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 Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang

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PostSubject: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:48 am

Wanting to make music that feels good to whoever hears it.

Even in Japan, Korea's popular band, Big Bang, is in the middle of a break or fortune. Last year, their single Let Me Hear Your Voice became the opening theme to the drama Ohitorisama. Their popularity is heating up more than ever!

According to G-Dragon, " At first we were also nervous about taking our music in a Japanese drama. But... Even if we ourselves say this, didn't it match quite well? [laughs]"

Their average age is 20. In the six years of their youth, all of them manage lyrics, music, and arrangement. The level or height of their music quality is also worked on.

"Our aim is to make music that feels good to whoever who hears it," says G-Dragon. Making these words into reality may seem difficult but the bottom line is that it's, "music that all of us love." Because they think it will have a strong appeal to the listener they believe this music is good to themselves.

According to SOL, "Skills in writing lyrics, composing music, singing, and dancing, these are no exaggerations. But all are music enthusiasts. We're doing what we love doing so I think the talent comes naturally."

Until two months ago, all five members have been cohabiting under one roof. Whether it's work or private matters, they say they are alongside each other. Doesn't it seem somewhat terrible?

D-LITE said, "Yes. 'Wouldn't you always be fighting?' is what people ask us all the time but fights are quite rare." TOP further said, "We discuss our opinions with each other, and and make an effort to go to the best direction." SOL said, "To tell you the truth, recently one by one we got our own rooms. It should make our juniors, D-LITE and V.I, comfortable." To this D-LITE replied, "Man, I feel like I could fly to the sky." To which V.I. said, "Really. I think my sleep has been getting deeper. [laughs]"

Five people who can breathe just right. Lastly, when they were asked what they want to challenge next in Japan, SOL answered, "Until now in music videos we have been performing as Korean talents. But wouldn't it be nice to be called Japanese talents or guests? For example, "Non-no's model" and so on! [laughs]" TOP, "Yes. To the death, for the sake of the MV. It's not for ourselves, huh?" SOL, "Of course. [laughs] Above all, by all means, my solo music as a guest." V.I, "Wouldn't it be great if I performed in G-Dragon's solo?" G-Dragon, "What?! Why wouldn't you just want to perform your own solo?" SOL, "..... It seems that when it comes to girls, our opinions differ so much."

source:yg_bigbang lj
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Sun Jul 04, 2010 8:46 pm

BIGBANG's interview on EXILE magazine JApan

"It's been a year since we debuted in Japan. I wonder how the future will be like. Having received so much love from people who appreciate our music, we must really work harder." -G-Dragon

It's been a year since BIGBANG's debut (in Japan) last June and you received a lot of awards and also had a concert tour. How was it?

G-Dragon: That's right. Many things happened and it's been a busy year. When we decided to debut it Japan, we were really pressured but we thank our fans for supporting us.

D-Lite: During our concerts in February, it was really
nice to dance and sing together with everyone. The concerts made us closer to our fans.

SOL: Including our concert tours, it was really a year of receiving a lot of love and support. Our life and BIGBANG promotions will still go on as usual. Our schedules are still full and busy.

Any difference when you walk down the the streets now as compared to last year?

SOL: Last time, we also get recognized but not to the extent that there will be a huge crowd gathering around us. (Laughs) When we go shopping or doing something personal, Japanese don't scream and run towards us. They will just come over and ask for a handshake. They are very polite and well-mannered.

T.O.P: Honestly, I don't really feel our popularity. When we go to Japan to promote our new songs, even if we are here (in Japan), we still think about the things we need to do in Korea. Feeling uneasy and worried about it. Probably because of this, I didn't have the time to feel the love people around gave. But when we received awards from VMAJ just recently (for Best Pop Video & Best New Artist Video), I realized the love that BIGBANG received in Japan and I felt happy about it.

V.I: Last year at VMAJ, we were only there to give the award. But this year, not only did we receive awards, we also did live performances on stage. We felt really good. BIGBANG & MTV's relationship is really good. (Laughs)

MTV Live last June 30 was really interesting. The powerful and energetic performances by BIGBANG was full of charms. Where does that power and charisma come from?

G-DRAGON: Firstly, it is the power of the crowd, of course. Even if Japan and Korea's language and culture is different, they learned Korean because of us. Even remembering all the lyrics and not missing one word. Because of that, we have to work extra hard. Also, before going up the stage to perform, we don't think about the difficulty that we'll face on stage, instead we say, "Let's Play!" If we look energetic, the audience will then feel that we're actually really having fun.

T.O.P: Also we don't waste our energy and use it wisely. For example, we feel that heading out late to play at night is unnecessary.

Is BIGBANG not allowed to have a night life?

SOL: Of course for places like music clubs, we do visit. We drink but not often.

T.O.P: I go there but I don't really move around. (Laughs)

So it's like abstinence. (laughs)

SOL: In relation to abstinence, the time spent alone is really important. I often say to people that I like spending time alone. I've been used to it for years. It has become a habit that I don't think I can change just like that.

T.O.P: The 5 of us each have personal preferences about living. Some like to spend all their energy doing something but some don't.

Your SOLO performances in Korea are really powerful too. It's different from the normal BIGBANG performances.

G-DRAGON: During our SOLO activities, it's all about the individual/person so you can do what you want. But when it's the 5 of us, we all have different roles assigned to so we have to think about the song and dance steps that all 5 of us can do together. When we're together, we keep to mind that there shouldn't be only one person standing out. When I had my own SOLO, I gave my best and worked really hard. With BIGBANG, I take into consideration how to help out the whole team.

D-LITE: During your SOLO, you express the diversity/variety of your own personality and as BIGBANG, you show the best of yourself. Like among the 5 members, you do what you're best at (or suits you the most).

SOL: For me, I do the music I like, most of the time. It's like limiting myself to be purely SOL. So in this case, it's not that different to the SOL I am in BIGBANG.

I see. Everyone has their own opinion. There's a distribution of roles that one can do.

D-LITE: That's right. For example, I normally like to joke and play around, but on BIGBANG's stage, I try to hide this part and just focus on singing and making others listen to me.

V.I: Talking about distribution of roles, I am like the seasoning. Adding it will change the taste of it, too much of it might cause the body to be unwell. The right amount of flavor will be nice.

Talking about food recipes, what kind of seasoning?

T.O.P: Natto seasoning?

V.I: No, something more advanced. Something addictive.

It's good that it's not Natto Seasoning. (Laughs) The last part we shall talk your in the drama 'IRIS' called TELL ME GOODBYE and Mezamashi's theme song, HANDS UP. Can you briefly talk about them?

SOL: TELL ME GOODBYE is a very sad song but the lyrics are very fresh.

D-LITE: HANDS UP is the totally opposite of TELL ME GOODBYE. It makes you want to dance along with the song. Although it's different from TELL ME GOODBYE, both songs represent BIGBANG's style. We hope that you'll listen to both tracks~

Note: Translated from Chinese so may contain slight inaccuracies. Original article is in Japanese. (Our Japanese translator is currently on vacation^^)

Scans by Tisya@bigbangupdates
Japanese to Chinese translation by rock77star@baidu
Chinese to English translation by Yvonne@bigbangupdates
Please credit when taking out^^

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PostSubject: [TRANS] Big Bang's FRAU Magazine Interview   Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:07 am

1. What was your childhood dream and wanted job?
[TOP] I wanted to be a great gentleman. Rather than having the appearance of a cool person I wanted to be an elegant man.
[GD] Singer.
[SOL] I had various dreams. When you're a child, you wish to try a lot. One is being a pianist.
[VI] Because I liked dancing I wanted to be a choreographer.
[DS] (because of his reverend) At first I thought I wanted to be a pastor, then a baseball player, and then a bodyguard.

2. A childhood nickname?
[TOP] Dinosaur.
[GD] Hammer. (pretends to use his head to hammer nails)
[SOL] Hedgehog! Because of my pointed hairstyle
[VI] Panda. Under my eyes there’s a dark area. (^^)
[DL] 강대포 (Kang Dae Po) Gun. there was a risk of it being my real name.

3. If there was a one month vacation given..?
[TOP] I would travel somewhere alone. To a secret destination (laughs)
[GD] I want to stay alone, with nobody. Somewhere where nobody knows where to look.
[SOL] (Trying to imagine) Travel in Okinawa!
[VI] Will not rest, just work. (^^) If somehow I have to rest no matter what? Well…..I would drive by myself though.
[DS] In Shibuya I would play futsal, everyday just futsal.

4. The most expensive thing you have bought recently, within a month?
[TOP] Louboutin shoes. I bought both the shoes and sneakers.
[GD] Louboutin sneakers.
[SOL] Givenchy jacket. Really expensive. I waited for a year until it was 70% off. I was lucky that it was still available. (Laughs)
[VI] I bought an Yves Saint Laurent jacket.
[DS] -

5. When thinking of Japanese celebrities who’s the first person you can think of?
[TOP] (in Japanese) Pikachu!
[GD] Namie Amuro
[SOL] --
[VI] Namie Amuro (Japanese singer)
[DS] Kimura Takuya

6. If for one day you would guide a Japanese women in Seoul [where would you take her]..?
[TOP] A quiet wine bar in Southern Cheongdam. Speaking of that Daikanyama in Tokyo is similar.
[GD] I would take her to a delicious restaurant in South Korea, Samcheong Dong. Then a drive around Seoul seeing attractions.
[SOL] Samcheong-dong. Go to the park near the mountain, listen to traditional Korean music and go to a restaurant.
[VI] The Han River cruise! Around the park where the scenery is beautiful.
[DS] Korean sauna, where you can have meals, and body scrubs. Where even being there all day long I don’t get tired!

7. Your favorite word?
[TOP] -
[GD] (in Japanese) nanttonaku (somewhat)
[VI] (in Japanese) beautiful
[DS] (in Japanese) ppittari! (perfect!)

8. A person you respect?
[TOP] My Grandfather who was a writer. I like writing and I realize that it’s because of my grandfather’s influence on me.
[GD] Father.
[SOL] Michael Jackson
[VI] Father.
[DS] My parents, because of their generous love.

9. From the members “I’m the most excellent at this”?
[TOP] Stupid/foolish ideas and thoughts.
[GD] Sensitivity.
[SOL] Being strong-willed
[VI] The dark area under my eyes.
[DS] Rock paper scissors!

10. A drink that you frequently drink?
[TOP] Red wine.
[GD] Milk.
[SOL] Iced tea
[VI] Cider.
[DS] -

11. What is Big Bang to you?
[TOP] It’s like living with the biggest passion that is allowed to exist. Family.
[GD] A name. It’s not my name, but wherever I go I’m called Big Bang. For that reason I think I cannot do any shameful actions.
[SOL] It's hard. A home, I guess.
[VI] The Joker card, the card up one’s sleeve. If you have it you’re assured/relieved, and also people use it to win?
[DS] Home. Big Bang is my home.

Translated by iBigBang@wordpress.com.
Additional translations by BBupdates.com.

Lol random TOP is random.Pikachu is not even a human.
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Sun Jul 11, 2010 6:42 am

axuuuu mwreee!!!!!!!
o antroulhs m o gd einai pl glukoulhs pinei k gala muahahahahahaha!!!!
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PostSubject: Taeyang and G-Dragon talk about Big Bang's rooms on Sketchbook   Thu Jul 15, 2010 7:49 pm

Members of Bigbang do not only ‘open’ their rooms but also those of other members.

Taeyang and G-Dragon appeared in ‘the sketchbook’ of KBS2 TV, they said ‘every one of us has strong characters so the styles of our rooms are different too.’ Then, the MC asked them to explain in details; therefore, they told us the details of their rooms.

Taeyang said that ‘there is nothing besides toys in Daesung’s and TOP’s rooms. ‘Their rooms are just like the store rooms of toys. There are so many different kinds of them and the rooms are so full that, if you walk into their rooms at night, it is very likely that you will be scared by the toys.”

The room of G-Dragon is occupied by the limited version of clothes from different brands all over the world. If they need clothes, they can resort to going to his room for ‘bartering’. ‘I have not visited Seungri’s room for a long time already, I don’t know how it looks like now…’ Taeyang bursted in to laughters.

“Since Taeyang organized his room so perfectly tidy, it is always like a hotel room and it is so eye-catching, too."

Source: TV report + Chinese translations by bigbangfamily
English translations by: Rice @ Big Bang World

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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:16 pm

aaxx poso 8a h8ela na eixa to dwmatio t agaphmenou m gd!!!!!<333
einai eleos o taeyang pou dn 8umatai to dwmatio t seungri hahahahahahahaha :P
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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:18 pm

και γω θα ήθελα να μπω στο δωμάτιο του GD μόνο και μόνο για να αρπάξω ρούχα,κοσμήματα,καπέλα,γυαλιά.Γενικά ό,τι θεϊκό φοράει!

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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:20 pm

NAIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
8a pa8aina shock ekei mesa!!!!
k mono pou 8a epiana ta rouxa pou eixe foresei autos 8a eixa pe8anei!!!!!
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PostSubject: Taeyang and G-Dragon react differently towards fans   Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:31 am

Earlier today, we’ve reported on Taeyang’s stunning performances, along with the featuring of fellow Big Bang member G-Dragon, on the recent episode of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

On the show, these two boys further entertained the viewers with their interesting talks. Taeyang and G-Dragon shared how fans react towards them, and also gave descriptions of the Big Bang members’ rooms.

In terms of how fans react towards him, Taeyang expressed:

“We walk all the way from our dorms to the company building. There are fans who recognize and approach us”

“I greet my fans with a handshake, and they show pleased reactions”

Fans act cool and calm towards Taeyang. However, G-Dragon’s situation is the total opposite as he shared:

“I tend to act shy and awkward. I feel happy to see fans recognize and approach me, but I don’t know how to express my gratitude.

That’s why I cower and pass by them”

During this episode, Taeyang and G-Dragon also described each of the Big Bang members’ unique rooms.



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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:42 am

Einai monadikoi !!!! Dn perimena pote o GD na exei tetoia adidrash !
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PostSubject: BIGBANG - 9月号 「mina」 magazine interview    Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:40 pm

In the September issue of the Japanese magazine 「mina」 there's an interview to each BIGBANG member with some interesting questions and answers.


Q. What's your charm point?
A. My piercing eyes! (as he said that, he gave us a piercing look)
Q. What's your hobby/specialty?
A. Cooking. My specialty is kimchi jigae. Though it's quite spicy, it's oishii!(in japanese: delicious).
Q. What do you always carry around?
A. (Putting his hand on his chest) Love!
Q. Are you a romantic perhaps?
A. Yes... quite a bit. Oohh~ I'm embarrassed~!
Q. What kind of fashion do you like on girls?
A. I like girls who look good with casual, vintage clothes. Since I really like that style, I wanna have fun going shopping together! Also, I'm attracted to girls with a cute smile, one that makes you cheer up when you're with her.
Q. Where would you like to go on a date?
A. To the Haunted House at Fuji Kyuu Highland! I would protect my scared girlfriend........ (fantasizing) aaah~, that would be great~!


Q. What do you think of Japanese women?
A. All of them are so stylish! It's great that they have their own personality. I feel that they don't just simply follow the fashion, but they arrange it as it suits them best. Also, there are many girls with a cute voice, or more like a cute way of speaking.The sound of the Japanese language is sweet and very nice.
Q. What do you do on your days off?
A. I do all the things that I can't usually do. Like studying, watching films.... I'm an indoors kind of person, so I'm at home most of the time. One film that I've enjoyed lately is 「Ironman 2」. I love American hero movies.
Q. Where would you like to go in Japan?
A. Okinawa! (quick answer). Even though lately I've been saying a lot that I want to go there, I haven't been able to do it. If I got a girlfriend, I'd like to go to Okinawa on vacation with her!


Q. What do you think of today's finished shooting?
A. (until the last minute closely examining his own pictures) They look awesome!
Q. What type of girl do you like?
A. A girl who adapts herself to me completely. Since I will adapt myself to her too, I'd like her to do the same. My ideal would be a caring relationship made of our mutual effort. Also, I like a person who knows well her good and bad points and dresses smartly. I want her to choose the clothes that suit me best too!
Q. If you could take just one thing to a desert island, what would it be?
A. (carrying 2 「mina」 issues in his arms) This! 「mina」 daisuki! (in japanese: I love 「mina」)
(saying that to appeal to us, then after seeing the editor's reaction?!?!) Can't I take 2 issues?
Q. So you like magazines?
A. Yes. But I'm completely devoted to 「mina」! (appealing again, love-confession' style).
Q. What's the place in Korea that you'd reccomend to Japanese women?
A. Cheongdam-dong in Seoul. There are elegant restaurants and wine bars there.
It's a quiet area with a mature (adult-like) feeling to it. It's one of my favorite places too. If you have the chance, please go check it out.


Q. What do you think of Japanese women?
A. I think they're all very kind and sensitive.
Q. What type of girl do you like?
A. (looking at the cover of 「mina」's June issue) I like girls with a natural look (atmosphere), like Aoi Yuu
Q. What kind of fashion style do you like on girls?
A. I think that people who, with a natural stance, wear clothes that suit their own style and features, are fashionable/stylish/elegant. Though they look at ease/comfortable, their dress sense is good... But, that's really muzukashii (in japanese: difficult), right? (laughs)
Q. What do you usually do on your days off?
A. I rest (laughs). I love to sleep. If nobody wakes me up, I can sleep for two days straight.
Q. If you could take just one thing to a desert island, what would it be?
A. V.I. ! I would make him do everything while I would just sleep (laughs).
Q. Tell us how you feel about performing at Japan's 「Summer Sonic」 rock festival in August and send a message:
A. I'm really happy that BIGBANG can perform in such a big stage where a lot of people will gather. I wanna make a performance that can impact many people. Please, cheer for BIGBANG as you do for other artists!


Q. Did you already get used to Japan?
A. Yes. I'm already an 80% Japanese. Sometimes I don't even understand Korean... I was joking (laughs).
Q. What surprised you the most when you came to Japan?
A. Meal ticket vending machines. You don't see them in Korea. Also, the amount of magazines in convenience stores. But, since I can't read kanji, I just look at the pictures (laughs).
Q. What has gotten you hooked on lately?
A. I got my driving license, so now I'm interested in cars. I'm in love with cool and fast sports cars. That's cause I'm still young (laughs).
Q. When can you relax yourself?
A. When I listen to music I feel completely at ease. When we come to Japan I bring my own speakers to play my favourite music in the hotel.
Q. What are you collecting?
A. It's a little bit embarrassing but... LEGO (construction toys). I have lots at home. After I complete (finish) them I feel so good that I wanna boast in front of my friends. Something like 「This is my son」.

Translation by susifg@lj. Please, credit if taking out.

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PostSubject: BIGBANG in August issue of Shukan Josei   Thu Aug 05, 2010 2:16 am

Korean group BIGBANG’s short interview was published in the August issue of Shukan Josei. They held a short Q & A session with the magazine.

The questions to each members were:
1. What do you eat before you go on the stage?
2. Where is one the spots where you gain your energy from? (We know on the stage from fans are #1)
3. Our readers of this magazine are probably all older then you. Do you consider going out with older ladies?

SOL’s (Taeyang) answer’s:
1. I can dance better if I don’t eat anything before I go on the stage. But in the morning and lunch, I will eat fruits or boiled eggs. After the concert, I usually eat whatever I want. I normally eat Yakiniku (Korean BBQ).
2. My hotel room in Japan
3. If I really love the person, I don’t really care for the age.

V.I.’s (Seungri) answer’s:
1. Oolong Tea. (I love it)
2. Inside the car, on the way to the concert. I like to think about how to perform on the stage.
3. I’m usually working with older people, so I don’t mind. But I would like to go out with younger girls as well.

D-LITE’s (Daesung) answer’s:
1. I don’t really eat anything before the concert, but I do eat bananas and boiled eggs.
2. Right now (During this interview of Shukan Josei). After that is my bed, I can gain so much energy from sleeping.
3. No problem! I don’t care about age!

G-DRAGON’s answer’s:
1. Red Bull
2. Right before the concert begins. I concentrate so much so I do get a lot of energy. After the concert begins, I just perform with all I have and I usually don’t remember what I did after. (LOL)
3. I’m okay with it… but maybe the girl won’t feel comfortable thinking that we have nothing in common to talk about.

TOP’s answer’s:
1. Bananas! I always try my best not to drink alcohol….. (I was just kidding ok?). I usually don’t eat dinner the day before the concert either. But I do drink 1 bottle of wine.. if I drink more then that, I will get wasted.
2. On stage
3. Age doesn’t matter.


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PostSubject: Idol Chat Room on Big Bang   Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:12 am

Seungri hopes for G-Dragon to treat him better?!

Expose facts about Taeyang and T.O.P that are different from their appearances!!

Daesung's unpredictable profound innermost feelings behind his smiling face?!

The members in the eyes of the other members~

About Daesung, from Taeyang

An absolutely cheerful personality. To me, Daesung is like a younger brother, a SOULMATE whom I can reveal the truth to with assurance. Ever since we went to Japan for career development, I have been rooming with Daesung, therefore we chatted on various topics. Daesung is a good listening ear, hence if there is anything, I will discuss with him. But there is one thing which is not good, that is, he doesn't talk much about his own matter. As you get to know him more, you will discover his mysterious ways…Daesung is an incredible person! Because of this, people want to know, to see more appealing matters about him. Daesung is not only cheerful, his innermost feelings are very profound too.

About Taeyang, from G-Dragon

Because of his recent schedule, Taeyang is in the fatigue state… (laughs) But even if he is very tired, he will still put in his best effort to fulfill whatever he has decided on. Because of his earnest and manliness, therefore regardless of any matter, it can be entrusted to him. Actually Taeyang doesn't only have a serious side, he has his playful times too~ like in a car ride, on the way to a photo shoot, he will stretched out his head from the car's sunroof and sing by himself! People on the street are all looking ~ haha! Although he presented a perfect posture for everyone on stage, but the Taeyang in private has such a difference but this is also his charm! If I must say what is his shortcoming… I think he has no shortcomings at all! (laughs)

About T.O.P. from Daesung

Because he is the oldest member, therefore he is a person who can be depended on mentally. When everyone is exhausted he will do some interesting things or practical jokes to make us laugh, which made us spunk up. But recently, the practical jokes have become more frequent… haha! Although it is to let everyone feel happy but there are a lot of nonsensical practical jokes! For instance, when we are earnestly having an interview, he will be making funny faces at the back and we could not help laughing out! (laughs) Actually T.O.P hyung is an optimistic person!

About Seungri, from T.O.P

Unpredictable, he is just like a time bomb! (laughs) Especially when in private, I would always be scared by him! There was a day when he suddenly bought a car, but a few days after that I didn't see him driving that car at all. I asked him why he didn't drive it, and only then he revealed that his license was detained... To me, he is such a mystery! Ha ha! Actually Seungri has many areas which I admire~ Even with someone whom he just met for the first time, he doesn't think of the other party as a stranger and can chat with them. I really envy the beauty of such friendliness. And he is very innocent, no matter what he is thinking, it will be displayed immediately on the face, therefore he cannot keep secrets. Hn…Seungri's biggest merit is he will not lie.

About G-Dragon, from Seungri

No matter when, Jiyong hyung will always listen to the members, and will sum up the best opinion, he is a very good leader! Because he has a very smart brain, therefore his way of thinking is very comprehensive, his sense of reality on music's aspect is also very good, and he also has a stylish taste in fashion. But on the shortcomings… got to treat me better, must improve on the gentleness! Hahaha! However when we are together, he would take care of me on various aspects, and will often ask us "have you eaten?" Although sometimes he will bully me, imitates the way I talk… (laughs) Probably because I am the youngest in BIGBANG, very lovable, therefore he loves to tease me! Haha!

source: bigbanghaven

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PostSubject: Big Bang on WITH magazine: GD & TOP   Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:34 am

South Korea’s music top representative group
BIG BANG debuted in August 2006 and had a major impact on the country called, South Korea. With their high and bass rap. Distinctive singing, music, dancing, they were equipped with such high quality that no one could believe it came from these young kids. The first time people’s eyes were on them was through the unprecedented, survival mode, documentary broadcasted. It was not only on TV, but as well as on the internet. The people who watched the sometimes happy, other times crying, and giving up appearances of these young boys, suddenly became their prisoner. They released 3 singles over the spam of only half a year and immediately dominated the charts. The 5 of them are a group that have literally swept the entire nation.
But they didn’t reach the top spot easily.

G-DRAGON, SOL spent their life as trainees for as long as 6 years. VI had to audition more than once as he failed the first time but made it in the end after experiencing the life of a trainee for a year and a half. He experienced bone-cut lessons and the severity of being a professional he felt it with his own skin. They impressed people with their skills, their personality and the bonds between the members that people called empathic. In addition, their unique fashion and multi-talents received support from the people. Since they had their major debut in Japan in 2009, they have been receiving more and more momentum. On this issue of “With”, we are going to Seoul to look for them, just like they are. At YG Entertainment we are covering all areas, the dance studio, gym, recording studio etc. A talk with their hearts will be conveyed comfortably since they are at home!

Wishing to free the strong mind since the past. G-DRAGON's sensibility seems to have already been exerted since childhood.

“I have heard from other people who even when I’m compared to people my own age, I’m more deep and thoughtful. Plus I think I’m a little more on the adult/mature side. From early in my life, I would listen to music, watch movies…and I would get more deeply excited than my classmates, when I found artistic things that were touching to me I even cried. Now if I had to pick what influenced my emotional/sensitive side, it would be Wu Tang’s music that I heard in 4th grade. Since then I had the dream of wanting to rap and I began to write songs’ lyrics.”

Since his start of school he started to make music, produce and his fashion sense….Behind all of his unusual talent the, “I want freedom”, idea has had a great influence.

“The thought of wanting to be free has always been very strong since the past. I think it appears in my music and fashion. As a result of this I’m thankful to the people around me that accept this and that favorably say that’s just part of my personality. I want freedom but at the same time I don’t like doing anything ambiguous. I’m the type that is always certain/determined in everything I do. Basically, freedom isn’t all I want. Rather than that, I want to think that all the choices I make for my distant future have been made by me. “

Wishing to be free but disliking being ambiguous. That sounds like the kind of nature of a leader who presides over his unique members. Also, the trainee time took 6 years, that made him more committed and professional.

“I think that without my trainee period I wouldn’t be where I am now. It’s true that time was painful but at the same time it was a good time. I got through it all because it was what I wanted. Just thinking about music and dance, made me put all my passion on it. Even now I still love music but, other than music there are other things I have to think about. Sometimes I think that I want to go back, it would be nice. To just simply chase what I enjoyed doing. (laughs)”

It’s possible for him to say such things because G-DRAGON isn’t going to escape, because he is on the next stage.

“I’m still only 22 years old. At my age, I need to experience different things from now on. To build myself, I want to take it slowly. Then one day, I wonder if I can become a nice/cool man. (laughs)”

Dating Q&A #1:
What kind of person do you become when you are dating?
Un the past I didn’t think much of it, just of the person I like, but right now realistically, I think it’s impossible to be together with her or to do something for her. So if I think that way, I think it’s because I’m passive to love.

Dating Q&A #2
What do you think about the thought of distance from the person you like?
Right now I don’t know how to put in words the distance I’m thinking about in my mind….but I think a bit of a distance feeling is needed [for a relationship]. I have to look after my personal privacy but anywhere you go finding privacy isn’t easy.

Dating Q&A #3
Do you find yourself thinking of marriage?
Of course I don’t think of it right now, but I don’t want to think that it will be in the very distant future. However, when I’m married I want to have a good time always, just like the times of when we dated. Even with a baby I would like to make anywhere in the world we go a possible environment to live in.

Drawing for the future, what do you think you need for now?
To not forget the original intentions, take time to create ourselves. What we need the most now is rest, time, novice, and a hungry mind. In Korea groups start going independent or form a group with other members after 4 to 5 years. For Big Bang the timing is close, but us 5 should still pursue for more without forgetting our original intentions and taking time to create our own selves.

Top was born on 4th of November, 1987, his blood type is B and he is responsible for rapping in the team. He has a very deep voice and good at writing lyrics and beat box. He started his acting career in 2007 in Iris which was also broadcasted in Japan. ‘Into the Fire’, the film that he participated in, was expected to be shown in Japan as well. He is in fact very passionate which is just an opposite of his cool look. He also has a mischievous side.

"He wants to keep his soul pure and beautiful for music and acting The most important tactics is conveying his thoughts with eye contact...."
TOP has been living in his own world. Since he wanted to express his ‘own world’ to others,he started writing poems since 11.
When I look back, I am still wondering whether I am one of those rebellious children (Laugh). Maybe my rebellion at that time was echoing with the Black music. Through my childhood poems,I want to transmit my inner world to others.’

TOP has been eager to share his thoughts and affection with others until now.
This is the case in music and acting, what you need is to send your message, since if others cannot receive them it is meaningless. I think the definition of arts is transmitting the feelings and experience that you mutually owe so you can echo with each other. To this sense, ‘eye contact’ is a very important tactics to me. When I am in front of a camera or on a stage, I always want to convey my messages to the audience with my eyes.’

TOP’s delicate and sentimental character was inherited from his grandfather.
‘Since I have the genes of my grandpa,I love languages the most. That’s why I was thinking about if I really have to be a rapper. The words that grandpa said to me before he passed away are still very precious and I keep them deep in my heart. He told me to purify myself through meditation. This is a Korean idiom which means looking at your own self, purify and beautify your soul. When I am taking a rest, I will really beautify my soul and brain. At those times, I do not go out but stay at home so as to create some time for myself to think about issues or relax. I will try my best not to think about bad stuff and keep myself away from things that will exert bad influence on me… For making music and acting, ‘purity’ is vital. For the view of expressing myself without being affected, I think it is a must for me to work hard on that. I have forgotten when I started the hobby of collecting figurines and bear brick.(Laugh). I think I am picking up the innocent side of me when I collect them.’

There is another reason that he does not like to go out when he is free.
‘I don’t want to waste my energy. I want to save my energy for my work. To me, energy is not used for my own purpose but for all of you.’

What does he do to reach his dream future?
‘For the sake of my future, the most important thing is ‘do not lose my endless passion’. To be frank, I am not that type of person who set up targets for themselves. Why? I think if I have set a target then I achieve it. then I will be lazy for the feeling of complacent is all over me. On the contrary, if I do not set a target but I still do my work very passionately, this is the biggest target of my whole life.

Dating Q and A 1:
If you are in love, what type of man will you become?

In the past, I would become a man that devote all my time to her but I have changed a bit. I am not good at confessing love directly so I would convey my love to her subtlety.

Dating Q and A 2:
What is the ideal distance for you and your sweetheart?
It depends on who I am dating. Em… I will only reply the same amount of love that she gives me! Joking(laugh), both of us are independent and we do leave a certain amount of distance between us, this is my ideal type of relationship.

Dating Q and A 3
What do you think about marriage now?
It is not too late if I get married at 40. For the time being,I have just too much work. Under such kind of situation, if I start an affair with a girl, I would just cannot pay my attention to her at all. I cannot tolerate myself to be such kind of person.

GD: Jae In@ibigbang
TOP: Rice@BigbangWorld

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PostSubject: [Trans] Big Bang on With Magazine - Seungri's Interview   Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:20 pm

Born on 12th of December. He has A blood type. He is the vocal of the band who has a penetrating voice which can heal people. He is studying in the Central University, major in Drama and Movies. Being the youngest in the team, he is always bullied by his brothers but he also possesses the character of hoping to be loved. He has engaged in solo activities,plays, movies and has also been the MC of a music programme. He has multi talents and his Japanese is getting better and better since now, he can almost communicate with Japanese without a translator.

Dating Q and A
1)Q: What would you become if you are in love?
A: I would be cool to her. (laugh) It is because if I treat her like this, she would feel nervous and treat out relationship very serious from time to time, wouldn’t she? Then, my girlfriend might ask, ‘you don’t like me anymore?’ Then, I would answer her serious, ‘I love you in fact.’ (Laugh)

2) Q: What is your ideal distance between you and your sweetheart?
A: It is enough if we talk on the phone once both in the morning and at night. In the day time, we would support each other in our hearts. Whenever I think that ‘my girlfriend is supporting me’, I would work very hard. Then, I would be very confident to tell her ‘I have worked hard today’ on the phone. That would be really great!

3) Q: How do you think about marriage now?
A: Early marriage is not my cup of tea. I think those men who have experienced a lot in life can treat women more gently and can more able to make them happy. They must know how to give women what they want as well. After I have accumulated different kinds of experience, I think I would want to get married too.
He believes he can achieve what he wants anytime Learn Japanese through watching Japanese dramas

‘I think having confidence is my weapon. No matter what it is, it is natural for us being not able to do it at the very beginning and do not think that you are doomed to be not able to do it from now until forever. You just have to keep your faith and say to yourself, ‘it’s okay, I can do it some days.’The kind of confidence
VI refers to is not arrogance but the faith that he has about believing himself is capable of achieving his aims.
‘ In order to possess confidence, I think it is a must for me to work accordingly hard. I inherited this mindset from my father. From the very beginning, my father has never showed that he does not believe me in accomplishing my targets once. What he says is always, ‘It’s okay. I am always by your side. To repay my support, please work really hard.’ He always encouraged me to achieve my dreams like this.

After he had clarified what his dream is, he stepped into this world under the support of his father
However, he was only 16 when he debuted, no wonder he had to struggle against his own emotions at that time. ‘When I was just debuted, I felt so exhausted because of so many things but no matter how tired I was, I must show my smile in front of the cameras. I knew very clearly that I do have emotions too but why I must lie in front of the public? I had always struggle about that. The president saw that and he taught me, ’ ‘the people who cannot control his own emotions cannot touch others’ heart either,’ I was moved by this sentence and started to change my mindset. Whenever I think of my job can even touch others’ hearts, I have no reasons not to work really hard,’

After his professionalism blossomed, he has been facing his challenges with confidence.
Basically, now, he can use Japanese to communicate with Japanese without a translator.‘For those who have passion in music in Asia, it is always their dream to be debuted in Japan. Then, over all kinds of obstacles, we are now debut in Japan,I then want to speak very fluent Japanese to undergo q and a session, hoping that everyone can feel happy from this. I like to watch Japanese dramas from the very beginning,then now I learn how to speak Japanese more naturally by imitating the accent of the Japanese in the dramas.’

His attitude of challenging everything will be another weapon of VI.
‘I want to enjoy my life and challenge everything I face. Of course, I will encounter many failures but I still think that it is another kind of enjoyment. This is the same when I have to face my work. I always want to challenge myself to sing different styles of songs and dances. Even if I fail, I will repeat again and again. In act, we will only know what we can achieve by actually doing that and I think it is really important.’

Q: What do you do to achieve your dream future?
A: In order to let others feel my charisma and personality, good Japanese is a must. I must acquire very good ability of using Japanese. Of course, it is very important for others to listen to our music. For me, I think through Japanese, we can convey my own character to others. Moreover, I also think that the Japanese really love making jokes; therefore, I want my audience to laugh happily and enjoy music when we are having our live show. And I have to make it clear that I will work very hard so that I will not lose to my elder brothers although I am the maknae (youngest brother) !

Source: With Japanese Magazine
Chinese Translation: 叶包子 @Baidu
English Translation: Rice@BIGBANG WORLD

source: dkpopnews

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PostSubject: Big Bang tell us what other jobs they want to try & play a drum game   Thu Sep 02, 2010 1:36 am

Big Bang Weekly Magazine Q & A


1. Up until today, what are the things that a girl had said to you that made you happy?
2. Any working experience?
3. If you have a whole week off, what will you do?
4. Which made do you think is the funniest recently?
5. If a girl that you think is “the one” is walking towards you, you will…?



1. Didn’t say anything, just kept on hugging. That is the happiest moment!
2. Don’t have any working experience, but want to try to work in a liquor store.
3. I want to go to an island with no people with a friend.
4. TOP’s japanese (laugh)
5. I wouldn’t let her go. I will be straight forward and tell her about my feelings out loud!


1. This…I haven’t thought of that question yet. Right now, please say something that will make me happy!
2. Delivering milk in the morning
3. want to go on vacation with with the person that i love, or go somewhere interesting to play with the staff
4. TOP’s japanese (laugh)
5. would just stare, probably won’t be able to say anything.


1. Rather than what a girl said to be, what the fans say makes me the most happy!!
2. no work experience. If asked what kind of work i want to do? I probably just do my best!
3. want to go on a quiet trip alone.
4. The members’ every movement makes me laugh ~~
5. I want to be able to rely on her!~~!


1. Saying, “D-LITE , You are incredible ah” to me. I will be very happy.
2. no work experience. Want to try to work at a BBQ shop.
3. want to go on a trip by myself, or with Big Bang members
4. Day by day, TOP’s improvement on Japanese.
5. I would say, ” Nice weather today ah…hahahaha…”


1.If [she] said to me, “very sexy ah” I would be very happy because most of the time, males said it to females and rarely females to males.
2. Don’t have any work experience. want to try working as a flight attendant.
3.[I] want to go to a someplace alone that have a blue sky and a cool coast.
4. about TOP’s Japanese is getting better and better ~~
5. I believe I probably would just kiss [her]

Translation: Maggie @ ibigbang

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PostSubject: Big Bang's Q&A on Scawaii! Magazine Japan   Tue Sep 07, 2010 10:58 pm

Q. What are you into right now?
A: Cars! I want to drive♪ I want to ride on a Lamborghini Reventón one time!

Q. What would you like to do on a date?
A: Drive around the country while listening to music!

Q. What is your goal as a member of BIGBANG?
A: I think.. to be loved by a lot of people. I also want to be a group that gets along and has fun with their fans.

Q. Cute, Sexy, Cool... Which traits do you like in a girl?
A:I would like if she has them all.

Q. How do you spend your day-off?
A:I don't have a lot of free time lately but if I get a day-off, I will drink wine and spend it silently while listening to my favorite music.

Q. Describe your ideal girl~
A:I like a girl who has a style and someone who is into fashion. And I want a girl to choose my clothes.

Q. You're an actor. Do you want try to other things in the future?
A:I'm busy everyday so it's a little difficult now. So I'm satisfied with my status for the moment.

Q. When you stand on stage as BIGBANG, does it have a different feeling when you act?
A:I think the feeling for music, a movie and drama is the same. I use my energy to sympathize with the listener or the viewer. But I try to do it in different ways to show my style for music and my style for movies.

Q. What would you like to do on a date?
I want to meet in with a girl in a quiet place because when I work, I'm surrounded with a lot of people. I want to see a movie. I want to do things you do on a normal date.

Q. What kind of fashion style would you want the girl to wear on your date.
A: Something feminine (with a ~feel~ of a woman). A dress!

Q. What are you into right now?
A: Cars. I got my driver's license recently and I am addicted into the driving. We are competing who is the fastest(:D)

Q. What makes you feel manly?
A: I don't cut/shave my eyebrows! It seems that you look more manly with thick eyebrows.

Q. What challenge would you want to try in future?
A: I want to do concerts in various places.

Q. Describe your ideal girl~
A: I like a girl who listens to me and understands me. Someone who looks pure and feminine.

Q. What would you like to do on a date?
A: I want to walk around a place where the scenery is nice and eat something delicious. I love delicious food!

Q. What makes you feel manly?
A: When I feel strong.

Q. Other than your work, what do you do for fun?
A:Study! I read books and study about life. I think the self-development can influence my music.

Q. What is your goal as an artist?
A: I always want to present good music no matter if it is a big stage or a small stage. I hope I can be an artist that can charm/attract people the first time you see me.

Q. What are you into right now?
A: Cars.

Q. You are always stylish. What is the main focus of your style right now?
A: Like this ring and my sneakers, I like items with studs.

Q. What kind of fashion style do you like on a girl?
A: Nothing specific. I think a person should wear whatever suits her. But, of course, I don't like something too showy. I want that she is able to show her own color with what she wears.

Q. Cute, Sexy, Cool... Which traits do you like in a girl?
A: I like someone who is cool in front of everyone but cute and stylish in front of me. I also like someone who has a sexy style.

Translation & Scans by Tisya @ www.bigbangupdates.com

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PostSubject: Re: Συνεντεύξεις των Big Bang   Wed Sep 08, 2010 12:44 am

άρε συ μια φορά να κάνω παραγγελία ότι περιοδικό τους έχει μέσα !!

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PostSubject: Big Bang “Eversense Fan Party” Interview   Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:30 pm

Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon, Bangkok: 5 men of BIGBANG, G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung and Seungri come to Thailand for 「EVERSENSE BIGBANG Fan Party」 which will be held later in this evening today.

Before BIGBANG are going to perform in today’s mini-concert, they meet with Thai press and give such a fun and friendly interview.

YB : I’m so glad to see you again.

DS : I’m away from Thailand for a long time. I miss everybody so much.

SR : Hello, I’m Seungri and glad to see you all.

GD : Long time no see. Thank you so much for coming.

T.O.P : I have been away from Thailand for a while. I’ve been waiting for this day. Thank you everybody for showing up here today.

△You’ve been in Thailand for many times. How do you find Thailand being impressive?
YB : I’m impressed with the summer in Thailand. It is the warmest here.
GD : It’s the variety of fruits. Speaking of traveling to Thailand, even if we are here to get our job done, but it feels very much like coming to chillax and we love swimming in Thailand so much.

△Do you have a plan for the next concert in Thailand?
T.O.P : No plans as yet, but if it’s about time, I’ll make sure that we’ll definitely be touring here.

△BIGBANG have recently worked on the solo projects. Are you lonely? Do you want to work as a solo more than in a team?
YB : I feel lonely when I work for my solo, but I’m happy with it whether it’s a solo or a team project because I work as a singer and it’s the job that I love.

GD : As a singer, I think if I’ve got a solo album, I will be able to show all my own charm to the maximum. That’s a good opportunity, but I love BIGBANG and I also love working on the solo project at the same time.

△Is Seungri lonely? You did the stage play and also a solo.
SR : Sure, working solo is a lonely job, but the hyungs have been giving me so much spirit and being so supportive, so I don’t feel that lonely.

△BIGBANG are now the seniors and now there’re many junior group debuts. Which one has a special place in your hearts?
DS : All of them debuted at this period are so talented. That’s why it pushes us not to stop trying to improve ourselves, being more progressive and be a good example of the seniors.

GD : Every artist is doing it great, but I find 2NE1 so touching to me.I’m so close to them and I talk with them a lot.

△As T.O.P is the first member who has the working experience in acting and Daesung’s having one too, have you ever given him any suggestion?
T.O.P : I don’t think I’m good enough to give it to him, but when Daesung goes to work I want to see him as cheerful, happy and spend this moment as the opportunity to collect all the good memories.

△When is BIGBANG’s new album for all VIPs?
GD : The new album is filled up with great songs. Everybody, please wait for it just a little bit and look forward to it too.

△When will it drop?
GD : I want to know that too (laugh) I can’t give you the detail right now, but we’re now working on this record thoroughly.

△How exciting is it on a journey to Thailand? Have you anything to surprise VIP Thailand?

DS : I really want to say thank you and we’re so touched when we hear the VIPs’ scream, we feel that so many VIPs are expecting us and we’ve prepared the songs to make you happy to the most.

△Are there any careers that you want to do apart from being a singer?
T.O.P : I think I’m good at it, making music and acting is so much fun. It has to be this one in particular.

GD : I second that, I’ll be a singer.

SR: Sure, singer.

DS : I’ll be their managers and take care of my friends (smile)

YB : I’ll be the stylist and make them look the most handsome. Just kidding, it has to be the singer. If I’m not a singer, I will not do a thing, I’ll stay home. I love this career (laugh)

△Do you have a problem when you work as a team?
T.O.P : We never have any problems because we have the different ages and habit. I sat down and figured it out on the other day that why we do never ever fight with each other. It is because I’m a good-natured man and an awesome leader, so we never get into the quarrels. (BIGBANG all laughing)

DS : (in Thai) Jing jing took tong na krab. (So true, that’s correct)

△T.O.P has collaborated with SE7EN’s album, what about BIGBANG’s? Do you do the same thing with other artists?
T.O.P: I consider that we don’t often have them featured on our record, but everybody also has an artist who he wants to work with on his mind. If we have a chance, we want to give it a try then.

△How does it feel to work for Eversense?
YB : The last time that we came to work here it was so hot that I became speechless.But, this time it’s not that hot, so I have so much fun working on it.

DS : Every time I come to work I feel that Eversense cologne smells so good. I want everybody in Korea try to scent it. If it’s possible I want to take them back home too.

YB : Daesung doesn’t wear the perfume. He uses Eversense instead.

SR : It’s sad that we don’t have Eversense in Korea (smile)

GD : We shot a cologne and roll-on CM last time, but this one is another story. Please keep your eyes on it

T.O.P: We will shoot a CM tomorrow.Everybody, please look forward to our CM because it has a different concept every single time.

△What will BIGBANG be like in 20 years ahead?
YB: You’ll still see me working on music in that 20 years’ time. If I won’t do the music then I’ll be at home.

DS: Maybe I’ll run a Thai traditional massage shop in the next 20 years. Have you ever received a maasage? I’m a team manager now, right? Everybody loves it when I give them a massage.

SR: I’d be a good daddy.

GD: I don’t know anything about it in the next 20 years, but after this my dream is about traveling around the world. Maybe I will be roaming across the globe at that time.

T.O.P: I’ll be a super mum in the next 20 years (smile)

MC: T.O.P’s a mum and Seungri’s a dad?

T.O.P: Oh, I’d rather not be like that.

△A word to VIP Thailand, please.
YB: First of all, I thank Eversense for bringing us here and VIP Thailand who gives us a great and warm welcome, even though we’ve been away for a while, but everybody waits for us and cheer us on. I promise that when it’s a concert time here in Thailand, we will give the best show we can for you all.

DS: You make me feel so warm. Every time we’re here, VIPs greet us with warmth. It feels like coming back home.

SR: Thank you everybody for coming to the event today. I’ll put all my best into the show for every single VIP.

GD: It’s not easy to love the other country’s cultures. Thank you very much for giving us your attention. We will work hard until the day our album is released. Please look forward to it

T.O.P: I feel the warm love every time I come to Thailand. I’m so excited and glad to come to Thailand. I want to say thank you to everybody for the love in our music.

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PostSubject: Big Bang featured on “A-Star” Magazine!   Wed Sep 22, 2010 11:50 am

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PostSubject: T.O.P Taeyang & Daesung Interviews in AnAn Magazine    Fri Sep 24, 2010 7:22 am

"I don’t want to be influenced by trends. I pursue my own style"

Because of the influence of IRIS, T.O.P's face is now recognized all over Japan.
T.O.P: I first started with I am Sam and continued being an actor for Iris and then Into the Fire. I'm slowly thinking about this work carefully. I prepared a lot beforehand and started to exercise. Th Japanese star I want to work/meet with? Pikachu. I'm sorry. I don't exactly remember the names of Japanese actors and actresses. (Laughs)

T.O.P, who is known as a fashionista, looks cool but he is actually very charming.
T.O.P: My mother is a designer so my sister and I have been interested in fashion since we were kids. I’m always looking for my own style and try not to follow trends. I keep an eye on foreign magazines and collections. Recently, I like classic suits. I want to mix my young image with the traditional style. I just want to be dressed well.

"Music is my life. I will always want to sing."

For SOL who really loves music, performing at Summer Sonic 2010 was very memorable.
SOL: I have longed for Summer Sonic ever since I was a kid. So it was like a dream come true for me to be able to perform at Summer Sonic standing on the same stage with great artists!

His long-awaited solo album “SOLAR” was released in July and it's doing well. What kind of feeling did you put out for this album?
SOL: My favorite music is R&B so I expressed everything I could. It took one year and a half to prepare for my album. I made the fans wait for a long time because I didn’t want to compromise. Music is important in my life and I don't think I will get tired of singing. Even when I’m sad or I’m about to die (laughs), I can sing because I love music.”

Became more manly and is concentrating on his drama

D-Lite looks back on what happened with BIGBANG after 4 years since their debut
D-Lite: Has 4 years passed already? This is what I honestly feel. When we got together for our 4th anniversary, we talked about how quickly the years passed. We are really just able to work for this long because of our fans. Lately, I have this this thirst and an attachment with our activities in Japan. I started thinking that I should show better stuff. I was especially happy when we performed at Summe Sonic 2010.

D-Lite is said to have a cheerful personality and make people feel comfortable. However, he has become very manly these days
D-Lite: I'm currently shooting a drama in Korea so in order to take care of my health and my skin, I exercise at the gym everyday to keep my ideal body sake. Also, there would be close-up shots in the TV drama so I have to come out on the screen really cool. (Laughs)

Translation by Noriko @ www.bigbangupdates.com
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wow!! Η μάνα του TOP designer?!!

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PostSubject: Junon Magazine interview   Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:02 pm





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PostSubject: [TRANSLATIONS] Taeyang’s Interview on F.OUND Magazine   Tue Oct 05, 2010 9:27 am

It was the question that I expected the answer to definitely be “things changed alot” and I pictured this answer in my mind but Taeyang gave me some what of a hollow answer, “Since I actually debuted after setting up a goal to be a singer, I had no time to feel something.” He said, going into preparation for the album, he began agonizing in many ways and realized so many things that he had never seen when living as Big Bang. That, itself, is a kind of change. It’s also different that before, he always had a lot to do, but recently, things have changed where now he has a lot of things he wants to do.

F. You’ve spent the half of your life in YG. Do you feel changes to the label?
T. Recently, moving to the new building, I feel that a lot. There are an increasing number of new producers, and I feel that more when I’m with people who have been together for a long time. Considering doing activities, people call Jiyoung and me “milords”.

F. You’re barely 23 years old, but already”milord”? (laugh)
T. Yeah. (laugh)

F. I’m sorry but you’ll be 30 before long. Aren’t you afraid?
T. I’m afraid. A lot.

F. For what reason?
T. I’ve never thought of the fear until 1~2 years ago. While doing solo activities with the music I’ve wanted to do, I encountered practical problems. It changed me. Some years ago, I’ve just tried to paint large pictures and finish the pitures quickly, but now, I’m agonizing that from what part and how I should paint the pitures specifically. Being farsighted to think of it, I think I’m afraid of solving problems . I’m don’t fear things because I’m scared. I should be solving it with my belief.

F. That is positive. I remember you weren’t a person whose mind was strong. So, Taeyang before the debut, I mean. I was amazed how you’ve got over on all such occasions.
T. I’ve thought, the bigger the despair, the bigger joy it is. ‘Giving up’ couldn’t be an option becuase I really liked what I was going for.

F. Do you think you’re being rewarded for the process?
T. Certainly!

F. Are you a person who can prove that you’re not a idol who does as you are told?
T. When I released an EP in 2008, I was like “my opinions tend to be reflected”, but now I decide all things, even small schedules. I didn’t ask I want to do so, but it’s naturally turning into the way.

F. You’re being respected indeed.
T. But I think it’s more of a burden. I’m feeling more responsibilities upon me.

It is natural for Taeyang’s personality, that he is serious, thoughtful and agonized [over the things he does]. Now we’re fed up with calling Taeyang ‘practice bug’, but it’s true. He does until being completed. That is, if he crumbles, he continues practicing to rise to his feet until he can stand straight. In the summer 2008, he was repeating choreography practice to show ‘Sinner’ on the stage, and said it’s hard to sing well because of the composition of the performance that has large motions. For him, he had on a face that looked like giving up one song wouldn’t be too bad, I said “Well, you’re a singer. How can you dance with thinking of reducing singing?” ‘Sinner’ was up on the stage exactly a week later, and that’s flat – you can appreciate it, with online through the edition by president Yang Hyunsuk who was impressed at the place, and with the DVD. Like as the worry of a week ago like a grumble was a lie, Taeyang is like this all the time.

F. How much do you practice?
T. If I set time “I’ll do this much!”, it doesn’t go well, so I just keep going till I can

F. By any chance, when your flaws are pointed out, do you try harder out of spite? (laugh)
T. Rather than making up my mind doggedly, I tend to listen carefully and try to improve.

F. Then, you work till you’re satisfy?
T. At least, until I’m satisfed myself.

F. Are you torn between an idol star and a musican?
T. I’m not. I want to be a musician.

F. You only ’want’?
T. Oops, I ‘will’ be so. (laugh)

F. The word may be easy to say because you’re already a star now. Can you really abandon all your popularity to be a musician?
T. I can abandon it.

F. You’ve never been unpopular since the debut. So, if it [being unpopular] comes as real results, you might be unable to overcome it.
T. Ah, I don’t know. At least, I’m confident that I don’t have fear. Because I feel very happy for the music I’m doing. I’ve agonized about that before. But, I’m only satisfied with myself and happy, when the music I like is put to the forefront. It’s true, I like doing music I like and also receiving love and attention from many people.

F. I think Taeyang is now an example of the happiest person. Maybe you are unlikely to abandon any side now [meaning solo vs. Big Bang]. Aren’t you embarrassed when you become an issue against your will because you belong to an idol group?
T. Awfully, very much embarrassed. I am so whenever I suffer, even though I’ve suffered for a long time as for me. (laugh) In some ways, that’s something to be thankful for because it is to receive interest as well, but I’m not used to it as ever.

F. Not only singing, but you pay attention to also performances. The stages of ‘I’ll Be There’ make even viewers tired. Should I say the range of activities is too wide? I feel as if you sing less, locked in the concept that you should do performance well.
T. Um.. Actually nowadays, I feel like I also want to sing more

F. It’s like a lie. (laugh) Why do you stick to performance? Is that amusing?
T. Because it’s what I can do now. Basically, I always think that singing very nicely is the best performance. I don’t forget that, but I try it [performance] because I can do it and it is possible to do this performance just now.

F. You appear on TV much, so you may be able to discount the aspects of showing, but other singers actually do it and go back very easily.
T. Actually doing a lot of music show shows, it didn’t seem to suit me. It is too limited. Because of it, I feel the obsession that I have to show things I can do. It looks like showing is more effective than singing in a short time. Releasing the album this time, I hoped to do a lot of comfy live performances. I thought I want to go wherever I can let people listen to my music and sing. I couldn’t find any meaning at the places doing only one-side broadcasting without interactions.

F. Foreigners ask why Korean singers sing songs changing only clothes every week.
T. That’s what I say. These days, I feel doubts about not music but ‘activity’.

F. If there are ideas on alternatives, they would be worth attempting.
T. It’s hard because the system doesn’t move easily. There’s something like a criteria ‘broadcasting=more promotions’, so I never know how effective it would be actually.

F. I feel sorry. About only doing sing 20~30 times and fizzling out.
T. I’ve never thought of it before, but sometimes I think ‘Do I need to build a concert hall, after earning money, after doing other things but singing?’. It’s hard to find places that are enough to do performances. There are not many places that people can come easily and that are well-equipped.

The album <SOLAR> has a high quality. There are typical R&B/Pops, and there are soulful songs that we can feel Taeyang who musically and physically bacame an adult more. In the reality of the pop world that they release albums to push up only title songs, I’m very grateful enough to feel ‘Oh, even these things…’, so it is quite amusing to listen as much as that. Rather than there are many melodious songs like ‘Look Only At Me’ lining up, the well-made album <SOLAR> has songs that we want to chew and swallow, and digest one by one thoroughly. In terms of lyrics, too heavy and serious things to Taeyang, were left out, and it has cheerful weight enough to feel excited. The follwing English album was produced as a repackaged album, through being ranked on the iTunes charts of USA and Canada. As he made a good album, music naturally gains power to cross borders.

F. What do you think about using vocoder?
T. Personally I don’t like. It is funny, I went to the studio after making up my mind to exclude using vocoder. Teddy-hyung respected my decision, too. But Teddy-hyung already did guide recording, putting in the vocoder. When I actually tried to record it, it sounded really strange. It was too different from what I’ve listened to, in my ears too. Recording ‘Break It Down’ five or six times so as not to use vocoder, Teddy-hyung said “Let’s put vocoder only once”. I couldn’t take it out after doing once. “Ah, I can’t turn it back. I’ll compromise, hyung.” That’s how it became so.

F. Which singer do you want to be, a singer who sings well, or a singer who sings good songs?
T. A singer who sings good songs. Nope. A singer who sings good songs well. (laugh)

F. I knew you’ll say both of them. (laugh)
T. That’s it. There are many people who can sing well. But there are not many people who do good songs. So that good songs are made, first, the music should be good. And even if the music is not enough a little, it can be a good song if the singer does it well.

F. There are people who evaluate levels of music with not quality but number. Like sales of music downloaded, or the number of broadcasting.
T. I don’t care. Actually when I care about it, I begin to be irritated.

F. But it is unfair.
T. In any case, the way I’m doing it, is right. Actually, after releasing the album, overseas responses were very uplifting to me. I need to look at even wider places. I’m not about to beat each other up in here. That is looking wider and farther.

F. Hitting foreign iTunes charts doesn’t mean every foreigner has purchased them.
T. I know. I just want to keep my composure at this moment. Even if I feel I’m getting somewhere, I don’t want to feel the feeling that I’m being urged on planning the next things straight. When I feel I’m pressed for time, I dream of nightmares. The nightmare, that I come on a concert stage without any preparations.

F. It is after a storm of plagiarism passed by. You’re a person out of controversy. What does originality mean to Taeyang?
T. I try to make sure I do not do anything if it may be suspected to be part of [something else] or if it weighs on my mind. If there was something I doubted and it came out to be a huge issue, I wouldn’t be able to endure that.

F. Then, the music video incident happened. You filmed ‘I Need A Girl’ twice within a few days, and the two different directors at that.
T. The situation was so peculiar. It may sound like an excuse, but the first version doesn’t have my opinions much.

F. It’s an answer in contradiction to the word you did a while ago. You decide all by yourself, but the music video of the title song was released in the state you don’t know?
T. Till then, I’ve taken part in the edition works of all other music videos after I watch them farther in advance of releasing. But the music video was suddenly released just on the day I had recording schedules all day. Pressed time for busy plans, I didn’t watch the finishing work this time, and it was uploaded on the homepage earlier. The reponses came out like a storm as soon as it was uploaded, so the company closed it down. The whole affair happend only for two hours.

F. Rather than the scene copying Pharrell Williams, the overall image was unlike Taeyang. It was hard to watch it to the end because it was uncomfortable and awkward to watch it.
T. Phew…. I think the feeling of the video came out different that what I had intended.

F. Eventually, the new director (director Seo Hyunseung) filmed ‘I Need A Girl’ again, then, how will you return his favor? (laugh)
T. I’m so sorry to him, and thankful so much. Director Seo Hyungseung couldn’t stand my image being hurt.

F. I thought I got a windfall because ‘You’re My’ was in the opening. The image of the song was made as it is. Simple and sexy.
T. I think it’s the most difficult thing. Only director Seo Hyunseung can match images I think to real products. When I did with the other directors, there were differences between the rough sketches and the products.

In se7en’s interview in F.OUND magazine of last month, there is a mention of Taeyang. Two solo singers, like brothers, who do activities in the same company. The two persons who are close to each other, have desirable relations sharing good influence each other. I opened the interview to let him read the story about Taeyang that Se7en said, and he gave exclamaions “ah~” three or four times while reading. The other way, when I asked Taeyang about Se7en’s being, he revealed thanks and respectful mind “I think, becuase of Se7en-hyung, I had happy trainee days which could have been hard and weary. I thought [to myself] I will be a hyung like that, if I have hoobae (junior). As a singer, he has done so well. So there’s a lot of to learn. I cautiously approached the question of Taeyang’s “greed” for entering America and whether it was influenced by Se7en’s return from America.

F. The dream into the America has changed?
T. No. I’ve thought of the world stage since I decided to be a singer, so I’m still thinking of it.

F. I think it became a practical matter after Se7en. Aren’t you affected?
T. No. I’m unchanged.

F. Actually I thought following plans will be connected one after another because the English album was released.
T. There were plans of only my own. (laugh) After releasing this album, I wanted to do a great number of live performances. While only thinking myself constantly, I even thought ‘Will I sing standing a mic on the street?’. (laugh)

F. That sounds to my opinion like “You can do if you want to do”.
T. Ah, really… You may think, I can do it if I want to do, and I only need to think it will be so and accept it easily. (luagh) But there are many matters as far as practice. I’m not alone but it’s a company. It’s an assignment to me. An assignment, that I surely have to solve sometime.

F. Are you a person who searches music?
T. Yes.

F. You musically tend to have only what you want, right?
T. A bit.

F. Don’t you think it will be a poison? You just began to make music.
T. I think the bias I do is a good bias. Like as people don’t have fast food when eating, I just don’t listen to music that is not good for me. I’ve had a strong bias on genres before, but I don’t have now.

F. I know you receive many CDs from fans or people concerned in the ‘industry’. How much do you listen to them actually?
T. 50%. I should try to listen more.

F. There are gemmy albums you found out like that?
T. Old soul albums. The things like the Motown Collection are really nice.

When beginning this interview, one of promises of myself was ‘never bring up dating’ because it is boring to listen and to ask. But, I asked him if he had any image he wanted to throw away, he directly responded “the word that I’ve never dated”. Actually, leaving personal love lives, some of Taeyang’s songs were excessively heavy for the early 20s to assimilate. Especially, the lyrics of ‘Wedding Dress’ have sad addiction to make us too depressed when listening repeatedly. Of course, it’s a problem that Taeyang felt too. There’s a natural reason ‘understandable lyrics’ why he looks more comfortable now than when he has sung like as acting, through setting up his emotion. Wathcing Taeyang’s change, the most pleasing thing is that the results of his growth are distinct whenever he releases songs one by one. In the first solo activity of 2008, the outline of R&B he was based on was seen, and from Taeyang of 2010, we can feel the confidence he shows off himself. That is, he has realized the way to treat music and accept it as his own style. He put aside the obsession with the image of the music he has dreamed of. Now at last, Taeyang goes the way he wanted to go. He will go his way lightheartedly.

F. Some people want you to go toward deaper soul. Perhaps it’s because of their expectations. Aren’t you about to make albums toward to the way?
T. After a little more time.

F. How much?
T. When I get to be able to take part in musical parts more. I think I should be able to accomplish many parts by myself, so that my emotional parts deeply come out. So I think you should be waiting. For a very long time.

F. To tell the truth, I’m thankful that you do the song like ‘You’re My’, but listening to it, it’s uneasy a bit. Are you prepared for doing songs that save only vocals?
T. My mind is ready. I think it’s not bad, considering it’s my first outcome.

F. As this album is being finished, you have to return to Big Bang. Taeyang who returns to Big Bang after solo activities, doesn’t look pleased. How’s your real feeling?
T. It isn’t really what I’m not pleased.

F. But why don’t you smile? (laugh) At least in 2008, you looked so. You never smiled when doing the first stage as Big Bang.
T. If you like… Course I feel something’s missing. Because solo activities have time limits. It is true that I feel many things’ missing a lot when returning to the team. And the songs’ style is very different, so my biorhythms and mental states don’t quickly be arraged. This time, I think I won’t be so.

F. You released the full album as Taeyang, and the evaluation was good, too. When you return to the team, it seems like your role will be changed. If you could take part in that, what aspects do you want to influence?
T. I think I could take part in the entire picture or the parts of performance. They are my best parts I can, so I hope to go ahead well to get people to have expectations for Big Bang too.

F. Don’t you have some thoughts of making and putting your songs?
T. Big Bang’s musical style is very different from <SOLAR>. So I don’t have a plan to put something in this album right now, but Hyunsuk-hyung said to me to write and put songs I can write in Big Bang too. I’ll be getting along little by little.

F. Is there any reason why you must belong to YG?
T. If I didn’t meet YG, I couldn’t do the music I’m doing now. Is it possible in other labels?

F. When you released <HOT>, I thought only Teddy can write songs for Taeyang. But seeing <SOLAR>, featured rappers as well as producers are new names. I thought ‘Ah, it doensn’t matter if it is done so’.
T. It only depends on me and that I have to try harder, but I wish to have a wide choice on the musical section. I want to meet many producers who do activities aborad as well as in our country. For my future, I should try more.

F. Many people want to work with you. The criterion of collaboration partners is?
T. I hope open-minded poeple musically and humanly. People who can compromise on each other’s opinions and people who know my style of music well, are enough for the condition of collaborating with me.

F. There are people who will endlessly wait for you again after the solo concert. What do you want to say to them?
T. What can I say… I think I could release the next album after finding myself a little more. This album took a long time as well, but it will maybe need time that much at least. But it is not important how much it takes. There’s the bigger matter of how much I understand myself. It is a personal greed, but if I make even my albums meaninglessly, it may get hard for me. Making, recording, copying, doing activities busily… The next, we evaluate the results. At least, When making my albums, I never want to do the meaningless repeats.

F. You’re satisfied with the result of the first full album, right?
T. Yes. As my first step.

F. Listeners are already ready to listen to the next album. I’ll wait for you to return and give a new impression.
T. Okay. That’s what I want to give.

Of course, I have much thanks for the good music, but I don’t want to praise Teayang highly for the results so far achieved . Because <SOLAR> is just a present record… Throughout this interview, over a few hours, during the serious questions, Taeyang could loudly one and then showed silence that were pauses before answers. He was so serious even about short questions, then he would be more serious about the work for albums. Don’t believe that there is meek and mild Taeyang in kind Dong Younbae’s smile, with smiling eyes. The youth, that is keeping songs he wants to do and performances he wants to show in his heart, and having huge greed for music. The reason why we can have great expectations for his future, is because there’s no soul that stops growing at the age of 23.


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PostSubject: Daesung’s interview from Electric Love Tour photobook   Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:44 am

Quote :
Found out from the slip that the translator wrote that Daesung’s Japanese is very good! How about we conduct today’s interview entirely in Japanese? (Laughs)
Please no! What to do~!! Ah~ What to do~!!!

It should not be a problem with your level of Japanese! How did you manage to learn Japanese with such a busy schedule?
Up to now, I still attend Japanese classes when I have the time. When I stay in Korea, I don’t have the opportunity to use common Japanese words so I keep on forgetting them. That’s why when I go to Japan, I try to converse as much as I can in Japanese.

Whose Japanese is the best among the members? Isn’t it D-LITE?
Ah~ (shy smile) It’s definitely not me. The best is V.I.

Both of you act as MCs during live perfomances.
I can’t really do it but V.I. is very enthusiastic.

Oh! So V.I is reliable when you MC? (*MC used as a verb)
Yes, but only during MC-ing. (Laughs)

You didn’t come back to Japan after a long time. Did it take a lot of time to get back the feel of speaking Japanese again?
There are a lot of things I’ve forgotten. But before coming to Japan, I reviewed in Korea so I felt a bit more at ease. However, when I arrived in Japan, I realized that there are still a lot of words I don’t know… so I told myself that I still have to work harder.

Remembering, forgetting, remembering…it’s repetitive. But with hard work, you will have good results.
This is what I believe too! When I’m reading the script, if there are words I don’t understand, I write it down on a notebook. We have different styles of learning. V.I learned from watching Japanese TV shows and movies.

What new Japanese word did you learn recently?
ちょうどいい. [Romanization: Choudo ii]

Why isn’t it something like “you’ve worked hard”? Why this word? (Laughs)
The teacher said “ちょうどいい” loudly during class. Although this is a bit different from how people usually learn, this word left a deep impression on me.

Oh, so that’s how it is.
Umm…about that… what does “ちょうどいい” mean? Sorry, I’ve forgotten. (Laughs)

In English it means “just”. It stands for “just right”.
Ah~ now, I know. So that’s what it means.

Do you have the habit of asking when you don’t understand?
Yes. When I’m outside the classroom and I don’t understand something, I will call my teacher. I ask, “what does this mean? please tell me” to verify. I also check the lyrics in Japanese because it’s hard to sing something you don’t understand.

Has D-LITE always been such a hardworking person?
I just always have to keep reviewing and reviewing.

Were your grades very good during your student days?
Boo hoo~~~ Please don’t ask me this question~ (Laughs)

OK, I will take note of that.
Ah~ Mathematics is my best subject! I like questions which make you think hard in order to solve them.

Ah, so you’re more of a Mathematics and a Physics person. Are you the type who does homework during your holidays?
No, I play during the holidays. As for the homework, I always finish them at the last minute.

What kind of games do you play?
Games like soccer because I am good at sports. When I go out with friends, we usually play sports.

So you’re also quick at running away? (Laughs)
Compared to Usain St. Leo Bolt (world’s fastest runner)… ah, saying that is a bit too much. (Laughs) I didn’t change much from when I was young. When I do something with concentration, I tend to forget other things around me. There were cases when I didn’t go home until very late and made my family worry.

Have you always been a “good mood setter” since you were young?
When I was young, I was a mischievous boy.

You’re the type who bullies people they like, right?
That’s right! (Eyes widen) How did you know? (Laughs)

That’s because most mischievous children are evil ghosts.
Evil ghosts??? [Daesung is probably shocked at this point.]

By evil ghosts, I mean people who are not frank when they like someone. They express it the opposite way instead… like bullying.
You’re talking about me, right? (Laughs)

When was your first love?
I liked a girl from the third year of primary school until the first year of junior high but I never had the courage to confess.

So it’s an unrequited love! Why did you give up during the first year of junior high?
I found out that she already had a boyfriend.

It ended up being a love without an ending. After this experience, do you now take the initiative to confess?
No…I still can’t. (Mock crying)

Are you able to express your views to the other members?
I can talk about things relating to BIGBANG… But since I don’t want to fight with anyone, I usually keep silent. (Laughs)

You’re a peacemaker, then.
Yes. This is really how I am towards people so I usually can’t say what I really want to say. When I meet with the other members, even though there are things I really want to say, I end up not saying them at all.

Have you started voicing out your thoughts?
Hmm~ Last year.

(Smile) After being with the members for five years finally…
I don’t say everything though. It’s not exactly about being tolerant of things I don’t like. It’s like, even if I don’t say anything, I just try to understand what the other person is thinking. That’s just the way I am. Not just to the members. I treat all people like this.

Don’t you feel tired sometimes?
To be honest, of course, I do, sometimes. But I’m used to it. (Laughs)

Don’t you complain to the members?

So, when the other members are down, what does D-LITE do?
Although I don’t directly comfort them, I make jokes to lighten up the mood and make them smile.

Are there any instances when you would feel like bursting into tears all of sudden?
I would never cry on the outside… but there was an instance when I cried alone at home. It’s not because I was not contented or because I was sad. It was because I watched a very touching film and I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. I watched “ハチ公物语”. (Laughs)

[Note: "ハチ公物语" or "Hachiko Monogatari" is a story of a dog's life from his birth up until his death and an imagined spiritual reunion with his master. Hachiko is the national symbol of loyalty in Japan.]

That movie does make people cry! That also means D-LITE is surprisingly mature!
After the accident (the car accident of August 2009 which took four weeks to recover), my mentality became stronger. I became more determined at doing everything. Nothing else is scarier than wandering between life and death so I realized that I should always think positively. I just think, “I can’t waste any opportunity” and it instantly lifts my mood and makes me feel grateful to experience even think I don’t even like.

What do you think your role in BIGBANG is?
If we’re a family, then I’m the uncle…that kind of relative. (Laughs)

To say that you’re an uncle! That isn’t really part of the family anymore. Is it because you feel some kind of distance?
When I was young, I had an uncle who would occasionally drop by. He gave me the impression of bringing a happy atmosphere to the family. He’s not there 24/7, he’s not very close with the family and he doesn’t interfere. Isn’t that good?

What about the other members?
G-DRAGON is the father and SOL is the mother. G-DRAGON leads BIGBANG as a strict leader. The one firmly supporting at the back is SOL.

What about T.O.P?
T.O.P is the newborn baby. (Laughs) I’m joking! Honestly though, I really do think this is accurate. About 20%. He himself said it before too. “I want to eat rice rice~” [copying T.O.P] He says what he thinks and do things in his own way. V.I is a pet, maybe a small dog or a poodle. (Laugh) Just like a dog, he expresses himself well in front of anyone.

He does have times when he expresses himself too much. (Laughs)
Indeed. (Laughs) I, on the other hand, have more self-control. So I really envy V.I.

It indeed is a contrast. D-LITE is known as “Doradae” because you like Doraemon. If Doraemon really exists, what tool do you want him to give you? Is it really the Anywhere Door?
Oh oh~ I do want the Anywhere Door. (Laughs) With that, I can arrive from Korea to Japan instantly and I can also go from the house to the stage. It really is a tool perfect for BIGBANG!

That is right! Talking about live stages, in Electric’ Love Tour’s solo corner, the “Som Sa Tang (Cotton Candy)” performance totally brought out the fantasy-like view of the world and the soft sound of your voice! Ah, there was also a scene where you just woke up and we got a sneak look at how D-LITE is like usually… That was so full of D-LITE’s humour.
Ah~ That was embarrassing~ (Laughs) I was actually really happy during filming and did not feel embarrassed at all.

From the film, it seems waking up too fast is not good. Do you always wake up with a smile?
Yes, I always wake up cheerfully. (Laughs) I need to sleep earlier than the other members. If the work yesterday was finished, I sleep at 12 and wake up naturally at 8 in the morning.

You’re not like an uncle but like a grandfather! (Laughs)
The first thing I do when I wake up is surf the internet while listening to music. That is, using the computer before sleeping and using the computer after sleeping… It’s very convenient having the computer by the bed.

Is that so? During the live stage, there was a surprise of handing out bento to fans. Did D-LITE suggest that?
Yes, I thought of that. Like the chocolates and things inside, as well as the letter I wrote.

It definitely has D-LITE’s warm hand-made feeling! How is the lounge of the concert venue like?
I always look forward to the after-parties! (Laughs) Spicy noodles, curry, salad, roasted chicken… Before performing, we eat about half. Then, we eat a lot the morning after.

You dance and sing during live performances. Don’t you feel hungry?
Ah, sometimes. (Laughs) During performing, the fans’ faces become food. (Laughs) I’m kidding! Every eye contact with the fans is full of words and everyone wants to happily carry out the concert. If it’s just watching, then, won’t it be better to watch on TV? It’s not easy to be in the same space with everyone else and enjoy at the same time. A live stage has its own feeling of distance so we want to give it a special feel. Every time I stand on stage and hear the fans cheer, I get deeply touched.

Speaking of D-LITE’s charm, you have an overwhelming voice that makes people who listen to it feel moved. No matter how many times one listens to it, they automatically think of an image.
This makes me happy because I always think of a picture when I sing.

At what age did you discover your singing ability?
No, no, I didn’t know about it at all. I did not really like my hoarse voice.

Why? It is a voice that makes people feel drunk… That’s what I think (Laughs)
There’s no such thing. No such thing! My throat was not very good and I was not confident with my voice. The morning before the live stage, I kept working on my vocals and listened to new songs before recording them. I thought about the rhythm and how to sing the lyrics the best and the most suitable way to sing them.

Each member of BIGBANG has his own part. Each of us has his own colour and must show the unique charm of our voices. So when I receive a song, I listen to the other members’ parts first. I have to consider the balance of the group as well as presenting my own colour. Because BIGBANG is a group, it’s not good if only one person shines and has a prominent singing style.

Does this “planning” apply when you sing your own song?
I know that if it’s the same style every time, people will get tired. So I don’t perform like I sing in the CD but I sing until I feel a certain change. Because I can’t always sing in high pitch or a falsetto, I usually practice several times. The constant challenge is always trying to experiment.

As expected, you can gain strength from being persistent.
This is what I think so too. This is why I work hard at expressing a song so I can feel that I am able to improve as a performer.

Which artist does D-LITE aspire to be like?
Brain McKnight. His charm is difficult to describe in words and he gives out a different feel with different angle, hmm…how should I say this?

That is related to Mathematics so you need to think about it first. Music-wise, it’s not enough to just understand the theory but the feeling too. The fact that it’s different is interesting too.
Ah. That right. Music is different. (Smiles) When I listen to Brain McKnight’s music, I get the feeling of being engulfed. I want to sing a song that make my fans feel engulfed by my feelings. After that, with the song, I’ll expand gradually in Japan, making my existence known to a lot of people.

Lastly, what do you really want now?
I’m very happy that the number of our fans in Japan is increasing. I hope BIGBANG will become number one in Japan~! So, personally, I want “LOVE” from fans.

This can’t be enough. D-LITE must give fans “LOVE” too.
I always sing with love. So everybody, please love me! Love me!

Scanned by: 지삿갓 @bestiz
Chinese translation: Sophiell @ SMILE HOLIC
English translation: J-Lene @ www.bigbangupdates.com

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PostSubject: TOP’s interview from Electric Love Tour photobook   Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:59 am

Quote :

First, how’s your feeling to end the Electric Love Tour?
Honestly, I was just so surprised. I kind of had the image of Japanese fans being so quiet and I was so glad that everyone enjoyed it with us just as Korean fans do. I was so proud of ourselves of what we had done when I was seeing that. It was a memorable tour in every meaning. Also, I started to feel greedy about how we will do our stages in Japan from now on. I think there are more things that we can do next time.

Your performances are so manly that they are just so loved by the male fans in Japan.
I hope so. There are many male fans like my performances in Korea too. It’s not that I am aiming for it, but it’s my rap style that it is so manly. I think I’m having this color for myself because I’d searched for just my own rap & vocal styles starting when I was little.

Can you explain more about your style?
I think I’m restraining my moves on the stage more than rapping. That’s the style and my theory which I think it’s cool. Most of all, I don’t like to overact on the stages. I want to try new things and add some revolutionary elements, but I want to express it with some restraint, naturally rather than with some boast.

I think it’s TOP’s theory of being manly.
Ah yeah, maybe.

So, you originally liked gangster rap?
(in Japanese) It started when I was ten.

Ah, when you were ten? *laughs*
Yeah, I tried a little Japanese.

Ah ha ha, a little right? *laughs* So, from ten, what?
From ten, I listened to music, kind of dark, such as like gangster rap, from New York/East Coast ones. I was always thinking how to make it with my style over and over. Like how to express it with my flow, my color. I thought it was weird to just imitate the American hip hop culture because I’m Korean. So I wanted it to have some eastern soul, so this is what it looks like now.

Yeah, but from ten, you practiced your rap with the high tone voice, even before you broke your voice.
*laughs* Yeah right. *laughs* but this rap tone for now, it’s not what I had originally. It’s the made one. I practiced to have some heavy voice rather than just a low tone.

But you sound so much cool while your talking like this. It’s your real voice, right?
No, not quite. It’s just been like this for a while after I started to act, but I am trying to change my voice. I think it’s better to have a voice tone that everyone can understand.

You control yourself that much?
Well, I think it’s necessary. I think everything of a man is made by our habits. For example, thinking that standing on the live stages or acting in front of the cameras, as an actor, it looks like we are all 100% focused on what our characters should do, but actually we are all showing what our habits and lifestyles are. So I think I want to be in shape of pure white, getting rid of my habits as soon as possible. Well, at least I wish I would be.

Aren’t those kinds of wishes make you more concerned?
Well, I am concerned, so I want to be perfect soon. For now, many people know me and expect from me. They are like “TOP will do like this and do like that to make us entertained”. At first, I was so glad, but as time goes by, it was restricting myself. I was feeling nervous, thinking like “what if I don’t satisfy their expectations?” So I thought that I must work harder to be perfect. If I am perfect, then I will satisfy their expectations and then I won’t have to feel concerned.

I think I know what you are talking about.
I’m always thinking about this all the time that we design our lives by ourselves, right? I want to be a person who is better than what I was yesterday, a person who is not embarrassed when to look back. I sometimes can’t forgive myself on what I’d already done and felt regret.

Maybe people, like you, are ascetic.
Yeah, but I think that’s the way it should be.

But sometimes, don’t you want to relax yourself?
I thought like that before, but um.., maybe I should say “I live with madness about my work? (A workaholic)” This is the period that I want to live in my work, so I don’t think I need that much rest .

Crazy for music, right?
(in Japanese) Crazy for “sigoto”. (sigoto is a Japanese word for “work”)

Oh, Japanese!
Sigoto, *laughs* Um, what should I say. I think I will have much back for me when I don’t have some responsibility while I’m working, even though it’s really hard. There are some times when I have to work on what I’m lacking on. That’s the reason why I don’t want to have some rest. I think it’s kind of selfish, but only work is kind of a thing to satisfy myself.

But you lack of something because you are a human being.
Oh yeah, honestly I am so much lonely when I’m alone. *laughs*

Ah, you don’t look that way, but you are a lonely boy, right? *laughs*
I think it’s because my lifestyle is too extreme. Many times I’m just stuck in the too-extreme situation. For example, I was shooting for the movie that was about the Korean war and I was practicing for this Electric Love Tour. I was very busy and there were so many things that stimulated me. My brain is still young, so it can absorb much stimulation but mentally, I was confused of some parts. Maybe that’s why I’m so lonely when I am alone. I mean I am really alone.

So what do you usually do when you are alone?
Most of the times I think about the past. Like “Yesterday, it was like this.” or “Last week, it was like this.” It’s those times to arrange my thoughts. Maybe listening to jazz music, drinking a glass of wine, checking on my figures..

Ah, just like the rumor…
Ah, no no, I’m not a pervert!!!

Yeah i know. *laughs* I heard it from SeungRi that you bought some expensive bearbricks.
Yeah, you know… um, I pass out about how much it costs.. *laughs* I like the plastic ones. Most boys like the square-like ones, such as robots, but I like the curvy ones, such as bearbricks.

What do you like about the plastics?
It’s elaborate. It feels like it’s so full, nothing to be added more. There are some impossible, unperfect things for humans, right? Including me, all people want to be the perfect ones, but we can’t be. So maybe I’m getting vicarious satisfaction when I’m watching the bearbricks? I’m owing them, just like “how can you be so perfect!” *laughs*

Eventually, it’s like, it’s simple but it’s perfect.
Yeah, it’s beautiful because it’s simple. We all want to live in a simple way, but it’s such a hard thing for humans. It will never get ashamed or something even as the time goes by.

Maybe it’s because you always wanted to make your characters or some other works perfect? I feel you’re different, every time I see you.
I think I must be new every time. I don’t want to be defined like, “This is TOP!”

Yes, I got it.
Whenever you look, you will be bored if you are looking at the same TOP all the time right? So I think I should always show you the new me. In that reason, I have to cover myself every time. Maybe I should say I’m covering my true self. It’s better to exclude my real life. I have to act a new character when I’m acting, so I don’t have to emphasize my color more keenly.

Even I only talk about the music, it’s way different when you are rapping fiercely and when you are just flowing with some melody.
That’s the point i’m thinking it is the politeness to our listeners. I think it’s a professional to always feel fresh. I think it’s my ability rather than it’s just my mental if it is possible or not. I have respected such musicians who shows things that I wasn’t able to do and I wish I could be one of them.

I’m not sure who is the real TOP.
(in Japanese) That is because I’m not that famous in Japan.

And why are you answering that in japanese? *laughs*
Ah, no. Just wanting you to support us more. *laughs*

The people who are around you, what do they say about TOP?
Members are saying that I’m delicate and when I start something, I go too deep. I don’t want to show my weakness or my nervousness, but I’m thinking that it’s impossible because the Big Bang members are just like a family for me. I know it’s better when I’m not hiding myself. Ah and our members are thinking the same, including our staffs, I think.

How about the other members?
Very innocent. I think they think innocently. Being innocent and a professional are my ideal ones. They’re the types that are not troublemakers because we all have very different characters. It’s a very great group. What do you think the most important thing to make such a great group?

Ah.., well, what?
I’m thinking that the oldest one is the very important one. *laughs*

Ah.. well, do you have a word that’s saying self compliment?
(in japanese) Yes, I was just kidding, kidding *laughs*

But is it true that there are some parts that need the old one’s work?
Well actually, I don’t have some brother-like character originally. I don’t really like to lead enthusiastically and teach in front. I’m actually watching the others from behind, quietly. Each of our members have strong charateristics and they are all independent mentally, so there’s some parts that we are all thinking it’s kind of not good to be too much considerate to each other. That is the part which is so professional. So I want to watch us in the back. And well, while we are working, I think that just one or two years difference is just nothing. Also the youngest one, SeungRi seems to feel more comfortable with me, better than the other 3. Sometimes he just ignores me. *laughs*

You are so strict to yourself, are you the same to the others?
No no, I’m not that much of a strict person. I don’t think i’m strict to myself more than I need to be. I’m feeling that I’m kind of a weird person now. *laughs*

At least I heard your blood type is B, more than the other Bs, *laughs*
Well, I don’t know myself well. I’m just wandering around all the time because I think differently from time to time.

You are a kind of person who can’t really handle yourself.
Yes, that’s why I’m just not good at dating a person.

Ah yes… no, I didn’t ask that *laughs*
Ah haha, yeah. my bad.

So maybe you like girls on top, controlling you. Right?
Huh? That sounds not right. *laughs* I’m a type of guy who wants to give his all to his girlfriend, so I want to show myself which is unknown by others to her. How about that?

You are making the ending so cool, right?
Yes, *laughs* but, um…

You think that i’m wrapping myself too much, like to be cool?

Um, it’s kind of out of nowhere *laughs*
This is the way i’m self suggesting.

Ah yeah and this is very efficient in someways.
Yeah, right? I think people are changing by the words they are saying. Because when you said something, you struggle to make it that way. So I say things as I’m thinking of how to say them out loud and try to act that way, just drawing that figure in my head.

Were you like that when you were younger?
I was more of a dark person when I was young. But for now, I feel I’m bright and am healthy. Maybe it’s the effect of my favorite music. Hip hop and African American music effected me and I was kind of restraining myself. I spent so much time just sitting on my desk and writing my lyrics or thinking.

But that’s the way the child should be, some parts they’re foolish.
Well, I’m saying this because it’s all in the past, but I am naughty some times. When I was a teenager, I sometimes do things that were so foolish. selfish and sensitive. I’m quite positive now because I’m a grownup and also I think myself with my work.

Working is quite interesting, right?
Yeah, I’m enjoying it so much. What can I say, it’s like making my life full. It’s not like being famous worldwide that I’m feeling it’s interesting or happy. I just work hard, doing my best at what’s in front of myself. Honestly, I’m glad that people are starting to have some interests in Big Bang because of my act, showing them the new part of myself.

So, what is that Big Bang going to do next?
I’m not the type of guy who thinks about his future, but one thought popped up when I was meditating 3 days ago. Even when we look worldwidely, the average year of a boy group is only 5 years. Maybe we can do 20 or 30 years more or we can just end with 5. No one knows what will happen, but we want it to be a really great group that will make people someday when they are talking about music say, “the past and the following music years, were centered by Big Bang”. We want ourselves and our music to be a beautiful memory for people no matter how much the time has past.

What’s your personal goal?
I want the word “monster” to be added to me, as an artist and as a person. I should say that I make everyone think. I’m so unusual that people just have to have their eyes on me. I dream to be like that as just TOP myself, and also in Big Bang.

Well you seem enough to be the unusual monster for now too.
Well, you are just flattering me because it’s the last question right?

Ah, you are right, it’s the end. *laughs*
Well, thank you for the compliment. *laughs* I will do my best to make you think just the same as always from now on.

Scanned by: kirisimawoomou @ so-net
Japanese to Korean translation: DCTOP
Korean to English translation: HuisuYoon@21BANGS.com

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