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 SISTAR reveals “How Dare You” MV teaser!

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PostSubject: SISTAR reveals “How Dare You” MV teaser!   Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:59 pm

Quote :

SISTAR, who recently revealed that they will be returning with a pole dancing concept, has released their music video teaser for their upcoming single, “How Dare You“.

‘Superstar K2′ MC Kim Sung Joo made a cameo in the short teaser, and hilariously, his usual comment ‘It will be revealed in 60 seconds‘ has been changed to ‘It will be revealed in 60 hours‘.

The strong beats and melody, along with the members’ upgraded images, as seen in the teaser, have fans on the edge of their seats for the full release.

Quote :
Netizens who viewed the teaser commented, ‘I couldn’t stop watching for 40 seconds’ ‘SISTAR members are a visual explosion’ and ‘Even though I only heard a few seconds, it’s a good song. I want to listen to the full song’.

SISTAR’s full single “How Dare You” will be released online on November 25th and the full MV on the 26th!!
Source: TV Daily

wow!!! 8ees!! elpizw na mhn fane ban!!!

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Rena K

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PostSubject: Re: SISTAR reveals “How Dare You” MV teaser!   Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:40 pm

Kyaaaaaaaaaa me prolaves...!!!! axaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa...
pigaina na to postarw...!!!!
Euxaristw poluu pantwwws...!!!! gia ola ta post...!!!!

Einaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 8ees...!!!!
Oi zouzounitseeees...!!!!!
Ande me to kalo kai to full MV...!!!!


Young Saeng's Wife...!! Oppa Saranghae...!!!
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SISTAR reveals “How Dare You” MV teaser!
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