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 Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang

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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Tue May 15, 2012 7:50 am

Seungri's Interview with 10Asia

The wind blows the hardest at the top of a mountain. Because their popularity and fame was at the peak last year, all the small and big events that Big Bang has gone through during that period were even more harsh to the members. After a long period of self-reflection and shaking things up a bit, Big Bang rolled out a new album that was titled "ALIVE." What was more welcomed by their fans than the successful outcome of their release -- such as surprising records on music charts, earning prizes at international awards and various news on their promotional activities -- was probably the fact that Big Bang came back 'alive.' Standing on the brink of a crisis, they did not give up. Instead of lining out everything they have gone through the lyrics, they signaled that they are at the beginning of a new start by saying, "Winter passes when spring comes." "BLUE" is a calming song but it made louder noises than any other songs to alert their return. 10Asia interviewed Seungri, who has brought spring into Big Bang's life. His survival tactic in the past seven years as a celebrity -- keeping himself alive and develop even under the pressure that was like an icy water last winter -- was honest and forthright but it was surprising at the same time.

"Honestly, I thought Big Bang would never be able to return to the music scene."

Q: You guys finished promoting yourselves here but you still look busy with all the activities going on abroad and modeling for advertisements.
Seungri: It might not be as bad as you imagine it'd be. It's sort of like our image to look busy (laugh). Actually, we had a lot of pressure on us with everything we had gone through recently. The TV shows that we could appear on were limited and had to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders with our fans' expectations. So we focused on showing that we're still alive and well. I tried to show the serious side of myself than perky images I have shown in the past. Part of the reason was to be recognized and get credit from other members.

Q: When "BLUE" was released, you guys received positive reviews from music critics with a surprisingly neat vocal line at the intro part.
Seungri: It was tricky when recording that track. In only a few number of songs among Big Bang's tracks I sing the chorus. I had pressure in singing the intro but G-Dragon cheered me up by saying, "Only your voice could make this song perfect. I made this song with your voice tone in my mind." I remember we modified a few parts while recording the track over and over.

Q: Big Bang's title songs in the past were more vibrant and exciting, whereas "BLUE" is calm and addictive. It was different for sure.
Seungri: Whether you're listening to a song through speakers or earphones, you get tired of listening to music when it's too much. We all agreed on making songs that you won't get sick of listening, so the overall album is more soft than our past music.

Q: How is it when singing the song? You not only have to care about the melody in this song but the lyrics are also important.
Seungri: Someone asked me to pay special attention to the lyrics but "Winter passes and spring comes" itself has a lot of hidden meanings. Honestly, I thought Big Bang would never be able to return to the music scene. I was too young and cowardly to overcome people's disappointment in us. When we gathered together in a long time to go to the MTV Europe Music Awards, I saw the light that we could really do this. Flying 14 hours in a plane and driving six hours to the ceremony, we felt nothing wrong about five of us staying as a group.

Q: What generates that energy?
Seungri: I guess it's the fact that the five of us share one same goal: we all love music. We're like pillars that sustains the teamwork and if one breaks down, we could all fall apart. But sharing the same goal makes it fun to communicate. We have a common ground so that generates the synergy when we're together as a group.

"Now, I like helping other people stand out more."

Q: Maybe it's because you've gone through a lot recently, but how you prepare your performances seems to have changed comparing to the past. Should I say, maybe now you know how to leave a strong impression when singing in a group?
Seungri: I can't say that I'm in charge of a lot of things in the group's performances. But I always get nervous because I never know when I'll be on the camera. Even if I take a small portion in a big picture, I felt responsible about fulfilling my parts. I have to do everything that I can in Big Bang.

Q: Your facial expression was pretty impressive. You've become a man now.
Seungri: I've experienced acting by appearing in a TV series for a short time, and it's true that artists need to act on stage when singing. When the music begins, you gotta sing while thinking that a movie is playing on a screen. Actor Lee Byung-hun once said in an interview that he 'knows from where the cameras are filming' him even when his eyes are closed. I think you call that a professionalism. Singers need to be sure where the cameras are and imagine how camera men will be shooting them.

Q: So I reckon that you mean you're now able to see things in a wider perspective. Is that so in appearing on variety shows as well? In talk shows, you were more active in helping others talk about their episodes than talking about your own.
Seungri: On SBS' "Strong Heart" for example, I was too passionate about doing my share in the show and even raised my hand to talk. But now I'm less passionate about doing everything myself. Rather than doing everything alone, I lower myself and try to help others to stand out more. When I thought from the viewers' perspective, I didn't look so good when trying to talk more and stand out. So now I try to toss stories to other members by smoothly saying things like, 'How about you, Daesung?'

Q: Isn't it a bit difficult for celebrities to think in other people's shoes? It's part of their lives to stand out and be noticed and by the public.
Seungri: But without developing oneself and fixing what's wrong, you can't mature. After meeting people from different backgrounds, traveling overseas for the group's activities and experiencing various cultures, I think I've grown little by little. You learn a lot through experiences.

Q: Aside from becoming a mature person, you've clearly figured out your role in Big Bang.
Seungri: I want to take the ending role in Big Bang. In other words, while the other members take the center stage and lead the overall concept, I would spice things up more. Whether it's on stage, a talk show or variety shows, my job is to fill in the parts that the other members are not capable of.

Q: Your mindset would be definitely different from doing solo activities. It felt like you were more enjoying yourself as a solo artist on stage and TV shows.
Seungri: Unlike how it looks, pursuing solo activities put a lot of weight on your shoulders and give a huge stress. Being chased by time keeps you away from being more creative and having more wider options in making decisions. I need to make the final decision in everything so I'm less certain about my decisions than working as a group. When in a team, there's a leader and five people gather their opinions and make decisions. That allows an effective discussion about stage directing and lets each member to focus on his own part.

Q: But it pays off when you lead everything on your own.
Seungri: My album "VVIP" was quite randomly released but to be honest, I was confident about the album. But after two years since then, I realized that I was bit of a fool to think that I could do everything well by myself. I'm more like a midfielder but it's like I've been trying to shoot goals as a striker. Thoughts like this come up to my mind when watching Manchester United's soccer game. Just like how it's not the best choice to put Park Ji-sung as the solo striker like Rooney, my passion was way ahead of my ability. I was clumsy over everything.

Q: So does that mean that the mature version of you would make different choices if you were to resume solo activities?
Seungri: People ask me a lot when I'm planning to roll out the next solo release. But I'm not interested in it even a tiny bit these days. Everything has a right timing and this isn't my time to do so. In 2012, the other members are preparing to release their solo albums and T.O.P is prepping up for another acting project. I guess my timing would be two to three years later. (laugh)

Q: You really began to read things from producers' perspective. (laugh)
Seungri: Since it's been seven years since my debut, I noticed that there's a flow in everything. Because my last solo album wasn't so commercially successful, it would take some time to make everything perfect for the next one. I'd have to gain more recognition from the public and gain more technical skills with my talent. Getting some help from the other members, I'm guessing I have a chance to build a foothold as a solo artist years later.

"I've always hated losing."

Q: It took a long time for a boy, who aspired to become a star by attending open auditions, to grow as a professional that has a clear outlook on his life. Do you feel the change in yourself?
Seungri: I've always hated losing and this has never changed. When appearing in a reality show to audition to become a Big Bang member, it was so embarrassing to imagine myself returning home after failing the competition. I had also imagined about people pointing their fingers at me, whispering in the back and the teacher telling them to stop teasing me. It was horrible to draw those pictures in my head. If I make a mistake later and received criticism from the public, I would think myself as a loser.

Q: Is it like a fight against yourself?
Seungri: It's about keeping things consistent by pushing yourself hard. I'm not superior than others but I try not to lose. Three years ago, I told YG Entertainment's C.E.O Yang Hyun-suk, "I'm gonna work really hard." But he shocked me by saying, "What are you gonna do if you don't try hard?" I think that was the most unforgettable saying I've ever heard since my debut in Big Bang. But he was so right about it. I 'have to' work hard, not just for the company or other people but for myself. So technically, it doesn't make sense for me to remind people that I'm gonna try hard and it's the same for other members as well. Yang might seem like a harsh trainer but what he told me that day really stirred up the passion in me.

Q: Other than the things you need to achieve, what does Big Bang mean to you?
Seungri: Big Bang is the group I want to be with till I die. All the other members are older than me but sometimes I feel that they're like my close friends. Since I devoted my life to working in this field, without having special memories from middle school and high school, the members of Big Bang mean a lot to me. We're not related by blood but I could say that I wanna be brothers with them. We're now inseparable, having gone through good and bad times together. I think it would require so much more than what we have to break us apart.

Editor in Chief : Kang Myeong-Seok.
Reporter : Yoon Hee-Seong.
Photographer : Chae ki-won.
Editor : Jang Kyung-Jin.
Editor : Monica Suk.
Source : goo.gl/hHnJv

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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Wed May 16, 2012 3:40 am

T.O.P's Interview with 10Asia

Because they 'ain't like any other guys,' Big Bang sang in their song that ‘a girl who met the bad boys was in pain.’ However, because they were different from a slew of other idol groups, they became a ‘good’ group. A rapper does not break dance or the whole team does not move in perfect order like soldiers but the people remember their songs and wait for their next performance. What is more important for Big Bang than winning others is doing what they like, which is probably why they were able to realize the world they were dreaming. This doesn’t apply just to music. During the interview, the boys did not exaggerate their words when answering questions or tried to figure out what kind of answers would bring them more popularity. They were forthright in telling stories they wanted and to tell, and what they have to tell, rather than saying things that would keep up their popularity. Being honest to their feelings in the interview, Big Bang looked so mature and even naive. It is the same for T.O.P, who honestly speaks up about his feelings when he’s going through rough times, which ‘ain’t like any other guys.’ Having given up on his positive attitude, the ‘bad boy’ did not easily spat out that he is doing okay. But T.O.P said there are things he is certain of and has his faith in. This is what makes his words more reliable.

“I wanted to make people think, ‘that’s insane, but dope.’”

Q: You received much spotlight again through the latest album. How does it feel wrapping up the promotion?
T.O.P: Of all releases we had the last seven years, "ALIVE" is the one we cared about the most. We paid extra attention to make sure that every little detail is near perfect, so it was probably the toughest one to prepare since our debut. We had problems, both physically and mentally, in the process.

Q: That's an unexpected answer. Other members told me that they had fun.
T.O.P: While trying to put everything I could in the album, I ran out of my energy to enjoy the process. I wouldn't be able to keep up with our activities if our promotional period were longer. Because my stage concept and my real persona have a big gap, I had so much to care about.

Q: That's probably why it left the impression that you were trying to present your fans with near-perfect acting and stage directing.
T.O.P: I guess I'm feeling more responsibility as time passes. Maybe I'm trying not to open up about my weakness but more and more, my desire for presenting perfect performances for my fans is growing for sure. So I precisely planned what kind of vibe I should give off or how I should express more with my eyes on stage.

Q: When doing GD&T.O.P activities, you seemed overwhelmingly confident. Did your perspective change when resuming Big Bang’s activities?
T.O.P: I think I take a step back to rethink before making any decisions to look at myself and Big Bang more realistically and objectively. One of the tricky things about our job is to managing and controlling ourselves. If we want to receive more positive feedbacks and hear compliments that Big Bang and our music have matured, I figured we should be wiser and act smart. It’s not a good sign if what we thought was modern were perceived as ‘too much’ by the public.

Q: It's probably difficult to keep everything real and make rational decisions at the same time when rapping. What's your key to that?
T.O.P: That's...... a secret. It's my own know-how. (laugh)

Q: Then when thinking 'rationally,' (laugh) what do you think is your role in Big Bang?
T.O.P: I assume that what people want from me is the impression and persona that only T.O.P has. So I care the most about making gestures, expressions through my eyes, the flow in rap music and the lyrics. When other people are actively making gestures, I try to control more and vice versa to make people get curious about my actions. I know this might not be an appropriate expression but when people are watching me, I wanted them to think, 'that's insane, but dope.'

Q: Well, yes. It is a bit difficult to find another word for it. So what do you tell yourself to create that atmosphere on stage?
T.O.P: I just let myself go. Now I know how to let myself be free on stage without being conscious of other people. The message I want to deliver on stage depends on my mood that day, and that's all I think about before each performance. I try to portray myself more free and wild these days, whereas I used to care about making the audience more enjoyable and grabbing more attention.

Q: What's happening on stage is pretty much uncontrollable. Is it possible to look at yourself a third person's perspective during your performance?
T.O.P: I think I'm able to look at myself more objectively when I have strong confidence about my stage, music and intuition. I can be more rational when monitoring myself too. I used to fear how people see Big Bang and had unnecessary worries in me, but once I stopped being greedy about things I felt more confident. It's about time for me to truly love and enjoy my work.

"I'm becoming a simple-minded person."

Q: The rap parts you showed in this album was more than just impressive. Maybe it's because you're now able to love your work. Among them, your voice tone in "FANTASTIC BABY" is highly different from what you have shown in the past. The flow that gets faster at the latter part was quite new too.
T.O.P: Those are made by intuition. I did try making the beat into 18 level and adapt flows and rhymes that I don't normally use. Especially in "FANTASTIC BABY," I wrapped while imagining Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger in my head to present the uniqueness, like the ones you feel when doing weird dances. There are a lot of cool rappers but I don't think it's an old thing to try looking cool and manly on stage. Making simple and unique rap music is my goal.

Q: It was interesting to see you smiling at the beginning part of "BAD BOY" performance on SBS' "Inkigayo." I reckon that's part of your effort to show your uniqueness.
T.O.P: A real bad boy always smiles. You need to conceal your feelings. (laugh)

Q: Are you concerned about keeping things unique when writing lyrics as well?
T.O.P: Actually, I just write lyrics without thinking much. In this album, I wrote almost all the rap lyrics on the day of the recording. Because it's all based on my experiences, the feeling that each song has is pretty similar.

Q: You were probably hectic when preparing the album. What inspires you?
T.O.P: I look at action figures or cool designs of furnitures. It comforts me to see things that are well crafted by someone and that inspires me to talk about my own stories in music. These days, I'm becoming a simple-minded person that doesn't think too much. There are merits in it, like my personality turning calm from being rebellious and hostile. Once my character got more soft than before, I began to see things and people in a wider perspective.

Q: Does that change affect other parts of your life as well? I heard some fans say that you are more active in variety shows, just like how you looked like a boy who likes pranks just after the debut.
T.O.P: If I looked too serious these days, it's probably because of the TV series and movies I starred in the recent years. I went through a long trauma after shooting war flick and playing as a killer in a drama. Since I had a hard time separating my life from those roles even after the shows ended, I had a dark face and wanted to hide myself somewhere. I'm pretty sure that my personality would change again depending on what kind of roles I get to play in the future. It's the same in stage acting.

Q: So if you have a lot in your mind, it'll require a lot to maximize your talent and skills on stage. You even have not a few number of fans abroad too.
T.O.P: I try hard to be aware of that all the time because I tend to be lazy if I don't remind myself of those things. Oh and also, I try to show the best and what's perfect by focusing on details. Every fan has a different taste in music and to satisfy them all, I have to look cool first and 'doing good' comes next. I get tired sometimes in the process but since I feel the responsibility, I know I will not quit.

Q: By 'responsibility' do you mean it as a Big Bang member, rather than the responsibility you feel as Choi Seung-hyun?
T.O.P: To be honest, I didn't start my solo activity with my name Choi Seung-hyun because of that responsibility I'm feeling. I'm overwhelming with passion and sometimes I can't control that myself. When not in a team, I thought I'd just give up everything whenever that moment comes. Plus, I don't have a huge goal to achieve alone.

Q: Ironically, you don't seem to be interested in what's going around in the world while you're at the center of people's attention and love.
T.O.P: I used to have pictures of how I wanted to be or how I wanted to be seen by people in my mind. But now I'm more conscious about making people look at me when we're on stage. Rather than me approaching to the audience, I want them to come to me with all the attention focused on me.

Q: I could see that when you're performing. Before, you attracted people by making eye contacts but now you look somewhere else and that makes people get more curious.
T.O.P: Well, that just comes out naturally ever since I changed my angle of view. What's important to me is that I have to be new all the time. Always looking straight at cameras won't work. I'd have to keep studying about changing my concept while trying not to go too far from a certain boundary I've set.

"My mind is imbalanced these days, but I've matured to figure out how to cure and accept it."

Q: Because acting provides you chances to start a new life as a new person, you must have a strong attachment to your acting career. Do you have a special role that you'd like to play in the future?
T.O.P: I don't have a specific role I want to play in my mind. What's important is to be a part of a good project.

Q: Everyone's criteria for a 'good project' is different. What's yours?
T.O.P: It's gotta be worth of devoting all my time and energy. If I'm a professional actor, going through a trial and error would be a major plus for me to become a veteran actor. But since my first job is not an actor, I can't participate in that many projects. Not just that, I make decisions from the audience's perspective too. So I try to choose ones that would really suit me, rather than the ones that require technical acting skills. Plus, I also have to consider that I have young fans as an idol, so I avoid appearing in rated R movies or art films. (laugh)

Q: From performing on stage to acting, you spend a tremendous amount of your energy in working. Is that a sign that you've become a grown-up?
T.O.P: I think mentally, I'm still 12. But in terms of working age, it's going up every year. I used to watch black-and-white films but now, I prefer lighter ones. My mind is imbalanced these days, but I've matured to figure out how to cure and accept it.

Q: So you're essentially the same person, but there's been a major development within you. When looking back, how much have you changed since your debut?
T.O.P: The way I think is the same but I tried to hide more back then. Nowadays, I show up to two out of ten. I guess ten years later, I'd open up more.

Q: I have a feeling that you'll open up more through your performances on stage.
T.O.P: Actually, I don't think I'll continue my career in Big Bang if people doesn't want us anymore. When that moment comes, I wouldn't mind not singing and dancing on stage. I'm spending a good time by doing what I want(music), putting behind all the events we had gone through. And I don't want this beautiful time of my life fade away. I want Big Bang's memories beautifully kept and hope the same in other people's minds too.

Q: Aside from future worries, what kind of team do you think Big Bang is right now?
T.O.P: We're receiving a large amount of attention for sure, not just in the country from abroad as well. I'm not bragging because I'm in the team or because I'm a conceited person. I have no doubt that we're being more loved than before and I believe that Big Bang could show much more with new things in every album, while enjoying every moment.

Reporter : Yoon Hee-Seong.
Editor in Chief : Kang Myeong-Seok.
Photographer : Chae ki-won.
Editor : Monica Suk.
Editor : Jang Kyung-Jin.
Source: http://10.asiae.co.kr

Now I am gonna reaaad thiiis thingyyy! xD !~~

Can't wait for GDroulini mou <3


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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Wed May 16, 2012 11:10 pm

Daesung's Interview with 10Asia

What would it be like to live as Big Bang? They have achieved an incredible amount of success, live by dividing the 24 hours of the day to use it efficiently and they always have people's eyes on them. Big Bang is like a huge vessel in the mainstream K-pop but the destination they have to sail to is a vast sea that could swallow them at any moment. Even if they have a strong basis in the field, you never know when this typhoon will hit them. During their interview with 10Asia, the boys have talked about their happiness and their inner sides, instead of their popularity and other people's eyes. When everyone told them that they're at the peak of their career, some members were walking on the rough path of life and some were trying to find solutions of their own to those problems. In the midst of that turmoil, Daesung stretched his fingers high towards the sky while singing "FANTASTIC BABY." It is impossible for anyone to guess what he was thinking at that very moment. One thing is for sure, he was on stage and really pulled off the song's highlights. Without stopping, he went on calmly talking about what it has took him to go up on stage and sing out in front of a big crowd.

"My goal is to become 'a singer that delivers happiness to people.'"

Finishing up the promotion would probably mean more to you than other members. How would you put your feelings in words?
Daesung: So many things happened last year and it's true that I had a tremendous burden for that reason. I also had a doubt about resuming my activities at this period. But compared to the amount of time and energy spent worrying, I've received so much love being in the team. When I look back now, all these events have provided us a chance to create a stronger bond and stand together. So I'd like to say that it has been the happiest time of my singing career during this album's promotion.

"BLUE" gives off the feeling of a thawing ice. Considering your situation, you must have had a lot of thoughts popping into your mind when singing the song.
Daesung: When I'm on stage, I don't connect my feelings to personal experiences and feelings. I just follow my duties as a singer. So basically, I tried to deliver the loneliness and solitude that reside in "BLUE," Instead of revealing my personal feelings. Of course, I could've reflected on my own experiences since I've been going through a lot and loneliness lately.

Does that mean that you're now able to just focus on singing when you're up on stage? You digested pretty well when pointing your fingers high towards the sky and that really caught the attention of the audience.
Daesung: Well I can't say that I'm cool or calm about everything that had occurred. But I tried hard to be honest to my feelings when on stage and feel the excitement while staying within certain boundaries of my emotion.

So I take that as having another emotional space that's specifically for stage performances. It wouldn't have been easy doing that from the beginning of your singing career.
Daesung: When I was performing at YG Entertainment's 15th anniversary concert before promoting "ALIVE," I had a lot of concern. I was so scared of everything that I even told the other members that I can't look straight into our fans' eyes. I was so ashamed of myself and wanted to say sorry to everyone who came to see me. But when stood on stage and heard people cheering for us, I figured that I should never avoid making eye contact with the audience. It didn't make sense for me to avoid people who were there for our performance. So I gained confidence that day to reappear on stage. From time to time, I still worry that some people might not be welcoming me so much but I try to focus on my feelings more.

So it's a matter of finding a compromising point between other people's eyes on you and being true to your feelings, huh? Talking about it, you must have a better reason to have a strong attachment to a bright track in this album, "WINGS," other than the fact that it's your solo song.
Daesung:G-Dragon helped me a lot in the process of making the album. My past solo tunes were more calm and gloomy but I didn't want that this time. My situation is one thing, but I thought people would keep relating the song's mood to the incidents that happened to me. Inspiring people and giving hopes through my songs have been my dream as a singer since debuting in Big Bang, since it's a dream you could always follow. It doesn't have an ending point. And I had discussions with G-Dragon about me wanting to do that in action by singing "WINGS." Though I've been through a number of events lately, but I was sure to turn those thoughts into action if I had the opportunity to regain my confidence and energy to get back on track. So I did my best in conveying more energetic vocal sound and strong lyrics.

"I found the beauty of stage performing for the first time."

Is that why your voice sounds firmer than in your previous songs?
Daesung: I was quite intimidated before on stage. Not long after the debut, I pitched wrong tunes on stage eight out of ten times. Back then, our agency was promoting us by saying that we're highly differentiated from other idol groups that just focus on their looks. I felt like I was screwing everything up and disgracing the company. I got stage fright since then, but during this album's promotional period, I was more filled with joy and thankfulness than fear. Now I prepare my stage without big worries and have confidence in pitching sounds.

What was it like singing "NO FUN"? It's impossible to imagine an artist singing that song without confidence?
Daesung: There's no fixed rules for this song so it's better to leave it to each artist's opinion to express the tune in their own ways. In fact, we only had set dance moves for the chorus. So we added everyone's opinion to the main theme but when you look closely, it's totally messed up. (laugh) After all, it's more fun to watch such a freestyle performance.

Isn't that what makes Big Bang more attractive?
Daesung: All Big Bang members have strong personalities so our interpretation of each song varies as well, which makes it fun to work. When artists are enjoying themselves on stage, the audience can also enjoy their performance. For us, doing things in freestyle fit us better but to be honest, we always remind ourselves to work on group dance moves before starting every album. (laugh) And we thought it was about time to show our group dance but in the process, we ended up improvising our choreography 'again.' But I'm glad that people us better being natural.

It looks like that you guys have earned through this album is getting back on feeling the beauty of stage performances.
Daesung: Actually, I found the beauty of stage performing for the first time. I was afraid of going up on stage before. The fact that a lot of people are watching me on TV and that I have to do my best was like squeezing my neck and I was afraid to know that this is going to be my life as long as stay in this field.

You probably had the most pressure for this album, knowing that people are watching you.
Daesung: I've been thinking a lot about what I should do if I were not able to go back as a singer. And you know what? There was absolutely nothing. I didn't study harder than other people and I didn't do well in playing sports either. That's why I was more thankful to be back in this business and able to forget about other concern.

Is it different when performing abroad?
Daesung: Yeah, I brainwash myself before going up on stage, telling myself that nobody here knows what had happened. I'm pretty much simple-minded so that works for me.

"It's good to be a mediator in the group"

You're receiving positive feedbacks from overseas fans and critics. Do you feel that Big Bang's popularity has expanded into other countries?
Daesung: Well, those reaction doesn't really affect our mindset (to be humble and aiming to try harder). My answer might sound cliche but regardless of who are listening to our music, our job produce the best outcome. Our performance could be different depending on which country it is and what kind of environment it has, but our voice will not change. We're just happy to show what we have and see our overseas fans enjoying Big Bang's music. This year's world tour was an awesome opportunity for us in all aspects, in terms of the band session and other factors as well. Apart from receiving favorable reactions from the audience, we are having a blast promoting ourselves abroad. When thinking about our performances, I can't wait to travel to another country and stand in front of a crowd.

It's interesting that you used the term 'travel.' It gives me an impression that it's an important time of your life to be certain about your happiness than success.
Daesung: Whether it's a happiness or love, it's good if anyone who has it a lot of it could share with others. I read from a book before that you need to love yourself first to love others. I wasn't that type of a person and I was more like playing down my role and lowering myself. I kept pushing myself and at one point, my confidence was gone. Now I'm starting to learn about love and happiness little by little.

Did you start loving yourself through this album?
Daesung: I wouldn't say 'love,' but this has been a chance for me focus on myself. I restored a certain level of confidence.

People who saw you on variety shows think you as a bright and positive person. It's surprising to know that you've been in pain for such a long time.
Daesung: Including the stage fright I had since my debut, my parents have been telling me since I was young to be humble all the time. So when cameras were off, I was always intimidated. Hearing not to brag over and over again, I even told myself not to brag about getting complimented by teachers at school.

Isn't it difficult for a person like you to harmonize with other Big Bang members who have strong personalities?
Daesung: It took me some time to adjust to their characters, especially Seungri. (laugh) Out of 100 percent he had 100 percent of confidence, which is totally the opposite of me. I think that's why people have been telling me that we don't look awkward when being together on TV. Me and Seungri are like brothers and we learn a lot from each other too. I realized that I have to learn certain qualities that Seungri has. Slowly, I'm finding a compromising point between us and without him, I wouldn't have been able to come back to the music scene.

Not just your attitude but your personality in general would've changed. How much gap do you have between yourself now and you back in 2006?
Daesung: I was a dark kid six years ago. I first learned how to dance after coming to YG Entertainment and I was always busy catching up with other people. Plus, I had no confidence at all. Even now when I'm with other people, I feel like I'm losing my identity. You could say that I'm not voicing out my opinion or easily get swayed by other people, but I like who I am in this way. All the other members have strong personalities and it's good to be a mediator in the group. And I have so much laid ahead of me. I'm sure they know how much they mean to me even if I don't tell them in words.

So what does Big Bang mean to you?
Daesung: We just... harmonize and bond so well. It's like a group of five guys who truly enjoys doing music. Now I feel that the members are closer to me than my childhood friends. I'm really grateful that I met them and I doubt if there could be a team that could share one same goal for over seven years like us.

Reporter : Yoon Hee-Seong.
Editor in Chief : Kang Myeong-Seok.
Photographer : Chae ki-won.
Editor : Monica Suk.
Editor : Jang Kyung-Jin.
Source : http://goo.gl/yHm4n

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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Thu May 17, 2012 1:24 am

OMoo~ Daesungie mou !!~
Thelw na tous dwsw mia megali agkalitsaa!!~ :'/~

Kai Bebeos, to kalytero gia to telooos!!~
Can't wait!


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G-Dragon's Interview with 10Asia

A tremendous explosion started the expansion of the universe and the explosion is known as the Big Bang. Stepping into their seventh year of debut, Big Bang has now created a distinguishable territory in the K-pop scene. The group has differentiated its music from any other K-pop and pop idols' by quickly reacting to the global music trend without losing their unique color. To announce their songs -- which bloomed in the middle of all the hardships they've been going through -- to the world, the boys performed three songs in just one show, each performing with a different concept. They also made the live show available online in high-definition. The boys' ensuing step that avoids being conventional and abiding by the rules were shocking from time to time, but the shock has always left something new after that 'explosion.' Interviewing the team's leader G-Dragon provided 10Asia a chance to discover what leads the team to create that shock and excitement in the global music landscape. The musician, who says that he devoted all his time to planning and preparing for coming albums while leaving everything up to his fans' expectations, does not get excited by immediate gains and success. For that reason, it is exciting enough to picture what he has in mind for the next Big Bang.

"'ALIVE' has provided us to enjoy the new Golden Age of Big Bang."

As a leader and producer in the team, you must have a special attachment to the latest release. How do you feel about wrapping up the album's local promotion?
G-Dragon: It was short but deep. Before thinking about what others have to say about this album, I want to call this the new Golden Age of Big Bang.

When working as the sub-unit GD&T.O.P, you said in an interview that there's one more blow waiting to wow everyone. I felt like "ALIVE" is what you meant by the 'single blow'(laugh)
G-Dragon: I'm extremely satisfied with this album. Though the time we had to promote the release was pretty short, I think we've showed enough without any regret. Since we have the members' solo albums coming up this year, I think we could keep up this spirit.

This year has been a juncture for Big Bang to get rid of the image you guys had from performing "Lies." This also means that you guys must have gone through a certain level of adventure to create something new.
G-Dragon: I started talking about this with Teddy and other staffs at my company when I released GD&T.O.P. Rather than catching up on trends, we came to agree that we should always go a few steps ahead of others. Also, we were certain that whatever we do was right. Apart from gaining success in fashion and music, it was important for us to put out what we love. If we had confidence and assurance of what we do, we knew that people will be with us at some point. It worked afterall, but I call it a successful 'adventure.'

Songs like "BAD BOY" and "BLUE" were totally different from other K-pop idols' music. It didn't have group chorus or exactly divide the members' parts to sing.
G-Dragon: Our company's C.E.O was not able to call these two songs as our title tracks till the last moment. Rap songs with a slow tempo like "BAD BOY" is not so popular with people and "BLUE" was more like an extended version of "Love Song" from last year's special edition album. But we made these two great tracks because we thought it was about time to show the real Big Bang music. And for some reason, it just kind of matched with our situation. If we released the record before going through a lot of troubles last year, or far after the incidents, I don't think we would've been able to put ourselves in the music.

I'm guessing that your agency officials' favorite track is "FANTASTIC BABY."
G-Dragon: What our C.E.O wanted from us more than anything else, was to make a dance number since we didn't have any dance tunes after "Last Farewell" from the second mini-album. While working with Teddy to make a fast beat song, we decided to come up with a beat that most people are unfamiliar with. We gave a little twist to the song by doing things like speeding up the tempo unexpectedly. While a slew of K-pop artists are doing electronica music these days, I made the song to start with just my voice singing in order to distinguish it from other electronica music being produced in the country. We needed to show what's real. It had to sound like a unique arrangement and unforgettable for anyone who listens so we just mixed our talents.

The overall album is a good combination of each member's talents.
G-Dragon: Before releasing "ALIVE," our C.E.O asked us a question half in jest, saying, 'Big Bang has a huge name value. But do you think the inner qualities are as good as the group's image?" I was pressured to receive that question and had to partly agree to his thought that we had to try harder. We're trendy and we have musical talents but something was always missing, which was Big Bang's image and color. When dropping the album, I wanted to lead people's emotion rather than to receive favorable reviews from critics. We wanted people to have exclamation marks instead of question marks when listening to our music.

"I wanted Big Bang to get credits from older K-pop groups and artists."

So the unexpected reaction towards "BLUE" was more encouraging, huh? The song's tempo descends at the latter part of the song but it has enthralled people.
G-Dragon: I think the pains I had were expressed well through the track. I was literally 'blue' when working on "BLUE" so I had extra concern in writing the lyrics. For a while we've been exhausted trying to keep up the group's sweeping upturn. So we always had to consider the general public's style of music when producing albums. In this album, however, we didn't set a specific goal and talked about our own stories; the stories that could easily gain people's empathy. The only method we had to talk about our situation was music and we wrote these tracks as if we were writing a journal.

What you just said was shown in the album's tracks. While you carefully planned everything in performances and albums in the past, now it has change to a freestyle music.
G-Dragon: I think you call that a 'development.' Calculating every detail to make and sing a song doesn't work anymore. I used to like strong and bold music but now I prefer songs that are calm and you don't get fed up with.

Slow or mid-tempo music can make people easily get tired of listening to them. But you guys didn't have that problem with various vocal sounds.
G-Dragon: Even if we don't set that specific goal and practice, the members' voice tones are so different that it makes enough differences with a voice only. Plus, everyone's interpretation of a song varies, so it gives off different atmospheres.

You once compared Big Bang members to 'weapons.' Have you mastered using those weapons now? (laugh)
G-Dragon: I spend every single day with them and I'd be fool not to know how to control them. (laugh) All members have unconsciously matured when working on the album and that was shown in the tracks. When preparing our previous albums, we held meetings from time to time while concurrently pursuing solo activities. This time, we all took a break from our job and worked together. The five members' energy was well reflected in the album. I myself reminded myself of the moment when we first began as a group, and directed the members' vocal training one by one. Seungri, for example, used nasal tones and breathing sounds when singing "FANTASTIC BABY" that he didn't do a lot before. I personally like this part a lot.

There were moments when I felt that other members' have found new ways to use their voice in singing.
G-Dragon: All the members wanted a detailed directing during the recording. Sometimes, I had to write separate notes to tell them to pronounce specific words in certain ways. Adding to those detailed directing, the guys' interpretation of each song has really established unique tones and styles. I'm not trying to denigrate anyone, but people began to get tired of idol-style tunes ever since a majority of artists roll out patterned music.

So that made you decide to be different?
G-Dragon: I had to be unconventional and twist the songs to be unique. I wanted Big Bang to get credits from older K-pop groups and artists.

"My life is centered around the word 'Gangster.'"

You worked with mixed thoughts in your mind. But I reckon that you've become more true to your instinct.
G-Dragon: After producing so many albums, I realized that how much effort you put in your work doesn't guarantee its result. In "Heartbreaker," everything about my voice and singing techniques were planned and when I try to sing the song in a karaoke, I can't sing the same. Since this album, I began pursuing something more natural and that led me to put the first file of recordings to our final record. The members trusted me making those decisions and practiced a lot to show their genuine feelings.

Then were the creative ideas in your music videos planned or are they ad-libs? I had never imagined that you would use chinese lions in a music video. (laugh)
G-Dragon: We draw overall pictures of music videos when making music. For example, the first line of "FANTASTIC BABY" reminded me of an electricity buzzing. I write rest of the lyrics based on that feeling, imagine the music video's concept and our stage outfits. I go on thinking about arranging the members' voices too. So basically, the most important task for me after doing some work with Teddy is to organize my ideas. I used to receive songs first and write lyrics following the melody but I decided not to do that anymore. These two elements harmonize well when I associate the lyrics and melody at the same time.

If you use all your inspiration at once like that, how do you do to fill up the inspirations and energy again?
G-Dragon: I just look at what's happening around the world. From watching variety shows to foreign TV series, and to news, I get inspired by what's happening in the society, what people wear these days and how they live. My agency give us a lot of support in broadening our perspectives and we were able to meet big name celebrities recently: Meeting and talking with our favorite artists -- Quincy Jones, Diplo, Boysnoize, Under Dogs and William -- made me think to become successful like them. Things like this have led me to become a better person.

In other words, does that mean you started making music that aims to entertain global fans?
G-Dragon: This might sound funny but the reactions we've been receiving from overseas fans recently were pretty much expected. Studying pop music that me and Teddy grew up listening, we've been comparing our tunes with other pop songs. And what we have now is just the result of everything we had planned. We're confident about YG's music because this was carefully planned. It feels good to be loved from fans abroad, but I'm not overwhelmingly touched by it.

Then the direction of your future music style and goal will likely change. What are your plans as a musician?
G-Dragon: People might tell me that I'm arrogant but naming me a 'hit composer' doesn't mean anything to me. What I'm doing right now is just a practice of my next album. What's more crucial than rankings and popularity is making music that will consistently be loved even when after decades. I truly hope that our music could inspire other talented musicians and contribute to the development of K-pop music. That's my vision and goal.

So are you expecting a certain era or a world to arrive than to achieve personal goals?
G-Dragon: I don't have entrepreneurial skills like our C.E.O Yang Hyun-suk does so it's probably not a good idea for me to jump into the entertainment business as an entrepreneur. What I've discussing a lot with 2NE1's CL lately is ideas about culture and space. I hope there's a place for many talented people to gather and inspire each other, even if they're not celebrities. By creating a space like that, I wish I could support their skills and talents. I was lucky to have a chance to grow while interacting with my favorite artists. I wanted to provide that chance to them too, so I'm working on that right now.

Following your dreams like that, doing Big Bang activities and preparing solo albums all at once sounds tough.
G-Dragon: Of course, I always lack time but I try to do things when I can. I'm not sure if I'll still have the ability to produce cutting-edge music when I'm old. My motto is to keep the youthfulness I have right now even if I get old. In order to do that, I need to keep my characteristic. Aside from Big Bang activities, my life is centered around the word 'Gangster' and without it, my characteristic is incomplete. Whether it's fashion, lyrics or a singing style, it needs to have the feeling of a gangster to show my true color. It's like having a rock stars' attitude. I've titled my next solo album's concept a 'Melancholy,' but I think I'll still have that gangster's aura in the album, like I've always done.

What do you feel when you think about yourself in the early days of Big Bang? If you were the owner of the cultural space you mentioned, would you cast G-Dragon from seven years ago and support him? (laugh)
G-Dragon: If I have the insight I would, but I'm not so sure. I was the same person back then but gave off a different vibe. I know so much about what's going around(in this field) now and I'm calculating by knowing what emotions to show at certain points. Sometimes it just goes beyond imagination and I feel like I've become a whiz. (laugh)

Just like the lyrics in your song, you came 'sailing through the cloud.'
G-Dragon: I know so much, and I'm also aware that people know that. (laugh) So while trying to avoid being cliche and calculative, it's inevitable for me to show who I really am.

Then what were you like six years ago, when you didn't know the things you do now?
G-Dragon: I didn't know anything back then. Whether it's a sadness or happiness I see, I accepted everything. I was being simple-minded and naive but because I think too much now, I know how to connect with people through music. That's the biggest strength I have at the age of 24.

Then for 24-year-old G-Dragon, what does group Big Bang mean?
G-Dragon: We don't change. Like I have always said, the members are my weapon, my family and my armor. I guess I'm comparing them to those three because I recently watched action film "The Avengers."

Editor in Chief : Kang Myeong-Seok.
Reporter : Yoon Hee-Seong.
Photographer : Chae ki-won.
Editor : Monica Suk.
Source : http://goo.gl/Nyswt

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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Fri May 18, 2012 9:10 am

Yeeeeaaah ~ Kai to kalytero gia to telos xD !~
Ekana 100 wres na to teleiwsw -__- ^_^
Ithela na eimai se katallilo mood gia na diabasw aytin tin dimiourgia apo ta logia tou Gi mou ^_^~

Kala, den ginetai aytoo!! -___-
Pareitsa pigan na doune The Avengers??
Seungri Minzy GDragon!~ Who's next? xD !~
Prp na dw aytin tin tainia!

Aaah GDragon !!!~ ^___^


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Big Bang on Ray Magazine Japan (June 2012)

> Daesung

Q: How do you sleep?
Dae: Sometimes I wear pajama, but usually I only wear pants. Even during winter, I keep myself warm with blanket while wearing nothing and go to bed.

Q: What will you do if you have 3 billion?
Dae: I’ll make a plan to travel around the world with cruise, plane, train, etc.

Q: Among the five members, who will be a good boyfriend?
Dae: SOL. He’s hardworking and kind too (from girls’ perspective).

Q: What things are you addicted to?
Dae: BIGBANG. There were many things happened last year, so I want to focus on doing what I couldn’t do last year.


Q: What will you do if you have 3 billion?
TOP: I’ll give the money to my parents

Q: Among the five members, who will be a good boyfriend?
TOP: From girls’ points of views, every member has their own good and bad points and I’m sure our magazine readers also have their own taste too.

Q: How do you sleep?
TOP: In pajama.

Q: What kind of person is SOL?
TOP: Sometimes he’s like a kid. He’s honest and always feels lonely too.

Q: What is your ideal date during summer?
TOP: I want to spend my time with my girlfriend in a place where there’s no one else. If I can spend time with just the two of us, it’s already enough for me.


Q: Among the five members, who will be a good boyfriend?
SOL: Nobody! *laugh*

Q: How do you sleep?
SOL: I used to wear pajama but now I only wear pants.

Q: What will you do if you won 3 billion lottery?
SOL: I’ll buy a mansion. But if it really happened, I’ll give the money to my parents. I don’t like money.

> G-Dragon

Q: How do you sleep?
GD: I take off all of my clothes. Just kidding. I wear pants only.

Q: What will you do if you won 3 billion lottery?
GD: I’ll give it to V.I. I believe he’ll start business and gain a lot profits. I’ll ask my money from him after that

Q: What kind of person is V.I?
GD: He’s our youngest brother, but really hyperactive. Kinda scary!

Q: Among the five members, who will be a good boyfriend?
GD: D-LITE. He’s awesome.

> V.I

Q: What kind of person is D-LITE?
VI: He’s cheerful and our mood-maker. He’s hardworking too. Even when we have busy schedules, he will wake up early to read newspaper or books. He’s smart!

Source: @cheri_big
Rough Translation by: @0401rurutic

tabi mmmm! i looooooove you my romantic baby!!
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Okay, Tha to parw apo tin arxi siga siga giati tha arxizw na ourliazw ~


Molis eida tin erwtisi how do you sleep lithika sta geliaa!!~




Q: Among the five members, who will be a good boyfriend?
SOL: Nobody! *laugh*

Hahahahahahahahaha xD Kapoios as me xastoukisei xD


Giati exei mono mia erwtisi :S?

Kai twra :

I take off all of my clothes.

Ksereis pws na kaneis ena koritsi na liwnei etsi?



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Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang
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