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 2AM experiences being an honorary stationmaster

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PostSubject: 2AM experiences being an honorary stationmaster   Wed Nov 03, 2010 11:17 pm

2AM experiences being an honorary stationmaster

Seoul Metro, whom runs the 1~4 subway lines of Seoul, revealed on the 4th that 2AM, as their ambassadors, had carried out being a day-to-day honorary stationmaster on the 3rd.

This day, 2AM carried out their duties as honorary stationmasters starting at 1PM, like care service for the handicapped, escorting them from the entrance to the subway in the Ah-Hyun station, as well as being the station announcer, and the explainer for the recharging transportation cards.

Also, 2AM held a small guerilla concert afterwards in the 2nd subway line, inside a subway train.

A Seoul Metro staff revealed, "We are happy that 2AM, who had been appointed as honorary ambassador for Seoul Metro last May, could provide honest service and joy even for a small while. From now on, Seoul Metro will try to provide satisfying service for the citizens with the mentality that every worker is an ambassador."

On the other hand, Seoul Metro has a plan of widening this stationmaster experience, reaching out to various celebrities like stars and athletes.


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2AM experiences being an honorary stationmaster
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