really good piece. We had a lot of fun working together.

Q: After this, BIGBANG will have a concert tour. Please give some message to the fans.

T.O.P: This time around, we released an album and announced the tour at the same time. For the stage, Laurieann Gibson (who worked with Lady Gaga before) is working together with us, as the director. I think the stage this time will be really different. You won't only enjoy BIGBANG’s music, but also know the personality of each member better.

SOL: If we're successful with this tour, I think BIGBANG will be more upgraded, so please look forward to that happening.

V.I: Other than the concert tour, from now on we will also work hard to show the world how great Asian music is. Aside from music, we would also like to show our charm to the fans. For this year, we will do a concert tour and we want to appear on variety shows too. We really hope that the fans in Japan could feel our passion and enthusiasm.

Translation by MIMI (@marthapido) / ameblo.jp/heavenlady
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Big Bang's Interview for AnAn Magazine 2012 Translation

Quote :

I will only act in romance drama after I know more about love.For now, I’m still lacking in experience.

TOP made a comeback with a shocking mint green hairstyle. What’s your thought for the ‘ALIVE’ album?
“When I wrote the rap lyrics, I was trying my best to do it with honesty and choosing beautiful words. For the Japanese version, I also use gentle words to make sure all listeners regardless of their ages can understand well. For me, this album is the most high quality compared to the other albums. This mint color hair style was decided upon an instinct while producing the album. I confident this hairstyle will match the album concept very well. Changing to this hairstyle, I felt that my characteristic has become more gentle. ”

TOP has received a high reputation as an actor and we’re really looking forward for his next project.
“Actually, I’ve prepared for about 3 months for a drama, but unfortunately, I had to let it go… Maybe because of that, lately I’ve become more careful in choosing my next project. I receive many offers for love story dramas but I think it’s still too early for me. My own feeling and habit will naturally show in my acting, so I doubt I can give the right ‘love’ feeling. For now I's still lacking love experience. But, if I am encountered with a good project, I definitely want to try it.”


I felt the pains of growing up through the sad and cowardice lyrics that filled the ‘ALIVE’ album.

G-Dragon has produced the new album ‘ALIVE’ (in) less than a year from the last album. What is the concept of the new release?
"Last year, personally and also as a group many things had happened, and I even thought 'can we really make a comeback in that state?'. At that time, I discovered the sadness and unbearable lead to the feeling of cowardice in me, and I received many inspirations through it. The album production period was short, but it’s not likely that we can produce a good album even if we put so much time into it. I felt the pain of growing up while producing this album."

Especially for ‘BAD BOY’ and ‘BLUE’, G-Dragon put his soul in the painful lyrics that goes straight to the listener’s hearts.
“I’m trying so hard to put the feelings that I experienced in the lyrics. There are some parts that I imagined, but the song that I made through my experiences, are more well-received by fans. As for ‘BAD BOY’, the song has the HIP-HOP element, one of the styles that I always wanted to try since long ago. While standing on the stage performing, this song has more power compared to any other song.”

The enthusiasm towards the ‘ALIVE’ Tour is also different.
“The stage arrangement by the American staff has their own narrative, for each stage presented and also the musical performance, it has a deeper meaning. As for me, I became more responsible and became more careful while standing on the stage.”


SOL wants to be accepted as musically incomparable to anyone.

“As for BIG BANG, this album is an epoch-making piece. Up until now, we were too conscious about the trend and after discussing with members, we decided to let out our own personalities lead us”

SOL is the one who leads BIG BANG’s song with his smooth vocal, and talented to collaborate with various artists.
“Since last year, I’ve been preparing for my solo album and I hope it will be released this year. The songs and the image concept have been decided and now I just have to wait for the encounter with the title track.”

This is like something to look forward to, like a treat for fans. What’s the meaning by waiting for a song?
“Lately, I realized that music is not something that you create, it’s something to you meet or come across. If we create it by force, the thought and the color of the song may be different than what we want it to be. I think when we have the inspiration, naturally we can create a music that can touch the people’s hearts.”

As BIG BANG’s spiritual pillar, and also as an artist, SOL is continuing to grow up. What’s your goal in the future?
“I don’t have a solid goal, but I want to be free while expressing my music, through my own song and my own dance. And also, I want to be somebody who can give hope to many people.”


Now is the time for an image change..This is important for my life from now on.

Lately, among the members, VI is said to be the one who has changed a lot. So, what’s the reason behind the changes?
“Up until now, I wanted to change the ‘cheerful maknae’ image, so I did some research since last year. For me to be able to create a calm atmosphere, I’ve been paying attention to my way of speaking, my expressions and my gestures. I think it’s not good to have a halfway feeling towards work, so I decided to drop out from my university. I don’t like to trouble my friends and my teachers, that’s why I decided to. It would be a lie if I said that I have no regrets while I’m in university...but I got to experience the blind date that I always wished to go on. Honestly, there were no heart throbbing moment, but it was a great memory for me (laugh).”

During the concert, VI is also doing MC in Japanese and he’s very interested with the popular Japan’s culture.
“As for the tour that starts in May, now, I’m doing research on what’s popular in Japan. Recently, I remember a line ‘I understand’ from the drama ‘Kaseifu no Mita’. And of course, I also continue with my Japanese studies. Since the start of this year, I spend around 1 hour per day for each Japanese lesson. People told me that I’m a hard worker, but I think working hard is just a natural thing to do.”


The concert was created by a great team, and this is the best so far.

D-LITE has grown up drastically with his voice quality and physically. On the other side, his cheerful and relaxed aura is still the same as before.
“About my voice, I don’t really do any unusual training. It’s just… last year so many things had happened, and I’m noticing maybe something has changed in me. In the YG building, there’s facilities that allow us to do exercise whenever we want, so I’m able to continuously build up my body. Not only me, the other members also have great bodies. SOL is the number 1 member that has a good body. And me..I think I tie with him in 1st place (laugh).”

On the verge of the long-awaited ALIVE Tour. Please introduce your highlight for the concert!
“For this tour, we’ll do the concert together with the director Laurieann Gibson who has worked with Lady Gaga along with the Live Nation team. Up until now, this concert tour/series is the most satisfying so far. Above all, the band members are the best! They are almost the same age as us and we felt so much pressure but, when we talk about music and practicing, we really enjoy it a lot! Actually I want to rest my voice, but when they start their musical performance, I can’t help but sing along also (laugh). I really hope the audience can really feel the sound that we play during the concert.”

An An Q and A:

Q: Anything which the members have done recently which made you happy?
Dae:Seungri’s pretending to be an adult (laugh) . Because of him, every day is enjoyable.

Q:When do you feel that you have become an adult?
Dae: When some juniors introduced themselves to me at music programs.

Q.’Herbivore’ man is really popular in Japan, what kind of man do you think you are?
Dae:energetic man! because I am always smiling every day.

Q:Among the books,films and fashion that you have recently enjoyed, are you into anything?
Dae: I think ‘Mission Impossible 2’ is the best!

Q: Anything that the members have done for you which have made you happy?
Bae: When I was nearly hurt by the fire flares in a music progam, TOP was angry about it and scolded the staff. It was the first time that I thought he is so reliable. (laugh).

Q: When do you think that you are an adult?
Bae: I have none of these moments.

Q: ‘Herbivore’ man’ is really popular in Japan, what kind of man do you think you are?
Bae: I am a ‘pure man’ because I don’t have much love experience, I don’t know how to deal with women, (shy).

Q: Among the books, films and fashion that you have enjoyed recently, anything you are particularly into?
Bae: I am into scarves and bandanas.

Q:What things have the members done recently which have made you happy?
VI: When other members praised the restaurants that I have introduced to them and praised it as ‘Oishikatta! (delicious)

Q: When do you think you are an adult?
VI: when I can wake up easily in the morning.

Q: ‘Herbivore’ man is really popular in Japan, what kind of man do you think you are?
VI: 'Bad Boy' since I have been living in my own way (laugh)

Q: Among the books, flims and fashions that you have enjoyed, what do you like?
VI: I am really addicted to ‘Ame-talk (rain talk)’ show !

Q: What things have the members done recently which have made you happy?
GD: They have not done anything really special for me (laugh) But just being together with them, I will feel happy.

Q: When do you think you are an adult?
GD: I am still a kid.

Q: ‘Herbivore’ man is really popular in Japan, what kind of man do you think you are?
GD: I think I am a man with ‘7 changes’ because each time when you see me, you will find something different.

Q: Among the books, films and fashions that you have enjoyed, what do you like?
GD: I have tattooed ‘Forever Young’ on my right chest and ‘Mind control’ on my left. I want to control my sentiments well.

Q: What things have the members done recently which have made you happy?
T.O.P: Seungri always lifts up the atmosphere these days, he has really been a big help!

Q: When do you think that you are an adult?
T.O.P: I have no such kind of moments, I want to keep myself like a child in the future.

Q: ‘Herbivore’ Man is really popular in Japan, what kind of man do you think you are?
T.O.P: A 'magical man' because I am full of magic.

Q: Among the books, films and fashions that you have enjoyed, what do you like?
T.O.P: Recently I love looking at photos of insects and designs.


-Seungri: Although I am the maknae, mentally, TOP hyung is the most childish.
TOP:not a child, I am a baby.

-At 5 o’clock on a day in March,when the members of Big Bang were entering the studio in Seoul to get ready for the photo shoot, they were all so hungry. They were then eating kimbap and California rolls, later they also ordered cheese tteokbokki (ricecake) and bibimbap (mixed rice) .They have also gulping down dorayaki and sesame eggs that we brought from Japan. The one who has eaten the most surprisingly was G-Dragon,he is a slim glutton.
After they have had enough, they started the photo shoot. In order to match the theme of this photo shoot ‘Ready for Blue’, we wanted them to show their cool expressions. All of the members knew what we needed and they showed us really good expressions. Their acting skills are really good too!

-During the interview, VI was using his good Japanese to talk with us throughout the whole time, he is really superb! Although they were tired because of the tight schedule.Some members were closing their eyes during the photo shoot(see the Pictures on the left) but they really showed us a happy atmosphere during the whole process, let us meet in Japan again!^^

-The little story on the left: Since they had filmed a music program before they shot for An An, the members were all so tired. SOL nearly fell asleep when we were taking the photos. T.O.P was like a good hyung, he tried to wake him up and said naughty things with VI. Then SOL fell asleep again and was waken up again by T.O.P… this wet on repeatedly. T.O.P was really the one who created the atmosphere of this photo shoot.

-The little story on the right: During the photo shoot, we can see the relaxed Daesung and G-Dragon. Daesung was massaging GD’s shoulder and legs. In order to repay him, GD wanted to kiss him but Daesung dodged him easily.
-At the end of the picture: When they were ending the photo shoot, T.O.P was so hyper that he was dancing and joking all the way when Daesung also then showed us a lot of different facial expressions. It seems that they still had another schedule after this, fighting, everyone!

Translation: Ricey @BBU and @marthapido
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~ Oh TABI?
You are so romantiiic , whyyy?!~
Thelw na ton dw toso poly se Love Drama !~ kyaaa!!!

Yiii Yongiiiiiiiiiiiiii mou ~
I wish I could stand by him when he was sad !~
Like Dae ~

“Lately, I realized that music is not something that you create, it’s something to you meet or come across. If we create it by force, the thought and the color of the song may be different than what we want it to be. I think when we have the inspiration, naturally we can create a music that can touch the people’s hearts.”

Tha kornizosw ayta ta logia !~
Soo True !~
Like a VIP!!~
VIP is not something you decide to be !~ It's something you meet or come across!!! That's when you will stand every difficulty !!!

Xoris plaka o Riii exei allaksei ligakiii [pros to kalytero panda]^__^~
Alla einai kai pali our cute sexy panda :D

Pali kala o Daesungie eksakolouthei na einai our smiling angel!!~

^__^ I LOVE MY OPPAS <3 ~
VIP untill whenevah!!!~


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Dami Kim

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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Thu May 10, 2012 4:08 am

Big Bang's Interview with Mini Magazine (June 2012)


Apo ta bold p ekana ( ouf.. teleiwsa)
Diabazontas kapoies lekseis katalaba pws tha einai EPIC C:
Paw na to diabasw.... WHOOOHOOOO!!!!



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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Thu May 10, 2012 5:07 am

DaNaii BJ and VIP wrote:

wraia ....olo auto to part emena me skotose!!
k panw ap'ola to ....

Q: So manly! Women all over the world will be madly in love with you!
TOP: (Blushing) No no, it's not like that

hahaha, TOP m ti leeeees!?! k egw ti kanw edw right now? xDDD
yeeees! it's like that ....akrivos like that!!! xD
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Sun May 13, 2012 6:04 am

Big Bang's 美人百花 Interview

TOP: I like my mint-coloured hair, but I think my black hair is sexier [EEEEEPIIIIIC HAHAHAHAHAXD]
Taeyang: I want to be ‘the person who is the most free’ in the global music scene
Seungri: If you’re a guy, it’s totally normal to like girls, right? (laughs)
Daesung: Thanks to my job, the thing I really feel is important is ‘enjoying the moment’.
GD: I think that a beautiful person is one with a beautiful heart. [Aaah, enas logos p se latreyw Yongi mou]

Q: Where is the first place you go shopping when you come to Japan?
GD: I love Chrome Hearts, so when I come to Japan I go to the store in Aoyama.
Daesung: Rick Owens Tokyo Store in Aoyama.

Q: What is precious to you?
TOP: My family
Seungri: This phone. All of my business stuff is in here, so if I lost it I’d be totally stuck. I’d become poor (laughs) [Paraaaksenoo? Manager Seung ri Panda xD]

Q: Which restaurant do you like in Japan?
GD: The eel we ate yesterday was delicious, but I’ve forgotten the name of the restaurant. Sorry!
Taeyang: Tsurutontan in Roppongi.
Daesung: I always go for Santouka salt ramen. I also love Afuri’s salt ramen. Ramen in Korea is good, but we don’t really have spicy salt ramen.

Q: What was the first CD you bought?
TOP: ‘Enter the Wu-Tang’ by the Wu-Tang Clan, an American hip-hop group. I was an elementary school student then.
Daesung: When I was an elementary school student I bought a CD by Stevie Wonder.

Q: If you were going to go on a date in Japan, where would you go?
GD: Okinawa! [Tha kaloperasw ^___^]
Taeyang: Okinawa. I love the sea and good weather.
Daesung: I love snowboarding, so I’d go to a ski-resort in Hokkaido. We don’t really have ski resorts in Korea, so I want to try going to one in Japan.
Seungri: Hakone. I want to go to onsen (hot springs).
TOP: Aoyama. I like the refined streets and atmosphere.

Q: Do you drink alcohol?
GD: I drink a bit, but I’m kind of weak with alcohol so when I do drink it’s normally just cocktails.
Seungri: Every day (laughs). My favourite is plum wine - a double shot with soda. We don’t really have plum wine in Korea.

Q: What do you collect?
TOP: Designer furniture. I like Scandinavian chairs.
Taeyang: I’m into scarves at the moment. I don’t have that many right now but I want to collect them.
Seungri: I love aroma candles. Because I’m a good person who doesn’t smoke (laughs), my room smells wonderful!!

Nice to meet you, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Seungri: Nice to meet you! I have a Japanese name. My surname is Ikinari (“suddenly”), and my first name is Tameguchi (“casual talk”) (laughs)

Q:So, is it alright if I pass round the IC recorder?
Daesung: (straight faced) that will be 500yen
Seungri (to G-Dragon, who is still in the makeup room): G-Dragon-saaaaan! The interview is starting!!

Q:You guys are really close, aren’t you?
Seungri: We’re super close. There isn’t a closer-knit group than us. We’ve never ever fought, not once.
GD: He’s lying. [TII MAAAS KRIBEEEETEEE? xD Filia xoris fight einai fake filia. True Friendship einai ayto p antistekete kai sta fights]

Q:The name of the magazine is ‘Bijin Hyakka’ (Bijin means beautiful person, and hyakka means 100 flowers). What kind of girl is a ‘beautiful one’ to you?
Taeyang: So loads of beautiful girls appear in the magazine?! I don’t have any friends so please introduce me (laughs)
GD: For me, a ‘beautiful person’ is one with a beautiful heart. [<3]
Seungri: Is that what you really think?
GD: I’m a performer (laughs)

Daesung: No I’m not!! Um….is it ok if I imagine? Someone who smiles a lot is beautiful. For me, a girl who looks like she has a warm heart when she laughs is the most beautiful.
TOP: For me, in short, girls who are like my mum are beautiful. Who are slightly conservative and mild-mannered. [MAMA BOY <3]
Seungri: I-
GD: -like all girls (laughs)
Seungri: Yeah but isn’t that normal for guys?! But seriously now, a girl who tries hard at her job, is really agreeable, and who is respectful is beautiful.
Taeyang: Girls who give me inspiration are beautiful. Personal appearances don’t matter, it depends on whether they give me energy. (While looking at the magazine) There are lots of beautiful girls here.

Q:If we look at it the other way, what kind of girls do you not like?
TOP: Girls who swear (literally, ‘whose way of speaking is dirty’). Also, I don’t like girls who act like everyone’s friend.
Taeyang: Girls who know they’re beautiful! (nods once)

Q:Your fashion and hairstyles are really unique to each of you. G-Dragon - is your pink hair today your real hair? oh come on what do you think??
GD: It’s an extension. But TOP’s hair is his own (laughs)
TOP: I chose this mint colour when we were making the Alive album. I thought it would fit with the Fantastic Baby concept as it’s a very unrealistic colour. But unexpectedly it goes well with classic suits, and when I’m matching sober clothes together it adds this extra spice. But I think black is sexier on me (laughs)

Q:You’re wearing a lot of Chrome Hearts accessories today - are they your own?
GD: Yeah, most of them are my own.
Taeyang: The other members really like Chrome Hearts but I have a special story. All the artists I’ve loved since a kid wear Chrome Hearts accessories and clothes. Back then I didn’t even know the name ‘Chrome Hearts’, but I had this yearning to become an artist and have these accessories suit me.
TOP: They do suit you.
Taeyang (pointing to the super rare Rolex watch on TOP’s wrist): TOP-san also has a really great watch.
TOP (with a straight face): I’m a good man, so I have a good watch. [Hahahaha xD !~ The 5 year old boy]

NOTE: The translator said that "the last part is about the Alive album and how they’re looking forward to the concerts in Japan, which isn’t particularly exciting so they left it out".

Source: xtlover15@soompi_bb
Translation: thatsjustnotcricket@tumblr.com


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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Mon May 14, 2012 8:33 am

Taeyang's Interview with 10Asia

"See you in two years," Taeyang said after he wrapped up his interview with 10Asia. The magazine has been interviewing the artist in two-year basis: in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012. What this coincidental meeting with Taeyang left was a recorded process of his growth as a grown up and changes he had in his life. The idol who first made his public appearance through a reality program in 2006, which revealed all his debuting process to the viewers, became a rising star in black music in the country with his first solo album released in 2008. In 2010, he showed off his talent that gave him the title of a composer, producer and performer in his first full-track album "Solar." Finally in 2012, Big Bang began sweeping local and international music charts with "ALIVE," even gaining the 'Worldwide act' award at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Now, they are waiting to kick off 'the' world tour. During the past six years, the 18-year-old boy has grown to become a 24-year-old man and his group, Big Bang is only a few steps away from meeting a new world. Having experienced the success and the worst scenarios as artists in the past few years, Taeyang is now standing at the half point of his 20s. The group's popularity has reached its peak and they're ready to make a new start. Even if it is possible that Big Bang could become bigger stars than they are now, restoring the same vibe and beauty they have right at this moment of their lives would be impossible. 10Asia will be recording that moment of each member for the next five days. First to come is, of course, Taeyang. We hope to meet him again in 2 years.

"I realized that I just wanted to be free."

Q: You guys wrapped up promoting yourselves in Korea. It seemed like everything you guys would do in one year was all done within just three months. How does it feel?
Taeyang: It was busy but personally, it felt good to think that this was a new start. If we were doing our music activities like this in the past, it would have been hard. But this time, the results were pretty successful and rolling out an album during one of our most difficult times rather helped us. And we were pretty confident about the latest release too.

Q: It literally seemed like a new beginning for Big Bang. You guys are receiving positive responses not just in Asia but also in the United States and Europe. You even garnered an award from the MTV EMA and entered the Billboard chart without any special promotion.
Taeyang: I highly appreciate all the love we have been receiving with "ALIVE," but it feels rewarding and natural at the same time. I've been dreaming about this day in the past.

Q: You imagined that this would happen?
Taeyang: It doesn't mean that I expected how successful I'll get. I'm talking about my attitude. While going through so many things and preparing the album, I felt so many things. I began appreciating the other members more and thought that we could do anything with this mindset and confidence. During Big Bang's promotional period, I always drew the things that I'll achieve in my mind.

Q: Was meeting global musicians and collaborating with them a part of that picture you had? Now, Big Bang can work with international artists like Under Dogs and Diplo.
Taeyang: I'm so happy that we're now working with producers that we've been looking up to all these years. But this is what we had in our minds the whole time. We wanted this to happen but we sort of knew that it was going to happen. It was just a matter of time. But meeting Queen's guitarist Brian May was truly inspiring. I was not a passionate fan of Queen when I met him but after that day, I started listening to Queen's music. I was highly influenced by Queen's Freddy Mercury. Don't we look good together? (laugh)

Q: To be honest, no. (laugh)
Taeyang: I wasn't talking about vocal techniques but being free. In the past, I had a lot of things in my mind that was not related to music. I also had things in my life that I'm not so proud of. But I think I've changed a lot.

Q: I think your fans and other people saw that change as well. Randomly dancing in a variety program and putting your arm around IU were so unlike you.
Taeyang: People might feel a bit unfamiliar with new me. But this is just who I am. If I had this idea that celebrities need to be perfect, I won't be acting like this. But I realized that I just wanted to be free.

Q: Well that explains why you're so vibrant on stage these days. You were showing more limited moves in the past but when performing "FANTASTIC BABY," you look like you're really enjoying yourself.
Taeyang: Before, I calculated my moves not to influence my breathing to sing better. I had to do that to feel satisfied. But all I think about now is giving off a good energy on stage. I used to take ten minutes to meditate in a restroom to organize my thoughts. But nowadays, I always bring my speaker everywhere I go and listen to the songs I like. It's keeping what's real and getting rid of other thoughts I have in mind.

"After all, regardless of genres, what inspires my music is just a good energy."

Q: When you were promoting yourself with a solo album two years ago, you focused on every detail in recording songs. It was the same on stage performances as well. But this time, everything seems more implusive.
Taeyang: That's actually the talent I had. At some point, I was fitting myself into the frame that I thought I had to be like. I controlled myself and became a perfectionist in preparing my performances. But think about how broad and extensive 'music' is. Stupid enough, I was trying to find an answer in it. I realized that I'm still too young to find answers to such questions. Of course, that provided me a chance to know more about what music is. I think I found what I want naturally as time passed.

Q: Was there a special incident in that it made you think that way?
Taeyang: Well, I didn't have a special incident for it but last year's trip gave me a really good influence. I flew to Los Angeles last year, without planning things, and I visited Chris Brown's studio with Teddy. Seeing how he makes music inspired me so much. I mean, Korean artists produce amazing music too but they inevitably have to concern about their songs' popularity. But I felt that he doesn't care about those things and make music that he likes. I found that they record about 100 songs to make an album. Here, we don't start at all if we don't like the song when listening to it, but he tries everything. Whether you like it or not, you just record the song first. I learned a new way of approaching music. I've always liked music but I realized that I had more worries than joy when making music.

Q: Was that shown in your last solo album? I heard that you made music after watching snow falling out the window. When listening to the tracks, I felt that you had a lot on your mind when making those songs.
Taeyang: I don't know what the reason is, but something was shadowing my eyes. I had so many things that I wanted to achieve but I had no energy to pull that off. They say that it's a ritual for idol groups to go through major internal fights at their fifth year mark of their debut and we had that with other problems and accidents. There were no problems within our group and that sort of made me feel a bit tired in the process. While working non-stop, I just stopped seeing and learning things and just kept being loved by my fans. Usually, I draw a big picture of what I'll do and will achieve at the beginning of every album promotion, but I had no picture at all before releasing "ALIVE."

Q: It sounds to me like being conscious of other people pressured you even more.
Taeyang: Yes, I think it was a transition period. It's difficult to explain in words, but I think I made myself that way eventually. Now I'm free from being conscious of how other people see me. Actually, I was about to drop another solo album last year but I couldn't. It didn't feel okay about doing a solo activity while other members are going through a hard time. Instead, I traveled and got inspired. I began being honest about my feelings and dancing in variety programs. (laugh)

Q: At the beginning of your singing career, you showed natural moves when dancing. Did you regain that energy?
Taeyang: Yes, I now know that being natural and free is my talent. After all, regardless of genres, what inspires my music is just good energy. The energy I had as a rookie artist can be felt through the music I made that time. Whether it's R&B or whatever, the energy that an artist has is everything about his or her song's everything. That probably explains why, the first recordings are the best when recording tracks. You could come out with better versions in terms of techniques, but the final decision is always the first file you recorded. Almost all tracks in "ALIVE" are the first ones we recorded in our studio.

Q: Your vocal in "FANTASTIC BABY" is quite surprising to think that it's the first file of recording. The song's based on a fast electronica sound, but you don't lose that distinctive voice tone you show in black music. That all harmonize in a dynamic sound.
Taeyang: How you sing a song is not that important. Whether it's black music or a different genre, I now have my own energy that could cover songs with my own color.

Q: Then you must have so many styles of music that you'd like to sing in the future.
Taeyang: For example, now I have a wider picture for my future solo album. I was obsessed in pushing black music for my solo albums because people have a bias of me in doing the genre. I wasn't able to find the music I really like doing. That could have stopped me from absorbing different styles of music I could have in the past. I used to only listen to black music in the past, but now it's more diverse.

"I want to make this team the best in the world."

Q: So now you don't have a distinction between Teayang as a member of Big Bang and Taeyang as a solo musician?
Taeyang: You got that right. I used to deny to those questions in the past but I guess I was in a dilemma. There was a time when I thought I had my share of work in Big Bang and it was my album if I put my 100 percent effort. But after all, what's important was that wherever I am at, the songs I sing have to be the best in anywhere. While producing "ALIVE," I felt that I wanted to make this team the best in the world. The dilemma I had in the past is now meaningless.

Q: The world's best? I'm guessing it's not like topping the Billboard.
Taeyang: Of course not. By saying 'the best,' I mean 'becoming a more free person than anyone else when doing music.'

Q: Your world tour that's about to start soon could provide you a chance to reach that goal, huh?
Taeyang: I'm expecting a lot. I noticed that more-than-expected number of people's eyes are on us. Technically, we're at a starting point and we have so many things that we want to experience. We want to show the world that what Korean musicians can do.

Q: You'd really have to pump out all your energy. (laugh)
Taeyang: My plan this year is not to rest. (laugh) No joke, I've never cared how old I am till now, but it's inevitable to be concerned about my age. Being 24, this could really be the best year of my life in terms of success. I'd love to go out and play but I don't. There's this energy and talent that I can't control inside me. If I waste that energy on playing outside and hanging out with friends, there will be nothing left to show on stage. So I always save that energy. That's one of the reasons why hiatus is difficult period for me to bear. I have nothing to do. (laugh)

Q: You look really excited about all the things you're about to do in the future. (laugh)
Taeyang: I love it. Working on this album was the happiest period of my life since my debut. I did things I wanted to do and we were heading to the right direction. The band at the concert for example, it was perfect. The session players in the band, who came from abroad, practiced all our songs in advance and made us listen to it. They perfectly practiced all our songs. It was like walking into a whole new world. Their play even made me love the songs that I was getting tired of listening.

Q: So would it be different to play "Look Only at Me" with the band session?
Taeyang: It's embarrassing to say this, but "Look Only at Me" is an amazing track. I can't believe that it's my song. (laugh) I feel that I was too young when I recorded this track a few years ago. It was a bit difficult to digest too so I couldn't immerse when singing it. I think I could do better if I have a chance now.

Q: So how is it to look back on yourself six years ago?
Taeyang: Whenever I think about my past, I think that I was stupid. (laugh) I don't know if I should say this myself (laugh) but I was really pure and naive back then.

Q: Last question. What does Big Bang mean to Taeyang?
Taeyang: Whenever I get a question about Big Bang, I tell reporters that 'Big Bang is just Big Bang.' I think that's the right answer to the question. No matter what metaphors I use, it doesn't suit our group. How people perceive us doesn't affect who we are and it's possible that our popularity may die in the future. But I'm not scared of that. It's okay if we go through an accident and can't go up on stage. The reason why we can continue doing our music is because us five are enjoying our time together as a team. We all like music and wherever we go and whatever we do, I'm thankful that we're together. I have no fear and this is how it's gonna be.

Editor in Chief : Kang Myeong-Seok.
Reporter : Yoon Hee-Seong.
Photographer : Chae ki-won.
Editor : Lee Ji-Hye.
Editor : Monica Suk.
Source : http://goo.gl/g381P
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Mon May 14, 2012 8:54 am


Taeyang, your last words :')
Even when you can't produce music anymore, I will still be there for you!!
As I have said, VIP untill whenever!!!~
Untill Death stops me!!!

" People might feel a bit unfamiliar with new me. But this is just who I am. If I had this idea that celebrities need to be perfect, I won't be acting like this. But I realized that I just wanted to be free."

We love you for what you are <3~
I Love New Taeyang!!!~


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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   

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Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang
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