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 [NEWS 101125] U-KISS' Alexander & Eli: Tower Records 1 Day Store Managers

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PostSubject: [NEWS 101125] U-KISS' Alexander & Eli: Tower Records 1 Day Store Managers   Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:55 am

<U-KISS> Alexander & Eli " Tower Records 1 Day Store Managers", a Long Queue

On last 24th, the members of Korean popular boy group <U-KISS>, Alexander and Eli visited Tower Records Shibuya Store as “1 day store managers”. In order to receive the valuable name cards from the 2 managers, 500 fans formed a long queue.

When the 2 store managers appeared in the event venue, they were welcomed by applause and great cheers from the fans crowded there. Alexander who expressed his words of gratitude in English said, “I’m very happy to have many fans gathered.” And, looking with delight at fans’ handmade placards, the figure of Eli who waved and smiled was impressive.

During <Name Cards Giveaway> of the main event, the name cards were hand delivered from the 2 to 500 lucky people who had the tickets. For fans who visited, they could not suppress their excitement when looking up closely at the “good-looking store managers’. On the other hand, Alexander and Eli who were able to interact directly with the Japanese fans, also exchanged greetings with fans which firmly boosted the major role as “1 day store managers’.

The release of long awaited Japan’s first album [First KISS] has been decided on 10th Dec. On 9th Dec, for a special event where all members will be gathered at Tower Records Shibuya store again, <U-KISS> is also holding their individual live concert in Tokyo and Osaka in the same month as well. Attention is gathered whether they will become ‘Eye of The Storm’ of Japan's music scene in the future.

Credits: WoW!Korea(Source) + micsummer@Rocketboxx.net(Eng)
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[NEWS 101125] U-KISS' Alexander & Eli: Tower Records 1 Day Store Managers
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