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 SISTAR explains that the ‘pole dance’ will not be provocative

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PostSubject: SISTAR explains that the ‘pole dance’ will not be provocative   Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:15 am

After the release of SISTAR’s new pole-dancing concept photos for their next promotion cycle, many have been discussing that the concept might be too provocative for an idol group to employ.

However, a representative of SISTAR came forth on November 22nd and stated, “The pole dancing concept isn’t the group’s core concept, it’s just for the music video. There will be nothing provocative. The concept was used in the music video to express the healthy images of the members.”

The representative continued to explain, “You will understand once the teaser video is released tomorrow (November 23). It will be based on the popular ‘exercise bar’ diet. It’s not the ‘pole dancing’ that a lot of people are thinking of.”

There has been a popular post circulating around various community sites regarding how to get an S-line using the ‘Pole Diet’. The bar doesn’t exactly have to be a ‘pole’, but can be anything similar, like a rolling pin or a long umbrella.

“We will show a small portion of the ‘pole dance’ during SISTAR’s comeback stage. You will be able to fully understand the new concept once the album and music video are unveiled on the 25th. Please wait for it”, concluded the representative.

Source: TV Report, allkpop

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SISTAR explains that the ‘pole dance’ will not be provocative
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