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 miss A’s Suzy takes you on a photo tour through their waiting room!

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PostSubject: miss A’s Suzy takes you on a photo tour through their waiting room!   Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:07 pm

JYP Entertainment’s girl group miss A is considered to be one of this year’s brightest stars. Their unique music and performance style allowed them to separate themselves from the massive hoard of girl groups that have debuted this year.

Indeed, with their two singles “Bad Girl Good Girl” and “Breathe“, miss A was able to dominate the music charts and skyrocket to the stratospheric levels of A-list girl groups.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on backstage in the waiting room, maknae Suzy has invited us to take a look around at the private proceedings and laugh with her over her other members’ charisma.

“Hello, this is miss A’s Suzy. Thank you for giving so much love to ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ and ‘Breathe.’ We feel tired due to our hectic schedules, but the moment we stand on stage and listen to everyones’ support, we experience a surge of energy. A lot of you were curious about what we did backstage, but we’re just like any other girls our age. We chat and joke around and eat a lot of snacks.

Jia and Fei unnis may be Chinese, but three years of living in Korea have given them enough experience to understand our jokes. I’ll show you a bit of our back stage, come along.”

1. A shot before our “Breathe” performance! I noticed that a lot of girl groups were being criticized for sexually suggestive outfits. Although our belly buttons are slightly exposed, we’re very far from being sexually suggestive. Please look at us cutely. From left to right, it is Jia, Min, Fei unni, and me, Suzy.

2. I was able to meet “Superstar K2” Kang Seung Yoon-ssi at Mnet’s “M Countdown.” It was quite exciting since it’s a program I enjoyed watching, keke. He looks a lot like Lee Jun Ki, right?

3. Set-up shot with Jia unni! Jia unni is from Hunan and was cast in China three years ago. She loves joking around and livening up the atmosphere.

4. I’m playing rock, paper, scissor with Fei unni. She kept losing so her facial expression doesn’t look that great. Fei unni is from Hainan.

5. I love eating, so fans give me a lot of snacks. I tried posing with a sausage a fan gave me by using it as a mic.

6. I drew in my sketch book for the first time in a while. It was a mission for “M Countdown,” but I’m not too good at art. Huk, how embarrassing!

7. Here is Fei unni sitting in a very modern pose while reading over her script. Unni is such a beautiful woman who has a certain air to her.

8. Jia unni must’ve been hungry, as she’s trying to chew her phone up. We get all of our strength to stand on stage from eating food. We can’t do handstands if we starve.

9. We received our first trophy for “Breathe.” We got so excited that all of us took turns taking a picture with it. Here is cute Min unni. She is a very talented person that has trained for eight years.

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miss A’s Suzy takes you on a photo tour through their waiting room!
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