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 Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang

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PostSubject: Seungri’s interview on W Magazine!   Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:42 pm

The people who went to the concert said this. Because SeungRi is the most energetic, he stood out.
Since I’m the youngest, I have better strength… There are many people who traveled from a far place to see the concert, and in reality, it’s a rare chance for many people to see Big Bang up close so I tend to move around a lot for those people.

I cried after getting first place at a Lunar New Year Idol Special Program.
For some reason, I was touched. Since it’s been 2 years and 3 months since I’ve appeared on air, other artists were really close with each other. I was lonely, but since Big Bang doesn’t really appear on those programs, I worked hard and I wanted to break the people’s stereotypes.

The way you talk on talk shows, you don’t seem like the polite, youngest member of the group.
If you’re not polite, then you won’t survive in this world. But the character named SeungRi, I think people won’t like it if he was polite or quiet or was even serious or was a reserved person. From the audience’s point of view, I think SeungRi’s character is necessary among the five members of Big Bang cause it’ll make it more fun. I have the heart to make people’s heart feel refreshed without having to pretend. Making it feel refreshed coolly, I think that kind of character fits more with me. My thought was to wrap it up with my witty side so that people don’t see me as a bad person or have a bad attitude. But at times, I do feel scared after seeing some misunderstandings. I think it’s possible for people to turn their backs on you after one simple mistake when they were the ones who told me I was doing a good job.

SeungRi’s image in “Strong Baby” was strong. The boy who wants to become a man quickly.
The concept was an adult ceremony, but this grown man wanted to hear that he was sexy. I think that’s cute.

These days, within Big Bang, Daesung is the sexy one, so aren’t you jealous?
I’m not jealous. These days, I want to hear that I’m funny more. Wouldn’t you say the sexiness a woman finds in a male would be their humorous side? A guy who’s no fun is not charming at all.

Did you always have interest in fashion or style?
Whew. I didn’t even know what Dolce & Gabbana was. Jiyong hyung and TOP hyung always did hip-hop so they were always interested in clothes, but I was just a kid who didn’t know about that stuff and just danced. I just learned one by one as I became part of Big Bang. I want to be a guy who has sense rather than a fashionista. Don’t women like men who dresses well rather than having really good looks?

It seems like you have a lot of interest about what kind of guys girls would like.
Of course. That’s the interest all guys have.

Do you have a designer you like?
I like John Galliano. A long time ago, they looked like clothes that was hard to wear, but these days there are details that I didn’t think of and they make clothes with special characteristics, making the clothes really cool.

You must have felt bad about about the recent retirement of Dior.
I felt we’re all human beings. In the perspective of a designer or an idea, it’s a genius, but because of the lack of mind control, they made a sad mistake but we’re all human beings and we’re eventually going to make some kind of mistake. I believe it’s right to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again rather than receiving a punishment for it. Even for the fans who loved Dior, and I’m one of those fans.

How do you feel about debuting as a professional before becoming an adult?
If it’s something that I must do, then I think it’s better to start early. If you want to jump into this world, you have to sacrifice a lot of things. At times, I think you have to give up some things in order to achieve your dream. What I’m trying to say is, in order to achieve your future dream, your romance and imagination about it will break. There are times when it’s hard to overcome that.

What does dark circles mean to SeungRi?
My steadiness? It will never change.

I believe each of the member’s individual talent came out in this album. In SeungRi’s part, which side of it do you think was stressed?
I believe it’s the part where I can take a break. The part where the ears become comfortable. There are times when people will pay attention to the rap and singing parts of the other members, but I say if a voice that’s not burdening is a charm, then I believe it’s a charm.

You seem to be very selfish. What more do you want to do?
I need to lessen it a bit. But as time passes, it becomes more fun. I think it would be great if there was a chance where the 3 vocals can come together and sing coolly. I really want to sing.

translated: solshin3 @ 21bangs
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Fri Mar 25, 2011 7:42 am

G-Dragon’s GQ (April 2011) Interview

Part 1
GQ: It has already passed 2a.m.
GD: For me, it is daytime. Since I usually sleep until 10p.m. so it is my golden time for working.

SeungRi’s GQ (April 2011) Interview

GQ: Dark circles under your eyes…
VI: I always look tired, but I’m not. I just look like I am.


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PostSubject: Taeyang's Interview on W Korea Magazine April Edition    Fri Mar 25, 2011 9:37 pm

Among the members, you’re the one that showed a lot through music last year. It seemed like you were feeling a bit disappointed for not promoting enough on television and doing enough activities so how would you rate yourself for your first full length album?
It was the best I could do. I’m sure those who like me wanted to see me more on stage and it’s true that I wanted to show more on stage but now that I come to think of it, I think I did the best that I could.

What do you think about GD&TOP performing together this year?
On one side, I was very envious. I was envious because they were together and because they tested out a lot of things on this album. I think in the future, we’ll try those small activities among the members and not only focus on full length albums as a group. I’m saying this for the first time through W interview, but I’ll introduce you to what it’s like to work with Jiyong. I don’t know what kind of song will be made, but we’re looking for something fresh. He’s a friend that’s very determined and since both of our styles are total opposites, I think it’ll be a good match. I’ve only asked for a couple of features after I finish making the song, but if we work together from the beginning, I think something new will definitely come out.

As a producer, what kind of person is G-Dragon?
He knows how to use the opinions he gets from many people. Whatever it may be, he opens up a possibility and is able to take it in as his own. I think that’s why he’s able to create many different music. He’s been like that ever since he was a little kid. He always liked new things and wasn’t afraid to try new things. When I go to Jiyong’s room, sometimes there are clothes that I never thought he would have, which surprised me. Among those, there are clothes that I don’t understand and clothes that are tidy. Just from looking at that, I think Jiyong’s clean sensitivity can be seen.

Then on the other hand, aren’t you persistent with things that you like?
(Smiles) You’re right. But it’s not because someone forced me, it’s because we all have different tastes. Even if someone told me to do something that rash, I wouldn’t do it. I know what’s good for me and that’s the same with everyone else. Everyone has their own belief and stubbornness within them.

In the title song, “Tonight,” Taeyang’s voice completes the structure. But it feels like the vocal isn’t as technical as it was during your solo.
In my solo songs, I try to show everything that I have. On the other hand, when I’m in a group, the overall feel and the harmony of the song is important so I try to focus on that and tend to control my vocals and how I sing. I recorded so many times for Tonight and even made 2 to 3 versions of the song. The transcript of the song changes so much and there was a version where the song had a more sad feeling to it. When we transcribed the song for the last time, we included a more stronger chorus where the electronic feel came alive.

I heard you went to America not too long ago.
Ever since last year, I wanted to travel somewhere. After my solo activities finished, I went to Jeju Island with my manager for a short time and then we went to Japan afterward for a week, and this year, we went to America for 3 weeks. I was able to meet my friends, who are dancers, and I was affected a lot by that and became determined. I didn’t take formalized classes, but I was able to recharge the feelings that I wasn’t able to feel while I was performing.

Taeyang’s performance on stage is obsessively perfect, but it doesn’t seem like you’re enjoying it as much.
I think that was the case when I was promoting my first solo album. It was very burdening knowing that I had to do everything by myself and it’s something that I can overcome but the situation didn’t allow me to do so, so that’s why it was burdening. I think that’s why people around me felt the same way. After my solo activities came to an end, I thought about a lot of things. I should have enjoyed it more and it seems like I performed with very little ease. Since I experienced that already, if I released another solo album next time, I know not to do that so in that sense, I’m thankful too.

Then have you become a bit comfortable these days?
I’m very happy that the five of us are doing it together now. Individually, we need these kinds of time. I’m very thankful that I have a place to lean on.

Magazine scanned by: DCYB
Translated by: solshin3 @ 21bangs.com

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PostSubject: TOP's Interview on W Korea Magazine April Edition    Tue Mar 29, 2011 10:33 pm

I saw you appearing on a talk show. I thought you only matched well as an actor, but your character matches well with variety as well. I saw a very unexpected clumsy side.
I thought things like that was needed. If Daesung wasn’t part of the program, then I would’ve been scared. Before up till now, I’ve always been scared of going to places where there’s a lot of people I don’t know. But it was okay because 3 of the members were there. I don’t really like to be the type who’s always talking and is always loud in front of people, but I had the idea about getting closer to the audience. I tried to show that I’m not a burdening person, but a soft person.

So do you think you succeeded?
I was very distressed afterward because I thought I said a lot of things. I’m the kind of person who feels scared of showing too many things towards people. I’m scared of people knowing a lot of things about me and having them focus on one thing about me. I’m scared of not being able to feel joy in expressing myself willingly.

Then don’t you think you’re able to express all of that when you’re acting or on stage?
If I were to appear on a show often and talk and laugh a lot, musically, will I be able to highly affect it? I’m pretty sure when people watch me rap seriously on stage, they’ll think I’m holding down the weight of the stage. That’s the color of my music so that’s why I struggle when I appear on variety shows. It’s not that I’ve been avoiding it purposely, it was just based on my instinct and I’m going to try to hold it in for the time being.

You’ve gained a lot of popularity through GD&TOP. Who would you choose if you were to pick someone else in the member to partner up with?
All of the members of Big Bang get along really well and we match well so I think it’ll be fun to pair up with anyone. GD&TOP just naturally came out. We didn’t try to wrap up the album nicely and it turned out to be an organic album, so that’s why the results turned out great. The president liked it as well. If the results are good, we’re showing it as a unit, but the meaning behind it would be much greater if it came out naturally rather than forcing it out. Truthfully, I’m kind of disappointed about not having a break before Big Bang came out. I wanted to show a new character but because of the activity that continued, truthfully, I feel my mental energy is insufficient. If it doesn’t show on stage, I think it’s thanks to the wisdom of age.

For their 3 year anniversary, Big Bang and Corso Como collaborated and came out with an outfit.
I definitely liked it because it’s a shop I’ve always liked. I always try to find that store when I go overseas and it’s a place that I shop a lot and because they really like us we were really surprised they wanted to collaborate with us by making a jacket and I was curious as to how the people would take it in. When I saw the design, it linked with Big Bang’s album and it had a fashionable feel so a good synergy came out of it.

Is there a different standard when you rap in Big Bang and when you rap in GD&TOP?
If I rapped freely within GD&TOP without thinking about what others thought, within Big Bang, I try to do a fresh rap so that the people can understand and have fun listening to it. I pondered about whether I should do a rap where I can give off a certain synergy when I’m with the other members.

Acting and rapping, what’s different?
I think they’re similar. Rappers have their own colors and always try to express their feelings without showing too much emotion. I think acting and rapping is the same in the sense that both need to show off mind blowing feelings. Just like how I don’t do ordinary rap, I try not to do ordinary acting as well and I think that’s my color. I believe, when acting, I should naturally do it the way I want to, just like when I rap. But if I want to do that I know I should have more basics.

Do you plan on acting anytime soon?
I don’t want to show a lovey-dovey romance. I don’t think it’s time for me to show the side of me where I express my love. Doesn’t that excitement fade away when you see it too soon? Many people are curious about ‘what kind of feeling does the person, TOP, give off when he’s in love with a woman’ and I want to show that when people ask for it.

I think they’re already curious, don’t you think? What kind of woman do you like?
A nice woman

Source: Ramel @ DCTOP via 21bangs
Translated by: solshin3 @ 21bangs.com

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PostSubject: Taeyang's Interview on GQ Magazine April Edition   Thu Mar 31, 2011 12:41 pm

GQ: When I read about Taeyang, the words that come up the most are ‘sincerity’ and ‘honesty.’
It’s something I talked about a lot.

GQ: Does that govern everything in your life?
No, that’s not really the case. It’s just one of those things that you’re born with, that can’t be easily changed, you know? It’s not so much that I’m trying hard to be that way. It’s just me, I think.

GQ: Have there been times when you wanted to change your personality? Some people just act on their impulses while you worry or overthink. And a lot of times, those results are better.
That’s true. To tell you the truth, I felt that way a little bit after my last solo activities. It wasn’t for very long, and it wasn’t so much that I wanted to change. But I think I gained a certain amount of confidence. It’s not “I have to change something,” but more a feeling of, “Ah, no matter what I try now, I can at least feel confident about this part.” I feel like I’ve gained composure or confidence.

GQ: A step forward?
Yes, which is why that time period remains very precious to me. It wasn’t exactly the solo activities themselves, but realizing that getting through those difficult times alone was a step forward. I tend to agonize for a long time over things that you can just take in stride and do, but now… I feel like I’m a little better now.

GQ: When I watch you on stage, two feelings arise. That [everyone] ought to perform that hard. Or that you are performing too hard. It goes beyond simply working hard – it’s like your life depends on it. There’s pleasure in watching a stage like that, but it’s hard to play [have fun] along with you.
I think pressure plays a role, too. I don’t know. Like I said earlier, I’ve always lived that way. So I was ruled by the thought that I have to be diligent about anything I do. A little excessively so.

GQ: You feel it’s excessive yourself?
I didn’t know then, but I feel like it was excessive when I look back now. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I can be that diligent now about something that I don’t like or that doesn’t really appeal to me.

GQ: Does that mean you’ve learned to let go a bit?
You’re right, that’s what I learned. I had this thought a lot after my solo album – that it’ll take a long time until my next album. Because it took a really long time to release my solo album.

GQ: That’s been the case every time you released solo material, hasn’t it? Redoing half the album after it was completed, for instance.
That was a sign that I was doing too many things at once. At one time, I thought, “From now on, it’ll take even longer,” but looking at how I’m doing right now, I don’t feel that way anymore. Things are coming along much better musically, and I don’t feel like it’s going to take so long. I think for the next album, I won’t have the kind of feeling I had in the past, and I’ll feel much less pressure, too. I think I’ll be able to enjoy it much more.

GQ: On the other hand, GD&TOP’s performances feel like they’re really having fun on stage. You’re probably together almost all day – what kind of effect do you have on one another?
We’re influenced greatly in all things, first of all, because we live together. They’re the friends with whom I share musical conversations most often, especially Ji Yong. Because we have such different dispositions, we can learn a lot from each other. And things that I find difficult to do, given my personality… Even though we do the same thing, Ji Yong would do it very easily, so I think “Ah, that’s something I can learn from him,” and so forth.

When you think so much, you end up obsessing over every emotion, right? You analyze and analyze, again and again, and in the end you come to a conclusion, but, meanwhile, don’t you miss your chance to date? After all, there’s a timing for everything.
That’s why I can’t [date].

GQ: Was it two years ago that we said, “Let’s meet after you’ve experienced many more temptations?”
I can’t. I don’t think I can.

GQ: Why not?
I don’t want to make any conclusions, but I have a tendency to observe people, so even after seeing someone for an hour or two, I find myself analyzing, “Ah, this is this kind of a person.” After all, there are good relationships and not so good relationships. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t want any bad relationships, but I try not to create such situations. But that makes it hard to form deep relationships, especially romantic ones. Now I find myself avoiding people I don’t like without even realizing it. It just seems better than seeing them and being burdened emotionally…

GQ: I noticed you spoke about your ideal woman in a recent interview. You said you like a western [non-Asian] type.
What happened was, I don’t have anything specific to say when reporters ask that question. I’ve liked someone very deeply before, but I never particularly thought it was my ideal, appearance wise. Because it was different every time. I mean, there’s no reason when it comes to attraction.

GQ: It’s just instant, right?
Right, it’s instant, and it’s circumstance. That’s why it’s hard for me to describe my ideal woman, so there are things I always say in formal interviews. Like, basically, someone who will understand me. You know, the obvious stuff. Someone I can learn a lot from. But then, the reporters ask for “visual” stuff.

GQ: They ask, “Like who, exactly?”
They ask this a lot, “Who among celebrities?” I really don’t have anybody. The one thing that’s true is that, ever since I was little, when I watched foreign films, or even when I travel – and this is different from actually liking someone – but I would see western women and think they were very pretty, so that’s why I said that…

GQ: Western features? Or figure?
Just the feel, I think.

GQ: It’s not a physical thing, but more a certain energy, perhaps?
That’s it.

GQ: What is the most stimulating thing for Taeyang right now?
This might be a really boring answer, but I feel the most stimulated when I’m in the studio. The reason I’m in the studio even when I’m not working is because I become inspired watching the hyungs work, and that’s how I start working on my own music, too. Recently, a guitarist was playing in Teddy hyung’s room, and it just caught my attention. Listening to those guitar sounds, I thought, “Ah, I should make a song like this,” so I’m thinking of writing a song that uses guitar. It’s like that.

GQ: That’s a good answer, but try to think of something outside of the studio.
I feel motivated when I watch young kids.

GQ: Teens?
Yes, teenage kids. Kids who haven’t been tainted.

GQ: You think you’ve been tarnished somehow?
I think so.

GQ: You said that 2009 was a difficult year and that a lot changed thereafter. Was it then that you felt you were tarnished?
That’s right. I didn’t think so at the time, but now I think that was the case. At the time, I just hated it. I didn’t even know what “it” was. I just hated the situation, and as time passed like that… I actually saw the film, Black Swan, yesterday.

GQ: You saw a certain similarity?
It really gave me that feeling. So much.

GQ: What did you think of that girl – the ballerina who smokes and does drugs?
Lily? I actually liked her the most.

GQ: I’m not surprised. That kind of energy? I think I get it. Speaking of situations that don’t appeal to you… How was it with “Secret Big Bang” recently? You were Tae Team Leader, right? I laughed when you said, “I’m a man!”
You can write this or not, but honestly I did that because of the other guys.

GQ: Because everyone else was working so hard?
Haha. As you can see, my part is really small. I had the least filming to do, too. I told them from the start that I don’t know about this parody, about why we even have to do it. Honestly, there were other members who felt that way, too. It’s just one of those things we ended up having to do, and I never expected it to air on television.

GQ: You didn’t know it would be broadcast?
I thought it would just be for the concert. I actually never even saw “Secret Garden.” They told me what kind of a role it was, so I started preparing. Then they told me I had to wear a wig, and I said I wouldn’t wear it, that there was no way I’d wear it. I went at it with the staff for about 30 minutes, “I’m not going to do it. I won’t do it.” They finally said, “Fine, don’t wear it if you don’t want to.” But when I got there, Ji Yong was already in drag. It just seemed wrong to refuse then, so I went along without complaint.

GQ: At first, I thought Big Bang took the easy way out with this album. But the more I listen to it, I think it’s clever. Do you like it?
In terms of satisfaction, it’s my favorite Big Bang album so far. We spent a little more time and effort on it. We had a lot of discussions among the five members. Anytime you put a lot of effort into something, regardless of whether the result is good or bad, it means a lot to you. I think this Big Bang album has that kind of meaning.

GQ: G-Dragon once said, “In the beginning, I thought we just had to appeal to the Korean public. But now, I think we have to make it suitable for the entire world.” He also said that he can do it.
(Gesturing toward G-Dragon) That’s him… I couldn’t do it. I… how should I say it… I’m still trying to make music that I can be more satisfied with.

GQ: Do you get the sense that if you’re satisfied, the public won’t be?
That’s not necessarily the case, but I don’t know. So far, I think…

GQ: You still want to satisfy your own desires?
Yes, if it’s something I like more, I get the feeling it’ll be harder for the public to appreciate yet. At least – yet. I don’t know. Whether that’s just the Korean public, or even how the international public would respond -that’s something I don’t know.

GQ: Don’t concern yourself over things like that.
I don’t anymore.

GQ: It’s best to just do it. Who would complain anyhow? You’re Taeyang. Haha.
But I think what Ji Yong said, about trying to adapt to not just the Korean, but the international tastes, is really nice. I often had similar thoughts while preparing my solo album. Even if it’s not greatly recognized in Korea, I wanted to show people in other countries, “Wow, there’s someone in Korea who makes music like this.” From that perspective, I think Ji Yong and I communicate a lot better than before.

GQ: It was great to see you dance while waiting for the shoot. What are you like in clubs?
I just dance. I don’t drink.

GQ: Have you ever lost yourself or felt high?
A lot of times.

GQ: Without even drinking?
Yes. One thing I want to say is that I don’t need alcohol to get to that point. Dancing is more than enough. I think that’s why I love dancing so much.

GQ: Fifteen minutes of dancing trumps a bottle of whiskey? Then what about singing? Do you sing while thinking of the public or the audience?
When I’m singing alone, I truly become the lead/main character of the song. Especially if the lyrics are sad…

GQ: What if it were a song like, “Yesterday I took drugs, and today I raped someone and drank alcohol”?
Right, just like that. Honestly, when I’m alone I think I get even more absorbed in songs like that. Especially when I’m in the shower, it’s almost like I’m making a music video. Those are the times I like the best.

GQ: I suddenly feel swept by loneliness. How do you feel about interviews? No matter how good the atmosphere is, you can’t be 100 percent truthful. It’s an inherent limitation of having a recording device present.
That’s right. I think interviews in general aren’t a good match with me. The reason I prefer magazine interviews like this is because, rather than following a planned script, you can speak comfortably with each other and have serious conversations. And depending on the situation, I can communicate my thoughts 100 percent. It may not happen every time, but I like that I can reveal my feelings at least a little more.

GQ: Do you ever think you would like people to view you a certain way?
About two years ago? I think that thought was really central at the time.

GQ: At the time, what kind of person did you want to be viewed as?
Just the honest and upstanding image that people had of me. I think I was stuck in that mold without even knowing it. I would try to say things that fit that image a little better instead of just saying what I really felt. Looking back now, it was all… I think it’s better to show my true self.

GQ: You’re sick and tired of it now?
Yes, I can’t do it anymore. But, honestly, at the time I wasn’t trying to be like that. It just sort of happened. I thought the situation called for it.

GQ: Sometimes, when you feel like you’ve changed, the past can come back to haunt you. Do you have any regrets?
Since the moment I decided to become a singer and became a trainee, I’ve never regretted anything.

GQ: Have you ever envisioned a different hairstyle?
I’ve never once imagined a different style since getting this cut. That’s why I can’t change it now.

GQ: Why is it only long in the center?
That’s because… It would be strange if the sides were long and there was nothing in the middle. Haha.

GQ: How far do you want to go, musically?
I want to reach the sky.

GQ: All the way to your death?
Well, that’s probably not possible but…

GQ: What kind of song will you be singing at age forty?
I guess I’ll still be doing my music.

GQ: By then, will you drink occasionally?
It doesn’t feel particularly good to drink.

GQ: I keep getting the urge to talk about women.
Go ahead and ask.

GQ: Say you met a really attractive girl, someone with the kind of energy you want. If you miss her today, you’ll never see her again. What would you do?
But I think if it’s someone I really like, I’m not so lacking in confidence that I couldn’t approach her.

GQ: Then what would you say?
I’ll be like, “Do you like puppies?”

GQ: Haha.
Because I love dogs so much.

GQ: Then I’ll ask a little more plainly. You want to spend the night with that sexy lady over there. What do you do?
… That’s really hard. I don’t know what I would say. Teach me.

GQ: Um, well… Do you have any desires/greed outside of music? I want to see a dark side of you before we end this interview. What’s the thing you’ve wanted to possess the most? An instrument, perhaps?
Haha, no. I want to learn them, but I don’t have a desire to own them. Actually, that was my worry until pretty recently. I’m making money now, and I’ve even bought a car. I used to save up for months in order to buy an item of clothing I wanted, and I don’t do that anymore. That’s a little bit worrying.

GQ: You really do worry over nothing.
But if we’re talking about material possessions, one thing I’ve always wanted since I was young is a house with a yard. I want to raise a big dog there – an Italian dog called the Cane Corso. It’s like the Japanese Tosa. Totally black, big with a really cool silhouette.

GQ: What kind of advice does G-Dragon give you?
It’s more like he gets frustrated with me. Before it was, “Why are you like this?” Now he says, “So does that make you happy?” Haha, I think he gets really frustrated.

GQ: Most recently, what made him say that?
To tell you the truth, we’re guys, so, for instance, when we’re done with work and our schedules work out. He wants to go out, have some drinks and check out the girls. But I say, “Then I’m not going.” From his point of view, it’s frustrating. I can totally understand, because I want to hang out with him, and I’m sure he really wants to hang out with me in those settings.

GQ: Then you really don’t go? Aren’t you even curious? You won’t know until you go.
I feel like I know what kind of feeling/atmosphere it’ll be. I already sense that it’ll be unappealing.

GQ: Music and dance – maybe you’ve already experienced too extreme a pleasure.
That’s the biggest thing for me. I even think the love that exists in this world is imperfect. I realized that a little early. Having met a lot of people, observed a lot of people, I realized that the perfect love that I envisioned doesn’t exist.

GQ: Isn’t there something appealing about the uncertainty, itself, though?
Uncertainty doesn’t attract me, I think.

GQ: Then perfection only?

Editor: Jung Woo Sung
Translations by Sylvia@ALWAYSTAEYANG.COM

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PostSubject: Big Bang ‘Star News’ Interview   Sat Apr 09, 2011 11:57 pm

The idol group of 5 men, BIGBANG rarely spoke out their minds publicly. BIGBANG (T.O.P, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri) have just released their Special Edition Album which features their double title songs.

The music video for, ‘Love Song’ was shot near Jeollabuk-do. It was planned to be filmed on 7th and when they were filming it, the weather suddenly became rainy. In order to shoot this ‘blockbuster’ video, they have used four big cranes.

After they released the special edition album, they have already climbed up to the 1st spot of the real time chart which proves the power of BIGBANG yet again. ‘Love Song’ music video production has cost them 200 million won since they have used technology that has never been introduced before.

They used camera with a four-point wire as their main camera. Such kind of camera can synthesize the graphics to make the images look more realistic. The agency of BIGBANG, YG Entertainment said, “This is advanced technology only used by Hollywood films, World Cup and Olympic Games.”

Today, BIGBANG members did not only film their music video but they also share their exclusive updates with Star News about their new album, future plans and many more stories and here comes their confession.

Q: ‘TONIGHT’ has sold more than 160000 copies by now and 1 month later after its release, you released a new special edition album. Why?

GD: In February, we released a new mini album and the response that we received was good. We are very thankful for it. However, it has been a long time since we became active again. Therefore, we want to show you many things that we have prepared in this album. The double title songs, ‘Stupid Liar’, ‘Love Song’ and ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ make it the best album to show our individuality. We have debuted for 5 years already but we think it is the best album since we tasted the fun and expectation producing it as we did at the very beginning.

T.O.P: In ‘Stupid Liar’ and ‘Love Song’, we want to convey a natural feeling so I will not wear smoky eyes make up. Haha. Now, we will show you how varied our colors can be and it seems that we convey you a feeling of maturity, too.

Q: Why do you have double title tracks this time?

GD: We have been working with Teddy Hyung for a long time in producing ‘Love Song’. I think it can go well with spring season since the feeling of the season matches the sentiment that we want to convey in the song. It can also show you that we have been listening to a lot of foreign music, you should be able to get a refreshing feeling when you listen to BIGBANG nowadays. ‘Stupid Liar’ has a tinge of rock which is a song about a woman cheated on her man but how a man can still stay positive.

TY: For ‘Stupid Liar’, I think older people will like it since they might experience this case before which is the biggest selling point of the song.

Q: Please tell us about the mini album ‘TONIGHT that you released last February. The response you got was good.

GD: It has been a long time since we worked together so when we are working, we just feel like working at home with good mood. Therefore, fans can treat us as oppas of the neighborhood rather than idols now. The great support that we received from fans towards ‘TONIGHT’ is a great encouragement to us and it has strengthened us.

Q: Without any promotion in US, ‘TONIGHT’ album has entered U.S. Billboard and also the Top 10 of World Album chart too.

When we knew about the news, we did not feel anything immediately but later, I feel good and think that I have shouldered with more responsibility.

I feel the same too. This news made us think that there are a lot of foreigners listening to our music. And we also think that we are competing indirectly with international musicians too. It is another reason for us to work harder on our music.

Q: The passion towards music is still great. These days, when MBC airs, ‘I am a singer’,you cannot be in it unless you have passion. Have you ever watched it?

Lately, I am impressed by the programme. A controversy has emerged because some contestants broke the rules which might not impress some people but it really touched me. I feel really good when I see talented senior singers come out to perform and give their best on the stage. I am impressed by singers who perform with all of their heart.

I feel really good when I see the talented seniors to perform on the stage greatly. And the fact that the programme focuses on the singing makes it even more impressive.

It is a music programme that can hardly be seen nowadays since it enables the seniors to perform on their stage. I hope that in the future, there are more programmes like this which let the audience to watch the wonderful performance of the senior singers.

Q:It is very memorable that you announced the renewal of your contracts with YGE for another 5 years on 7th. Why did you make this decision?

We have been discussing about this issue among ourselves for a long time. However, then we came to conclusion that we still want to be in YG. It is the company that we grew up and being trained in music field. Moreover, it is where we are familiar with too. It is true that we did not even try to contact other companies. Haha.

TY: I have been in YG for more than 10 years ever since I started training at 6th grade and I really like it here. Like what Daesung said, after we all have looked at this issue objectively, we think that the best place we should remain is YG, so we renewed the contracts.

Regarding that, the members have no problems in gathering an unanimous opinion. There is too much music that we want to show under the name of BIGBANG which we can achieve in YG. The president (Yang Hyun Suk) left us space to think about our renewal. YG and BIGBANG have much faith and trust in each other.

Youngbae and I were trainees in YG since we were studying in elementary school. To all members, YG is more than a working place but also a family. We spent most of our teenage time here. Now, we seemed to know a bit of how our president is thinking. Haha. It seems to be natural that renewal of our contracts is a big issue but it is just not the case for us because we always think that we will stay with YG no matter we have a contract with YG or not. I like the relationship that BIGBANG and other singers share and in this case, both the company and singers can grow.

I just feel like how my hyungs are feeling. I always want to be together with BIGBANG and I can do so when I am in YG so it is not surprising that we renew the contracts. Haha.

Q: It has been 5 years since BIGBANG made their debut. Now, you have renewed the contract for 5 years unless something happens, you will be staying together for 10 years. It seems that you are a band which can stay long.

DS: I would like to stay with BIGBANG until the very end. Please keep on supporting us.

TY: My dream is that BIGBANG can be like Rolling Stones which can perform in the public always. I will strive hard since I want to hear words like, “BIGBANG’s music is really nice” even when we are old.

T.O.P: Even later when public get tired of us, I would still be there with BIGBANG until the last. This is my dream to let others recognize us as a super star like ‘Rolling Stone’ in Japan and Korea.

Q: You have released the special edition album today. What is your future plan?

GD: On 10th, we will perform on SBS, ‘Inkigayo’ for we have released the special edition of the album. We will promote in different places to meet with our local fans.

T.O.P: This year, we plan to meet a lot of local fans under the name of BIGBANG since we thought there are a lot of people supporting this album.

Q: You planned to have your Japan tour in May.

GD: We will perform in Japan for about 9 time. In fact, these days are the sad days in Japan (because of the tsunami), we should have cancelled the tour and worry about our safety. However, there is a strong desire from Japan about us holding the tour according to the plan so we decided to stand up for our Japanese fans by giving them power through the shows. Last March, YG Entertainment has donated 500 million won for the relief work in Japan. We will also donate a part of our earnings from this tour for this purpose.

I think it is good to keep our promise to meet our fans in Japan in the Japanese tour.
Q: Please tell us BIGBANG’s plan after the Japan tour.

TY: In the second half of the year, we may release one more album of BIGBANG but we always put the quality first so there might be changes in the plan.

In the second half of the year, we will collaborate with the famous producers of America and Europe for our new album. However, although we can have very good collaboration, it may take time for us to communicate with each other.

DS: For me, nowadays, I have to record for SBS programme’ Night After Night’ every week since I am one of the MCs. It seems that if I keep taking part in this programme, it is harder for me to do both the BIGBANG activities and filming at the same time. And, I am preparing my solo album step by step so that it will be able to be released someday.

T.O.P: It is not like our comeback will be delayed. Our aim of this year is to keep being active. However, for me, I want to meet all of you. Haha.

I will be with my brothers both in Korea or in other places and I will try my best. Please support us.
Q: The last question, by now, what do you want to say to the juniors?

GD: We have so many groups nowadays and the performance given by them are not confident enough. We want them to improve on this part. There may not be very often for you to perform but I want to tell the junior idols that if chances arise, they should seize them in order to gain them more chances in the future.

I have done a lot of performances with the members of BIGBANG and I have been able to see some enthusiastic audiences from time to time. Young people really possess some qualities I want to have. A while ago, I had a chance to visit YG trainees. There are too many excellent people and we think that they will be welcomed by the fans.

Source: Star News Via Big Bang Updates
Translated by: Rice @ bigbangupdates

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PostSubject: Daesung Junon Magazine Interview    Mon Apr 25, 2011 8:51 pm

Q1. First of all we talk about the drama ‘What’s Up’. It’s been a topic in Japan, but what kind of guy is D-Lite playing, and what kind of story is it? We could see photos on the Verdis(?) concert Japanese homepage, but what was the costume like?

Dae: Its a drama about the passion of college students dreaming of being musical stars. I’m one of them. I wore a mask on stage, and it was a lot heavier than I thought and felt uncomfortable.

Q2. What was it like working as an actor? What was difficult? What were the lessons you had before you started filming, or the things you practiced yourself?

Dae: There were lots of musical scenes, and because the performing actors and staff always paid attention to me, I really practiced a lot in places they couldn’t see. The songs and dances were different from the one I do with Big Bang, so I worked hard to be able to perform them really well.

Q3. What was the most enjoyable thing in filming? Are there differences between work as Big Bang and solo work?

Dae: I’d done a musical, and had also had to have done a drama, but it was all really fun. I think both as Big Bang activities and solo work have their own appeal.

Q4. Next is about music. D-Lite’s solo song ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ became a headline in this year’s Big Show - what is the meaning of the song? Please explain for Japanese fans who haven’t heard it!

Dae: It’s a love song, but the melody is sad, isn’t it? The meaning is: ‘Even if you have something don’t cry, I’m by your side’. The song is in Big Bang’s Special Edition Album in Korea, so please listen to it and feel the song.

Q5. What’s the difference between Baby Don’t Cry and your solo songs up til now?

Dae: My solo songs up til now have been happy with a bit of Enka (Japanese equivalent of Trot music), but BDC is the genre of song I most wanted to sing.

Q6. Recently we think you’ve become manly and sexy, did something happen? Your body is also stronger/buffer, did you do special training?

Dae: Sexy?! Haha! You noticed? Haha, I’m sorry. You say ‘strong’, but I think when I lost a few kilos my hidden muscles appeared. Haha, I’m sorry!!

Q7. In a previous article you said that ‘the secret to your smiling face’ is that you have lots of fun things going on around you. Has anything fun happened to make you smile?

Dae: Well recently in Korea we held Big Show, and more fans then ever before came so we were delighted. Of course when I see fans I naturally smile.

Q8. Also in a previous Junon article you said, ‘I want to go skiing!’ Did you get to go? And you probably don’t get much holiday, but how do you spend your free days?

Dae: I’m at home all day on free days. I think that not going out is the best way to spend a free day. I got to go skiing once too!

Q9. Is there anything you’re crazy about recently?

Dae: Its not something I’m crazy about, but everyone saw my ‘all-purpose bag’ and then bought me bags as presents, so I have loads of bags at home. But it wouldn’t be good if I didn’t have a bag.

Q10. Soon its the Japan Tour!! All the Japanese fans are waiting excitedly, but is there anything you’re excited about when you come to Japan?

Dae: Of course its always exciting being able to meet Japanese fans, and I want to see everyone being genki/happy. Please wait just a little bit longer!!

Source: DCDS
Translations: butimbigbang@tumblr
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PostSubject: Big Bang Interview on Crazy for Asian Star Magazine Japan    Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:16 am

In [BIGBANG is Back] what changes have you challenged yourself with?
GD: rather than a change of style I think it’s an album that most clearly shows our growth. We’re still not musicians, not artists, but we’re not idol singers. We’re the right age to call ourselves idols, and we’ve felt thankful to everyone. So we want to express that the album is a transition of our growth from idols to musicians or artists.

The album contains the genre Digilog, but what sort of music is it?
Taeyang: recently in electronic music, as it’s an environment where the artist and listener are comfortable, the listeners also get bored a bit, I think. In everyone’s music you can’t see any huge differences, it makes you think there’s only a really minute variation between them. We have to get out of that situation. Moreover, global music is becoming more analogue in feel. Because of that, while the sound is current, we added a little analogue feel to the melody and tried to mix our old and new music together. As the current circumstances are hard, we want to comfort peoples’ hearts through warm music, so it’s Digilog music.

What is the strength of BIGBANG’s music?
Seungri: there aren’t any hidden genres in our music. Hip hop, pop, punk, bossenova, rock – we add diverse interpretations to various genres of music and mix it all up. Because of that a wide range of age groups, from 10 – 40, can listen to our music. I think that’s the strongest point.

BIGBANG is a group that shines with the member’s individual personalities, but what do you do to harmonize as one group?
GD: each member’s voice is different. Taeyang’s voice is best for pop and R&B, it has an emotional and subtle image to it. Daesung has a bright image, and at the same time it has a traditional Korean feeling, rather than taking on an international flavour. Seungri’s voice uses lung capacity and has a deep feeling of sorrow to it. TOP has a husky, masculine voice, and mine is light and has a high tone. Since each voice is very different, even when you put them together there isn’t a sense of them not fitting. I think that because everyone’s balance of high notes and low notes is different, it’s interesting. The first track is 3 minutes, and in all I think it has a really interesting feel to it. While recording we try lots of mixing, and we plan to do the same from now on.
Daesung: All five of us in BIGBANG try to adjust. In order to make our music listenable to people, we try hard to welcome/match our personalities to each other.

So rather you work to match each of your personalities?
GD: We worried what would happen if rather than as BIGBANG my personality or Taeyang’s stood out, but when standing on stage again as five after such a long time we could express our personalities as BIGBANG. And so we devoted ourselves like when we debuted and tried our hardest. We made a penalty system for being late in rehearsal time etc, and all in all we prepared really hard.

A lot of work must going in to trying to fit everyone’s personalities into one…
GD: When making the mini album this time, we were able to know everyone’s personalities better. Since we combined while emphasizing each of our own strengths in the whole thing, it was much less difficult than I’d thought. Even if we bring together things that at a glance are completely difference it fits perfectly as BIGBANG, and likewise while our individual likes and feelings are different, when we combine them there’s this sense of doing it for the first time/a sense of newness. It’s not that I thought it was difficult; we were able to feel excitement/fun at producing our individual artists.

Without doing any particular promotions, you have had a great influence on the Western market for the first time. What are your feelings now that you’ve spread your wings in the world?
TOP: I don’t think it’s that we’ve become famous. Looking at the results of our individual promotions – Taeyang’s solo album, the GD&TOP album etc - I think that the attention even overseas has increased. Of course we can’t help feeling pressure from that. Taeyang has been to America previously, and the artists there seemed to have an interest in Korean music. Before we had a strong desire to make music that Korean listeners wanted, but now we feel like we have to compete with international artists too, it’s quite exciting.
GD: BIGBANG’s music isn’t made just for people in Korea, we’re also working to enter the foreign market, and we have the motivation for it. I think we’ve had the benefit of the accumulation of the efforts of Jinusean and Se7en-hyung and lots of other seniors. It would be great if in 10 years time if we’re lucky our juniors will also have the benefit of our efforts. If all Korean groups, by working like this, gradually raised the overall quality in the music industry, it would be wonderful. I’d be happy if Korean singers worked hard to be frequently noticed abroad.

Talking of BIGBANG, your performances with their overflowing confidence are striking.
GD: we’ve been working hard for almost 5 years, and maybe because we’ve made music that we want to, it seems that BIGBANG now could have the ability to not be embarrassed whenever or wherever we perform. About my guitar performance in Tonight – it was actually something I didn’t have much confidence about, but if I think it’s embarrassing then it falls apart. On stage I feel like that part alone is my stage. I think a performance is all about how much confidence you have.

What is BIGBANG’s wish, music-wise?
GD: Abroad really famous artists release an album after a long absence and simply through blogging that artist is noticed, but in Korea if a singer releases an album and doesn’t do promotions then they can’t be recognized. I think that’s a shame. These days although we want to record music one day and release it through the simple way of blogging the next day so that fans can hear lots of songs, there’s a company system in place in Korea and it’s not that simple. And we want to do loads more performances. However, if the system could be changed so that we could make the music we like, record it, and share it with everyone, it would be really great I think.

So you mean you want to share music more easily?
GD: If we could, then I think that musicians who really want to release music will be given so many more opportunities. Then we could have comparatively relaxed feelings, produce music regardless of the genre, and be able to choose music that listeners also want to hear. That kind of free feeling is great, isn’t it? So from now on we’re planning on increasing events through blogs. Perhaps before the end of the year it/we will change dramatically.

BIGBANG’s members have stress or worries, I think. How do you all overcome it?
TOP: We’ve been in bad condition due to stress and worries. So from about a year ago we decided to regularly take breaks to talk. I think that even now we’ve grown. From now there are many things that we have to show. Korean idol singers are restricted by a set framework, but I think that it can also be called a good environment. However, we don’t want to be restricted by it. If you look at it, we’re very free, I think. That isn’t because of a freedom of behaviour, but because each of our likings and personalities are different, we are truly free. So if we’re restricted then we feel stressed.

What meaning does 1st place in music shows have for BIGBANG?
TOP: I think that a simple ranking system for music shouldn’t have such a huge standard for judgement. However the reality where we judge artists based on rankings is a huge shame. Recently in today’s music industry, being 1st or 2nd isn’t that important. We’re not obsessed over being 1st. If we can have confidence in the music we make ourselves and have fun, then I think it’s good.
GD: Even though it’s a no. 1 chosen by everyone, there are times when the person who I think is no.1 and the person who others think is no.1 is different. Without knowing if that was correct or not I asked other people, and everyone also seemed to think the same thing as me.

Source: Scans posted here by Tisya @ bigbangupdates
Translations by butimbigbang.tumblr.com
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Fri May 06, 2011 9:40 pm

Big Bang Interview on Enews

The reason of the contract renewal between BIGBANG and YG Entertainment

BIGBANG is the top idol band nowadays and we expect to see them to remain on top for some more time. The average lifespan of the idol groups is 5 years. When the members grow into top singers, then problems between them and their companies will emerge, so the idol group would usually be disbanded by that time.

However, BIGBANG is not going on the same way with them. Recently, the 5 year-contract between BIGBANG and YGE has come to an end but they have decided to renew another 5-year contract with YG Entertainment.

Against the background that most of the idol groups seem to have endless conflicts with their companies, the renewal of the contract of the top idol group BIGBANG is regarded as a special ‘case’.

"We have not thought too much about renewing the contract but there were a lot of surrounding people trying to give us opinion on this issue. Because I have been a trainee at YG Entertainment ever since I was small, I have not thought of joining other companies. We have discussed the issue among ourselves. We have no knowledge about other companies. At YG Entertainment, we can create songs with the system there which other companies cannot provide us with. I am more comfortable when I work with YG." (G-Dragon)

"We are guided byYG Entertainment and they understand what kind of music that we want to create best. Neither the company nor we can keep on working well unless we know that we are going to renew the contract. I did not worry about it much. However, it is not nice that the contract renewal has become the focus of the news rather than producing good music. There are problems emerged from the renewal of contracts among many idol groups and their companies due to people talk about the issue too much." (T.O.P)

Taeyang said he has been leading trainee life with G-Dragon since they were young until they grew into teenagers.

"The company listens to our opinion, no matter what we do, we can do it comfortably because our company is supportive of us. They know us well." (Taeyang)

YG Entertainment is also well known for having a good system that each artist can enjoy, respect and utilize their individual potential. Therefore, it is understandable that the members of BIGBANG can show us their amazing talent continuously.

"YG Entertainment is more like a family than a company to us. We have comfortable communication with each other. We have been working with the staff for a long time so we do not want to leave each other." (G-Dragon, Daesung)

In the free atmosphere of YG, the five members of the group can show their own colors and abilities as musicians, and active performers on television. It is rare that the idol groups can write their own lyrics and excel in it. Labeling them as ‘Model Idol’ made them laughed since they thought they are over praised.

"I want to show that idol group can also produce good music." (T.O.P)

"Sometimes, only within such system that an idol group can be created. Inside the group, we are like a company which criticizes the music we make and share. As a singer, of course, we have to produce music." (G-Dragon)

"Each of the 5 of us have different strengths. We have learnt a lot from each other." (Taeyang)

"It is important to grow after we have debuted. We have to develop constantly." (Daesung)

We have grown stronger after experiencing the pain

They are staying on top right now but the process of rising to such a position is not easy. They are doing so well now because they have gone through the stage of trial and error and have been committing mistakes too.

"We made mistakes but I think that the comments that we received from the public are true. When we were young, we did not have much experience so we had to go through the stage of trial and error. It is what we called ‘the pain of growing’. Now, I think a lot about it too. I think we are able to reduce the mistakes that we commit in the future. When I was young, every single word of criticism hurts but I am fine now." (G-Dragon)

It arouses curiosity when they are talking about ‘the pain of growing’. When there are challenges, there are pains too. If you ask the members, they would say, ‘Now, it is okay.’ They really care about criticisms.

"The pain that you are suffering now will finally become the nutrients of your life. It is especially true for Jiyong (G-Dragon), It is probably the pains that he experienced when he was young make him a very different Jiyong now. It has taken a lot of polishing for Jiyong to transform into the one we see now." (Taeyang)

The member who is now a successful actor, T.O.P also told us that the path of rising to this rank is not smooth at all.

"I had to fight with myself a lot. It was tough both mentally and physically. When I was working alone, I also felt lonely. Ever since we have debuted, we have never taken a rest. I am lucky because I enjoy what I am doing. When I am acting, I am no longer the T.O.P of BIGBANG but I will immerse myself in the character. That is why I have confusion about my identity. However, when I am with the members, it is comfortable and better." (T.O.P)

Due to their hectic schedule, Seungri who could not hide his sleepiness also had to answer our questions. Therefore, the maknae of the team, Seungri gave us the following answers.

"I am still growing, all of these are hard for me." (Seungri)

In the meantime, the growing process that BIGBANG has undergone is difficult to be described by words but they are constantly supported by the love of their fans. They did not forget to say thanks to their fans.

"It is lucky that the fans that we have been facing until now are all good givers so I did not know the words hard or tough. We like producing music which is popular and loved by the public. What we want to achieve has been able to achieve until now. I want to say thanks to the fans." (G-Dragon)

BIGBANG have showed up as a top idol group, they were asked about their future objectives. "We will try to show you music of a wider variety." They answered with a hint that they are going to have an unusual plan to start.

"When the team releases songs and starts their activities under the name 'BIGBANG', everything would become very big. They will not happen if not for the many staff who are working together with us. We make comfortable music regardless whether they will be popular or not. I want to do it because it is fun and there are no restrictions. Therefore, we are not restricted within certain framework. I am worried about how we can play with the music. Music makes people to communicate easier." (G-Dragon, Taeyang)

According to G-Dragon, BIGBANG is trying to utilize the internet for the fans to have direct contact with their music. It is a song which can be completed by singing and if there is only sound alone, it will be meaningless. Anyway, they want to create music which is comfortable to ears and is enjoyable.

After talking about music, we also talked about other interests that every other young men in their 20’s would like. The members said, "There is no time" and shooked their heads.

"Recording studio, Music Room, Practice room are all the places that we go inside the company. We play, produce our music, practice and do all the things there. We also traveled to look for restaurants when we weren't famous then but we cannot do it now so we eat at the canteen of the company. I am doing everything inside the company." (G-Dragon)

"There is even a foldable bed inside the company, so you do not want to go home at all." (Daesung)

BIGBANG has been together from when they were in their 10’s to their 20’s. They have also renewed their contract, maybe they would still remain as the members of BIGBANG when they are in their 30’s. BIGBANG keeps letting us have another 5 years of wonder.

Source: Enews + Enews via bbvipz
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Fri May 06, 2011 9:48 pm

Fuck Yeah !!!
Χαίρομαι αφανταστα που ανανέωσαν το συμβόλαιο τους !

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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Sat May 14, 2011 9:13 pm


1) Do you know just how popular you guys are around the world? Have you ever felt the influence of overseas fans? How did it feel and why do you think you’re so popular abroad? (from multiple fans)

“Whenever we visit other countries, we realize our popularity there. But when we’re just in Korea, it doesn’t really strike us as real. The total number of clicks on YouTube and similar sites (of our video) really surprise us. We’re just really happy and thankful for people supporting us from far away. We hope to get to see you (overseas fans) more often.”

2) How do you want to be treated by fans? (hime_mochi)

“We hope our fans would accept us with an open mind on a lot of our ideas and things we do.”

Fan Questions:

1) If you had a time machine, where would you want to go (time, location, and with who)? Why? (from Nevyn)

“We would go back 50 years and experience a lot of different cultures to produce new music.”

2) If you had to seduce a girl in 30 second, what song would you sing? (from locarno)

“I hope you can tell us the answer.”

3) If you weren’t a Big Bang member, what do you think you would be doing now? (from dbgdluv)

“Big Bang’s producer.”

4) Which girl group member would you like to be? Why? (from deedeegii)

“We like being Big Bang.”

1) Your solo track “Wedding Dress” is very popular around the world. Why do you think so? (from multiple fans)

“I think the melody of “Wedding Dress” and my vocal color matched well and appealed to the fans abroad. I also think the music video with a sad storyline and choreography enhanced the song’s popularity in other countries.”

2) A lot of female fans pick you as their ideal types. What do you think is your charm? (from multiple fans)

“Hmm…I’m not sure either. What do you think is my attraction?”

3) What are you better at: dancing or singing? (from multiple fans)

“I think I still need huge improvements in both areas.”


1) You wrote and produced all the songs on the “Tonight” album. What was most difficult or fun, and where do you find your musical inspiration? (from multiple fans)

“Everything is difficult yet hard at the same time. I can always learn new stuff and try other things. Musical inspiration…I don’t know, it all depends on how I feel each day.”

2) What’s your favorite track so far, and why? (from multiple fans)

“Haru Haru (Day by Day). I love all of my songs but a lot of people liked this song, and I personally want to show off this song a lot. It brings back a lot of memories and I still get emotional listening to it.”

3) Any singer with a different agency or country you would like to work with? (from multiple fans)

“If I do get a chance, maybe a rookie girl group???” lol! lol!

1) Do your silver and blue bracelets have any special meanings? Did you get them as gifts? (from roycie)

“They don’t have any special meanings. A long time fan has given it to me, so it sort of works as my lucky charm.”

2) Would you like to continue acting? (from eviea)

“As long as the role fits me and the show/film is good, I would do it anytime.”

3) You look really close with Park Bom, especially after she was featured in “Oh Yeah.” What do you think of Park Bom? (unknownbutknown)

“I think she’s good.”

1) Do your silver and blue bracelets have any special meanings? Did you get them as gifts? (from roycie)

“They don’t have any special meanings. A long time fan has given it to me, so it sort of works as my lucky charm.”

2) Would you like to continue acting? (from eviea)

“As long as the role fits me and the show/film is good, I would do it anytime.”

3) You look really close with Park Bom, especially after she was featured in “Oh Yeah.” What do you think of Park Bom? (unknownbutknown)

“I think she’s good.”

1) Was it hard to film “What’s Up”? Did T.O.P give you any acting advice? (from juang_bb)

“It was difficult to work on Big Bang’s new album and our overseas promotion at the same time while shooting the drama.”

2) Did your musical preference change through doing musicals and dramas? If so, how? (from no1chronoptimist)

“It didn’t really change, but I was a rocker in the drama, so I tried to listen to a lot of rock music.”

3) Unlike your real character, you look tough and rarely smile on album jacket photos. Is it intentional? (from ikaru)

“I guess it’s because I try to follow the overall album concept…but I think that’s just another side of me..^^”

1) You’re really good at mimicking YG’s voice (the head of YG Entertainment). How do you do it? (from FDTxtianshix)

“I just do my best to make it sound similar.”

2) Your me2day tags are hilarious. Where do you get the ideas? (from jiyongfighting)

“I just wanted to express my thoughts in a unique way.”

3) You’re the youngest of the group. How are you as the youngest member, and what type of brother are you to your younger sister? (from chocoHOLICv)

“I’m very cold-hearted and unfriendly. I’m a cha-do-nam style!! (Editor’s note: “cha-do-nam” is a slang word for a “cold-hearted, urban, guy,” which is widely used as a way to describe a cool and stylish guy from the city).”

Source: Soompi
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Fri May 20, 2011 11:42 pm

Big Bang “Love & Hope” Concert Review on Josei Seven Magazine!

[Don't go to Japan]
Korea’s cry is beyond…

On May 10th at Osaka Hall, BIGBANG’s “Love and Hope Tour 2011″ began.

“This time, it was hard to come to Japan, but we came to keep our promise with everyone.”

With these words that V.I (20yrs) said, the venue with 20,000 fans cried and their delightness peaked. The venue swung, some people were too touched to even shed a tear. There is a deep reason why these words were strongly said in all 3 days. The promise that V.I talked about is when they had a tour last February, they said “We’ll come again.” to fans.

To keep this promise, the BIGBANG members announced the “Love and Pain tour 2011″. The plans at the moment were that concerts will be held in Tokyo, Yokohama and more. But it changed because of the eartquake that happened in Eastern Japan on March 11th. Worried voices raised because BIGBANG’s tour might have been cancelled.

But they said “Because of this serious situation, we would like to give messages for energy and hope to those who suffered.”

They put thought in it and announced that the tour title was changed from “Love and Pain” to “Love and Hope” which made their Japanese fans happy. But with the Japanese tour, there was an objection from Korea.

“They are our never ending singers, and we can’t let BIGBANG who are Korean citizens, go to Japan because of the serious condition. We want the Japan tour to be cancelled.”

About 7500 fans sent their voices to the entertainment and their record company. The company announced that their stay would be shortened from 2 months to 2 weeks and the cries of Korean fans remained. But still, BIGBANG arrived on May 2nd. Leader G-Dragon said on the meeting after the tour’s first day,

“We hope that they’ll understand that it’s safe because we’re here. Japan and Korea are near countries, we must join forces to reconstruct the road to walk.” for Korean fans to understand and to tell his feelings to Japan.

So this is how the tour happened. It was a really hot evening. It wasn’t only fans who enjoyed it. Elegant faces were spotted, from idols to comedians were seen such as AKB48′s Maeda Atsuko (19yrs) and Shinoda Mariko (25yrs), Mizuhara Kiko (20yrs), Katou Miriya (22yrs), Sasaki Nozomi (23yrs), Aoyama Thelma (23yrs), Imada (45yrs), ORIENTAL RADIO’s Fujimoto (28yrs), TANPOPO, and V6. The audience and the stage at the third performance, it was the best and like flashy lake, the good parts are such as…


The concert started with a shocking performance of G-Dragon smashing a guitar. The venue looked like a dance floor with a lake of people holding there penlights.

TOP (23yrs) said infront of a heated fan, “Osaka was hot but TOKYO is also hot!”. SOL said that G-Dragon hurt his foot at the Osaka concert. And then G-Dragon said “It hurts a bit, but I’m alright!”.

The youngest, V.I said “Today, it’s friday the 13th. Isn’t it scary?” for some reason. Because he was kind of annoying, SOL grabbed his neck and lead him to the exit. And with this, everyone laughed a lot.

TOP joked next. After G-Dragon cooly said “Let’s get to the next song, CAFE.”, TOP asked “Is there ice coffee?” which made the venue burst even more.


V.I’s new impersonation for this tour is revealed.

“It’s alright in Disneyland! It’s called Mickey? I’m Mickey too! Dodosuko suko suko LOVE chu nyu♥”

To be honest, V.I’s impersonation didn’t look much like Tanoshingo’s. With this, the other members just smiled awkwardly. But only D-LITE (22yrs) said “Amazing! That was good!” with a grin.

That D-LITE who teased V.I, totally went into the world of the song when singing his solo and he let us hear his beautiful voice. There were fans who were crying. SOL, who also sang his solo, took off his jacket at the middle of the song and only had a tank top. It was stunning and it made the venue sigh.


For three days, G-Dragon kept pushing his injury and showed us great performances, but his foot’s limit is already approaching. At the encore stage, he could barely even walk.

V.I who was teased the day before, took a segway on stage for G-Dragon. Then G-Dragon rode it and continued the performance. This kind group love is probably one of BIGBANG’s charms.

At the last song, TOP shouted “Tokyo Don’t Cry!”, and also, SOL said “It’s the end today. We are sad too. But we’ll meet again.”.

“When you reach home, call me because I’m worried.” V.I joked until the end and his head was thrusted by G-Dragon. ”Love & Hope” had the best songs and laughs. We felt the love and hope because the five members were there.

Translated/Scanned: Rashel @ ibigbang
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Thu May 26, 2011 11:16 am

Big Bang's Interview in Junon Magazine, June Issue

If your members were girls, who would you like to be with?

VI: Eh? I have to choose among the members?It is difficult... En....
It is not(laugh). Take me please.

G-Dragon: All the members. Everyone of us has our own charm.I am not able to choose only one among them.

TOP: All the members. The reason is I can imagine random things about it.

SOL: No.If this happened ,then I would like to remain single. (laugh)

D-Lite: If I were a girl, I would like to meet a boy like myself. (laugh)

Member's unique answer for JUNON
The title of the concert this time is 'Love and Hope' , we can feel the love. Please explain what your hope (dream) is.

TOP: I love all of my Japanese fans. Because of this, I wish there is hope among them too

D-LITE: I love the title of this concert, 'Love & Hope' and my car.

SOL: I love you too, the fans who are surrounding me. My hope(dream) is to touch the hearts of a lot of people.

G-DRAGON: I also love cars. Moreover, I also hope that the people who have suffered in the disasters can gain back their smiles as soon as possible.

V.I.: Recently, I have poured my love in my fitness management. For hope...I am thinking, thank you. (laugh)

Has been appearing consecutively for 5 months!!
You can find us here for 5 months.
2011 BIGBANG is today

Finally~ It is there! This month, we have G-Dragon to be featured in our magazine! The leader is fashionable but he is also famous for his non-made up face. Please enjoy the following interview which we have done with him!

Work Q1: The 1st half of 2011 has passed swiftly. Then, for GD, how did you pass the 1st half of 2011? Please also conclude with some words about the activities of BIGBANG in the 1st half of the year.
GD: GD&TOP, VI SOLO,BIGBANG COMEBACK, SPECIAL ALBUM, and then BIGBANG 2 album, we have released many albums within a short period of time, we are able to show a variety of colours. For me, I have also been doing a wide range of activities, my feeling toward them is beyond description.

Work Q2: You have released album ‘BIGBANG2’. How are all the songs like in this album?
GD: We want to organize the songs that we have introduced when we have been promoting in Japan and also introduced the new songs that we made this time together.We want to share with you the music that we have made after we have experienced life even more. We would be delighted if we are able to do so.

Work Q.3 Please introduce the newly released songs to us.
GD: ‘TONIGHT’- a song that carries the style of BIGBANG. It has been a long time since we have a striking song which can display our individuality. The stage performance also worths paying attention to.
‘Ms. Liar’- it has a interesting melody and the lyrics is also interesting. We use the rhythm and musical instrument which can produce the style of rock to make this song. After adding all of these elements, we ended up getting a even more interesting song.

Work Q.4 I think he songs which are included in ‘BIGBANG 2’ has been packed with a lot of feelings that you had, what is the most favourite song of GD among all the songs?
GD: “LOVE SONG’! this is the most recent song that we have released in the 1st half of this year. This is the last song that we have promoted in Korea for our activities in the 1st half of the year and is the last song in ‘BIGBANG 2’. This is a song which has been deviated from the regular image that what BIGBANG’s music should be and gives you a fresh feelings. The MV is also very special!!

Work Q5: Sad songs, happy songs, etc can be found among the songs of BIGBANG. How can you produce the songs which can move people?
GD: It depends on the songs; however, it is for sure that I have tried my best to write the songs with my heart. I believe that the most important thing is we believe we can really communicate with the listeners in this way. We have talked a lot with our members and staff, I will make the songs which many people can be related themselves to and be comforted after listening to them. In addition to the lyrics and the melody of the songs, we also place emphasis on the overall atmosphere that the song brings out when we are producing.

Work Q.6: In ‘Tonight’ and ‘Ms. Liar’, GD has made a dog-like howl in both of the songs. Is it your recent favourite?
GD: There is a fixed style for rapping but it can also coupled with individuality. My ‘sound’ on the stage presents the image of GD which let you know he is there. The performance will be more interesting with this element added. I Hope that whichever songs that you listen to with such a ‘sound’ in it, you will think of me.

Work Q7: In the 2nd half of 2011, what will Big Bang going to show us?
GD: We are also anticipating about it! We plan to collaborate with famous as well as new song writers. We firmly believe that we can deliver a feeling which is different from those in the past, please look forward to it, everybody.

Private 8: Any style to recommend? What is the most favourite thing that you have bought recently?
GD: In the past, I used to prefer wearing clothes which colours can attract attention as much as possible. However, recently, I prefer simple chic style more. Moreover, I also collect rings and bracelets. The most favourite thing that I have been wearing recently are 'Chrome Hearts' accessories.

Private 9: Wearing accessories can make you feel happy. What do you like best?
GD: It is a difficult question... The hair was set in order to match the atmosphere of the song. I had to fit the concept. As time passed, it is a little bit embarassing to look at this hair style I have set previously. (laugh)
Now it is pink in colour,I don't think it is too bad.

Private 10: Sometimes, you are cool and sometimes you can be innocent... We can see so many facial expressions on GD's face, what is your true character?
GD: Certainly, I am what every one of you think I am like. My personality can be seen partly under certain situations but the whole can only be seen by combining all together. I will be glad if you can think so too.

Private 11:In the love songs that composed by GD, there are sad ones happy ones and provocative ones... A wide variety of love can be found. Which song of Big Bang is the closest to the love story of GD?
GD: For example, the song 'What is Right' (a Korean song) I was not very sure what love was although I know better when I am growing up. I write about the innocent feeling that I felt in those years. I cannot find the answers anywhere, I always think it is difficult to handle love affairs.

Private 12: What has recently made you happy? Share something like what you have been obsessed with or what have made you burst into laughters.
GD: Previously, we have gone to 'Jeju Island' which is a beautiful place. We had a lot of fun there. I want to go there again.

Private 13: Lastly, please leave a message to every fan of Japan.
GD: I always thank you for your support. I knew that I was not able to be with you together when you were experiencing the sadness, I pray that there will be a lot of good things happen soon. The concerts of BIGBANG is a good memory for everyone and I am glad if the concerts can give you power. And please don't change your love towards BIGBANG.

Source: As tagged via 21 bangs

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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:18 pm

BIG!! BANG!!! Report
The fastest live report and the publishing of PV photos of the new song, ‘Tonight’


“’Keep the promise with fans’, BIGBANG return gloriously with their new album.

The victorious return after 2 years!

The long awaited ‘BIGBANG 2′ has been released. Please listen to the words that the 5 members say about this album which has been sold well.

It has been about 1 year and 9 months since we released the last album ‘BIGBANG’ and within this period of time, a variety of changes have occurred. Regarding my vocal approaches, I learnt how to control my voice when I have to be tender and when I have to be loud. I have become more mature in this way.

D-LITE (We call him D.L in the following): I have gained experience from the activities in order to improve myself. I think the things that I newly learnt can supplement my original personality. In a nutshell, this piece of work is a great and smooth album.

G-DRAGON (We call him GD in the following): We have been growing a lot. When we are all combining together, we have become smoother.This is the album which can show how we are like now.

DL: Yes, it gives you the feeling that ‘this is how BIGBANG like nowadays’. I think this is the thing that we have accomplished.

GD: During this period of 1 year and 9 months, we started to understand more of our own specialty. I myself has also been maturing in recording and it has become smoother.When I say, ‘sing this song’ everyone can sing it with a voice which can match the feeling of the songs. I think it is our growth when comparing with the previous albums.

VI: Concerning the songs which are included in the album, there is little resemblance that we have in this album with the previous ones. In the previous albums, there are many songs which are upbeat but most of the songs we have included in this album are sad and about separation. We are seeing whether we can receive good responses from the melody and lyrics composed by the more matured BIGBANG.

SOL: Yes. I think that when listening to the 10 songs which are included in the album, the feelings can be different according to the different situations you are in. Therefore, a range of feelings can be found in the music of the album. I think I would like to do more of these in the future.We have also used various methods in producing this album which are different from the previous works. It has given out the feelings of having more layers of the album.

GD: Because the types of the vocals and those of the melodies we have today are more than ever, many thinkings of people have been inluded.

T.O.P.: The title song of the album, ‘LOVE SONG’ has a tinge of western feeling. I think it is the best sign to show our changes individually.

SOL: BIGBANG becoming deeper and darker = freshness. I hope that you can enjoy listening to all of the songs in the album.

V.I.: We have increased our depth of expression when singing the songs because we have accumulated a lot of experience.

DL: You are right.

So, to my impression, our supporters were particularly young girls only young girls but we will be glad if we can attract people from the former generation with this album.

G.D.: In order to attract more people to listen to our music without difficulties, we are also seeking to make music which is more popular.


GD’s ‘Night Date’ is?
Q: What do you feel happy about coming to Japan this time?
A: Meeting the fans that we have not met for a long time.

Q:The greatest memories you have at night?
A: No comment! (Laugh)

Q:What is your ideal date at night?
A: Riding on a good car, we will have a driving date!

was born on 18th, August, 1988.
Rapper, vocal and leader


The precious answers given by TOP who is living in his own space!?
Q: What do you feel happy about coming to Japan this time?
A: Meeting fans again

Q: The greatest memories you have at night?
A: Hahaha…

Q:What is your ideal date at night?
A: Hahahaha…

was born on 4th November, 1987.
Rapper and an actor


The secret joy that he has in Japan is?
Q: What do you feel happy about coming to Japan this time?
A: I have mania over beef rice, I am looking forward to Sukiya’s new menu.

Q: The greatest memories you have at night?
A: In the past, I have watched the sky which was wholly covered with stars. I felt so touched since I had witnessed the beauty of the universe.

Q:What is your ideal date at night?
A: We wear clothes which will not arouse anyone’s attention and have a normal date as other people do.

was born on 12th,December,1990.
Vocal and his solo songs are also on sale

Unexpectedly romantic!?

Q: What do you feel happy about coming to Japan this time?
A: Being able to feel the same with all the fans when we are on the stage.

Q: The greatest memories you have at night?
A: The episode at night…I don’t know..hmm

Q:What is your ideal date at night?
A: Facing a great nightview, we have a drive and a walk together.


was born on 18th May, 1988. The main vocal of BIGBANG.


‘The greatest’ tonight is…?

Q: What do you feel happy about coming to Japan this time?
A: The tours that I have in Japan.

Q: The greatest memories you have at night?
A: The night that I can go on a tour.

Q:What is your ideal date at night?
A: Having one when we can see the super nightview outside the house!


was born on 26th April, 1989.
Vocal and is also active in variety shows.

The feeling of being an adult has filled the pv of the new song

We are going to reveal at the fastest pace about the their shots of the title song of ‘BIGBANG2′ album, ‘Tonight’ which have placed great emphasis on thrt individual colors and the must-do poses in filmming a PV!

G-Dragon appeared in the opening scene. He wore a wild coat which attracted a lot of attention,he is really the representative of the fashionista from Korea. Then, he changed to black stylistic suit and a top with Dalmatian pattern, etc. He has changed several special pieces of clothes which caught others’ attention. TOP dressed in a piece of suit, his style of clothing together with the girls in the car intensify the feeling of being an adult.VI was standing under the blue sky and singing enthusiastically on the patch where a monument is enacted. His feeling is so colourfully 3-dimensional. SOL was driving a black sports car at night on a street, his sining at the coast of the sea really caught our attention. Then, we will talk about the D-Lite whom has become the key person of the story. He showed his painful, worrying and other expressions when he saw the girl that he loved. We can certainly tell his acting skills from all of these. He was wearing a white shirt in a red car with a open top which made him look irresistibly cool. The passager seat was therefore always filled with a passenger. He has never been involved with a woman and sexy moments like this before. It is uncommon to see such kind of expression which belongs to an adult on his face…

The scenes that the 5 people include night scene and desert and it was necessary for them to change their costumes from time to time. Each person’s dynamic facial expression and movements were captured by the camera and it is also enjoyable to do such kinds of shots. This PV has two versions, both Korean and Japanese version. Therefore, we can also enjoy some fun when we trying to look for the differences in them.

The lyrics of the new song is about the 5 people, I listen to this song every ‘tonight’!

The fastest report on ‘Love & Hope Tour’
About the concert on 13th, May, Chiba Makuhari

It has been about 1 year and 3 months that they hold the tour for the whole nation. In order to express their wish about the relief of the big earthquake, they changed the title of the concert to ‘Love& Tour Tour’ urgently. They started the concert with the title song ‘TONIGHT’ and have received a lot of cheering from the audience. They also performed their newest songs of ‘BIGBANG 2′ They also sang songs like ‘Let me hear your voice’ and ‘Gara Gara Go!’. They sang 24 songs in total and delivered a cool performance which was charming. SOL, D-LITE, VI’s solo songs were revealed at the later stage of the concert which showed their singing power. The duet group of GD&TOP had appeared in the corner riding their segways when their PV was showing in the concert at the same time. At the beginning, V.I. was the MC and he said, ‘ we have fulfilled the promise to come to here again!’ then, screaming could be heard and the yellow lightsticks could also be seen waving everywhere in the concert. When they were doing the encore stage of ‘MY HEAVEN’, the happy faces that every people wore had left a deep impression on us.

Scanned by: Tisya @bigbangupdates
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates
Credit: Soompi Big Bang , @21bangs

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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:38 pm

Big Bang Q&A on Spring Magazine Japan (August Edition)

1) The ideal place for dating during the summer?
T.O.P: ...
V.I: I want to rent a house on an island then we can spend time together.
GDRAGON: I love swimming. I want to go for picnics at scenic places.
SOL: I want to have fun in Jeju Island in summer.
DLITE: She and I spend the date in an isolated island

2) In your opinion, what are the best words that you want to hear from women?
T.O.P: Praising words for me.
V.I: You are sexy.
GDRAGON: I think the best thing I can hear from women are words that describe the budding of a romance.
SOL: I feel energetic when I hear praises on the albums and the stage performances.
DLITE: You are charming…. (laugh)

Credits and translation: Rice@bigbangupdates

G-Dragon’s Short BeanPole Interview

What is GD’s concept today?
- Bean Pole man

GD’s favorite style?
- I recently like to wear pique (polo) shirts. I think the style points are in the hats and the accessories. Everyone, use more accessories. When talking about Bean Pole, it reminds us of the passion of styling up the dreams of young people in their 20s. Bean Pole!

Which person would you like to personally style for?
Hyung Don hyung, are you watching? I want to style for Hyung Don hyung who has been frequently seen on Infinity Challenge these days.

Source: BeanPole | bigbangWORLD
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:47 pm

Big Bang's Q&A on Vivi Magazine Japan (August Issue) [NEWS]

We sincerely hope that Japan can recover. Big Bang gave us strength when they returned to hold their concert. We (at VIVI magazine) talked with them about the topics, love and hope.

Q: What do you do to cheer up yourself when you feel down? What methods do you recommend?

VI: When you cannot think about anything, please listen to acoustic music that you like and dance to it. It will make you feel like you have seen the brightest star in a summer all of a sudden.

The maknae of the band has recommended this way to cheer himself up. When he is feeling down, he will dance in order to let go of all the sad feelings. In fact, V.I. is also a dancer who has lots of energy. He gives people who witness his active side power.

D-Lite: No matter what, just smile. When you smile, you will be happy.

D-Lite is the mood maker who gives us heartwarming inspiration. He also told VIVI, "I am not good at talking but I will look at the girls when they are speaking." After talking to him, I realized that the most charming part of D-Lite is his smile.

T.O.P: I always reflect on myself in order to leave some room in my heart. I also leave time for myself to think about issues.

"When the previous album was released, I felt that I've become more like an adult and a naughty man." So this is our comics-like T.O.P. He has a grand look outside but at the same time, he is well known for his mischievous side. Strengthening himself again by self-reflecting, and this is our adult man!

SOL: I am thankful no matter what situations I am in and no matter how trivial the things are in my life. If I can do this, I will be satisfied all the time.

"I will bring along a bible if I have to be alone in an island." His answer proves that he is a devoted Christian. During the concert (Love and Hope 2011), he said, "We thank you and pray for you." These are the heart-warming words that SOL gave to his Japanese fans

GD: I like hearing the voices of the people that I love in these times. For example, I will talk to them face to face or call them on the phone… When I do this, my stress can be relieved.

The leader is good all aspects. G Dragon is a quiet and prudent person; therefore, his means of lifting up his spirit again is also a quiet way. He always talks to the people he likes in order to recover himself from sadness. This helps him get his energy back.

Scanned and translated by: Rice @ bigbangupdates.com
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:15 pm

YGEX Press Conference in Japan (Full Interview)

Big Bang's G-Dragon ("GD") and Taeyang joined YG Entertainment about ten years ago. And during that time, they have been members of Big Bang, the most popular idol stars and have also proven their capabilities as solo artists. So what significance has the launching of label YGEX, held on July 21, have for them? And what thoughts does Se7en have on advancing into Japan a second time? He is the one who made it known that YG has entered its prime and advanced into Japan before Big Bang did. Below are remarks from YG's artists Big Bang, Se7en, 2NE1 and Gummy at the launching ceremony for YGEX.

And what do you think is YG's unique style?

T.O.P: Whether it comes to music or style, we try to do things that are ahead one step of what others do. Mr. Yang Hyun-suk thinks about this too a lot as well. I think it's important that our music is one step ahead of others' yet stays faithful to the fact that our music is different from music that others do.
GD: I'd like Big Bang or YG Family's music to become acknowledge for our music rather than create a Hallyu boom. I think trying to get more and more Japanese people like our music, even if we started underground, would be good too. Whether it's Big Bang or YG's music, we want to be confident about them and gain a lot of experience.

You'll be competing with J-pop musicians once you advance into the Japanese market. Are there any artists you consider competition?

Seungri: That's my field of expertise. (laugh) I actually don't think any artist overlaps with Big Bang in terms of style. And people already in the Japanese market have embraced us as well, saying that they haven't seen a group with our style. So I'm hoping that'll help with our activities in Japan.

Big Bang, do you have plans to promote yourselves in Japan as solo artists as well?

Seungri: We're all working on our solo albums in Korea right now so I'm thinking that us pursuing solo activities in Japan may become a possibility within this year. And the members of our group can also act and appear on entertainment shows so I'm thinking that we'll be able to pursue a wider range of activities.

Are there no detailed plans regarding your group or solo careers?

GD: We haven't set a date yet. Everybody is focusing on the level of completion of their songs so whoever has a better product will come out first.

Do you have plans to form a new unit?

T.O.P: We haven't decided on anything yet. But that's a possibility that could come about whenever.
Taeyang: If we make music that we agree on after talking about music, we just naturally come to make music together.
Seungri: I recently asked Taeyang to work with me but he left the room. That made me very sad. (laugh)
Taeyang: I never left the room. (laugh)

But Taeyang's solo album or GD&T.O.P and Big Bang's mini albums have gotten response in the North America region without any promotion. Don't you want to advance into the U.S. market as well?

T.O.P: I think that for now, it's more important that we make people want to look for us than us setting up detailed plans for our activities there. I think it's important that we make them be interested in us by making them want to watch more of the music videos YG makes

Taeyang, you recently worked with famed U.S. producer The Underdogs. Do you not have plans to expand your career into the U.S.?

Taeyang: Working with The Underdogs was a great experience. But we worked together because we agreed with each other on the music we want to do rather than it being for my U.S. debut. I may once I'm fully prepared but it's hard for me to say, as of now, whether that'll happen.

Is there anything you'd like to say to Daesung who isn't here today?

GD: We wanted to be able to come here together so we're sorry to see that it couldn't happen. And we're a team so I think we root for him with our heart and gaze rather than words. We're always worrying about him and he's always worried about us so I'm definitely hoping that we'll be able to pursue our activities together someday.

Credits: Asiae.co.kr
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Big Bang's Interview on iWeekly Magazine Singapore

Right after they entered the rest area at the backstage, the 4 boys greeted us very politely with their gentleman looks. Even though they are from a very popular group, they are friendly. It was such a nice surprise to us.

Wearing a pair of thick glasses with a cool hairstyle, T.O.P looked masculine, like always. Leader G-Dragon, who had a pageboy look, transformed from a cool guy into a smiling ambassador with his tiny child-like face that resembled a little prince. Taeyang was wearing his shades, as usual, which made him look fierce at first glance, but his smiles were actually as bright as the sun and he was very playful. Seungri? He transformed into this sad prince who did not speak much.

On their music career
When the interview started, they all spoke very politely, but when we started talking about their music, they got a little serious. From their debut, BIGBANG's music style has evolved from hip-hop to electronica. We asked them what's the next thing they want to try. G-Dragon replied, "Actually, we haven't set any boundaries on our music. It's always good to keep on trying new stuff and not limit ourselves to specific genres."

When we mentioned about how Hallyu is sweeping the world now, T.O.P gave a serious response, "It is an honor to to be able to contribute to the Korean wave and I feel that it's my responsibility to do so. I'm thankful to everyone who loves Korean music."

Having renewed their contracts with YG for another 5 years, we asked them what to expect in the next coming years. The 4 boys looked at each other and laughed and Taeyang, who replied in English said, "We have to enlist in the army." The other members pulled long faces after hearing this and agreed saying, "Yes, all of us have to enlist. It is inevitable."

How about their advancement to the American market? G-Dragon, who has a good grasp in English, answered without waiting for the translator. He said, "Actually, we don't have a fixed plan on which markets to go into but we will go where there are people who want to watch us. Each country has their own excellent artists and it would be great to collaborate with them and produce awesome work."

The secret that cannot be be told
They have been crowned as "fashionistas" from their debut. All of them show a strong interest in fashion but even as a group, they are still able to to present their own colors. T.O.P told us, "Since we focus on group activities, we have to be united in style too."

This got us curious if they sometimes fight and disagree about their own styles. G-Dragon, BIGBANG's fashionista leader, shook his head quickly and said with a smile, "Noooo..."

Some VIPs may not know but even with their charming fashionista looks, these guys are actually very hilarious. From their parodies of dramas like "The Coffee Prince" and "Secret Garden", they showed us how they can also bring many laughters. So, who's the real comedy king in BIGBANG? G-Dragon and T.O.P said in unison, "We are all funny!"

Being acknowledged as the good actor from the group, we asked T.O.P if he has plans on taking up roles in dramas. T.O.P answered, "Uh... I am reading some scripts right now and if I find something interesting, I will consider taking up a role. In fact, there are some plans undergoing now."

What kind of dramas and characters? He said, with a furtive expression, "This is... a... secret."

So, we asked the other members if they also want to try acting. Taeyang, unexpectedly said, "This is... a... secret", imitating T.O.P. Maybe he noticed our expressions so he added, "If there are good dramas, why not?"

Then, we talked about music again. We heard that they are currently busy preparing for their solo albums and that whoever finishes first, gets to release an album first. Taeyang guilefully told us, "We are preparing a lot of things. Progress? It is difficult to say on what stage we are exactly right now because we are updating every second! So... it is a SECRET!"

Let's be friends
We knew we weren't going to get any groundbreaking information from them so we just asked a traditional final question, "What are you planning to do the next?" The replies we got were a bit sentimental.

Taeyang answered seriously without smiling, "We cannot make any concrete plans right now. We are facing a difficult situation and what I can only hope is we can be able to overcome this soon."

G-Dragon, showing his charm as a leader, answered in a light tone, "You probably know that we can only perform with 4 people right now. I sincerely hope that when we come to Singapore next time, there will be 5 people going together."

The atmosphere turned a bit serious so we depended on Seungri, the naughty maknae, to lift up the mood. We talked about why the members always say on variety shows that he has the most number of celebrity contacts. We asked him what's his secret in making lots of friends, which made the other members burst into laughters.

While Seungri was thinking hard of his answer, Taeyang said, "If you want, you can be his friend too!" Seeing Seungri embarrassed, G-Dragon pressed on it further saying, "Yes! Yes! You can be his friend too!" Getting encouraged by G-Dragon and Taeyang, we asked Seungri, "Do you want to have our numbers too?"

It is rare to see the "public speaker" maknae of BIGBANG look embarrassed. The older members looked very satisfied with their teasing and were laughing their heads off. Seungri did not know how to respond right away so Taeyang helped him, "Just be honest. Keep it real (in English). He is really an active, extroverted boy."

So is he saying that he really is the PR guy of the group? Taeyang smiling brightly said, "Yes, that's right! He is genius in making friends." After hearing this, Seungri suddenly murmured, "An open mind is the secret in making friends." He looked a bit proud when he said this.

After all, this is his true color so not matter how he tries to be not hilarious, he is still the funniest and we can say that he was able to gain his final "VICTORY".

Scan from Baidu

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G-Dragon's "I'm Having an Affair" Cyworld "Song of the Month" Interview

Q: Congratulations! In the month of July you’ve become one of the most beloved artists and the song “I’m Having An Affair” has been awarded with the digital music award, ‘Song of the Month’! What are your thoughts? ^^

A: In this hot summer, thanks for the love given to “I’m Having An Affair.” Summer of 2011!! If you’re having fun through our music, I’m more than happy^^. In the future, I want to ask for a lot of interest please. Together with Myungsu hyung~ Also I’d like it if you could enjoy this with the other singing member, Bom noona.

Q: Even though many of you probably already know about this song, “I’m Having An Affair”, could you please introduce the song ^^

A: “I’m Having An Affair” is a result from wanting to create a song that blended well with the summer time, but that was also exciting and made you want to move up and down. Everything with Infinity Challenge went well but above all, working and singing with Myungsoo hyung was easy. I really enjoyed myself while working on this song and I feel the song was released intact!

Q: Through MBC’s ‘Infinite Challenge’ it must have been really hard to meet the combination of G-Dragon, Park MyungSoo and Park Bom~ To have to combine three very different styles of music into one, did you have difficulty?
A: With “I’m Having An Affair” I thought the combination shouldn’t be too daring, I thought it was a good song already with the individuality of each one of the members. I think that Bom noona brought a cool good voice, while MyungSu hyung focused more on the stylish image of the song and had previously gotten ready for it. As a result I think their charms were well exposed in the song and I was proud.

Q: During the preparations for this Festival I think there must have been many episodes with Park Myung Soo-ssi, please tell us one of the most memorable episodes you remember~

A: When recording, Myungsoo hyung worked very hard, that memory has stayed with me. Because there is a certain age difference, I was cautious when speaking but Myungsu hyung was rather active and working with him felt comfortable. ^^ Especially when picking out or wearing clothes, he would wear them without any prejudice and happily, that will remain in my memory.

Q: Many sources showed G-Dragon’s music made an all-kill on all music charts! After this, the expectations of future music coming out from you have become high. Please tell us about future activity plans or album plans. ^^

A: There still aren’t any specific activity plans or plans for an album. However, I will always work hard and I won’t be able to release an album I want until there is a chance for me to do it and until I feel satisfied with the results.

Q: These days, what’s your favorite song? Please introduce it to our Cyworld Music members~

A: I’m not listening to any specific genre in particular. Over the time, there have been a lot of good songs!

Q: Lastly, please convey a greeting to all of your Cyworld fans.

A: In this hot summer, thanks for the love given to “I’m Having An Affair”. Summer of 2011!! If you’re having fun through our music, I’m more than happy^^. In the future, I want to ask for a lot of interest please. Bom noona and Myungsoo hyung, please give them a lot of love! Thank you!

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T.O.P's Interview on GQ Magazine April Edition [NEWS]

GQ: They are saying that you are the "man who looks great in his suits". I think you must be proud of it more than any other expression as a man.
TOP: I think they're saying it because I wear them many times? *laugh* I like them and I enjoy wearing them. Even in my old pictures when I was 5 to 6 years old, I'm in suits, such colorful ones. My mother says that I was always asking her to buy suits when I was young. I wish that I will get older elegantly, so I'll always fit my body into suits.

GQ: Well, you can make your suit fit to your body.
TOP: I work out thinking a bit, yet not severely. I also control on my diet. It's just if I get my arms too big or I lose my pec, my body can't maintain straightly balanced.

GQ: So that was the reason.
TOP: I preferred some unusual outfits from the old times, but now I think classical ones are more difficult to prevent and that's why they're more interesting. I also get a bit excited because there are not many friends at my age who are into them.

GQ: In your old days, you seemed like you're denying it though you look so gorgeous. But then suddenly you came to enjoy the fact that you're good and you seemed much more confident.
TOP: It was just too overwhelming that I have a career that has to show myself to people visually. I had a big stress after I debuted. I didn't really like to be in front of the cameras. I was also afraid of people getting to know me so well. Now I've given up and lost a lot of things. I mean now I think I should be a special man, looking good to the fans who like me.

GQ: I've seen you a lot saying about the "fear of people getting to know me so well".
TOP: I don't think I can do such things because of my personality, but I think I can do something that is out of common sense. I don't want to be someone whom people think so morally and expect from that. I want to be free and always seem new. I don't want to be some kind of "Korea's younger brother". I have some fear of have a "so good image" so I prefer evading it.

GQ: Is that a reason that you always emphasize the character of "TOP", not "Choi Seunghyun"?
TOP: Maybe it's some sort of the rebellious phase that you suffer from when you're young. Let's just say it's a relationship. Don't you get boring if your boyfriend just simply show you everything all at once? I want to make people become curious rather than being bored about me.

GQ: I think the role of TOP that people want you to be, or the other BIGBANG members want you to be, is someone who is very "manly".
TOP: I'm not quite manly like you think I am. When people get to know me, they get surprised that I'm so delicate and so funny. I don't think I am really macho. *laugh* But also, I don't nag about it. I think people misunderstood me because of my rap style, but it's a bit manly and also a bit womanly and I'm always wandering between those two. It's just different from yesterday and will be different tomorrow.

GQ: What do you think of the expression that you look mature?
TOP: No, I don't like it. Anymore.

GQ: I think you have heard of it a lot.
TOP: It's just I have too much thoughts, but then I can't do anything childish later if I have that kind of image. I want to live more young and mischievous.

GQ: You're the oldest one in BIGBANG, yet you're still so young socially. Do you have any gap between them?
TOP: I'm not an arrogant person in the team or to adults. I think a wise person needs to know the difference between the place where to show some politeness and the place where it's intimate. If it's just a daily life, I don't have to think that I'm BIGBANG and I'm a celebrity.

GQ: I think there are three ways to meet the younger ones as a senior. To look down from above, to look down to their level, or to close your eyes. Which way do you prefer to your members/dongsaengs?
TOP: I always look down to their level. Each year, everyone's getting older and becoming an adult. I think the most difficult thing to a man is to be accepted as a "hyung" to others. I just know very well that the more I want to be treated as a "hyung", the more the younger ones don't want to treat me like one.

GQ: Are there times that you think the other members are so childish compared to you?
TOP: They probably think that I am the younger one. *laugh* It's just that we are too different from one another and we've already know that. I think that's the reason why we don't argue a lot, just respecting one another to work something out.

GQ: On the stages, I think TOP is laughing at something as if he's trying not to lose.
TOP: I just keep doing that instinctually. If it's something calculated, anyone will notice it's a fake. I think it's just my sensitivity, my color.

GQ: The stage can be a playground to someone and it can be a room to the other. But that face is like someone who's in a battlefield.
TOP: I usually don't hang around outside and I tend to evade people. I don't use that kind of energy in my daily life so I think I use it on the stages. On the stage, there comes out the other me who is so different from my usual self. It's not that I stand on stages for fun. I just want people to think something like, "Ah, I can't hate that man even if he makes that kind of face".

GQ: You mean some kind of vicarious satisfaction?
TOP: Yes exactly, the vicarious satisfaction. I think what the public wants is someone who is confident on stage. They get comforted by that confidence. When I was young, I got some vicarious satisfaction from the stars from overseas. Sexiness is that kind of thing. It can be a bit selfish, but rather thinking that I want to show something to people during the time, I think that the time will be left in me for the rest of my life whenever I'm on the stage or filming a movie or a drama. I'm doing it by my name, so if I don't do it to my best perfection during the time, it becomes no more than a fool. It's my stage, so I should be the main character.

GQ: Do you think you're taking responsibility of yourself and have an objective view of yourself? We call that
kind of person an adult or a man.
TOP: I tried to always be objective and be responsible for my words. I see myself don't speak that much as time
passes and as I get more popular and more people noticing me, at that moment, I would just spit out some jokes,
but being careful with my words.

GQ: I think we can say it like this about a boy who started his social life in an idol group, growing up to an adult who has reach a certain level of society. Started working a bit earlier than others, but he just stays at a certain level. He has some limit and he can't experience various situations and know/reach people and I think many are frustrated because of that reason.
TOP: I really feel like I've grown very fast, but I don't think I want to be more mature. I'm not afraid about how my look will change. I mean I want to stay with this teenage sensibility. Maintaining this innocence, I think that's where the good artistic things come from. On the other hand, I think the most difficult thing is to be aged as I get older. We can't act more mature than our age as well as we can't act so childish than our age either. I just want to be the most awesome person among my peers.

GQ: So you're saying that it is important to live a life while aging?
TOP: Well, can we? For example, I can't just hang out with my friends drinking outside. It's not quite right
behaving as the oldest one in BIGBANG. If there's a rumor saying someone saw TOP somewhere, that doesn't mean
he/she saw TOP. It means that he/she saw BIGBANG.

GQ: This BIGBANG album seems to be a little stepped back compared GD&TOP's album which was much more classic. I thought it (BIGBANG's album) was a bit flat.
TOP: We did everything that we really wanted to do making GD&TOP. We wrote what we want, made what we want, but as for BIGBANG, the public expects something different from GD&TOP's concept. For example, let's say there's a commercial film director who tried making an art film. I think there will be very few people who would like the color of the film. If the director is expected commercially by the public, I think it's also his responsibility to make an effort to show them what they want.

GQ: I won't deny your position and your opinion, but I was just expecting more, thinking it's BIGBANG, right? And it was after I listened to the members' solo albums, thinking that they can be more powerful, more different.
TOP: Well, I had a different thought. When GD&TOP's album was printed out, I first checked the credits and the lyrics that I'd worked on and right when I saw it, I felt relieved. I did everything that I could with
BIGBANG's album, knowing that it will be looked upon among the mass public, so I just thought that it was ok. GD&TOP is made of two people who have very, very different colors, so it doesn't have an effect no matter what they do or how much they stand out. But when it's BIGBANG, if there's one person who stands out much more than the others or we can't get together, then I think that's the our weak point. Too many strong personalities.

GQ: Many people are now accepting that BIGBANG is not our usual idols; however, other idol communities are saying like this about BIGBANG, "Idols should show themselves on TV a lot more and release their albums more. That's what makes them artists." Well, in fact, the best idol groups in Korea are like that right? Do you think BIGBANG is now growing up to be an artist?
TOP: Yes. Say that BIGBANG is the senior, we must be different blueprints setting up a new path, making our juniors dream of doing what we're doing some day. I don't think that something bad may happen to BIGBANG, but who knows what's going to happen. If that kind of thing does happen, we want to be a wise team which has never existed in the past and be above it. It's not we're ignoring today's idol seniors. We're just saying that we can make it better.

GQ: Are you disappointed if we call today's BIGBANG just idols?
TOP: No. I like to be called an idol. I'm now 25 and when I'm 30, I won't be able to be called like that. *laugh*

GQ: Wishing that you want to live like your age?
TOP: In fact the word is good. I always want to be someone's idol, but I just hope that it's not the image of what Korean people think.

GQ: Your actual aim was not the idol.
TOP: Yeah, right. There were hard times, but now I think I was rather happy. How many good rappers do you think can get so much love in return? I just think that I'm a very happy man.

GQ: Your aim was not an idol, but you had the exact plan for an idol, losing weight, dancing, and acting. But what do you think is the difference between you and the other idols?
TOP: I want to be called the man who's doing music, instead of the man who's a singer for the rest of his life.

GQ: You're saying that you're considering more of the big picture, the music?
TOP: Yes. I want to hear more of the man who's doing music, trying to develop his other abilities by doing acting, instead of he just wanted to get more popular by it. I just want to do what I can do in depth. I want to do something that has a message/meaning in it, not just for popularity.

GQ: For one second, I thought you're going to say that it's because you're doing hip-hop.
TOP: I had that thought when I was young, but hip-hop just became one of my colors because I've been
doing it since I was so young. I think you can say you like it or not, but you can't judge whether it's good or
bad. That's just not polite. I don't want to cover myself saying I'm the best if you're not seeing me well because
of my appearance. I just think that I can improve as time passes, keep doing my best at it. There's
always a reason that someone does something for such a long time.

GQ: I think BIGBANG is aiming something different from the success, socially.
TOP: Well, to be honest, it's not quite smart and not calculated either. I think it's the self-hypnosis that makes us talk to people more confidently. I do a lot of that. Standing more close to the public, wishing to have some more freedom, I think all of those may be the self-hypnosis. We know if we long for it, we can be like that. We're not the ones dreaming to have a business or planning to debut in the U.S. It's enough for us to be confident with our music whether it's in overseas or in Korea or even it's to ourselves, but that's also my problem. I don't have that much confidence.

GQ: Well, you didn't look into other people. We have so many things that needs to be slap!
TOP: Having a lack of confidence makes me check myself once more and be able to calm myself down. I've never been that satisfied with myself. There are too many things to show you, but I just don't want to show you all at once. For example, releasing GD&TOP's album at such a non-expected timing or me acting some kind of a student soldier abruptly. It makes me so excited when I surprise people like that.

GQ: But that excitement is just a second and a daily life lasts very long. It's not good for you to live most of your life not satisfied.
TOP: I'm always lonely, suffering from the emptiness, but I've abandoned a bit of the burden. I don't think there's anymore of the "human Choi Seunghyun". I've given up on my private life and I hope my private life doesn't exist.

GQ: Excuse me? you said that you're hoping it doesn't exist?
TOP: Yes, I hope it doesn't exist. Even when I get older, people become lazy when they have some rest. I hope I'm the one who's always working. For now, I hope there's no private life for me for a while.

GQ: I didn't get to think that the reason TOP looks so confident, not like from the old days, is because he gave up on his private life.
TOP: Yes, I thought so, but I became more positive. People say that I look more brightened and I even think that I
opened my mind a bit more. I think I've given up too much of my mind already. *laugh*

GQ: So, now you think you're great?
TOP: Not at all.

GQ: No way.
TOP: I want to be great. I've always hoped like that. I think there's nothing better than to be told "You're great" as a man, but I don't bind myself with that word.

GQ: It's better than the word itself I suppose?
TOP: *laugh* If that word is the outfit the public wants me to wear, I'll wear it. If that's what my career needs, the style, the greatness, then I must willing to be a great person.

GQ: Did you become feeling a little bit of rebellious or feeling a bit skeptical because of the many people around you saying that you're a wonderful person?
TOP: There are not so many people around me as well as the celebrity friends. I've heard it a lot actually, but really is that what they think of me? *laugh* I thought they just say it because they want me to feel good.

GQ: This is the bad thing that the giving up on your private life can give you. That kind of flattery is from your father's generation.
TOP: If I have a girlfriend, I want to be a proud boyfriend even to her friends. To become a man like that, I think I need more true heart than just using my appearance. I've always thought that kind of man is the man who's great.

GQ: You're saying that you want to be the man who's great for having an entitlement to wear a suit, not the man who's great because he's wearing one.?
TOP: I always think the heart comes first than the appearance.

Magazine scanned by: Ramel @ DCTOP
Translated by: HuisuYoon @ bigbangvip.net
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Sat Aug 06, 2011 9:42 am

Quote :
GQ: What do you think of the expression that you look mature?
TOP: No, I don't like it. Anymore.

ωραια η συνέντευξή του~~

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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Tue Nov 01, 2011 4:38 am

Taeyang talks about working with Tablo on "Tomorrow"

From Mnet:

Q: How did you end up featuring in Part 2’s title song “Tomorrow”?
TY: This song was recorded the first day Tablo-hyung came to YG. He let me listen to the song and suggested that it would be great if I featured on it. And I liked the song so much that we began recording immediately that day.

Q: Have you always been acquainted with Tablo?

TY: This was the first time working on music together, but I was aware that he had talked about me on broadcasts now and then when he was with Epik High. And I really like Epik High, too. I’m really happy that we’re in the same company now.

Q: Can you briefly introduce the meaning of the song ‘Tomorrow”?
TY: “Tomorrow” is about mourning the break up with a lover, saying “there is no tomorrow” until she returns. Being unable to move on from that moment and space, waiting for her to return.

Q: Now that you’ve done this, do you have plans to ask Tablo to feature in your next album?
TY: I can’t say anything specific yet, but I’ve been working on a lot of things with Tablo-hyung for the solo album I’m currently preparing. [We’re/I’m] working hard to produce good material, so please wait for it.

Q: And any last message?
TY: Tablo-hyung’s first solo album has finally come out. I’ve been listening to it every day, too, and it’s full of great songs. Tablo-hyung has returned with music after such a long time, and I hope you will all support him. And please listen often to the song I featured in, “Tomorrow,” too. Thank you.

From Cyworld:

Q: This is your first collaboration with Tablo. A lot of people have been looking forward to it – how did you end up working together?
TY: Actually, this collaboration on “Tomorrow” happened very suddenly. The day Tablo hyung came to YG for the first time, I was in the studio as always. Hyung let me listen to this song and suggested that it would be great if I featured on it. It was a really good song, and I thought it would be a cool project, so I recorded it immediately, right then.

Q: What was the feeling you got when you first heard “Tomorrow’? What kind of emotion did you try to sing with?
TY: The message I got from this song was one of despair, that “there is no tomorrow for me without you.” I tried to express that.

Q: What kind of work would you like to do with Tablo from here on?
TY: I’m working with Tablo hyung in a lot of directions/areas for the solo album that I’ve been preparing since the middle of the year. I can’t say anything in detail yet, but we share a lot of conversations about music. I think it’s going to be an important/precious relationship for me musically.

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Daesung's Church Interview

We have carefully conducted this interview with Daesung. After that shocking accident which happened 4 months ago, not only did he immediately suspend all of his activities, he didn't want to do any media interviews neither. Under such kind of situation, he said to us "I believe my conducting Champyungan interview is not decided by people, If God agrees to this, then it will happen, if it is not the time, then it will not happen. We do not need to insist on doing it too much." A few days later, we received a reply from him "Your interview request is accepted"

On 2nd Oct, 2011, after finishing 2 prayers,we met Kang Dae Sung...

1) We interviewed you last year but lots of things have happened since then. How are you recently?
Dae: Basically I spend my time in church, normally I help out at church or the youth group, Hepzibah and then I go to the Commission.

2) You have been doing things like these since you put a lot of time and efforts in church, What do you feel?
Dae: After the accident, a lot of things happened and it was very tiring, I even had thoughts like "If people do not trust me, I don't really know what stupid things that I would do. "after going through the most tiring 3-4 days, I wanted to meet with the church elderly - the overseer of my church. I asked a pastor and asked him whether it was alright to visit the elderly, and I got a positive reply. After meeting him, I felt at ease and he gave me a lot of good words which comforted me. His words calmed my mind and then the church has become my everything, it is the only place where I can find a piece of peaceful mind.

3. "If I don't recieve the trust from others, I will probably have done stupid things" what does this mean?
Dae: Artists often commit suicide,don't they? I can understand their feeling because there is a reason why the artists would commit suicide. Although I don't have any suicidal thoughts, I think if I don't get the trust from people, I will drift further to the suicidal paths.Therefore, I have to be thankful to the power of prayers. I have to thank you for trusting me, Those comments really hurt my heart. These words made me feel tired. Once a stranger brought a banner with "Killer" on it and stood in front of the church entrance. People use the term "Killer" to look at me, that is what I think.

4. As long as you are staying inside the church,then it doesnt matter. Are you feeling this way?
Dae: Of course, since there was a group of people witnessed this accident, I could not be peaceful anymore. However,I have gained back my peaceful mind inside the church. On the contrary, I felt very anxious in the dorm. At that time, I could not eat anything but in the church I could do so. Because there were works need to be done at church, so while I was working, I would not think negatively.

5. For those people who don't believe in the saying that"going to church will help you to calm down your mind" If this does not work, why do I feel that I have been calmed?
Dae: We are the followers of the church, we shall be able to undetstand the meaning of it. For me, when church is compared with my home,being at church makes me feel more peaceful. I have read articles which are reporting that I can gain a piece of peaceful mind at church, then people think positively about gaining peace at church and they are giving good comments about this, too.

6. How did you spend you time on the first 3-4 days after the accident?
Dae: It was impossible for me to step out from my room,I felt very guilty, the scene of the accident always appeared in my mind. When I was alone at my dorm, I always thought about negative stuff, and that was what I did for a whole day.

7. So what else did u think about in that period of time?
Dae: Whatever it was, I though it was due to my fault so I felt very sorry towards him (the victim) and I prayed a lot. But when I prayed, I remembered the moment when the accident happened so I could not keep on praying. This was just the beginning though, after praying, I said "Sorry" and then I was no longer able to pray more to God at that time again. Within those 20 minutes, I just kept saying "Sorry" then I began to cry.

8. Why did you feel sorry?
Dae: Firstly, I felt sorry for the victim, my company and fellow members. Also when I thought about it, I felt that our church might be affected by that matter. I did not only expose the church to bad influence but the church also had to suffer from bad comments. I felt very sorry. I also felt very sorry to my parents and his parents.

9. After this incident, did you go to his funeral. I guess it's not an easy thing to do.
Dae: My pace was heavy but I thought I needed to go. No matter what, I was involved in this matter. I bore a very deep feeling of sorrowful so I thought I really needed to go. However, it was very hard to step into his funeral hall and I had to meet his family members.face to face,too. Unexpectedly, his family members comforted me.

10. So what did they say?
Dae: They (the victim's family members) should feel very angry with me at that time but after talking to each other, they said "the incident has become what it is right now, in the future we need to cherish and live our life more seriously, I wish the reason for us to meet again is because of wonderful things" His auntie told me that his parents were really sick at that time. Therefore, his auntie who is also a Christian came forward to talk to me. Since she is a Christian, after praying to God, she thought that she should forgive me.

11. When people encounter things like this, a sentence is likely to pop up, ‘ why it is me’?
Dae: I was so careless at that time and I cannot figure out why this happened to me even until now. As time passed, when the incident was approaching to its end, then I realized why. When I was taking a rest, I seized the time to reread some chapters of bible and reflect about my position in my belief. I think it is because God wanted to grant me such a time for doing so, therefore, he arranged this incident for me.

12. You have been working under the lime light for a long time but now you have been in hiatus for several months, aren’t you bored?
Dae: I certainly want to sing but I do not have the confidence to carry out the activities with happy smiles nowadays. I am not bored to show you what I really feel now. Up til now, I still think that the time that I spend at church is the best. Home- Church; Church- Home, I think this is the best cycle for me.

13. How are you feeling now?
As time passes, I don’t feel panic anymore since I know that I have the talent and the mission that I must accomplish. I am getting myself ready for the restart of my journey gradually.

14. Concerning ‘the mission that you must complete’, are you still holding the same belief as what you held before the accident?
Dae: The accident just granted me some time to reflect upon my belief and I am now even more sure of what I believe in. I am praised because of my voice and I am gifted with it. It is really my pleasure to be gifted like this. Moreover, my profession enables me to preach my belief to the people everywhere. I want to utilize this opportunity most.

15. After the incident, the overseer of the church has been helping you. Do you still see each other now?
Dae: Yes, we still see each other very often now. I will discuss the matters with him no matter they are big or small. After the accident, I will pray to God before I draft and carry out my schedule. In fact, we were going to a trip on the following day which the accident took place and it would be the first vacation after we had come back to the showbiz. After that incident, I discovered that I had not prayed to god before making the decision of going to that trip. Not only for that trip, the same principle applies to all situations. That’s why I think it happened all because of my faults.

16. It is really great that you have such a mindset so do you thank God for this too?
Dae: I thank God very much. If it were not that accident, I would have walked a few steps forward on the secular world but I would never have gotten the chance to understand and restart my life thoroughly. I seized the chance to reflect on the things that happened on me in that period of time. After the reflection, I understand why I have to experience it now. I thank God for granting me such a chance. On the other hand, I am also reminded that I should always be alert to everything.

17.When you are tired, what did your parents say to you ?
Dae: They said, 'don’t worry.' When I was staying in the dorm alone for the first 3-4 days after the accident, my mum came and visited me. However, I did not really want to see anybody so mum was mad at me. They have accepted everything and have been supporting me until now. I feel that I have owed them and I am really thankful for having them by my side. They will just be mad at me if I am not behaving reasonably.

18. I heard that you have invited G-Dragon to go to church with you?
Dae: I think it is because of me that he went to church. G-Dragon hyun expressed his desire to go to church to the manager. Originally hyun wanted to go to other churches and it had been a long time since he had gone to church. Therefore, I asked him when he would come back to church, he said it was quite tiring to go there after carrying out his activities. Then I tried to figure out how I can let G-Dragon hyun relax and come back to church. I then took the initiative to invite him to church. In fact, originally we are not allowed to pray at our church at that period of time but ultimately the church allowed us to do so.

19. So you two are close to each other?
Dae: We five are very close to one another. Since G-Dragon hyun is the leader of the team, he can understand my situation more easily.

20. However, why did he go to your church?
Dae: Yes, I always go to church myself Either I stay at my dorm or I will go to church. Maybe he is curious about what kind of church I am going to. The composers of my company also go to my church and he might be influenced by them, too. When G- Dragon hyun came, I was reading bible and the church was still under renovation at that time. G-Dragon hyun said, ‘it is okay’ and then he bursted into laughters. I had never thought that he would come and what we were singing at that time was , ‘I love Jesus’. We were finishing the service when we were saying, ‘I love Jesus’. When the overseer was preaching, I was jotting down the notes very seriously. G-Dragon hyun, who was sitting next to me said, ‘I cannot really hear what he is saying very clearly.’ I thought it was common among the first-time comer so I explained some of the content for him. After that service, he found it was a really good experience. Therefore, he came again next time and greeted the overseer. On our way home, I asked him how he felt about the meeting. He said when he looked straight into the eyes of the overseer, it was just like the senior knew what he was thinking about and it was a great feeling.

Korean source: Champyungan
Chinese translation: 咚咚噗 @BBCN via Baidu
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T.O.P's Interview from 1st Look Magazine (Volume 8)

[Cover Story] Rebel Without A Cause

I’ve never thought that I’m a sexy person…rather that I’m cute? (laughs). Even though I’m the same person on and off stage but sometimes I transform into someone that I want to be when I sing.”

Even though he uses his charisma to control the stage, and have fun with his members through his mischievous ways, but he is different from other people. He always gives the impression that he’s floating mid air, as if he’s not part of reality. People are automatically drawn to him by his gaze and the way he carries himself.

It’s because I have a lot of ideas, isn’t it? Actually, I feel the most comfortable when I’m alone but I’m always with the members when BIGBANG have activities, or surrounded by all the staff when I’m shooting for a movie. I was uncomfortable being around so many people previously, but my heart’s at ease now. I can accept it now.

BIGBANG is a group of singers for the public - that’s a fact that will never change. We make music for everyone so I can’t just think of what I want to do. There are some instances where I know I have to give in. I say this for myself but it’s also the same for the other members too. When we are in a group, our identity is different and we have to cooperate with each other to make things work. There are some areas where we have to give up our own personality. Making a solo however, is a chance for me to create and present music about myself. In GD&TOP’s album, Jiyong and I both clearly presented this.

I don’t think acting is a result of imagination and feelings. I can’t define what acting really is yet since it’s still too early for me to do so. I still get very nervous when I go in for my first day of shooting because I lack in this area and it makes me worried.

I still want to act in the future. I really like it when I become another person. I suppose I’m curious about myself? ‘What sort of person would I reveal to you next time?’ I think I will still continue to act since I always have these thoughts. I’m deciding what role I should take on next.

I want to work hard to become the idol that I imagined when I was young. I also want to become a person that can send messages of dreams and hope to teenagers. I feel a very big responsibility on myself knowing that people focus their attention on me or my popularity. If messages of dreams and hopes can be passed on to people through me, that will be wonderful. When I’m not doing any album activities, I always try to find a perfect and a brand new image to show.

I want to become a person that is better than the one yesterday. I want to become a person that will have no regrets, so no matter what, work fills my lack of experience.

To be able to travel to different countries and experience different cultures through work and leisure has been a blessing. Also, I want to be able to use this time well so that I can be able to generate a lot of creativity during this relaxed environment.

..I once had a dream that I could live my life without an ounce of troubles.”

Source: 1st Look Magazine + 승뤼야님 + 永远一洋黑瓶酸荞头
Translation: jwalkervip.tumblr.com
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T.O.P, “I was so nervous for the Blue Dragon Awards that I started smoking again”

Rising star, Lee Minjung, and Choi Seunghyun have finally met once again after one whole year. These two were able to raise their names up onto the list of leading roles for the future generations when they won the Best Rookie Award for male and female during last year’s Blue Dragon Awards.

Today, the two were able to talk about the time when the two of them were sitting down side by side during the award ceremony last year when Lee Minjung suddenly opened up to Choi Seunghyun to tell him that he was accidentally stepping on the tip of her dress. That was the first time the two had ever spoken to each other, and here they are now, one year later, to attend the Blue Dragon Award hand-printing ceremony. Choi Seunghyun stated that he frequently watched ‘Midas’, the drama Lee Minjung starred in, and she as well stated that she was a big fan of the GD & T.O.P album, so the two began asking each other questions that they were curious about.

Lee Minjung asks Choi Seunghyun

Q: Where did you place your trophy(from last year)?
A: I most definitely placed it well in our trophy case. It’s the first award I’ve been given under the name Choi Seunghyun instead of Big Bang.

Q: Last year during the award ceremony, other than how you were unintentionally stepping on my dress… you seemed extremely nervous.
A: I was on my way to the ceremony when I suddenly felt really anxious and restless. So I ended up smoking the cigarette I had quit smoking for about 3~4 months. By nature, I’ve always been terrified of standing in front of a large group of people. For concerts, since I’m constantly focused on the music playing and I’m there to show a performance, I don’t really shake a lot. But for the Blue Dragon Awards, I was extremely nervous.

Q: The hairstyle you had last year at the ceremony was memorable and impressive.
A: I had no choice since it was the concept for a new album, and the more I think back on it, it’s really embarrassing. When I bleached my hair that time, they told me that my scalp was much stronger than others’ scalps.

Q: I really enjoyed the “Secret Garden” parody Big Bang did not long ago. Who do you think has the most talent in acting among the other members? And have you always had a lot of interest in acting?
A: All of our members have a lot of talent. Daesung, especially, has a great sense of humor and has a lot of wit. I’m still not in the position to judge the other members’ acting skills…. But of course, I’m the best (laughs). Ever since I was young, I enjoyed movies, but I never thought that I’d ever act. After trying out acting in dramas and movies, it became more visible that my acting had many flaws and insufficiencies and that made me want to continue improving and I didn’t want to give up on trying my best. So acting became just as precious and important as music to me. After receiving the Rookie Award last year, the pressure and stress has gotten increasingly worse. ‘Do I really have the right to deserve this award?’ It became an opportunity to become more mature for me.

Q: I recently saw pictures of you attending school. What grade are you in?
A: I am a senior (4th year). I need to write my graduation thesis soon. Since it’s been a while since I’ve gone, I went and bought my junior colleagues some barbeque pork. We also had a couple of shots of soju as well. I promised that I would go and watch the end-of-the-year performance by the “Performing Arts and Drama” majors, but it coincides with the YG Family concert, so I’m a little worried on how I have to figure this out.

Q: Do you have any plans on acting in a melodrama genre?
A: If it’s something I can contribute to and help out in, I am always open to try. I want to try acting in something where I can leave a good impression and memory in many people’s minds, as well as something very superb. I want to be an actor who can play a character or role through my own colors.

Q: It would be a great pleasure to meet you again through the opportunity to act together.
A: It would be a great honor for me to work with you.

Credits: Sports Chosun
Translated by: swaggalevel-1000.tumblr.com

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Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang
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