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 B2ST releases “Lights Go On Again” MV teaser

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PostSubject: B2ST releases “Lights Go On Again” MV teaser   Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:12 am

The MV teaser for B2ST’s fourth mini-album, “Lights Go On Again,” was revealed on the afternoon of November 8th.

The teaser was a surprise event in anticipation of the full song release on 9th, and is already receiving much attention on various Korean and international message boards.

The two minute long teaser shows off Yong Jun Hyung’s whispery rap and the sweet voices of the other members. As it is a genre that the group has yet to try, the intro showcases the song’s full potential right off the bat.

Source + Photo: TV Daily
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B2ST releases “Lights Go On Again” MV teaser
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